Nicole Cornella

Nicole Cornella

Nicole Cornella is a born and bred Jersey girl, formerly from NYC now living in Fort Lauderdale. A public relations director by day, Nicole has gone from hardly going to the gym (true story!) to hardly missing a workout and truly enjoys how fitness and being active has been a positive impact in her life. She has a thing for seeking out new workouts or studios to try – the more challenging the better – and sharing her love of exercise with friends and family. On the flipside, she is also a bit of a foodie and is always keeping her eyes peeled for the newest restaurants, hotspots, juice bars, and more. Follow her on Instagram @njc156.

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Get to Know Jennifer Nicole Lee: Local Master Trainer & The Queen of Webcam Workouts

Not everyone can say that they have been on 90 magazine covers or have authored 14 books. Honestly, who has the time?! This is something that fitness/wellness expert and master trainer, Jennifer Nicole Lee (JNL), strives to encourage to her community, followers and fans – we have the time! JNL’s story and her platform encourages and inspires. Not only encouraging for those of us stressing about time, exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but also inspiring to be your best self, both now and in the future.In South Florida, we are definitely inundated with the fit lifestyle and it has grown exponentially over the past few years. We have access to some of the most diversified gyms, studios and workouts and have top trainers at our fingertips – JNL is one of them. While she is local to Miami, she’s nationally recognized with her television appearances, books and magazine covers.

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Her journey to being the “queen of webcam workouts” is personal and relatable to so many women looking to embark on a wellness journey. JNL was born and raised Italian and if her family is anything like mine, pasta is a food group that stands alone. Her struggle with eating a lot, losing the weight, eating a lot was a repeat cycle that led to lack of self-esteem. Adding two children into the mix, JNL experienced what many women often do after having kids: no energy, aches, pains and not feeling adequate. So, she did something about it and embarked on a journey to find what she called the secrets to create energy and ultimately discovered there are no secrets. It was about finding balance.Persistence. We hear it all the time when it comes to fitness goals, but JNL stresses it should not be equated with perfection. JNL started training every day, but not to be perfect, not to be skinny, but for herself. People work out and think it is punishment and JNL wanted to reverse that mindset. Don’t think of exercise as a punishment because “strength comes in all shapes and sizes.”Her online workouts reach a widespread audience where women can log on, feel empowered and motivated in a non-judgmental atmosphere. As many of us are jumpstarting our New Year’s resolutions, it is a challenge for some to feel comfortable stepping into a gym. This is what makes JNL’s workouts enticing and easy for those with busy schedules.She created this platform four years ago and has now choreographed over 2,000 webcam workout with her JNL Fusion workout providing max results in a minimal amount of time – under one hour. It is designed to play with your metabolism, incorporates HIIT training, can be performed in a small space and, it is not a sissy workout! It is also budget-friendly with boutique fitness classes costing upward of $20/class, JNL’s membership is under $20/month for both live and recorded workouts. Her JNL Gym section of the her website is home to more information on the programs – check it out!Her latest book When You’re Stuck in a Rut and Need a Motivational Kick in the Butt, is a compilation of women’s stories. We see so many Instagram accounts from top fitness influencers which are not always relatable. With this book, JNL wanted women to have a voice, not just her own. The book provided this platform i to hear the relatable, not just the top fitness names we see flooding our feeds.Whether it is fitness or business, JNL is a coach on dual fronts. From starting your own business or jumpstarting your fitness goals, JNL’s passion and insights are goal oriented and tactical for success and building your own brand.JNL, she’s relatable, fun and has a bit of sass – that is what really elevates her above her competition and other trainers in the market and locally within the area. If you want to see for yourself, check her out this month, January 27th, at Anatomy 1220 for a workshop and workout ($30) – space is limited and you can sign up here.For more on Jennifer Nicole Lee, visit her website,, for all of her videos, her 21-day challenge and all her books!

Her journey to being the “queen of webcam workouts” is personal and relatable to so many women looking to embark on a wellness journey.

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PumpFit Club

PumpFit Club: A Sweat-Inducing, Electrifying Workout

Small-group training gyms have increased in popularity across South Florida each with their own unique personality, but killer workouts. PumpFit Club in Fort Lauderdale offers personal group training with various weekly proprietary workouts that are high-energy from the moment you step foot inside their studio.PumpFit Club, which opened in late 2015, had been on my radar and when I did a bit more research on the upscale, boutique studio, I realized that I was in for a major sweat sesh.

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It all started when owners, Hannah Eden and Paulo Baretto (who also happen to now be hubby and wife and Reebok ambassadors) were hosting classes at a local, Fort Lauderdale CrossFit gym following the success of Hannah’s beach workouts at Nikki Beach in Miami.Before they knew it, the number of people Hannah and Paulo were drawing to their workouts warranted their own studio. They created a space with the mission to serve their members regardless of age, shape and size, and help them set and achieve any fitness goals. They offer a safe, functional and interactive fitness experience in an ego-free environment. And, that perfectly describes and illustrates the atmosphere you walk into at PumpFit Club.The full body, high-intensity, group workouts merge and mix intense cardio with resistance training for fat loss, toning and conditioning. No class is the same and each day of the week offers a different structure of workout, but you can expect to be using kettlebells, battle ropes, dumbbells as well as incorporating Tabata workouts, HIIT, bodyweight plyometrics and animal flow techniques.I went to the studio on a Monday and Thursday, one class coached by Hannah and one by Paulo – both very different. Monster Monday, as they affectionately call it, is a beast of a workout. At first glance of the workout board, I didn’t quite grasp the difficulty and intensity I was in for. Monster Mondays are designed as “30:60:90” and is arguably the most challenging workout of the week. This means, you perform one exercise for 30 seconds, a second exercise for 60 second and a third exercise for 90 seconds with a then generous 30 second rest. Repeat three times followed by two more different sets that follow the same format. No sweat.After the first 30:60:90 of the second set, Paulo said to the class, “holy $%@! balls – I know that is what you are all thinking right now.” Yes, I was. Plus, a few other expletives while mentally preparing myself to do it again…twice. I left class drenched, but also left feeling as though I really jumpstarted my week – which I know why this class is on Mondays.Fast forward to Thursday, Hannah’s class was quite opposite of Monday, but equally as sweat-inducing. Bucket Thursday, as it is called, is circuit training PumpFit style. The class partners-up and moves through various two-station circuits for two complete rounds. Each station is different and can be anything from pull-ups, rowing, jump rope, kettlebell work or body weight training. The workout blasted the whole body – arms, legs, core, cardio and more.What stood out at PumpFit Club was the attention that both Hannah and Paulo had on each individual in the class. Considering I was a newbie, Paulo and Hannah were very hands-on, ensuring my form was correct and I was getting the most out of my workout. The energy, morale and encouragement was also very evident, not only from the trainers, but from everyone in the class. At the end of each class, after a much-needed cool-down and stretch, everyone comes together and the trainer gives a shout out to some rock stars in the class – complete with a stamp on your bicep that says “F*cking Fantastic.” I’ll leave that as a #goal for myself - next time.Visit for full class schedule. The studio is located at 408 North Andrews Ave in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

PumpFit Club in Fort Lauderdale offers personal group training with various weekly proprietary workouts that are high-energy from the moment you step foot inside their studio.

FitShop FTL

Where to Sweat in Broward: 6 of Our Favorite ClassPass Picks

Switching-up your workout regimen is beneficial, but it can come at a high cost. With boutique fitness studios charging upwards of $20 per class, affordability plays a major factor in how often we are branching out to try new ways to get our sweat on.ClassPass has solved that problem. With various options from $54-$109/month (depending on the package), ClassPass allows you to try different studios from spinning to small-group fitness to high-intensity training to yoga. When you factor taking a class at each of these studios, ClassPass is not only affordable, but it breaks-up your routine and challenges you to try something new.While not every studio is on ClassPass, there are a ton of great options to explore. Here are six of our favorite ClassPass picks in the Broward area.

1. BodyTek Fitness

Circuit training at its max. BodyTek Fitness brings high-intensity interval and circuit training to a new level. ClassPass members can expect to reach their max potential moving through various circuits that is going to offer a total body workout. Think Bosu ball burpees, squat to press, pull-ups, treadmill sprints and more. You’ll move through the workout at a quick pace (60 minutes total), and before you know it, you are done, but dripping sweat. The instructors are spot-on with their music and keep the energy high – and the class morale keeps you working hard. Check out their two Broward locations in Wilton Manors and Davie.

2. Core Contour

If you want to take a break from the weights, check out Pilates – but, not just any Pilates. Core Contour is a Lagree Fitness studio where everyone will be on a Megaformer M3 machine allowing for an intense, low-impact workout that combines strength, core, flexibility, endurance and more. It is only 50 minutes and the studio has about 12 machines, which means instructors are able to provide attention to each individual, even if you are not familiar with the Megaformer (don’t worry – they will go over it with beforehand). Expect working out muscles you never knew you had and holding movements that will have your body shaking.

3. Elevate Fitness

Don’t be fooled by the warehouse atmosphere - it is all part of the workout. Elevate Fitness’ various ClassPass offerings will launch you into a full-body workout designed to lose weight and build lean muscle. Check out their R.I.P.T workout that stands for Resistance Interval Plyo-metric Training. Depending on the day of the week, each R.I.P.T workout will either focus on lower or upper body (check here ahead of time). The Circuit Survivor class, a high-intensity workout combining core, cardio and bodyweight exercises, will give you a total-body workout.

4. FitShop Fort Lauderdale

Tune Up. Burn Out. SuperCharge. Turbo. With workouts and an environment that have an auto shop theme, expect everything from high-intensity training with weights, boxing, agility, cardio-conditioning and more. No workout is designed the same, but they all guarantee an intense sweat with Ignitions, Revs, Shocks and Extra Miles – all of which make-up one of the shops signature workouts. Each trainer brings their unique personality to the class, keeping the ClassPass go-ers motivated and coming back for more. Check out their location in North Miami Beach too.

5. PumpFit Club

Prepare for personal group training comprised of proprietary workouts including interval training combining intense cardio and resistance training. ClassPassers will get their money’s worth with just one of these classes and will be pushed out of their comfort zone. There is a workout of the day and no day is the same – Monster Monday, Tabata Tuesday, The 40:5ve, Bucket Thursday, Open Format Friday. The boutique studio is founded by entrepreneur, Hannah Eden, who is no stranger to the national fitness world, a Reebok Athlete Ambassador, and contributor to Men’s Health, SELF, and more. Check the schedule and catch one of her classes if she is in town.

6. The Yoga Joint

For the yogis out there, The Yoga Joint is one of the best in Broward. With two locations (North and South), the Bikram yoga classes are held in beautiful hard-wood floor studios for all levels. For those days you are looking for a good stretch plus sweat sesh, The Yoga Joint will have you leaving relaxed, but also feeling like you got a solid workout. Keep an eye out for their workshop classes (usually on weekends) – these are also on ClassPass and offer a more specialized practice on certain poses that you have yet to master. Also, check out their Core60 class, which will blast your core in a heated 60-minute session.

While not every studio is on ClassPass, there are a ton of great options to explore. Here are six of our favorite ClassPass picks in the Broward area.

Healthy Meal delivery Services in Miami|Fit Food Fresh|

Healthy Meal Delivery Services in Miami: Part 2

The biggest challenge when it comes meal prep, is the actual meal prep. And, the monotony of the meals. It is hard enough to find time in our busy schedules to eat healthy and stay on track - it is just as hard to find time and energy to meal prep.

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We know how much our readers are loving our stories on healthy eating habits, we wanted to update and refresh our favorite meal delivery services in South Florida. The meal delivery trend is popular, because it takes the worry out of prepping for the week. Now, there are even more of these options that cater to all eating habits and styles, down to the pickiest of eaters.

Fit Food Fresh

Fit Food FreshThe best part of this meal plan is not having to commit to a full week of meals. When there are those times to attend a work lunch or client dinner, the weekly meal plans may go to waste. Fit Food Fresh meals are ridiculously tasty and extremely good quality. The company does not push themselves as a diet plan – just healthy food delivered.Choose from a variety of menu options each week from either healthy gourmet, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, breakfast, healthy snacks, healthy desserts, and more.There are also different options for choosing your meals – you can pick your menu every week and if you don’t select any, you will not get a delivery. Or, in case you are busy, choose the semi-automated food fairy that will select for you based on your previous orders in case you do forget.Last, is the full-automated food fairy which will do all the work for you. Prices range $10-$12/meal, with some more premium meals a few bucks more.

Healthy Meal delivery Services in Miami

Eat CleanEat Clean is making a name for themselves across South Florida, being very popular among fitness studios and trainers. The plan is a weekly subscription and comes with two, three, four or five meals per day for a choice of five or six days.

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Choose from paleo, vegan, vegetarian, traditional and athlete menus and select each week from breakfast, lunch and dinner. The athlete is a great option for the true fitness enthusiast with higher calorie and protein content and larger portions. Traditional meal plans offer healthy options that remain under 500 calories. Weekly plans for 2 meals a day start at $8.75 each and with price reductions based on how many meals per day.

Paleo Crave

Paleo CraveIt is how the cavemen ate. A paleo lifestyle focuses on eating the way nature intended us to eat. Paleo Crave takes this lifestyle a step further with paleo-only meals for their daily delivery service.The plans come in three different sizes small, medium and large and allows the customer to choose whether they want three meals a day (breakfast/lunch/dinner) or two meals a day (breakfast/lunch or lunch/dinner). Bonus: each comes with a snack.The only catch is that the menus are set each week, but you can peruse them beforehand. Be sure to let them know any allergies or dislikes beforehand in case you are a bit picky. Pricing ranges from $99.99/week to $159.99/week.

Perfect Fuel MealsFor the athletes and those that are intense fitness training, Perfect Fuel is your match. The team of professional athletes, nutritionists and dieticians designed and crafted this meal plan packed with fresh, clean, locally-sourced, well-balanced food that fuels the body and its passions.

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It is a plan for athletes designed by athletes. Choose from plans like lean, power and gainz that will each cater to the individual type of athlete and has all of the macros broken down here.Prices range from $9.95 - $12.95 per meal depending on how many meals per week. Once you sign up, you will be directed to the members portal where you can review the menu and choose your meals.

Part 2 of our Healthy Meal Delivery Services in Miami round-up. See our list of recommended Meal Delivery Services in Miami you should try.

plntHouse|Lolo's Surf Cantina

How to Enjoy the Healthy Side of Miami Spice

Miami Spice is a great opportunity to try all the amazing restaurants that South Florida has to offer at reasonable costs – for both lunch and dinner. It lasts through September 30, which means you can easily hit-up more than one of these dining hot spots and savor a variety of cuisines. But, Miami Spice is not always clean-eating or diet-conscious friendly.We’ve filtered through the Miami Spice restaurant list and found some healthier menu options for dining out. Of course, you can always have your Miami Spice dinner as your cheat meal, but in case you want to stay on track, here are some healthy finds. Check out the full list of participating restaurants, menus and days the spice menus are offered.Bakehouse Brasserie has a few lunch and brunch items on the healthier side for Miami Spice. Choose from a variety of menu items, including a kale and roasted beet salad, a mixed berry parfait and a chicken paillard salad. If lunch isn't enough, healthy items can also be found on their Spice brunch menu including a smoked salmon toast and the popular roasted beet hummus tartine.

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Probably one of the best deals of all Miami Spice is Bazaar Mar at the new SLS Hotel in Brickell. Prices are steep on the non-Spice menu, so this is where you get the most bang for your buck, while also staying relatively healthy. Try the oyster ceviche; gambas al ajillo (sautéed shrimp, garlic, olive oil, spicy tomato sauce, parsley); grilled branzino topped with almond escordalia, mojo verde; espinacas a la catalana and wakame (spinach, wakame, pine nuts, raisins, apples, and nori paste); or the jidori chicken roasted with coffee rub, blackberry catsup.Wynwood’s Beaker & Gray has some lighter fare that won’t sit too heavy. For an appetizer, check out the roasted roots with tzatziki, Myer lemon and marcona almond and for an entrée, the paiche (which is Peruvian fish) with wild mushroom, tomato water and pearl onion. For dessert, there is a key lime panna cotta – might not be super healthy, but sounds lite and delicious.Byblos, one of Miami Beach’s hotspots has a variety of light, fresh dishes that are not heavy in calories. Healthy dish highlights include shakshuka which is spicy tomato, toum (garlic) topped with a crisp egg; roasted red beets topped with pistachio, caraway, labneh and barbari bread; local snapper topped with chraime sauce and Persian lime; or chargrilled flank steak made with Turkish coffee rub, pomegranate and jus.[caption id="attachment_2442" align="alignnone" width="1905"]

Lolo's Surf Cantina

Lolo's Surf Cantina[/caption]Lolo's Surf Cantina, Miami’s newest Baja-inspired eatery, features authentic Mexican cuisine within the casual and inviting space. For lighter, healthier options during spice, try out the vegan ceviche and the grains and greens salad.Pisco y Nazca is offering fresh, Peruvian fare with a healthy selection of ceviche’s to choose from on this year’s Miami Spice menus. Opt for the ceviche cremoso, made with fish, shrimp, creamy leche de tigre, celery, habanero and camote.Plant Food & Wine, located next to The Sacred Space (which we love!), features cutting-edge, plant-based dishes inspired by South Florida. The restaurant blends culinary art and nutrition in an atmosphere that is as fresh as the food. Definitely a great option if dining out with vegetarians, but so good meat-lovers won’t know the difference.

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plnthouse at the 1 Hotel South Beach is catering to those that like to eat clean already, so their menu for Miami Spice is no different! Matthew Kenney is known for his delectable plant-based food with some of the main dishes include zucchini noodles served with pistachio pesto, the famous 1 Bowl served with brown rice, sprouted lentils, roasted broccoli and kale, and the Bahn mi wrap served with ginger roasted eggplant.A vegetarian gastropub, Soul Tavern’s menu appeals to both the health conscious and the self-proclaimed “foodie” offering a little something for everyone during Miami Spice. The menu is centered around the five Chinese elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. The restaurant’s play on these elements is brought to their dishes to help balance the body, mind and soul. Dishes include mango avocado tartar, hemp crusted edamame cakes, vegetarian Ramen, and seed and nut panna cotta.Head to Brickell City Centre to Tacology for some Mexican fare. Appetizers include octopus ceviche or heirloom tomato, farro and shrimp with yuzu, avocado, roasted hazelnuts and cilantro. Entrees may be a bit on the heavier side, but try the taco pastor, the roasted pork tacos.We love Upland for their locally sourced ingredients and it is very much shown in some of their Miami Spice options. Try their coal roasted Scottish salmon featuring farro salad, pickled beets and fresh Florida grapefruit for a healthier alternative.

Miami Spice is a great opportunity to try all the amazing restaurants that South Florida has to offer at reasonable costs – for both lunch and dinner.


CraveClean: Bridging the Gap Between Fitness and Foodies

It’s tough not to give into your sweet tooth or indulge with a cheat meal. Whether you crave chocolate or red velvet, those snacks don’t always align with clean eating. So, how can we have our cake (or cake pop) and eat it too…literally?CraveClean. Oxymoron or delicious protein bakery with sweet indulgences that are good for you? It sounds too good to be true, but the Coral Gables’ shop is baking goodies like salted caramel cupcakes, donuts, double chocolate chip cookies, red velvet cake pops and brownies. The goods are low calorie, low carb, gluten free and have zero refined sugars. There are no preservatives and no additives. Kind of sounds no good, but quite the opposite.

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We’d expect a treat with 75% fewer calories than a regular baked good to taste, well, a little like cardboard, however, CraveClean has nailed it with items that are baked fresh daily and packed with flavor.But, what is really inside? A cupcake (that will rival the yumminess of a Baked By Melissa mini any day) averages 124 calories, 10g protein, 10g carbs, 5g fat, 2g sugar and 1.6g fiber. And, the cupcake menu has over 25 flavor choices.


CraveClean was started by local, Miami native, Francesca Morello, who ultimately started the bakery out of the struggle of finding a delicious, yet guilt-free snack. Instead of eating the protein bars she turned to that were packed with sugar, her go-to is her very own Choco-Oat cupcake which blends banana and chocolate chips, making it an any-time-of-day snack.“The idea is that every ingredient I put in would be beneficial to your body in some way,” says Morello. “It’s for anyone who may be diabetic, gluten-free or just looking for a healthier alternative. No one should have to sacrifice flavor and options over a healthy lifestyle.”CraveClean prides itself on freshness, quality and taste with everything baked on site at their Gables shop where the baker’s start at 5 a.m. for the morning rush. They also take orders for pick-up and delivery and, they aren’t just satisfying Miami’s sweet tooth - they ship nationwide. And, the treats last. You can freeze them in a zip lock or Tupperware for up to 6 months and simply defrost.CraveClean is located at 3822 SW 8th Street. Check the website for hours, full menu, placing orders and more info.

CraveClean. Oxymoron or delicious protein bakery with sweet indulgences that are good for you?

Wynwood Parlor|Blue Collar Miami|Eating House Miami|Harry's Pizza Miami|Lokal Miami|The Salty Donut Miami|Tap42 Miami|Yardbird Miami

8 Mouth-Watering Cheat Meals in Miami You Have to Try

At Stay Fit 305, we are all about keeping you in-the-know on everything from fitness to staying active to eating healthy in South Florida.But, we would be lying to you if we said we didn’t indulge in the occasional cheeseburger or donut. After all, we got to live a little, and with the great restaurants in the South Florida area, it’s near impossible to not give in to that occasional cheat meal.So, where are our go-to spots when we want to take a little break and get our cheat meal on? Here are eight mouth-watering cheat meals in Miami, because we all deserve it.

Blue Collar Miami

Blue CollarHead up to the MiMo area for one of our favorite cheat meal spots serving some good ‘ol comfort food that’s taken-up a notch.They have what they call their “Dailies” which are rotating parm, rib and braised dishes. Think chicken parm piled high, smothered baby back ribs or braised pork shoulder.Their veggie chalkboard will also make you want to eat your vegetables with a ton of options like spaghetti squash with parm and butter, cheese grits, collard greens with bacon, sautéed kale, veggie fried rice – just to name a few.If you just want some “nosh,” as they call it, try the duck confit quesadilla, Cuban sandwich spring rolls or the fried smoked gouda.

Eating House Miami

Eating HouseThe ever-changing menu at this Coral Gables spot keeps us guessing as to what our next cheat meal will be, but hands-down, they never turn out a bad dish.Rotating menus for lunch, dinner and brunch at the small, eclectic restaurant offer small plates to share and larger dishes to chow-down on.Some of our more recent faves include the short rib grilled cheese, fried Brussel sprouts, pasta carbonara, candied bacon or the Cap ‘n Crunch pancakes.

Harry's Pizza Miami

Harry’s PizzaIf we are going to get pizza, we go all out. With a few locations (Design District, Coconut Grove and Kendall), the quick-oven fire pizzas take fresh ingredients and give the traditional pizza pie a twist.Choose from fan favorites like the braised short rib with gruyere cheese, caramelized onions and arugula or the slow roasted pork, fig, roasted onion, fontina, arugula.If you must feel a bit healthy (or want the veggie option), check out the kale caramelized onion, chili flake, fontina, parmigiano pizza.

Lokal Miami

Kush or LokalNo cheat meal list is complete without a few burger options. Both Kush (Wynwood) and Lokal (Coconut Grove) serve your-not-so-average burgers at the edgy establishments like Juans’s Fidy-Fidy that is made with 50% beef and 50% bacon – enough said.There is even a burger on a donut from The Salty Donut (we will get to that one!). Try the Johnny Utah at Kush (voted best burger in Miami) that is topped with pastrami.Both Kush and Lokal offer a variety of other menu items and a robust selection of craft beers.

The Salty Donut Miami

The Salty DonutThe artisanal donut shop more than satisfies our sweet tooth with their chef-made, small-batch craft donuts.The Wynwood establishment has quickly become one of the most Instagram-worthy hot spots in the hipster neighborhood with “flavors” like maple bacon, guava + cheese or Nutella.The shop also has weekly rotating specials, but when they are sold out, that’s it – they are gone!Their coffee menu is also on point because nothing goes better together than coffee and a donut.

Tap42 Miami

Tap42Because we all love brunch and need a good bottomless option, Tap42 is a solid go-to for a weekend cheat meal.With four locations across South Florida (Coral Gables, Midtown, Fort Lauderdale and Boca), the bottomless brunch menu available on both Saturday and Sunday will satisfy your indulgence whether you are seeking that savory or sweet brunch item.Bottomless drinks ($13) include choice of mimosas, bloody mary’s or Funky Buddha Floridan.Menu items we can’t get enough of? The Hangover II – sunny side up egg, smashed avocado, hash brown, cheddar cheese, bacon, truffle aioli on a challah bun; or the Chocolate Banana French Toast.

Wynwood Parlor

Wynwood ParlorAs hot as it gets in Miami, it is near impossible to not have a craving for ice cream and Wynwood Parlor solves that problem.The handcrafted ice cream sandwiches take your old school chocolate-and-vanilla sandwich to a whole new level.The extensive menu options include classic, key lime pie, cereal bar (rolled in frosted flakes), breakfast sandwich (rolled in bacon bits) and even two vegan options.Bonus: they deliver.

Yardbird Miami

YardbirdFarm-fresh ingredients and classic Southern cooking, the Miami Beach restaurant has all your favorite cheat meals all on one menu, down to the side dishes.A fried green tomato BLT or smoked brisket biscuits are two of the small plates that are a must on our cheat meal list.To really embrace your inner Southern charm, look no further than the shrimp ‘n grits or Lewellyn’s fine fried chicken with honey hot sauce.And, if that is not enough, check out the side dishes like skillet cornbread or macaroni & cheese.

Where are our go-to spots when we want to take a little break and get our cheat meal on? Here are 8 mouth-watering cheat meals in Miami we all deserve.