Lorena Fernandez-Moran

Lorena Fernandez-Moran

Lorena is a fitness and wellness enthusiast whose passion led her to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. She wanted to work in something involving health and wellness and contribute to the community any way she could. Now she works as a group fitness instructor and a Physical Therapist Assistant for orthopedics and sports-related injuries. Lorena is constantly seeking fitness events around Miami or joining groups that will bring people with those same interests together, specifically around her hometown in South Florida.

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Find Your Balance at Code of Life in Key Biscayne

In order to live by the code of life, one must live a balanced lifestyle. The owner of Code of Life Pilates Studio strongly believes in this, hence the name. The trendy Pilates studio, located in the heart of Key Biscayne, recently had its grand reopening, celebrating a new business venture for the new owner, Francine Acevedo-McCaughan, also known as Perfectly Pilates on social media.

In other words, "Code of Life means an opportunity to start anew every day and achieve balance in your mind, body, and spirit,” says Acevedo-McCaughan. She points out that the code of life is not about perfection but about trying your best at anything you do with patience, acceptance, and peace.

Acevedo-McCaughan has always been passionate about the fitness world. She grew up as an athlete, playing soccer and cheerleading through college. Although Acevedo-McCaughan took on a career as an entertainment lawyer in Los Angeles, her passion for fitness led her to continue cheerleading and playing recreational soccer.

When she tore her ACL, Acevedo-McCaughan started rehab for her knee and Pilates was incorporated as part of her rehab, which reminded her of her love for Pilates. She later decided to go to Spain to rediscover herself. When she moved to Miami afterward, Acevedo-McCaughan started working for both Code of Life and Pilates ProWorks, she eventually completed her comprehensive teacher training, worked her way up at Code of Life until she became its owner.

“Anyone who tries Code of Life will gain peace of mind, a happy body, and an elevated spirit," said Acevedo-McCaughan.

In order to take a class, one must be present to achieve awareness and coordination of one’s breathing with movement, which leads to decrease stress and an elevated spirit. Following along the instructor’s cues and playing uplifting tunes brings positive energy into the room, allowing clients to disconnect from the outside world and focus on the task at hand. This also teaches the client to live a more focused and intentional life outside of the studio. 

As beneficial as it is to the mind, clients also benefit physically from Pilates, a low-impact workout that is safe for everyone and one that is sure to strengthen and lengthen your muscles making you feel longer, stronger, and confident. It is safe for anyone to try and highly recommended to those suffering from chronic low back pain or any other injuries.

At Code of Life, the instructors emphasize moving with awareness, intention, and control, always following the Principles of Pilates while adding “creative and challenging variations to original exercises”. Code of Life offers private sessions and group Pilates classes, involving traditional Pilates, “Cardio” Pilates on the CoreAlign Machine, and “Hardcore” Pilates, which is an athletic type of Pilates and the most popular class.

Having a solid Pilates background and experience has helped Acevedo-McCaughan promote Pilates any way she can. She has taught in different cities around the US, and has appeared on TV shows such as, “Live It Up With Donna Drake”, “Entertainment Tonight”, and “Off The Wire”. She is also an Instagram ambassador for Tavi Noir grip socks and Carbon38 Activewear, which has allowed her to partner up with them to host events at Code of Life, including Bro-lates for men and a Back-To-School Teen class. She is planning to host a Mat Pilates class and Beach Clean-Up in partnership with Fill-A-Bag in Key Biscayne, along with other events happening in the near future.


As the community in Key Biscayne is very strong, the studio wants to be known to all, including those living right outside of the island and tourists outside of Miami looking to check off the top places to visit when they come to the city. In fact, Code of Life has been acclaimed as a must-go-to studio by clients from all over the world. Being located in the Key makes the drive over the bridge from Miami into the island an enjoyable one full of contentment and relaxation.

As Acevedo-McCaughan put it, “Code of Life is a destination! It’s Pilates in paradise!”

Ultimately, Acevedo-McCaughan wants to share her love for Pilates and its benefits with the world. “This life is analogous to Pilates itself, where every exercise is trial and error to achieve, but persistence and determination help you to achieve your goal.”

This is what Code of Life provides to all who have tried it and continue to attend. Check their schedule on Mindbody, ClassPass, or the Code of Life app, or for more information, check out the studio on Instagram, and @perfectlypilates to learn more about Francine Acevedo-McCaughan.

Code of Life is a Pilates studio located in the heart of Key Biscayne in Miami and recently celebrated its grand reopening.

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Find a Little Piece of Paradise at Santuario Miami Yoga

Santuario, or sanctuary, is defined as “refuge, haven, harbor, oasis, shelter, retreat, hideaway.” Step into Santuario Miami Yoga, a bohemian, good vibes only yoga studio that guarantees you will feel relaxed and allow you to escape reality both body and soul as soon as you walk inside. Lola, the friendliest Boston Terrier and Santuario’s mascot, sits at the front of the door to welcome you in, immediately putting a smile on your face. 

Jenny Sanchez, owner of Santuario, has been teaching yoga for about a decade. Having past experience owning a big yoga studio, she decided two and a half years ago to open a more intimate space designed for yoga that would create a community where people could come together and disconnect from the outside world. Growing her small space into something more than just a yoga studio has always been her goal.

"People don’t just come here to do yoga, they come here to see their friends," says Sanchez.

The island tunes, live plants hanging on the wall, outdoor shower, and a hangout patio give all of the laid-back feels one is looking for when coming to Santuario. It does not only make people want to join in on a class but also stick around before or after and hang out with others.

The studio also hosts a lot of events, such as BBQs in the patio and potluck dinners after yoga, giving people a chance to meet and get to know each other. Along with those events the studio hosts meditation and yoga workshops, and twice a year Jenny offers a retreat in Patagonia, Argentina. It is definitely a social space trying to bring the community together.

Sanchez adds, "The space is filled with tons of love and laughter! And lots of Bob Marley."

From advanced to beginner yogis, everyone is welcome to try any of the classes and be sure to succeed by the end of it. Whether you are just not feeling it and you just want to sweat and get a good stretch in, or when you need a hard workout and feel good about it both physically and mentally, Santuario has you covered. Offering a wide selection of classes to choose from, including traditional yoga and ranging to different types of power yoga, such as Hot Super Power HIIT/Yoga or Reduced Power Yoga, there is a class for everybody. 

Ultimately, Santuario wants to be a space that takes yoga tothe next level. Keeping people interested while making it challenging yetdoable for all. All the while making it feel like a getaway for people as theytake their class. 

To learn more about Santuario Miami Yoga, check out their Instagram @santuariomiami or their website

Santuario in Miami wants to be a space that takes yoga to the next level, all the while making it feel like a getaway for people as they take their class.


A Gables Staple Offers Healthy Meals With Quality Taste

If you have never tried Gables Juice Bar and Muscle Pizza in Coral Gables, you have truly been missing out. This family-owned, highly-rated healthy restaurant has been in Coral Gables for over twenty years. Offering breakfast and lunch on weekdays, this local stop always has its work crowd and locals lining up at the door, as well as delivery and take-out on the move at all times during operating hours.

The menu does not offer your typical salad options, but pizzas and wraps with a healthy spin to it, allowing you to pick something more satisfying without the guilt trip. The owners describe Gables Juice Bar as the “the art of health and taste”, offering something tasty that can be healthy as well.

Mike, the owner of The Juice Bar, says, "the Tony wrap filled with turkey picadillo, rice, and maduros, and the Back and Forth pizza, a collaborative buffalo chicken pizza with the neighboring men’s boutique, are among the customer favorites."

Gables Juice Bar also introduced an online-only meal prep program offering customizable healthy items for those who are not fans of cooking or have busy schedules and do not have time to meal prep.

This local spot is casual and inviting, with an artistic look to it inside. During other circumstances, the restaurant would fill up with people who would enjoy their lunch breaks at the restaurant before heading back to work. The restaurant has customers that have become regulars over the years, raving about not only the food but how quick and affordable it is. One customer talked about how much he loves the variety of sauces adding to the flavor of the food. Another important factor customers seem to appreciate is its location and parking, it is easy to get to and there is always parking right outside their door. 

Definitely a must-try eatery located in the heart of the Gables, anyone can swing by and get a quick fix that is filling and nutritious. Come by for a ginger shot when feeling under the weather, or a mid-day smoothie when you need something refreshing during these hot summer days. If it is one of those early mornings at the office, go get those guilt-free pancakes or omelets at Gable Juice Bar which opens at 7 AM.

Find their menu online at or make sure to follow them on Instagram @gablesjuicebar_musclepizza.

Gables Juice Bar and Muscle Pizza in Coral Gables is family-owned and has been a healthy food staple for over twenty years.


New Hot Spot in Doral is Spreading Pure Joy One Plate At a Time

For those living or working in Doral, you are in luck, because Pure Joy Restaurant, the latest healthy spot, and creative kitchen, recently opened its doors in Midtown Doral. With an extensive menu that adds a creative twist to breakfast, lunch, and dinner favorites, anyone is sure to find something to please their tastebuds. A tasty meal, one that is guilt-free and made from scratch, is what Pure Joy is all about.

Pure Joy is described by Mariana Viloria, creator and co-founder of the restaurant, as, “food created in its purest and most honest form. Made from scratch and utilizing all-natural ingredients, the food is meant to bring joy to those who eat it.”

Viloria's experience of eating unhealthy foods affected her health growing up. She went on to later study nutrition, which led to her passion for healthy cooking. After combining the two, Viloria realized she could make meals that were both delicious and nutritious.

By opening Pure Joy, Viloria is now able to share the knowledge, dedication, and love she puts into her recipes on a plate, and serve those looking to eat something that will not only taste good but that is also made pure.

The purpose of the restaurant is to erase the stigma of healthy meals being boring and not as flavorsome as other foods that can be unhealthy and harmful. Viloria wants to create a place that is available to everyone, “delivering food that is nourishing, yet as appetizing and comforting as your grandma’s cooking."

With recipes that are innovative and interesting, such as the impossible sliders and the asado negro, they are sure to catch people’s eye when reading the menu.

Craving sweets but don’t want to feel bad about it later? Pure Joy also has a wide selection of satisfying, guilt-free desserts, from cheesecake to brownies. The menu has plenty of options for people to find something they want, and leave with a full belly and a happy heart.

Pure Joy manages to bring its name to life by creating an atmosphere that offers serenity and happiness through its vibrant yet soothing colors, relaxing tunes, smiling faces ready to serve, and an open kitchen for all to see.

Whether one stops by for a quick coffee break, a post-workout smoothie, a casual luncheon, or a Saturday brunch with friends, Pure Joy makes sure to welcome everyone at any time of the week. The restaurant is meant to invite people in, to sit down, and have a meal in a calm place that will bring them joy both inside and out.

To learn more about Pure Joy, check out their Instagram @purejoy_restaurant or their website

Pure Joy Restaurant, the latest healthy spot, and creative kitchen, recently opened its doors in Midtown Doral. A tasty meal is what Pure Joy is all about.