Meghan Petchel

Meghan Petchel

Meghan’s favorite thing to do is workout and challenge her body in new ways. She loves it all: CrossFit, running, spinning, boxing, HIIT, weightlifting, yoga, you name it. She especially loves sculpting classes like Barre and Pilates, in all forms: megaformer, reformer, mat, TRX. This fall she’s getting certifications in Mat Pilates and Pilates Suspension Method.

KŌV Upper Buena Vista
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Your Wellness Guide to Upper Buena Vista

If you haven’t checked out this bohemian oasis, you’re definitely not living your best life. Tucked away just south of 54th St. on NE 2nd Ave., Upper Buena Vista makes you forget you’re in the middle of the city. Take one step in and you’re surrounded by lush palms, tall trees, shade, and various shops, pop-ups and restaurants that seemingly transformed this city block.As described by its Manifesto, Upper Buena Vista is a ‘sanctuary for passionate makers where the real revenue is community. Relish in the fruits of your city’s creative culture, watch the seeds planted by curated local artisans and spirited merchants take root before your eyes.’At STAY FIT 305, we’re passionate about fitness and we relish in wellness, so we rounded up a few of our favorite ways to spend a Saturday at Upper Buena Vista. Sip a coffee, take in some focused cryotherapy on your sore muscles, and make a wish for wellness on the ribbon tree. Here’s your Wellness Guide to Upper Buena Vista. Don’t just take our word for it, there’s so much more to see. You absolutely must go yourself.Café CrèmeA scaled down version of the popular North Miami neighborhood hangout, the French bakery Café Crème offers fresh salads, organic acai bowls and fresh salads. Visit the French coffee station for a delicious almond milk latte AND check out their fresh smoothies daily: Matcha Orange-Passion Fruit, Red Mango, and PinaCoco (bonus: a 16 oz. smoothie is only $5.95!)Kracken LabComplete with a sushi counter, Kracken offers fresh, raw seafood in their “Lab Creation Bowls,” allowing you to choose a base with healthy options like quinoa and cauliflower rice. Fresh tuna, salmon, and octopus are the fresh daily protein offerings (there’s baked falafel, too!). If you’re looking for a light snack, you can grab some seasonal hummus, too.The KŌVCryo Facials on ClassPass? Yas, that’s right, and it’s not just the facials: The KŌV offers Whole Body Cryo and Cryo Focused Healings for specific parts of the body, for just a few credits on ClassPass. They also offer Cryo T-Shock Facial Toning and Cryo T-Shock Body Sculpt. Let me tell you, that Cryo Facial Glow is FANTASTIC, and no better thing to do on a hot Saturday afternoon. Plus, the place has a super relaxing, chill vibe. You feel like you’re in a mix between a very cool clothing store and an intimate spa. Check it out.The House of FindingsIf you want to make a wish on the Ribbon Tree, stop by the House of Findings. The gracious hosts for the ribbons of wishes, you’ll find yourself in there for much more than that. Strike up a conversation with Myra, one of the shop’s owners, who will tell you that she travels the world to fill her vintage, upcycled store with treasures, and even more still, she enlists local artists to put their own spin on vintage pieces. She refreshes the store every week, with much more than just clothing; jewelry, furniture and unique objects fill the store to the rafters.Feel good bonus: Each donation for a ribbon to put on the tree is given to and a Million Trees Miami, aiming to populate public housing areas with trees.Oriana TattooIn 2015, famous local tattoo artist Chino Mizrachi opened the Oriana Tattoo Academy to offer the new and old school tattoo professionals educational resources and apprenticeship programs. Upper Buena Vista features his newest location. Pretty smart- looking out at a lush, tropical oasis is a welcome distraction from any pain.AmazonicaSave the best, aka dessert, for last, right? Ok, I know what you’re thinking: this can’t be healthy. Well, it actually can, sort of. Cholados, a sweet treat from Colombia, are typically made from shaved ice, fresh chopped fruits, and condensed milk. Simply hold the condensed milk. There’s no added sugar to these delicious, refreshing beverages, only what’s natural. Enjoy.These are just a few of the more than 20 concepts, artisan services and boutiques in this urban retreat. For more information on Upper Buena Vista, visit

If you haven’t checked out this bohemian oasis, you’re definitely not living your best life. Tucked away just south of 54th St. on NE 2nd Ave., Upper Buena Vista makes you forget you’re in the middle of the city.

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CykleJab Your Way to Abs: Opening in Miami Shores

You may not immediately think “abs” when it comes to boxing and cycling, but CykleJab will prove you wrong.Boxing and cycling are two of the most popular fitness regimens worldwide. If you don’t box like Ali and you’ve never done the Tour de France, you’re probably like most of us: happy these awesome sports exist for us to incorporate into our fitness routine in a more fun way. CykleJab gives us the best of both worlds for a fast-paced, energetic, high-intensity 50-minute workout with a heavy focus on core stability.


Here’s how it works: one half of the room is boxing on water punching bags (better for the joints, wrists, and fingers!) and the other half is spinning on these crazy spring-loaded steering bikes that simulate riding on an actual trail (yes, at first you think you might fall off, but you got this!). The bike moves while you’re in a stationary position, requiring you to engage the core to stabilize the bike. The more stable you can keep your bike through the interval sprints, turns, and transitions, the better core workout you’re going to get. It’s no easy feat keeping that bike “still.”Let’s not forget the boxers, working in 3-minute intervals: for 2 minutes you’ll cross, jab, hook, uppercut in varying sequences, and for the final minute in the interval, you’ll be on the ground grinding through a minute of pure core burn: v-ups, plank holds, sit-ups, you name it.“Cykle Jab is designed to always give you 20 minutes on our state-of-the-art bike (it moves side to side) and 20 minutes on the safest boxing bag possible (you are punching a water shaped tear drop bag)," said Todd Headley, Co-Founder. "The other 10 minutes is used for warm-up, cool down and transition. We have tested our concept for months and can guarantee that your upper body, core, and lower body will thank us.”


The energy is high, the music is loud and the colored strobe lights almost make you forget you’re working out - almost. But then you realize you’re on a wild ride, and you better hold on, because your abs will thank you for it.CykleJab is located at 9521 NE 2nd Ave in Miami Shores. For more information, visit or call (305)906-1444. CykleJab is running a "first 3 classes for free" offer, so take advantage.

You may not immediately think “abs” when it comes to boxing and cycling, but CykleJab will prove you wrong. Cykle Jab is designed to give you 20 minutes on the state-of-the-art bike and 20 minutes on the safest boxing bag possible.


Want a Free Workout? Reebok and Handstand are Giving Them Away- For a Handshake!

Handstand, an app and website that brings a customized fitness experience to mobile, partnered with Reebok to offer free workouts in various U.S. cities- and Miami happens to be one of them! From Tuesday, Jan. 17, to Friday, Jan. 20, thousands of ReebokONE and Handstand personal trainers will be available across Miami, offering workouts in exchange for a simple handshake in the ultimate ‘Show of Hands’, accessible through Handstand’s mobile app.The effort is part of the brand’s inspiring new 2017 campaign, ‘Hands’, an evolution of Reebok’s ‘Be More Human’ platform. ‘Hands’ is centered around a bold message that our hands carry the hard work and stories of our entire life journey. They absorb our experiences through scars, cuts and calluses and offer the purest representations of where we have been - and where we are going. For this reason, Handstand and Reebok are asking people to give only a handshake in return for their workout, the ultimate yet simplest show of gratification and accomplishment.The campaign will run in New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, Dallas, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle and Miami. With the average price for a personal, 1-hour workout hitting $50, this means that over the course of the four-day ‘Show of Hands’ movement, Reebok is offering up to $250,000 worth of free workouts.Eligible users in Miami must book a session using the app, Handstand, between the period of Jan. 17 and Jan. 20 using the Free Reebok Workout option. They are then free to participate in the session any time before the end of the month. For full ‘Show of Hands’ eligibility and activation terms and conditions, please visit Handstand.

The effort is part of the brand’s inspiring new 2017 campaign, ‘Hands’, an evolution of Reebok’s ‘Be More Human’ platform.

5 Tips to Switch to a Morning Workout Routine

5 Tips to Switch to a Morning Workout Routine

I never used to be a morning person. I didn’t wake up early to workout. But, a few years ago I discovered an am/pm workout that consisted of cardio in the morning and weightlifting at night. It was the first time I worked out before work and it did wonders for me. After a few weeks, I was hooked. Now most of my workouts take place in the morning and leave me feeling energized and ready to take on the day. If you’ve ever thought about making the change but can't seem to get out of bed, use these 5 tips to switch to a morning workout routine. They worked for me and hopefully will work for you, too!1. Lay Out Your Clothes the Night BeforeHow does that saying go? “Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail?” Set your clothes out the night before. Pick an outfit that makes you feel good. If you’re excited about wearing something, you’re more likely to get up and wear it. Buying cute workout clothes never hurt anyone, either. Ladies- I realize this one may be a bit biased towards you, but fellas, you know you want to show off your guns in that tank.2. Set Out Your Blender Bottle / Breakfast the Night BeforeEvery night, I measure out my 20 grams of carbs (oatmeal) per my macros from my nutritionist. I also set out a Blender Bottle with my amino/BCAA powder mix to be consumed during my workout. It’s easy to just grab and go. Plus, the more you do the night before, the less you have to do in the morning. You also won’t forget to fuel up to make the most out of your workout. #gainz3. Give Your Alarm a Fun, Motivating Name (and Set More Than One)Is it easy to get up at 5:15am to get to a CrossFit class at 6am? No, it’s not. If it was, everyone would do it. But it’s a little easier when you 1). set 2 alarms and 2). give those alarms fun, motivating names so that when they go off and your sleepy eyes see your phone’s home screen, you’ll read something like “Get That Revenge Body, Gurl!” (ok, that’s what mine says). I set my first alarm for 5:15am, and the second for 5:30am, knowing that’s when I really need to get up to make my class (thankfully for me, my box is around the corner).4. Change Your Home Screen Picture to One that Depicts Your “Goals”Whenever I find myself needing a little extra motivation, I change my home screen image to a picture of my ideal body goal. If I see that in the morning, it pushes me to swing my legs out of bed, plant my feet on the floor and GET UP. Every day I get out of bed and work out, I’m one step closer. Remember, you’re the one in charge of your destiny. Ask yourself, how bad do you want it?5. Find Your Tribe or Your VibeOnce you find what you love to do in terms of physical activity, you’ll WANT to spend time doing that. I knew I found it when I found CrossFit. Now I think of those other 6am-ers in there with me as my tribe. We’re in this together, sweating it out at 6am, pushing each other and motivating each other to be better. So find your tribe! Or find your vibe- maybe you’re not into a particular studio or gym or box, but prefer to do your own thing. That’s your vibe, it gives you good energy. Find it and keep it. Use it to keep going when you want to stop. Remember how good it makes you feel.Bonus Tip: Recognize That You Have the Right to Start Your Day the Best Way Possible I know the article is on 5 tips to switch to a morning workout routine, but I had to throw an extra one in there. Regardless of the time you work out, you know once you’re done it’s the best feeling in the world. You just CRUSHED your workout, you’re full of adrenaline and endorphins that make you feel amazing. Why wouldn’t you want to START your day that way? I know that I can’t control what’s going to happen in my day. Maybe something will go wrong at work, maybe I have a personal issue. The day can go south quickly, we all know it. But one thing you CAN control is how you start your day. When I start every day with a workout, I walk out of the box or gym feeling awesome and ready to take on what the day brings. In that moment, nothing is bringing me down. There is no better feeling than that.Early bird gets the worm, y’all.

If you’ve ever thought about making the change but can't seem to get out of bed, use these 5 tips to switch to a morning workout routine.

Vibe Class|VibeClass South Miami|Vibe Class

Vibe Class Opens in SOBE, South of 5th

Brazil’s popular Vibe Class is now calling South Beach home. This completely new style of workout consists of dynamic, high-intensity exercises featuring the world’s only computerized vibrating platforms. Vibe Class consists of 10 vibrating stations with a different movement at each one. You repeat the cycle of movements three times, each time progressing the movement for higher intensity, depending on your level of fitness. The best part? You get a killer workout in just 30 minutes.Ideal for the person on the go, Vibe offers you the option to drop in any day, any time, and just get your workout in on your own schedule. In addition to the personal trainer on staff, each platform is run by “Gina,” the Virtual Trainer, who will lead through each movement by demonstrating on the screen above. Your vitals and heart rate will also be monitored through a heart rate monitor provided by Vibe.

Vibe Class

“The vibrating plate concept started with astronauts. Their muscles would atrophy from lack of gravity,” says Lanelle Phillips, who handles marketing and sales for Vibe. “The vibration allowed them to regain strength at an accelerated rate. The same concept applies with our workouts- this way we are able to make it challenging in only 30 minutes.”Vibration techniques gained popularity with the introduction of the Power Plate, and also evolved in the pro athlete realm, with many using it for flexibility, posterior alignment and injury repair to joints. The tension from the vibration makes conventional exercises harder, thus speeding up the process and allowing you to achieve more in less time. And ladies, listen up: it’s said to release toxins, burn fat and help with cellulite control.I had the pleasure of getting a sneak peek into the workout with one of the trainers, Paola Garcia, in the weeks before Vibe opened. I was skeptical in thinking I would get an effective workout in 30 minutes. Personally, I train six days a week for an hour or more. But I was wrong.

Vibe Class

I worked through each station. Weighted lunges, squats and even the most basic of exercises require extra effort, balance and core strength when combined with the vibration plate. I was pleasantly surprised by the end of the first round. Paola quickly progressed my movements for round 2 to challenge me even more. At round 3, my legs were begging me to stop! By the end, I was just as sweaty and winded as I would have been after an hour in the gym.Vibe also offers cardio equipment like self-propelled treadmills and bikes, and even a boxing station. Doors opened south of 5th on August 1. Membership is $199 per month, but the first 30 people to sign up will lock in a rate of $99. There’s also a mid-day madness special: if you can work out between the hours of 12 and 3 pm, you can get a membership for $109. For more information, visit

Brazil’s popular Vibe Class is now calling South Beach home.

Primal Fit 360|Primal Fit Miami: Personal Training + the Pro Athlete Treatment|Primal Fit Miami: Personal Training + the Pro Athlete Treatment|

Primal Fit Miami: Personal Training + the Pro Athlete Treatment

You may have found a gym, a box or a studio that you absolutely love. Or maybe you haven’t. Either way, Primal Fit Miami has something for you. What they offer is something you won’t find at every gym: the full athlete treatment, from workout to recovery. We’ve all seen LeBron get in the cryo tank after workouts. Now you can get the pro athlete treatment, too.I walked into Primal Fit at 7:20 a.m. on a Saturday. I immediately could see, smell and feel how clean it was. I was greeted with a smile by Marc, who helped me get set up with the 7:30 class. A few minutes into our warm up, in walks Matt Pack, founder of Primal Fit Miami. He immediately realized he didn’t recognize me, that I was someone new, and came over to introduce himself. I figured he made the connection that I was the girl writing an article on his gym. Later on, he asked how I found them. I said “I’m here to write about you guys.” He said “Oh, that’s you! Welcome!” He wasn’t making an extra effort because he knew I was going to end up writing about him, he was making an extra effort because that’s just what he does.

Primal Fit Miami: Personal Training + the Pro Athlete Treatment

The Workouts The workout that day was a series of 45 second moves using dumbbells and body weight, followed by 15 seconds of rest. We repeated the cycle of good mornings, alternating underswitches, rotational presses, bear squats, curtsy lunges, striders, shinbox switches and bicycle callouts for a total of three rounds. Haven’t heard of these? Don’t worry, they’ll show you. We ended with battle ropes and ball slams. That was the “cardio” class, further proof that more studios are recognizing the importance of weight training in cardio.Primal Fit Miami has two classes: traditional strength training and untraditional cardio, a combination of mobility and strength. Pack says that the average member will do two days of strength training on Tuesday and Thursday and supplement with cardio classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays or Saturdays.“Whenever we get a new member, I find out what their goals are and recommend the best way to use our programming to get them there,” says Pack. “Our strength training is awesome because you get personal attention since only four members can work out with a trainer at a time. That gives our trainers the ability to truly watch and make sure members are performing these exercises correctly. You can’t get that kind of attention in a class of 30 people.”

Primal Fit Miami: Personal Training + the Pro Athlete Treatment

The Personal Training The idea is that you’ll get personal training, in a group atmosphere, without the personal training price tag. Personal training sessions can typically run anywhere from $80-150 an hour. At Primal Fit, if you do strength sessions 2x a week, you have access to all the cardio classes you want, with strength training sessions running as low as $40 per session.“What makes us different? We’re somewhere in between CrossFit and Orange Theory,” says Pack. “CrossFit has done great things. They showed women it’s ok to lift heavy, to not be afraid of it. At places like Orange Theory, you’re using cardio machines like rowers and treadmills. At Primal Fit, we treat you the same no matter who you are; you’re a primal athlete. We get back to basics using a mix of mobility exercises with body weight and more traditional equipment like dumbbells. It’s exactly what I have been doing for years; I started in my garage, with personal training clients. Eventually I had too many people, my garage wouldn’t work anymore. So I opened a storefront. I never thought I would because I never wanted to lose that personal aspect, but we’ve found the right way to do it here.”The Recovery – Cryo, Compression & Stretch TherapyWhat’s NOT traditional about Primal Fit? Their Cryo tank, for one. Cryotherapy is an emerging trend which exposes the body to very low (subzero) temperatures for a few minutes. It is intended to ease the recovery process, help you lose weight, improve your performance, reduce pain and even help you sleep better. Some additional health benefits are said to be relief from psoriasis, fibromyalgia and arthritis.


I’ll be the first to admit: those three minutes are not pleasant. Your body truly goes into “fight or flight” mode. Once you step out of the machine, you’re tingling all over. Matt sent me to walk it out on the Curve treadmill (self-propelled; no electricity!) and I felt like I could immediately workout again. I was energized and felt, in one word: amazing.Next up: compression boots for 20 minutes. Designed for recovery and rehab, these boots will help you recover faster between trainings and after any strenuous activity. The compressed air essentially massages your legs to enhance blood flow and speed up recovery. Not to mention they feel really, really awesome.I honestly didn’t think recovery could get any better until I had a personal stretch session with Matt. His precise, calculated stretches left my body feeling rested and ready for whatever was next (in my case, just some relaxing and a protein shake, but I totally could have gone outside and ran 7 miles- I promise).The ConclusionPrimal Fit is the TOTAL experience. If you want a place where everyone knows your name, will make you feel instantly welcome, and trainers who really, truly want to help you reach your goals through positive reinforcement and personal attention, I suggest you give them a visit.“It’s all about what works for you,” says Pack. “We aren’t for everyone. Some people want to be yelled at. We hug you, we welcome, we encourage.”Primal Fit Miami offers a 21-day trial for $99. Cryotherapy, stretch therapy and compression recovery are offered in packages to non-members as well, although members do get a discount on services. For more information, visit

Primal Fit Miami offers a 21-day trial for $99. Cryotherapy, stretch therapy and compression recovery are offered in packages to non-members as well.

Amanda Christodoulou|Amanda Christodoulou|Amanda Christodoulou

5 Prenatal Fitness Myths Debunked

The STAY FIT305 community shows us every day that our bodies are capable of just about anything.But, one of the most amazing and beautiful things our bodies were built to do isgive life. This can be the biggest and most impactful physical and mentalchange a woman will go through.

Often, thethought of exercising while pregnant is met with trepidation and intimidation.But it doesn’t have to be that way. Always consult with a physician when itcomes to your pre-and post-natal care, but one general rule to live by: you arestill capable of doing what you did before you were pregnant, but as always, doit with care and be aware of your body.

Pilates is anespecially great practice for pregnant women to become hyper-aware of theirbody and breath connection, along with strengthening muscles that aid in thebirthing process.

Amanda Christodoulou, founder of Pilates Body at Anatomy, debunks a few prenatal fitness myths about exercising while pregnant and shares a few best practices to maintaining your body (and soul) for a healthy baby and beautiful pregnancy.

Lay on Your Back

After a certain point in pregnancy, it will become uncomfortable to lay flat on your back. The main risk associated with lying on your back is the weight of the baby pressing on the vagus nerve, potentially resulting in the baby not being able to breathe, but - neither would mom. If the nerve is compressed, you’d be gasping for air. So go ahead and enjoy your favorite stretches and exercises on your back.

Amanda Christodoulou

Pilatesexercises like the Hundred help connect the mind and body to moving with thebreath, Double Leg Stretch strengthens the upper back, hamstrings, and glutes(did you know, all those muscles are part of your “core?”) or exercises on the Reformerlike Pelvic Lift, Frog Legs, and Circles, all help stretch the hips and strengthenthe pelvis.

Enjoy Prone Position (on your belly) andSpinal Extension

Just likeyour back, there will come a point where you aren’t comfortable on your belly.And again, until then, do it – a lot. Pilates exercises like Swan, Swimming andPulling Straps all strengthen our core back muscles and aid in spinalextension. We are already dominant in the front of our bodies, so the rapidweight gain, often caused by pregnancy and its position. can do a number on thelower back. Don’t be afraid to be on the belly in the beginning.

Remember,that your baby is nice and cushioned in there, and there will come a point thatit’s no longer comfortable, so enjoy it while you can, because you will missit.

Amanda Christodoulou

Remember, you are Not Fragile

Yes,pregnancy is a delicate, special miracle that was women get to experience. But thisdoes not make us fragile. In fact, you are even more capable of getting a goodworkout in when doing less (um, how long have we been waiting to hear that?!).

This isbecause it won’t take as much to get your heart rate up, in a healthy workingzone. Don’t be afraid when it does. Consider wearing a heart-rate monitor onthe wrist, and again, consult with a physician on your optimal heart-ratelevels. 

Listen to Your Body

You canstill lift weights, run, dance, do inversions, push sleds and do whatever elsemade your pre-pregnancy fit body happy. If an exercise isn’t right for you,you’ll know right away. Listen to what your body is telling you. Keep in mind, itcan be challenging to workout with all extra weight on your body that you’renot used to.

Let’s Talk Cravings

Nutrition is achallenging topic during pregnancy, even for the mama with the best intentions.Contrary to popular belief, you don't require that much more food in your diet.So while you're not necessarily "eating for two," you are makingchoices for two.

Pregnancy is not anexcuse to fill your body with sugar and chemicals. It is important to look atthe ingredients in everything you consume. Your amazing and smart body will usethe placenta as a barrier to protect your baby from toxins, but guess what -you still absorb them, and that will only make you feel worse. The baby willget all of the good stuff and you will be left to process the remainder.

Amanda Christodoulou, founder of Pilates Body at Anatomy, debunks a few prenatal fitness myths about exercising while pregnant.