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Cookies that are low carb, low sugar, made with 100% natural ingredients, AND taste amazing? It may sound too good to be true but that's what you get from Jane Bakes, a woman-owned business founded by Jane Carroll.

A self-made entrepreneur, Carroll was the owner of a successful floral design business before an insane 10 months that changed her life. After a hard turn that included a house fire, a heart attack, and the stock market crash, Carroll decided to pivot and open up a small café. It was there that Carroll found a love for baking and experimenting with healthy recipes, and Jane Bakes was born.

Jane Bakes cookies are a clean treat made up of simple, real ingredients. You won't find artificial flavoring here - Carroll's seven flavors of cookies use real ingredients like crushed hazelnuts and scraped vanilla beans. Real ingredients also means that the cookies are very satisfying for being such a small treat. They are inspired by a French sable cookie, which means they have a unique texture that is soft, crumbly, and melt in your mouth.

Other ingredients include cage-free eggs and non-hormone butter. The cookies are made with 100% whole grain, except for the two gluten-free varieties which are made with almond and coconut flours. They are also made with an all-natural sugar, wheylow, which has 75% less calories and carbs than traditional sugar. Every ingredient contributes to making these cookies a high fiber treat that does not raise your glycemic index.

Each cookie is around 60 calories and with flavors like Double Chocolate, Whiskey & Rye Chocolate Chip, and Vanilla Bean you'll be thankful that you can enjoy them guilt-free. My favorites were Maple Pecan and Raisin Oatmeal, but I also loved the Vanilla Bean because it tasted like shortbread.

While these cookies may not be local to Miami, they are packed in an environmentally-friendly kraft paper sleeve that has a ziplock bag inside to maintain freshness and keep the bakery quality. Jane Bakes makes the small batches of cookies in their New York store and then vacuum seals right before shipping to ensure freshness.

Jane Bakes is currently distributed to over 1,000 stores in and around the northeast. For those of us down south, the cookies are also sold online through their website and available on Amazon Prime! If you want to order your own cookies, you can get a discount on your order by using coupon code insta25 at janebakes.com.

Kaitlyn Vadenais is a certified personal trainer and health enthusiast who likes to stay active with a calendar filled with workouts. She is always down to try the new boutique fitness studio or trendy workout, and loves connecting with similar people within the community. You can follow her fitness adventures around South Florida on Instagram @activekait.

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