Transition Pilates is Your New Pilates Obsession


After years ofteaching at various studios around town, Pilates instructor Rachel Scherdinknew the time was right to venture out on her own. Transition Pilates is theculmination of her years of experience leading group, semi-private, and privatePilates classes.

“I have never loved anything more than I love Pilates,” says Scherdin. “I wanted to create a space where I could share my passion and education with people.”

And create she did. Locatedinside Body & Soul, Transition Pilates is owned and operated independently,offering semi-private group classes on their five balanced body studio reformers, towers, andPilates chairs, giving clients the one on one attention needed from theinstructor.

Instructorsare all comprehensively certified and come to Transition Pilates with 500+hours of training, then receive additional instruction specific to Scherdin’sspecific approach.

"There is nothing worse than going to a studio and the instructor does not even know your name,” says Scherdin. “Pilates is very intricate, so if you are just placed on the equipment without the instructor helping you, you are getting set up to fail. With only five people in the class, the instructors can see every single detail to ensure you are getting the most out of your class.”

Transition Pilates is offering four class types at launch - Traditional Transition, Arms, Abs, & Ass, Cardio Jump, and Strength & Sculpt, which is billed as a fast-paced, low impact, class that will tone and sculpt your body in 60 minutes. Transition Pilates also specializes in pre and post-natal Pilates and diastasis correction.

Transition Pilates is offering STAY FIT 305 readers 25% off all group classes with the code “Stayfit305” – making your first class only $15. Transition Pilates is located at 3183 SW 38th CT, Coconut Grove, FL. Parking is available. For more information, visit

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