Climate Action With Every Transaction with Gen E


The climate crisis can feel overwhelming. It is hard to feel like one person can have an impact. Now with the recently launched Generation Environment or Gen E phone app, becoming more climate-friendly is easier than ever.

Gen E is a climate fintech app that combines the tools of financial management apps, the perks of having your own philanthropy fund, and a social feed filled with the positive actions of a like-minded community stepping up to protect the planet.

The idea was started by Kristen Kammerer after she reconnected with her passion for nature and the environment.

"I thought about how I can make an impact on climate change,” said Kammerer. “It is hard to make lifestyle changes; even if you care about climate change, you have to be really dedicated."

Kammerer created Gen E to make climate change seamless and easy. Her goal was to automatically give back to the planet with every purchase as a way to stand up for what she believes in her daily life. She knew she had to seamlessly fit into other people’s lifestyles in order for people to adopt this climate action as an easy entry point in leading a more climate-friendly life.  

While it may be hard to avoid the way society is built, there are things we can do within our own lifestyles to give back even while taking from the planet. Now Gen E makes it easy to create a positive reaction and maximize your impact.

Once you download the app, you can tailor your support to vetted organizations working on climate solutions. It rounds up the change from your everyday purchases and donates it to the organization of your choosing on a monthly basis.  You can add more impact by planting trees, for example, and all their impact and tax receipts are stored in the app.    

Gen E allows you to take back some control and stand up for the planet in your everyday life by giving back to it – your way – every time you swipe that card.

"If you have the means, this is the easiest most impactful way an individual can take action on climate change,” said Kammerer. “This is the first step into living a more climate-friendly life. Once you see how easy it is and raise awareness of the environmental impact, it can be a positive snowball effect of starting to do more."

Download Gen E for both Apple and Google phones or find out more about the app by heading to

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