Healthy Meal Delivery Services in Miami: Part 2


The biggest challenge when it comes meal prep, is the actual meal prep. And, the monotony of the meals. It is hard enough to find time in our busy schedules to eat healthy and stay on track - it is just as hard to find time and energy to meal prep.

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We know how much our readers are loving our stories on healthy eating habits, we wanted to update and refresh our favorite meal delivery services in South Florida. The meal delivery trend is popular, because it takes the worry out of prepping for the week. Now, there are even more of these options that cater to all eating habits and styles, down to the pickiest of eaters.

Fit Food Fresh

Fit Food FreshThe best part of this meal plan is not having to commit to a full week of meals. When there are those times to attend a work lunch or client dinner, the weekly meal plans may go to waste. Fit Food Fresh meals are ridiculously tasty and extremely good quality. The company does not push themselves as a diet plan – just healthy food delivered.Choose from a variety of menu options each week from either healthy gourmet, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, breakfast, healthy snacks, healthy desserts, and more.There are also different options for choosing your meals – you can pick your menu every week and if you don’t select any, you will not get a delivery. Or, in case you are busy, choose the semi-automated food fairy that will select for you based on your previous orders in case you do forget.Last, is the full-automated food fairy which will do all the work for you. Prices range $10-$12/meal, with some more premium meals a few bucks more.

Healthy Meal delivery Services in Miami

Eat CleanEat Clean is making a name for themselves across South Florida, being very popular among fitness studios and trainers. The plan is a weekly subscription and comes with two, three, four or five meals per day for a choice of five or six days.

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Choose from paleo, vegan, vegetarian, traditional and athlete menus and select each week from breakfast, lunch and dinner. The athlete is a great option for the true fitness enthusiast with higher calorie and protein content and larger portions. Traditional meal plans offer healthy options that remain under 500 calories. Weekly plans for 2 meals a day start at $8.75 each and with price reductions based on how many meals per day.

Paleo Crave

Paleo CraveIt is how the cavemen ate. A paleo lifestyle focuses on eating the way nature intended us to eat. Paleo Crave takes this lifestyle a step further with paleo-only meals for their daily delivery service.The plans come in three different sizes small, medium and large and allows the customer to choose whether they want three meals a day (breakfast/lunch/dinner) or two meals a day (breakfast/lunch or lunch/dinner). Bonus: each comes with a snack.The only catch is that the menus are set each week, but you can peruse them beforehand. Be sure to let them know any allergies or dislikes beforehand in case you are a bit picky. Pricing ranges from $99.99/week to $159.99/week.

Perfect Fuel MealsFor the athletes and those that are intense fitness training, Perfect Fuel is your match. The team of professional athletes, nutritionists and dieticians designed and crafted this meal plan packed with fresh, clean, locally-sourced, well-balanced food that fuels the body and its passions.

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It is a plan for athletes designed by athletes. Choose from plans like lean, power and gainz that will each cater to the individual type of athlete and has all of the macros broken down here.Prices range from $9.95 - $12.95 per meal depending on how many meals per week. Once you sign up, you will be directed to the members portal where you can review the menu and choose your meals.

Nicole Cornella is a born and bred Jersey girl, formerly from NYC now living in Fort Lauderdale. A public relations director by day, Nicole has gone from hardly going to the gym (true story!) to hardly missing a workout and truly enjoys how fitness and being active has been a positive impact in her life. She has a thing for seeking out new workouts or studios to try – the more challenging the better – and sharing her love of exercise with friends and family. On the flipside, she is also a bit of a foodie and is always keeping her eyes peeled for the newest restaurants, hotspots, juice bars, and more. Follow her on Instagram @njc156.

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