Try This 45-Minute HIIT Workout - No Equipment Required


Mixing things up in the gym is often easier said than done. And now that things have more of a virtual twist to them, motivation is even more of a factor.

New workouts led by inspiring instructors are at a premium, and we have one for you today. Rilde Leon is a Miami fitness instructor that can be found all over town including Equinox, not to mention streaming live on platforms like Echelon. Leon has hosted several STAY FIT 305 virtual workouts and we can't wait to have him back for more.

Try this 45-minute HIIT workout from one of Leon's latest classes.

Follow the pattern below for each round:

  • One minute per exercise (three minutes of work) ⁃ 30-second rest.
  • Three-minute AMRAP with 10 reps per movement ⁃ 30 second rest.
  • Round 1: Low Squat Jacks, Burpees, Air Jacks
  • Round 2: Low Squat Fall Forward, High Jumps (B-Ball Shot), Donkey Kicks
  • Round 3: Skaters, Pogo Hops Single Leg, Push-ups
  • Round 4: Lunge Hops, Mountain Climbers, Plank Jack Tucks
  • Round 5: 180° Squat Jumps, High Knees, Down Dog Military Push-ups

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