Before Brunch, Try This Valentine's Day Partner WOD


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we have the perfect plan for you. 2021 is a year of change, so why settle for the same old bed & breakfast or brunch? Let’s take it to another more personal level: a morning workout date with your partner! 

Let’s leave the restaurants and picnics for later and start the day with some sweat and endorphins. The entire routine could be done at your house, the beach, or even the parking lot of the restaurant you will be eating after this workout. And let’s face it a pre-brunch workout will leave you guiltless from all of the chocolates you will be eating.

Try this full-body partner on Valentine’s Day:

Partner Plank Hop-Overs

One person is in plank position while the other partner jumps over and lands in a squat. Try 10 jumps each, for five rounds.

WheelBarrow Push-Ups

Get in a high plank position while your partner holds your legs in the air. Maintaining this position, perform push-ups while your partner performs squats, at the same time (tip: both you and your partner should be going down at the same time). Do this until failure and then switch. Repeat five times.

Back-to-Back Squats

Stand back to back with your partner and drop into a low squat at the same time (your back will be supporting your partner's back, so you need to trust each other for this one). Try 15 squats, then hold a 30 second squat with your partner, and repeat four times. Let it burn! 

Squat Hold with High Knees

Do a squat and hold it with both arms extended parallel to the floor while your partner will perform high knees. But here’s the fun part, the person doing the high knees should touch their partner’s arms with their knees. Do this for 60 seconds and then switch. Repeat four times.

Seated Ab Circles Clockwise

Sit in front of your partner with your legs out in front of you, knees slightly bent. You will both lift your feet off the ground and draw a circle in the air with your feet, moving in a clockwise direction, while your partner is doing it at the same time, around your legs. Do this for one minute, and then switch to the other direction. Repeat four times.

Orianna Cabrera is a certified personal trainer and health Coach. For her, a fitness lifestyle is the key to living a longer and happier life. Her goal is to train and motivate others to take care of their health because it will improve heir life’s in every aspect. Orianna uses her fitness page to show tips about fitness and nutrition to help others. Find her on Instagram at @oricd4

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