Athletix Performance Offers Sport-Specific Training for Pros and Youth in South Florida


If you are looking to improve your athletic performance, look no further than Athletix Performance in Davie. At this new division of Athletix Rehab and Recovery, they train what translates for your sport.

The Athletix Performance division was developed to bring an elevated approach to the world of sports performance training with oversight from an in-house medical team. All of the programming is written by Athletix' Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists in conjunction with input from their Doctors of Physical Therapy. Their sport-specific approach focuses on training all 3 planes of movement to optimize translation to your sport. This ensures they are not only improving athletes’ performance, but also correcting imbalances in body mechanics and limiting risk of injury from sport play.

The Athletix team has extensive experience with athletes from various disciplines, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, WTA, Olympics, FIFA and more. They specialize in training using a science-based approach with medical services on-site from Athletix Rehab and Recovery. In addition to working with hundreds of professional athletes, they also train youth and collegiate athletes.

For example, a program for high school football athletes is similar to what they do with the pros, but with more emphasis on optimizing movement mechanics and preventing injury. The goal is to develop players in the off-season so they come into the season stronger, faster, and a more well rounded athlete with lower risks of injury.

Some of the programs offered include:

  • NFL PRO - Off-season training
  • YOUTH /HIGH SCHOOL / COLLEGIATE -  STRENGTH and SPEED AND AGILITY - Programs designed to improve explosiveness, power, overall strength & athleticism, stability, coordination, agility, endurance and more.
  • YOUTH /HIGH SCHOOL / COLLEGIATE VOLLEYBALL- Training specifically designed for volleyball athletes with an emphasis on Vertical Jump Training Protocol to increase overall strength & athleticism, agility, and upper body strength as it relates to hitting/serving power and more.
  • ONE ON ONE - Our performance coaches will challenge you to meet your full performance potential.
  • YOUTH SUMMER PERFORMANCE CAMP - Runs June 20 - August 8 for ages 12+ on Mondays through Thursdays from 3:00pm -5:30pm. The program includes strength training, speed and agility training, and working on improving overall athleticism while mitigating injury.

At Athletix Performance, their fully equipped performance facility has a variety of equipment and programs to fit your needs including a private performance weight room, on-site turf field, pool, cafe, and lockers with showers. It also has sport-specific features including basketball courts, a tennis court, racquetball courts, and a batting cage.

The Athletix Performance team is here to motivate you every step along the way with the goal to reach your highest level of performance. Check out some of their work on Instagram at @Athletix.Performance or schedule your session here.

Kaitlyn Vadenais is a certified personal trainer and health enthusiast who likes to stay active with a calendar filled with workouts. She is always down to try the new boutique fitness studio or trendy workout, and loves connecting with similar people within the community. You can follow her fitness adventures around South Florida on Instagram @activekait.

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