Wynwood Welcomes Miami's Newest Yoga Destination: SOL Yoga


Miami’s most artistic neighborhood is about to get a new SOL — SOL Yoga that is. With its doors now opened in Wynwood, SOL Yoga promises to give Miami wellness seekers a destination unlike any other.Featuring a stunning 2,200-foot open space, with zen environment and feel good vibes, it’s both generous in size as it is impressively lit with gold lighting and infrared heat panels anchored above. Offering classes for all levels and led by Miami’s top yoga instructors, there’s also luxury showers and amenities, plus a curated boutique stocked with a variety of health supplements, apparel, and wellness products.Founded by Cathy DeFrancesco, a business visionary, mother of four, CEO, developer and investor behind a variety of lifestyle brands, she’s also a certified holistic nutritionist, yoga instructor and world traveler, with a pulse on the latest innovations in health and wellness.“I believe yoga is the secret of life,” says Cathy DeFrancesco. Hence SOL’s name: Secret of Life. “It ignites an enlightened version of yourself that goes far beyond the mat. It seeps into your being, the way you eat, the way you raise your kids, the way you treat others and yourself. I tell everyone — you want to get ahead in life? Do yoga!” adds DeFrancesco.

SOL Yoga

Speaking of life, along with her vision to get more people on the mat, her mission is to inspire others to see wellness as accessible and uncomplicated, no matter where they’re starting from. And why SOL will host workshops with leading wellness experts, as well as offer bucket-list yoga retreats to remote destinations.“The wellness space excites me!” says DeFrancesco. “There’s so much to learn and try. It’s why you’ll find everything from candles to apparel to nutritional supplements in our boutique. Items I’ve discovered in my travels, believe in, and want to share with others.”Whether you’re new to yoga or a seasoned pro, SOL Yoga and its mantra to FEEL GOOD HERE is one you’ll want to experience first-hand. So get out your mat, prepare to be wowed, and say namaste.The class schedule at SOL Yoga includes a variety of offerings for all levels:

  • SOL FLOW- A vinyasa flow class that leaves you feeling stretched, strengthened and connected.
  • SOL SLOW- A slower vinyasa that focuses on deep stretching, allowing both your mind and your body to unravel.
  • SOL CORE– Similar to flow class, with greater emphasis on core strength and stability.
  • SOL POWER– A dynamic moving class, for those seeking a more challenging, invigorating workout.
  • SOL MEDITATION– A class devoted to mindful breathing and focus through guided meditation.

Located at 48 NW 25th St. Suite 104, Miami FL. 33127, SOL Yoga is open seven days a week from 6:00AM - 8:00PM. Classes can be reserved online or purchased at studio, and include drop-in, monthly or yearly packages.Set to open April 2nd, 2018, the Wynwood location will be the first of two SOL Yoga studios in 2018, with more to come. The second studio, in Fort Lauderdale, is now under construction and is scheduled to open before the end of 2018.Stay up to date with SOL Yoga at www.SolYogaFlorida.com and on social @SolYogaFlorida.

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