Balancing Your Workout with Childcare Just Got Easier


The Loop Family Fit + Play provides space where parents can workout and kids can have fun, simultaneously. Combining cardio, pilates, dance, martial arts, kickboxing and yoga, every move is tailored to both the adult and the child. As one can imagine, the creativity needed to accomplish this is endless. No surprise, The Loop’s creator is a Super Mom.

Founder and owner Kristen Jurn explains, “I was going to yoga about three times a week and I knew my son could do the class right alongside me.”

Lo and behold, her son did, in fact, participate in an entire yoga class. But, children weren’t always welcomed with open arms at studios. Finally, she created the Loop! Today, Kristen has a partnership with the Parks and Recreation department of Miami Beach.

“You’re limited in how much you can engage with your children at a park,” says Kristen.

This is where the Loop Family Fit + Play comes in to make everything so much more fun. Taking place in various Miami Beach parks, they provide a total of four programs: Loop 2 for ages 2-4, Loop 4 for ages 4+, Loop Girls for just girls and Loop Kids, for both boys and girls. As a result, each program is as tailored to the child-parent needs as possible.

Loop Family Fit

The Loop is much more than just a great workout for parents and a ton of fun for kids. This important time together is bonding. Kids can improve coordination, maintain cardiovascular health and find motivation where there once was none all while having fun.

If you’re a parent feeling that same lack of motivation, the Loop is of course here for you, too. It can be said that doing agility exercises alongside giggling children and making a game of everything definitely lightens the burn of the workout! Your instructor will make sure the children stay on task, making your only job to workout and laugh along.

You’ll find the laughs don’t end when class ends. After being prompted, “Do the Loop!” you’ll find your immediate response to be “Loop! Loop!”

Attending Loop Family Fit + Play programming will have you doing the same at home, apart from tons of other adorable oddities. Your little one is sure to adore sharing these inside jokes with you!

Find the Loop Family Fit + Play on Instagram @loopfamilyfitandplay or at their website

Anelize Salmon is a Miami native with a passion for fitness and the sciences. She’s a pre-PA student currently working as a Medical Assistant. Anelize has over four years of experience as a Recovery Coach, working towards the recovery of women struggling with trauma, eating disorders and addiction. This experience has made her passionate about intuitive eating and mindfulness in a day to day setting. An avid runner and yogi, Anelize is an advocate for holistic wellness and preventative healthcare. You’ll find her pacing at a Run Club near you!

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