Workout Highlight: Kamps KO by Kamps Fitness


You may already be familiar with Kamps Fitness, the high-intensity interval training (HIIT) group fitness studio, but do you know about Kamps KO? Currently digital only, Kamps KO will be officially launching in-studio on April 1. Here's what you need to know.

The workout:

Kamps KO is a boxing inspired workout connecting movement, music, mindset and motivation through shadowbox conditioning and HIIT style strength training. It is a sub brand of Kamps Fitness and was born during COVID-19. Expect a 50 minute beat-driven workout, utilizing exclusive Kamps hand weights that will be sure to knock your heart out.

What makes Kamps KO unique:

"First and foremost, Kamps KO is the perfect complement to the OG Kamps Fitness workout. It's the judgement free, high energy, boxing inspired community anyone could benefit from," said Elena Moffa, creator of Kamps KO. "In addition, Kamps is currently the only studio in Miami to offer our exclusive hand weights, which help pack a mean punch and secure a program unlike any other."

You should also know:

Along with KO, Kamps Fitness also offers both outdoors, in-studio, on demand, and live-streamed traditional HIIT style (half treadmill, half strength training) classes.

Why members love it:

  • The innovation - it is unlike any workout they've ever done.
  • The community - we move together to the beat, as one team.
  • The physical results - whether performance or aesthetically based.
  • The mental clarity - there's just something cathartic about punching.
  • The rhythmic complexity - boxing requires a special kind of mind-body connection.
  • The fun- it's the only "Champ Kamp" requirement.

The extras:

Kamps Fitness prides itself on its pristine cleanliness, spacious lobby, lockers, restrooms and showers. They have fully stocked retail, a partnered juice bar (Ginger and Juice), as well as street parking. Specific to Kamps KO, they are currently the only studio to offer unique mini hand weights that fit perfectly in the palm of any hand. 

How to join in:

KO membership rates are the same as traditional Kamps class rates. You can drop in for $25 a class, or purchase a class pack. Monthly memberships are also available. New clients buy a class and get one week free. Students also get 20% off all packages.


In Miami they are located at 5829 SW 73rd Street #5a. There is also a studio location in Madison, Wisconsin.

Where to find Kamps online:

Instagram: @kampsfit or @elena_moffa


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