Workout at Altitude with AIRLAB Opening Later This Year in Midtown Miami


Taking your training to the next level (literally!) with altitude training at AIRLAB opening later this year in Midtown Miami. Read more for details on this one-of-a-kind training concept.

The experience:

AIRLAB is the nation's first fitness concept to have 50-minute strength and HIIT classes taking place at altitude. The studio simulated altitude training technology to mimic the conditions of working out at elevation and bring the mountains to you. Get ready for dynamic workouts that will help you reach your peak and get fitter faster.

Altitude training has been used by athletes for years to gain an edge over their competition and now everyone can try it. There are countless benefits to altitude training including burning 25% more calories, increasing performance endurance, increasing muscle density, and boosting serotonin levels.

THE LAB will have an open layout consisting of turf and rubber, with the rubber area dedicated to strength. There will be premium cardio equipment such as water rowers, ski ergs and assault bikes, with enough space to run some sleds as well.

What makes AIRLAB unique:

"Simulated Altitude Training is our competitive edge. There is no other gym that offers HIIT classes at elevation and we are the first to do it. I can't wait for Miami to be the first to try it," said founder and CEO Varun Varadaraj. "AIRLAB is truly a unique concept that's bringing what was only accessible to athletes to everyone. Our entire brand is also centered around community and building a community around the brand. What we love most about fitness is its ability to bring people together and help them reach new heights. AIRLAB's brand ethos is built around this and we can't wait to help people reach their peak in all facets of life and not just fitness."

You should also know:

Construction is underway and the target opening date for AIRLAB is mid-December. Closer to the opening day will be a grand opening party. Prior to opening they will also be hosting a lot of outdoor events and workouts so that people can meet the team.

The extras:

AIRLAB will have parking, lockers, showers, and retail available.

How to join in:

There will be different monthly membership options as well as drop-ins and packages. Right now they are doing membership pre-sales for anyone who wants to lock in a lower rate.


Find them at 135 NE 29th Street in Midtown Miami.

Where to find AIRLAB online:



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