Anelize Salmon

Anelize Salmon

Anelize Salmon is a Miami native with a passion for fitness and the sciences. She’s a pre-PA student currently working as a Medical Assistant. Anelize has over four years of experience as a Recovery Coach, working towards the recovery of women struggling with trauma, eating disorders and addiction. This experience has made her passionate about intuitive eating and mindfulness in a day to day setting. An avid runner and yogi, Anelize is an advocate for holistic wellness and preventative healthcare. You’ll find her pacing at a Run Club near you!

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Elev8 Pilates in Coral Gables Will Bring You to the Next Level

Elev8 gives their own twist on a conventional Pilates class by using a variety of different machines. The result is that you will feel the burn while remaining entertained.

Among the different machines are the reformer, tower, and their own machine, an encompass. During a class, you’ll be moving from one side of the studio to the next, using these machines in sections and with props, similar to how you would in any other cross-training session. All of the machines are implemented to target those tiny muscle groups to help deliver benefits regardless of your goals, whether they be general wellness, maintenance, or injury prevention. The result is a high energy class for those looking for a more intense workout.

Founder Simon Silva has 20 years of classic dance experience. He explains that when he was injured, Pilates became his rehabilitation. Having later recovered, Pilates became his cross-training to avoid any future injury.

“It is an easy transition from dance to Pilates," says Silva. "It’s dance, but laying down and with springs."

With a playlist that will have you smiling, Silva and his warm staff will remain at a safe distance to guide you from one move to the next should you find yourself frozen in place after hearing your instructions.


"I worked as a full-time Pilates instructor in various studios before having my own,” states Silva. This allowed him the experience to know what works and what doesn’t.

Although you may have tried Pilates before, each studio can vary greatly in exactly what equipment is used and how. Silva has condensed all of the best for your workout with one common thread - all movements are about slow and strong control. This makes it easy to catch on and jump into the zone.

And what a sweet zone it is! Located on Ponce de Leon, this location is exactly what would come to mind when you think 'boutique studio'. You’ll want to arrive with time to spare for parking, which is metered, and traffic, which we know all too well is always a factor. Once inside, staff will orient you as to where you can drop your things and how to set up for your workout. From there, let the gorgeous space, the equipment, and props at Elev8 motivate you in keeping all your wellness goals in 2020!

Elev8 gives their own twist on a conventional Pilates class by using a variety of different machines. Check them out today in Coral Gables, Miami.

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Tapout Fitness in Coral Gables Will Leave You Sweaty and Smiling

In the heart of Coral Gables, Claudia Pavie, owner of Tapout Fitness, has sorted every detail of this posh boutique gym to assure the client can, in her words, have a “moment." With punching pads that get changed out regularly and Italian marble bathrooms reminiscent of a spa, this is Pavie's sweet way of saying, your workout can also be luxurious.

“Tapout is not a regular gym,” explains Pavie. “We give the client the attention they deserve.”

If you have ever attended a gym and went in and out without any staff interaction, or even a shift in your mood, you are not alone and this is precisely what Tapout Coral Gables is out to change.

“The client is not just a number,” says Pavie. 

With an intensive fitness background and a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Pavie says this gym is one way of paying it forward and sharing the benefits of fitness. “I wanted to show the world why you punch out the day’s stresses. My clients leave smiling having produced happy hormones!”

After striking their Focusmaster and 100-pound bags, working on your muscular endurance with TRX, Airdyne Bikes, dumbbells, and medicine balls, you’ll feel it.

What’s more, classes at Tapout Coral Gables change monthly rather than day-to-day. After one class, you’ll realize what an advantage this is. This shifts stress away from wondering what movements the instructor will be incorporating in class. Instead, you’ll focus one month at a time on the same movements to progressively punch harder, move faster, and get stronger. In the spirit of keeping injury far from us all in 2020, instructors rotate to watch your form, tweaking as necessary.

Tapout Coral Gables is built around facilitating skill corrections, all of which are always welcome, no matter your skill level. The focus is to make you feel safe and cared for with your goals always in mind.

Don’t feel like punching today? Tapout Coral Gables offers HIIT and Pilates, as well as strength and conditioning classes for variety.

Check out Tapout on Instagram @tapoutfitnesscoralgables or visit their website

Punch harder, move faster, and get stronger at TapOut Fitness in Coral Gables, Miami. TapOut is martial arts infused fitness for all fitness levels.

Modern OM

Modern ŌM Announces Miami's First 100-Hour Meditation Teacher Training

Ready to make your mindfulness resolutions your new way of life? Modern ŌM has all the resources you might need and then some.

Modern ŌM is on a mission to make mindfulness and it's meaning accessible to everyone. While more and more of us are coming to know the profound benefits of meditation and yoga, applying practice to our [modern] lives is no easy feat.

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Enter Modern ŌM - a growing community of conscious seekers, meditating, growing and learning at in-person events throughout Miami.

For regular STAY FIT 305 readers, Modern ŌM should be familiar. We've partnered the last two years on World Mental Health Day to bring a mindfulness experience to everyone.

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For those looking to expand their health and wellness careers, or start a new journey, Modern ŌM founder, Myk Likhov, has announced Miami's first-ever 100-hour meditation teacher training program.

“This will be a very in-depth training to hold space for others," said Likhov. "Not only sharing the practice but teaching the business of group wellness.”

As the founder of Green Monkey Yoga, Likhov has extensive experience bringing wellness to the masses. It's impossible to tell the history of the South Florida yoga community without mentioning Likhov. Green Monkey Yoga, at its height, is still the model most studios try to replicate, with an engaged member base and knowledgeable instructor lineup.

In addition to the announcement of the new meditation teacher training program, the Modern ŌM Mindfulness Club meets weekly in beautiful spaces across town, to meditate. For a set monthly price, you can attend your local mindfulness club an unlimited amount of times, join in on workshops, as well as enjoy three yoga sessions a week.

What’s more, Modern ŌM and STAY FIT 305 are coming together for Mindful Mondays in the new year. Our communities will join for a guided meditation and vinyasa yoga flow at the Modern ŌM Bungalow inside Upper Buena Vista.

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All this in tow, 2020 has tranquility, connection and even business savvy in store for us all.

Modern ŌM founder, Myk Likhov, has announced Miami's first-ever 100-hour meditation teacher training program.

RZone Doral|RZone Doral|RZone Doral

Sweat It Out at RZone - Doral's Women Only Gym

Located in the ever-growing and now booming City of Doral, RZone is a breath of fresh air. It’s squeaky clean, brand new, and fresh out of the package, making it the third RZone location after Coral Gables and Pinecrest, with West Kendall coming soon.

“We chose Doral because we felt there was a need for an all women’s fitness studio," said RZone Manager, Humberto Fernandez Moran. "Women should have a place to work out where they are at ease and feel comfortable.”

The idea behind an all-female gym is to build a space where women can feel a sense of camaraderie. You’ll find yourself surrounded by like-minded women and most often, coached by a like-minded woman as well.

“Our studio was designed with women in mind and with the best and latest equipment for their use,” says Fernandez Moran.

With treadmills, Cybex Arc Trainers, Airdyne Bikes and WaterRowers, every day that you show up to sweat you’re doing tried and true, full bodywork. Your workout is also heart rate monitored. This makes it so that you’re not looking to outdo anyone but yourself. You can see how hard you’re pushing and self assess if you can give a little more. If you find you have more to give, chances are the coaches won’t let you get away with just coasting.

Inaddition to your coach, giant monitors on either side of the studio are replayingthe step by step motions of the workout so that you have a model to constantlyfollow. Throw in the jams blasting over the speakers and consider yourself lostin the zone. You’ll find yourself working hard at RZone, and yet, you’re justgoing with the flow of things.

Located in the ever-growing and now booming City of Doral, RZone Doral is a breath of fresh air, and a Women Only gym.

UFC Gym Midtown Miami

UFC Gym Expands to Midtown Miami

Every UFC Gym has a reputation that precedes itself. An extension of the Ultimate Fighting Championship itself, these gyms aim to make elite MMA training accessible to all.

UFC Midtown Miami is the fourth location in South Florida, following the Kendall, North Miami, and Lauderhill. The Midtown Miami location will be a corporate club as well. Meaning, that among the boutique gyms and “signature sized clubs” that UFC offers, this location will be the latter.

As a corporate club, UFC Midtown Miami has endless amenities to support its “train different” experience.

“Train different stands for UFC’s mission to empower the fighting spirit," said Dominique Butler, Operations Manager at UFC Midtown Miami.

Most classes offered will work on a progression. From one week to the next, you’ll work a different muscle group in a wildly different way. Your class next week will be tougher than last week’s, but no worries, by then you’ll be ready and needing a new push. All the while, your coaches and even your gym-mates will be cheering you on.

It’s hard not to notice the family culture that is promoted at the UFC Gyms. A heavy emphasis is placed on the inclusiveness of all ages (starting as young as 13) and training levels and you’ll feel it.

“You’ll always go longer and faster together,” said Butler. "This in mind, UFC understands that when supporting one another, our goals will always be easier to attain."

All memberships can be customized to your wants and needs. Among MMA classes (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA conditioning), traditional gym classes (yoga, pilates, barre, strength, cycle, HIIT, cardio, dance), open gym amenities, and access to recovery services (cryotherapy, percussion massages and NormaTech), your membership can include and exclude whatever you desire.

Setting the resolution to globe-trot in 2020? UFC Gyms have locations in the UK, India, Australia, Vietnam, Singapore, Mexico, South America, and the United Arab Emirates. With a “champion” membership, you’re on your way to stay fit, globally.

For a limited time, UFC Midtown Miami is offering discounted rates to join their fam just a few months before their projected opening in 2020.

For more information, visit

UFC Midtown Miami is the fourth location in South Florida, following the Kendall, North Miami, and Lauderhill.

Cykle Jab Miami|Cykle Jab Miami

Cykle Jab Moves to Bigger and Better Location in Miami Shores

You might think you’ve tried it all. But if you're still looking for that unique challenge that pushes your limits, then Cykle Jab should be on your list of must-try Miami gyms.

With a combination of cycling, boxing, and weight training, Cykle Jab is here to confuse your muscles.

“You can attend classes every day and you’ll never plateau,” says Cykle Jab co-founder Ralph Jacob.

“The enemy of progress is routine, and muscle confusion is best," Ralph adds when commenting on the studio's combination of modalities. Cycling covers cardio, boxing adds dynamism, and weight training finishes off a total body workout.

The cycling portion of the class is not your run of the mill stationary bike. Cykle Jab’s bikes move side to side like a bike would on an actual trail ride. If you’ve ever been instructed while cycling to keep a light grip on the handlebars, these bikes take that challenge to a new level. Your core won’t know what hit it.

Cykle Jab Miami

Boxing is a high-intensity workout no matter where you do it. At Cykle Jab, you’ll be doing it after weights and cycling. Apart from looking like lovely decor, the water-filled bags you’ll be punching are safer for your joints than the usual punching bag.

Layer onto all of this their new Build + Sculpt segment which includes weights and functional training, and you’ll understand why plateauing is simply not an option.

In this bigger and better space, Cykle Jab includes a personal training section. Further still, Ralph states meditation classes are on the horizon. Now, every Tuesday and Thursday at 8:15pm, you can attend a guided meditation.

“Everyone is very fit but not working on their inner selves,” notes Ralph, and aims to address this need in this new space.

With new 6:00am slots on the Cykle Jab schedule, you can now use a sweat sesh to jump-start your day.

For more information, visit

If you're still looking for that unique challenge that pushes your limits, then Cykle Jab should be on your list of must-try Miami gyms.

Miami Run Clubs

Your Guide to Miami's Most Popular Run Clubs

Miami is home toone of the greatest running communities there is. While going out for a solojog will always get the job done, you’ll find running in a pack can beenergizing and motivating. Various organizations sponsor Run Clubs most days ofthe week at locations across Miami, all of which are completely free.

If you’re looking to start running or just keep up with your training schedule, all you have to do is pick a time and place.


  • Baptist Health Doral Run Club meets at Skyros Sports in Downtown Doral at 7pm
  • iRUN meets at 5050 Biscayne Blvd Suite 103 at 6:45pm
  • South Beach Track Club meets at the Flamingo Park Track, 11th St and Jefferson Ave Miami Beach at 7pm


  • Baptist Health Brickell Run Club meets at 1300 Brickell Ave at 7pm
  • Baptist Health Homestead meets at Homestead Baptist Hospital, 975 Baptist Way at 7pm
  • Team Footworks Fun Runs meets at Team FootWorks, 5724 Sunset Dr. at 6:30pm


  • Baptist Health Kendall Run Club meets at Go Run, 11650 North Kendall Dr at 7pm
  • Baptist Health Weston Run Club meets at Weston Town Center Bell Tower, 1675 Market St at 7pm
  • Fired Up Run Club meets at the North Miami Athletic Arena at 7pm
  • Coconut Grove Run Community meets at David T Kennedy Park, 2600 S Bayshore Drive at 7pm


  • Baptist Health West Kendall Run Club meets at West Kendall Baptist’s main entrance, 9555 SW 162 Ave at 7pm
  • Baptist Health Coral Gables Run Club meets at Equinox Merrick Park, 370 San Lorenzo Ave at 7pm
  • Baptist Health South Beach Run Club Powered by Nike+ Run Club meets at Nike Miami, 1305 Lincoln Road at 7pm
  • Team Footworks Fun Run meets at Team Footworks, 5724 Sunset Drive at 6:30pm


  • iRun meets at 5050 Biscayne Blvd Suite 103 for longs runs at 6am
  • Coconut Grove Run Community meets at David T Kennedy Park, 2600 S Bayshore Drive for long runs at 7 am
  • Lululemon sponsors Project: Run Miami which meets once a month at one of their four locations on a rotating basis. Check out Lululemon Miami on Facebook for details.

What to Expect:

Run clubs are aspace designed for you to simply get out and moving. All are encouraged to comeout and join. All the while, you’ll find yourself mingling with other peoplewho had the same intention for their weekday evening (or Saturday morning): aquick jog to make any good day a great day.

Should you haveany questions, just reach out! Every Run Club has its corresponding Facebookpage and most have Instagram pages as well. All these are run by Pacers andorganizers eager to answer your questions, share their running savvy, and seeyou make it out.

If you’re looking to start running or just keep up with your training schedule, all you have to do is pick a time and place at one of these Miami Run Clubs.

Loop Family Fit|Loop Family Fit|Loop Family Fit

Balancing Your Workout with Childcare Just Got Easier

The Loop Family Fit + Play provides space where parents can workout and kids can have fun, simultaneously. Combining cardio, pilates, dance, martial arts, kickboxing and yoga, every move is tailored to both the adult and the child. As one can imagine, the creativity needed to accomplish this is endless. No surprise, The Loop’s creator is a Super Mom.

Founder and owner Kristen Jurn explains, “I was going to yoga about three times a week and I knew my son could do the class right alongside me.”

Lo and behold, her son did, in fact, participate in an entire yoga class. But, children weren’t always welcomed with open arms at studios. Finally, she created the Loop! Today, Kristen has a partnership with the Parks and Recreation department of Miami Beach.

“You’re limited in how much you can engage with your children at a park,” says Kristen.

This is where the Loop Family Fit + Play comes in to make everything so much more fun. Taking place in various Miami Beach parks, they provide a total of four programs: Loop 2 for ages 2-4, Loop 4 for ages 4+, Loop Girls for just girls and Loop Kids, for both boys and girls. As a result, each program is as tailored to the child-parent needs as possible.

Loop Family Fit

The Loop is much more than just a great workout for parents and a ton of fun for kids. This important time together is bonding. Kids can improve coordination, maintain cardiovascular health and find motivation where there once was none all while having fun.

If you’re a parent feeling that same lack of motivation, the Loop is of course here for you, too. It can be said that doing agility exercises alongside giggling children and making a game of everything definitely lightens the burn of the workout! Your instructor will make sure the children stay on task, making your only job to workout and laugh along.

You’ll find the laughs don’t end when class ends. After being prompted, “Do the Loop!” you’ll find your immediate response to be “Loop! Loop!”

Attending Loop Family Fit + Play programming will have you doing the same at home, apart from tons of other adorable oddities. Your little one is sure to adore sharing these inside jokes with you!

Find the Loop Family Fit + Play on Instagram @loopfamilyfitandplay or at their website

The Loop Family Fit + Play in Miami Beach provides a space where parents can workout and kids can have fun, simultaneously.