Workout Highlight: The Core Collection by Privé Pilates


Create more space for the things you love to do through The Core Collection by Privé Pilates.

The workout:

Established in 2021, The Core Collection™ is a collection of expertly designed OnDemand classes to help you awaken your body's natural intelligence, improve your posture, tune into your inner balance, and develop a well designed balanced body.

"A week after the lockdown in March 2020, I decided it was time to pivot and bring my dream of The Core Collection to life," said Alina Sedano, creator, instructor and NCPT. "I wanted to bring the 5 Star movement experience into people's homes.  So instead of jumping on the bandwagon of offering zoom & virtual classes,  I took my time to  carefully craft and develop a collection of classes - designed after my proven method of teaching. My method is proven as I honed my technique while working with doctors, nurses, physical therapists and a sports chiropractic facility; helping injured athletes, seniors, and weekend warriors get back to their game."

Through The Core Collection, participants can escape to a place that inspires your physical and mental space through mindful movement, while creating enduring and positive change - that will serve you and your body for a lifetime.  Elevate your movement experience!

You should also know:

Classes are based on the three pillars of health with MOVE WELL designed to improve alignment and create strong & mindful movement patterns, PLAY OFTEN, designed to increase range of motion and boost athletic performance, and SLEEP BETTER, designed to release tension, restore balance and melt away stress. There is something for everyone in the library of workouts, including functional foam rolling classes, restorative sessions, and core workouts, with new classes designed weekly.

What makes The Core Collection unique?

Sedano says that her main purpose as an online instructor is to bring the 5 Star Movement Experience that can only be found at the top wellness resorts, into a person's home by offering them a peaceful private space to escape to with high-quality, alignment-based workouts designed to improve posture, strengthen & lengthen the entire body, release tension, and improve overall biomechanics.  So they can feel stronger, but most importantly feel younger and be able to enjoy their favorite activities with a child like enthusiasm.  

"I want to help everyone feel young again and strive to be the best version of themselves," said Sedano. "The Collection is designed to help you get back in your 'A' Game!"

What do members like best?

"I have become so strong and flexible from her training, that I hit a golf ball further now than any time in my life.  All because of her ability to strengthen and lengthen my body.  I hit the ball further than most younger golfers now in my later years.  I wish I had found Alina Sedano 10 years sooner." - Howard Ross, Golfer

"As a beginner, I have absolutely fallen in love with The Core Collection. The online classes feel like I'm doing a virtual private with Alina. She gently reminds you to check your form and alignment, while challenging you to move well.  Thanks to Alina... I'm able to wear my favorite Chanel jacket again, after having my baby.  The online classes give a busy mom a fun & relaxing moment to recharge." - Susan Merlo

"Alina is the best Pilates instructor out there! She makes the session fly by and keeps things interesting and challenging.  Most importantly, her way of helping visualize what your body needs to do in order to use the correct muscles really helps get the most out of the workout.  This is by far the most effective Pilates class I’ve ever taken." - Diana Sragowicz

How to join in:

Get unlimited access to The Core Collection on your laptop, iPhone, iPad, Smart TV or Android and watch from anywhere in the world. Right now, you can get a 7 day free trial and 25% off your first two months with code SPRINGINTOSUMMER.


Online at

Where to find The Core Collection online:



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