Dream It and Be It at Circuit Academy in Miami Beach


Do you find yourself having a hard time trying to fit a workout into your busy schedule? Then the perfect place for you might just be Circuit Academy, a brand-new fitness center located in Miami Beach. This studio offers unlimited circuit training group classes that last 33 minutes… Yes! 33 minutes! 33 minutes you could easily squeeze into your lunch break during work, giving you no excuses.

Classes at Circuit Academy consist of a circuit workout made of 8 exercises that last 45 seconds each, with only 15 seconds of rest in between exercises. The whole workout is repeated 4 times. Sounds intense right? Exactly! These classes are fast and highly effective, designed to burn fat, create lean muscle, and boost your metabolism. 

Workouts are perfect for both beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts. Classes start every hour and each day is a different workout, 7 days a week. Circuit Academy also has personal trainers ready to work with you and build a customized program.

Some of the other amenities Circuit Academy offers include: 

  • Brand new gym equipment and machines so you could go on your own time
  • Top-of-the-line ventilation system, for maximum air quality and spacing
  • Open-air terrace lounge for waiting or breaks
  • All-private bathrooms and shower suites
  • Personal towels

Circuit Academy is following all of the COVID-19 guidelines for safety. Each individual in group fitness classes has their own designated area, with proper distancing, and individual equipment.

In addition to their Unlimited Circuit Training membership for $99/month, Circuit Academy offers a Personal Training Membership ($75/month) that allows a member to use the gym with their personal trainer, or it allows trainers to bring their clients in for just training. Their Full Access Membership ($125/month) gives both access to unlimited group fitness classes, and personal training, whether you have one want to use one at the gym.

Find Circuit Academy at 1000 17th St. 2nd Floor in Miami Beach or online at www.circuit-academy.com. You can also check them out on Instagram at @circuitacademy_.

Orianna Cabrera is a certified personal trainer and health Coach. For her, a fitness lifestyle is the key to living a longer and happier life. Her goal is to train and motivate others to take care of their health because it will improve heir life’s in every aspect. Orianna uses her fitness page to show tips about fitness and nutrition to help others. Find her on Instagram at @oricd4

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