Are You Prioritizing Your Mental Health? Try This 31-Day Challenge


“Pandemic” or “Lockdown?” The former being Merriam-Webster’s “Word of the Year” for 2020, the latter being the top word for 2020 according to Collins Dictionary.

But in the middle of the the pandemic lockdown, the phrase many individuals became pretty familiar with was “Mental Health Awareness.”

Stress, anxiety, uncertainty - you name it, came crashing down all around us. Finding ways to manage all of those uncomfortable feelings was certainly top of mind. We’ve discussed in the past on how things like pets, art, or simply getting outdoors can help with mental health. But meditation is something many folks tried in 2020.

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If you’re new to meditation or are experienced and looking to mix things up, Modern ŌM’s Mindful January Challenge is something we are recommending you give a chance.

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The 31 days of mindful practices challenge from Modern ŌM will feature over 31 expert facilitators from around the world. The professionals, curated by Modern ŌM founder Myk Likhov, will give participants insight into mindfulness and is perfect for those looking to: 

  • Get better at managing stress in an uncertain world
  • Start a daily ritual of self-care that improves your quality of life
  • Learn new tools that will help you access joy and ease more regularly
  • Grow with a community that supports your personal transformation
  • Help raise the planet's vibration, starting with yourself

If it wasn’t already apparent prior to 2019, 2020 made us all realize that being healthy isn’t just the physical, it's the mental as well.

For more information on the Modern ŌM Mindful January Challenge, visit

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