Get to Know Jennifer Nicole Lee: Local Master Trainer & The Queen of Webcam Workouts


Not everyone can say that they have been on 90 magazine covers or have authored 14 books. Honestly, who has the time?! This is something that fitness/wellness expert and master trainer, Jennifer Nicole Lee (JNL), strives to encourage to her community, followers and fans – we have the time! JNL’s story and her platform encourages and inspires. Not only encouraging for those of us stressing about time, exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but also inspiring to be your best self, both now and in the future.In South Florida, we are definitely inundated with the fit lifestyle and it has grown exponentially over the past few years. We have access to some of the most diversified gyms, studios and workouts and have top trainers at our fingertips – JNL is one of them. While she is local to Miami, she’s nationally recognized with her television appearances, books and magazine covers.

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Her journey to being the “queen of webcam workouts” is personal and relatable to so many women looking to embark on a wellness journey. JNL was born and raised Italian and if her family is anything like mine, pasta is a food group that stands alone. Her struggle with eating a lot, losing the weight, eating a lot was a repeat cycle that led to lack of self-esteem. Adding two children into the mix, JNL experienced what many women often do after having kids: no energy, aches, pains and not feeling adequate. So, she did something about it and embarked on a journey to find what she called the secrets to create energy and ultimately discovered there are no secrets. It was about finding balance.Persistence. We hear it all the time when it comes to fitness goals, but JNL stresses it should not be equated with perfection. JNL started training every day, but not to be perfect, not to be skinny, but for herself. People work out and think it is punishment and JNL wanted to reverse that mindset. Don’t think of exercise as a punishment because “strength comes in all shapes and sizes.”Her online workouts reach a widespread audience where women can log on, feel empowered and motivated in a non-judgmental atmosphere. As many of us are jumpstarting our New Year’s resolutions, it is a challenge for some to feel comfortable stepping into a gym. This is what makes JNL’s workouts enticing and easy for those with busy schedules.She created this platform four years ago and has now choreographed over 2,000 webcam workout with her JNL Fusion workout providing max results in a minimal amount of time – under one hour. It is designed to play with your metabolism, incorporates HIIT training, can be performed in a small space and, it is not a sissy workout! It is also budget-friendly with boutique fitness classes costing upward of $20/class, JNL’s membership is under $20/month for both live and recorded workouts. Her JNL Gym section of the her website is home to more information on the programs – check it out!Her latest book When You’re Stuck in a Rut and Need a Motivational Kick in the Butt, is a compilation of women’s stories. We see so many Instagram accounts from top fitness influencers which are not always relatable. With this book, JNL wanted women to have a voice, not just her own. The book provided this platform i to hear the relatable, not just the top fitness names we see flooding our feeds.Whether it is fitness or business, JNL is a coach on dual fronts. From starting your own business or jumpstarting your fitness goals, JNL’s passion and insights are goal oriented and tactical for success and building your own brand.JNL, she’s relatable, fun and has a bit of sass – that is what really elevates her above her competition and other trainers in the market and locally within the area. If you want to see for yourself, check her out this month, January 27th, at Anatomy 1220 for a workshop and workout ($30) – space is limited and you can sign up here.For more on Jennifer Nicole Lee, visit her website,, for all of her videos, her 21-day challenge and all her books!

Nicole Cornella is a born and bred Jersey girl, formerly from NYC now living in Fort Lauderdale. A public relations director by day, Nicole has gone from hardly going to the gym (true story!) to hardly missing a workout and truly enjoys how fitness and being active has been a positive impact in her life. She has a thing for seeking out new workouts or studios to try – the more challenging the better – and sharing her love of exercise with friends and family. On the flipside, she is also a bit of a foodie and is always keeping her eyes peeled for the newest restaurants, hotspots, juice bars, and more. Follow her on Instagram @njc156.

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