Imagine Farms is Growing Delicious Produce in an Indoor, Hydroponic Farm in Miami


Lettuce lovers rejoice! Taste the difference with Imagine Farms produce, grown right here in Miami with no pesticides or preservatives.

Originally named Box Greens, the company was started in 2016 by two sisters, Cheryl Arnold and Lisa Merkle, who were born and raised in Miami. Lisa was recovering from a life-threatening cancer diagnosis; and Cheryl, a serial entrepreneur had just exited her previous endeavor. While Lisa was recovering from surgeries and chemotherapy, Cheryl was looking towards a brighter future with her sister by researching, designing, plotting, and planning what would eventually become Imagine Farms.

With Imagine Farms, they created an indoor, vertical, hydroponic farm located in Little Haiti. Here they can sustainably grow a wide variety of lettuces, herbs, and microgreens, utilizing technology and minimally impacting the environment. Not only do they use 95% less water than a traditional farm, but there is also no pesticides or harsh chemicals, no food waste, and no agricultural runoff.

"We're an indoor farm, because of the precise growing conditions our greens are flavorful, crisp, and tender," said Lisa.  "Our customers are obsessed!  We never use pesticides or harsh chemicals and deliver salad greens that are ready-to-eat, 365 days a year."

The manifesto of Imagine Farms is to produce large quantities of food within urban cities, minutes from where residents live, work, and play. Distributing in close proximity to where the produce is grown minimizes food miles and reduces food spoilage and food waste.

Some of the produce currently being grown and sold by Imagine Farms includes their Happiness Blend, which is their version of mixed salad greens with romaine, green leaf, red leaf, and crispy, and Butterhead Babes, which is butterhead lettuce that can be used as a lettuce cup for culinary dishes.

Expect to see microgreens, salad turnips, sorrel, white Russian kale, leaf broccoli, and round Paris carrots soon, and they are always open to requests of what else they should grow.

Greater Miami can enjoy the produce within hours of harvest through their subscription with local delivery. The subscription is $18 per week for a pound of lettuce, or $20 a la carte. Deliveries take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and greens can also be picked up directly at the facility.

New subscriptions get their first order free with the promo code Imagine Free at checkout. Visit or find them on Instagram at @imagine_farms.

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