Taylor Hall

Taylor Hall

Born and raised in sunny South Florida, Taylor’s love for fitness ranges from a candlelit yoga session to a 90s hip-hop cycling class. She believes making wellness the center of your routine is the key to both staying grounded and reaching new heights.

CKO Kickboxing Miami
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CKO Kickboxing Expands South Florida Presence With New Locations

While most boxing classes literally knock you off your feet, CKO Kickboxing lends its members a helping hand with hitting the bag. Focusing on the fitness and fun aspect of boxing rather than the fighting, CKO brings a community feel to every class and makes every member feel like family.

In a one-hour class, you can expect 40 minutes of continuous bag work and 20 minutes of conditioning. From the Israeli world champion to your left to the new mom on your right, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find every class goer keeping up with the instructor’s fast pace.

“It’s the only workout I’ve been able to see everyone can do,” shared CKO Kickboxing Brickell Owner Fernando Andrade, speaking to his diverse group of members.

“My goal is to make sure everyone has a great time and leaves feeling stronger and empowered.”

Upholding the gym to that standard has yielded a crusade withinitself. Pembroke Pines residents and CKOmembers, Olga and Jonathan Espinosa, got hooked into the concept afterseeing results early on and approached Fernando with expanding to PembrokePines.

Simply looking to get in better shape, the couple reached theirgoal weight thanks to CKO’s results-oriented regimen and want to inspire otherSouth Floridians to do the same.

“People that are overweight or out of shape think they need to bephysically fit before taking up a boxing class. It can be intimidating,” addedFernando. “With every one of our locations, we hope to become a trusted, localcardio kickboxing studio that welcomes anyone who wants a different type ofworkout.”

The grassroots gym movement didn’t stop there. Members to managers, Rodney Simon and Arturo Muñoz, are set to open the Midtown location early 2020.

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“This is one of the oldestbusiness franchises,” noted Fernando reflecting on his time as an active memberin Brooklyn to refusing to leave CKO when he moved to Miami. “CKO isgoing now on 22 years. We grow steady but we stay for the long-term.”

Integrating themselves into the neighborhoods they open up in,CKO hosts Small Business Saturdays — offering their support to other localbusinesses like themselves by allowing them to set up shop outside the gym.

The new locations inside a busyshopping center along Sheridan Avenue and the hustle and bustle of Midtown willcarry over the same traditions from the Brickell site.

“We believe in community and health — simple as that,” concludedFernando.

For more information on the new openings, visit

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Move Lift Live|Move Lift Live|Move Lift Live|Move Lift Live

A Comprehensive Fitness Training Program: Move Lift Live

At Move Lift Live (MLL), the training continues long after class ends. That’s because the Brickell-based CrossFit gym isn’t founded on the same principles as the traditional elite program. While typical gym-goers solely focus on breaking a new PR, members at MLL can expect to pursue a wide array of body goals and find a more comprehensive, but equally ambitious, training program in the process.

“Group fitness does not mean you should be ignored,” stated Founder & Owner of Move Lift Live, Troy Jason Valls, who sought to start his own gym after nearly 15 years of an on-again, off-again back injury.

Move Lift Live

Valls often spent more hours dedicated to physical therapy than his own fitness regime, anxious about the vulnerability of one bad move leading to injury and aggravated at constantly being taken away from the floor. CrossFit was looked to as the ultimate way to push your body to the next level, yet too many of its teachers coached with no emphasis on body awareness.

“I wanted to find a way to improve my own performance and understand my movement so I started looking into the technical details,” added Valls. “I’m a nerd and wanting to learn more is in my nature. Before I knew it, I was getting certifications in CrossFit and Mobility.”

Move Lift Live

An unfortunate setback quickly grew into a passion. His vision: an all-encompassing gym where you can find the perfect “yin” to a high-intensity “yang”. Ditching a successful career in advertising, he began by finding people who shared his drive to continually evolve their education and recruited a diverse team of trainers.

Fast forward ten years and today Valls has built a gym based on a responsibility to make people better. He’s established a haven where coaches understand the importance of keeping people moving but are cautious of injuries that lead individuals to avoid fast-paced fitness for life.

Beyond holding a CrossFit certification, the highly-qualified trainers at Move Lift Live range from certified yoga teachers to physical therapists and past CrossFit Games athletes. It’s one of the only fitness communities where multiple fitness and health disciplines live together under one roof.  

Move Lift Live

All MLL plans include yoga and mobility sessions, a central and often overlooked aspect of rigorous strength and conditioning. Open gym sessions also provide an effective way for people to try out movements on their own time or stop for guidance, support and tips on how to manage any discomfort they might experience from, say, their shoulder or knee.

“Most of the time you see people with injuries or limitations it’s related to their overall joint health, ” explained Valls. “As coaches, we obviously want to retain our clients, but we do so by giving them more opportunity to rehab. ”

The personal supportand unparalleled expertise paired with a guaranteed sense of community createthe perfect recipe for any person, regardless of skill level, to accomplish thefitness goals of their dreams.

At Move Lift Live, the training continues long before the class ends. That’s because the Brickell-based CrossFit gym isn’t founded on the same principles as the traditional elite program.

Fitbox Method

New Fitbox Method Location is Opening in Brickell

FitBox Method - the popular studio concept that combines boxing and circuit training for the ultimate total body workout - has announced plans to add a second location in the Brickell neighborhood in early 2020.

“When looking for a new location, we decided the neighborhood had to have three elements: density, quality and growth potential,” shared Fitbox Method Founder Avidan Edelsberg.  

Brickellwas a no-brainer with its continuous development and promising future.

“You havea combination of residents and day time work population which we would like toserve,” said Edelsberg, speaking to the distinct clientele in the area. “Wetruly believe Brickell is the center of life in Miami and are looking forwardto growing with it.”

Bringing a unique element of comradery and prioritizing focus, the typical FitBox Method guest is driven, goal-oriented, and willing to put in the extra hours to get maximum results.  The unique workout method offers a safe and attractive environment for people to get fit.

“We hopeto keep growing one location at a time locally and continue to stretch our fitnessofferings,” added Edelsberg.

For more information on the high-intensity workout, visit

FitBox Method the popular cardio boxing and circuit training studio has announced plans to add a second location in the Brickell neighborhood in early 2020.,FitBox Method the popular cardio boxing and circuit training studio has announced plans to add a second location in the Brickell neighborhood in early 2020.,FitBox Method the popular cardio boxing and circuit training studio has announced plans to add a second location in the Brickell neighborhood in early 2020.

Michelle Lewin

This Workout Has Changed the Way Michelle Lewin Trains

Cover model and role model Michelle Lewin is a proud South Florida local and one of the biggest stars in the fitness industry. Her dynamic energy and commitment to wellness have inspired millions to adopt their own fitness journey.

We sat down with Michelle before she hosted her STRONG by Zumba class at the SLS Brickell.

Give us backgroundon your collaboration with STRONG by Zumba.

I’ve been working with STRONG by Zumba for a while now. Miami marks my 10th time hosting a class. We went to Paris, England, Germany – so many places around the world. I’m happy to be a part of this program cause it’s very different and motivating from your regular group HIIT workout. It’s a 60-minute full-body workout where you truly work every muscle.

Is HIIT now yourgo-to form of cardio? How often do you take a class and/or practice at home?

Everyone recognizes me as a big in fitness person that’s always in the gymlifting weights, but Strong by Zumba has really changed my fitness routine. Normally,I do cardio 3 to 4 times a week but now I’m more motivated to do so. The musicmakes you forget you’re exercising.

What makes you loveSTRONG by Zumba?

I love this program because simply you stop counting. You stop focusingon repetitions and you get taken away by the music, which is the most fun partof the class. If you go to a class by STRONG by Zumba, the ambiance, theenvironment, the vibe from others really motivates you and challenges you.

But it’s not aZumba class?

STRONG by Zumba is a fitness class, it has nothing to do with dance. It’s a set of exercises that comes accompanied by its own music. It motivates you because of the music, which is the primary function of the class. But it has nothing to do with dance.

What kind of peopletake a STRONG By Zumba class?

This class isn’t just for women; men also participate. This is a programthat’s flexible to any need or skill level – beginner or expert. There arepeople who can do jumps with burpees and others who can’t. It’s for any type ofperson, age or shape. You don’t need weights or anything extra. Simply, you consistentlymove and work with your weight.

What’s your go-tosong to kick-off a class or workout?

I listen to everything really. I’m a person with a wide variety of music taste. I love Steve Aoki, who is associated with STRONG by Zumba. He arranges the music for them.

I love reggaeton, salsa, anything really to train. It all depends on themood I wake up in. When I have that drive to workout I listen to rock.  When I’m not in the mood to workout or feel asmotivated, I listen to Spanish love songs.

What other projectsare you currently working on?

While also working with STRONG by Zumba, I’m really focused now on myown business and brand. Right now I’m launching a casual fitness wear line. Ihave a book that I just released that covers my diet and nutrition plan -- whatI eat what I don’t and even goes a little into my own personal life.

In terms of my brand, designing has really allowed me to discover adifferent side of me. It’s a lot of work but it’s been going great and I loveit. get to portray my identity into my brand. Little by little, we’reachieving.

What makes yourbrand different from other brands?

I’m a consumer and when I want to put on a pair of leggings I want tofeel comfortable, strong, pretty, sexy and elegant -- all at the same time. Thoseare details that aren’t as apparent across major brands and what I’m trying toaccomplish with mine.

The fabric allows for a good fit. I want a brand that compliments my curves and muscles. I’m aiming to place that emphasis on every piece we produce.

What’s unique aboutthe Strong by Zumba classes?

What makes it different from all other programs is undeniably the music.STRONG by Zumba first makes a routine and then, depending on that workout, theyproduce the music to put on top with the music. The music comes pairedspecifically for each movement you do. Each punch, jump, movement comesaccompanied with its own beat or sound – which makes it unique from otherprograms.

Visit to see what gyms are offering the program nearby you. You can also find the 60-minute and 20-minute rendition of the program on Amazon and FitPlan.

South Florida Local and International Fitness Star, Michelle Lewin, is known for being incredibly in shape, and inspiring millions. Find out how she trains.