Build a Bigger, Better, Butt at Bünda in Coral Gables


Bünda, pronounced BOON-DUH, is Portuguese slang for "butt" and, you guessed it, their goal is to get you a better butt. Check out this studio in Coral Gables for a tough lower body workout that benefits your entire body.

The workout:

Every Bünda class is 50 minutes and consists of 3 rounds. Each round is half StairMaster and half resistance and strength training. Fun fact: Bünda is the world’s first group fitness studio to incorporate the Stairmaster! At Bünda, they believe that training the lower body often is the key to a total body change.

You should also know:

Bünda workout programs are backed by science and years of research. Studies have shown that frequent glute training burns more fat. Workouts are based on form and progressions, not intervals and intensity.

Their motto is "Better Butt, Better Body, Backed By Science."

What makes Bünda unique?

"BÜNDA workout programs are backed by science and years of research," said Katie Lunger, co-founder and co-creator of Bünda. "Studies have shown that frequent glute training burns more fat. We base our workout on form and progressions, not intervals and intensity. On the floor we use traditional resistance training methods and the stair master program focuses on maximum fat utilization instead of high intensity intervals which burn mostly sugar."

What do members like best?

Here are a few of their reviews:

  • "Love the combo of Stairmaster and weight training. I like that the focus is heavier weights because I know this makes more of a difference! Highly recommend!"
  • "Love that they focus on your form. Quality over quantity!"
  • "I really like their Classes. The instructors are excellent about correcting form and suggesting modifications for injuries."
  • "Amazing concept! Felt challenging but in a great way! Big on form over everything! Even on the stair master :)"
  • "Super challenging class but really rewarding. Focused on personal best and reps, not a certain time."
  • "Was my first time trying out this class and I loved it! Coach is very motivational and provides a lot of great insight regarding nutrition, form, etc. Really recommend it!"

The extras:

Bünda has showers and validates 75 minutes of parking for $1. They have Year Of Ours workout apparel for sale, as well as their own Bünda merch. You can even find their own equipment for class designed for the Bünda Patented floor stations.

How to join in:

Your first class at Bünda is free. They also have a new client special where you can get 3 classes for $30. After that, drop in classes are $30. Bünda also offers an unlimited monthly membership called The Bünda Journey for $199. Class packages are also available with a one year expiration.


The studio is located at 25 Merrick Way in Coral Gables. They also have other locations in California in Los Angeles and Santa Monica.

Where to find Bünda online:

Instagram: @trainbundamia @trainbunda


Kaitlyn Vadenais is a certified personal trainer and health enthusiast who likes to stay active with a calendar filled with workouts. She is always down to try the new boutique fitness studio or trendy workout, and loves connecting with similar people within the community. You can follow her fitness adventures around South Florida on Instagram @activekait.

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