Celebrate National Coffee Day with Biscayne Coffee


National Coffee Day is today and for you all you caffeine-fiends, let us introduce you to Biscayne Coffee, a new eco-friendly coffee brand that gives back to Biscayne Bay. 

Founded by Miami-native and hospitality industry expert Steve Turk, Biscayne Coffee donates 10% of all Biscayne Coffee sales and merchandise to the Biscayne Bay Foundation, a nonprofit organization based here in South Florida, whose mission is to increase awareness of the health, safety, and sustainability of waterways on Biscayne Bay. 

Depending on how you take your cup, Biscayne Coffee offers three blends: 

  • Biscayne Blend Dark Roast is a signature blend originating from Indonesia, Central, and South America. This complex blend features darker flavors with hints of dark chocolate, raspberry, and sugar cane.
  • Biscayne Single Origin Colombia is a medium roast blend that originates from farmers in the remote region of South of Huila and features notes of orange, caramel, and milk chocolate flavor.
  • Biscayne Blend Light Roast is a lightly roasted coffee blend that has a citrusy, sweet, and complex aroma that offers flavors of Grapefruit, Apple, Caramel, and Roasted Hazelnut.

While we are grateful for coffee for a cause, we asked Turk how Biscayne coffee came to be. He shared, "In the summer of 2020, a massive fish kill took place on the bay due to lack of oxygen in the water. Among the mass of dead fish, I found a dead manatee, while walking with my younger daughter and son along the bay. Angry and saddened by this experience, I thought there had to be something big I could do to help.  The next morning as I was sipping my morning coffee and looking out at the bay the idea struck. Biscayne Coffee was born”, said Turk. “I want my children and all families to experience the magic of Biscayne Bay the way that I did. I hope this coffee inspires and brings awareness to help preserve Biscayne Bay for future generations to enjoy.”

Biscayne Coffee is available at www.biscaynecoffee.com. The coffee bags can be purchased at $18.96. Follow Biscayne Coffee on social at @biscaynecoffee.

And, in honor of National Coffee Day you can mix and match any 3 coffees and get free shipping. Offer valid now until midnight October 2.

Robin Diamond is a beauty, wellness and fitness fan always willing to try the newest treatment, trend or workout. When she’s not putting pen to paper, she’s busy running her public relations business, helping brands and personalities shine through impactful media placements. Born and raised in Miami, Robin first established herself working for some of the most well-respected New York lifestyle and beauty agencies before bringing her talents to Miami. A self-confessed beauty and fitness junkie, Robin gets her best ideas while running along Miami Beach’s boardwalk or sweating it out during a hot yoga class, after which a green juice and face mask just the ticket.

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