CykleJab Your Way to Abs: Opening in Miami Shores


You may not immediately think “abs” when it comes to boxing and cycling, but CykleJab will prove you wrong.Boxing and cycling are two of the most popular fitness regimens worldwide. If you don’t box like Ali and you’ve never done the Tour de France, you’re probably like most of us: happy these awesome sports exist for us to incorporate into our fitness routine in a more fun way. CykleJab gives us the best of both worlds for a fast-paced, energetic, high-intensity 50-minute workout with a heavy focus on core stability.


Here’s how it works: one half of the room is boxing on water punching bags (better for the joints, wrists, and fingers!) and the other half is spinning on these crazy spring-loaded steering bikes that simulate riding on an actual trail (yes, at first you think you might fall off, but you got this!). The bike moves while you’re in a stationary position, requiring you to engage the core to stabilize the bike. The more stable you can keep your bike through the interval sprints, turns, and transitions, the better core workout you’re going to get. It’s no easy feat keeping that bike “still.”Let’s not forget the boxers, working in 3-minute intervals: for 2 minutes you’ll cross, jab, hook, uppercut in varying sequences, and for the final minute in the interval, you’ll be on the ground grinding through a minute of pure core burn: v-ups, plank holds, sit-ups, you name it.“Cykle Jab is designed to always give you 20 minutes on our state-of-the-art bike (it moves side to side) and 20 minutes on the safest boxing bag possible (you are punching a water shaped tear drop bag)," said Todd Headley, Co-Founder. "The other 10 minutes is used for warm-up, cool down and transition. We have tested our concept for months and can guarantee that your upper body, core, and lower body will thank us.”


The energy is high, the music is loud and the colored strobe lights almost make you forget you’re working out - almost. But then you realize you’re on a wild ride, and you better hold on, because your abs will thank you for it.CykleJab is located at 9521 NE 2nd Ave in Miami Shores. For more information, visit or call (305)906-1444. CykleJab is running a "first 3 classes for free" offer, so take advantage.

Meghan’s favorite thing to do is workout and challenge her body in new ways. She loves it all: CrossFit, running, spinning, boxing, HIIT, weightlifting, yoga, you name it. She especially loves sculpting classes like Barre and Pilates, in all forms: megaformer, reformer, mat, TRX. This fall she’s getting certifications in Mat Pilates and Pilates Suspension Method.

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