Wine Water is Two Simple Ingredients Made for Active Lifestyles


Active wine enthusiasts rejoice! Wine Water is bringing you a refreshing alcoholic drink to be enjoyed all summer long. Inspired by the active, coastal lifestyle in Wilmington, North Carolina, Wine Water is for working hard and playing just as hard. 

Wine Water is exactly what it sounds like - crafted with two simple ingredients, dry French wine and sparking water. There are no added flavors and nothing artificial. Compare that to other popular spirit and malt based seltzers available with unnatural ingredients and flavors.

Another perk - Wine Water comes in portable cans. Each can is 4.9% alcohol and just 69 calories, with 0 grams of sugar, low sulfites, and non-GMO. This means a can of Wine Water fits into gluten free and vegan lifestyles.

There are currently two varietals available:

Rosé Water

On the palate, the bright acidity of the French Dry Rosé wine is balanced by the effervescence of the pure sparkling water. With aromas of strawberry and melon generously expressed, this simple but striking combination reveals an incredibly refreshing tasting experience - perfectly paired with an afternoon in the sun, by the pool, or anywhere good friends gather.

Wine Water Sauvignon Blanc

Aromas of exotic fruits including pineapple and mango are featured on the nose and palate, and are beautifully balanced with the effervescence of the pure, sparkling water. Simple but striking, Wine Water Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect expression of the Entre-Deux-Mers terroir in an approachable, incredibly refreshing, easy-to-enjoy presentation.

Two other varietals, Cabernet and Chardonnay, are arriving later this year.

A percentage of all Wine Water profits are donated to support clean water initiatives. You can find Wine Water at Trader Joe's across Miami. To see other locations, click here.

Find out more at or follow them on Instagram at @sipwinewater.

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