Lymph-omaniac: Why You Might Want To Be One


If you haven’t heard of your lymphatic system perhaps you fell asleep in science class. Quick lesson, Cliff’s Notes style. Your lymphatic system is key to your health as it moves lymph, the fluid that transports toxins, viruses, and other foreign invaders out of your body, not to mention it can lead to the appearance of cellulite if your system is sluggish. It is an intricate system of vessels, ducts, nodes and other vessels that is your body’s’ first line of defense. Lymphatic fluid doesn’t move on its own, so you need to exercise, drink plenty of water, or seek out a manual drainage that either you can do it yourself or get a lymphatic drainage massage.

Since I prefer to leave it to the professionals, when I heard that The Tox was opening in Miami in Surfside at 9541 Harding Avenue, I (somewhat obsessively) stalked their Instagram in order to book one of their first appointments.

Upon arriving at The Tox, I loved the black and white vibe not to mention the jars of rose quartz and palo santo that you can take complimentary. Once I checked in, my therapist, Karla, escorted me to one of the five treatment rooms. You’re encouraged to use the bathroom before the treatment as they will work on your stomach area and you want be comfortable.

The treatment began with me lying on the back and Karla began to gently massage behind my knees, groin, armpits, and clavicle with light pressure. This helps to ensure that the lymph “ports” are open. Then she began dry brushing my skin from my ankles up my legs followed by my arms, also in an upward motion from wrist to shoulder.

Next, Karla applied The Tox Drainage Cream, which includes green tea, coffee, chestnut, and rosemary and other ingredients and began to massage my legs. The Tox told us that the cream is caffeinated to “help to stimulate the skin and get things moving.”

Karla used fast long strokes followed by short ones, always in an upward motion (towards the heart) pushing my lymph fluid to the ports so that it could drain out. She focused on my legs and around my knees where she could feel that I was holding inflammation. Next came Tox Machine, which is the ultimate suction cup.

“Our technique is 90% hands-on and 10% using the machine, just to make sure no fluid gets left behind. We are able to adjust the frequency depending on our client’s sensitivity, the strength doesn't necessarily equal better results. It really does depend on how well you maintain a healthy lifestyle before and after,” The Tox team shared. The Tox Machine didn’t hurt, but there were a few spots where I practiced my yoga breathing.

Then Karla moved onto the stomach area. She informed me that she was going to work on my colon and liver. Before getting started, she took a before shot. If you browse The Tox’s Instagram, you’ll see some dramatic before and afters, especially of the stomach area. This area was the most sensitive, but again, not painful and even if it causes a bit of discomfort, no pain, no gain, or in this case, no pain, no loss, right? The Tox Machine is also used on the stomach which is why some of the pictures you’ll see a bit of redness.

To complete the treatment, I flipped over and Karla repeated the massage and The Tox Machine on the backside of my legs and glutes. The 90-minutes flew by and I couldn’t wait to see my before/afters, which they send to you when you’re done. You’re given the dry brush in a The Tox branded bag to take home, and it’s the perfect blend of soft enough not to scratch you, but firm enough to do its job.

The verdict? I loved it. I could see visible results when I was done and I just felt better afterward. Slimmer and energized. I would do these weekly if finances permitted, but The Tox doesn’t come cheap. The Master Tox costs $295, The Master Tox + Facial Sculpting costs $349. They are running opening specials, but hurry because they won’t last long.

For those looking to practice lymphatic drainage at home or to hold you over between treatments, I suggest getting a dry brush (there are many affordable options on Amazon) and my personal favorite, the Lymphatic Drainage Body Tool, $25 from De la Heart. This wooden paddle is my go-to after the shower and comes with instructions on how to use it. Be sure to use it with body oil or lotion – I mix the Organic Jojoba Oil also from De La Heart with a few spritzes of my favorite Nuxe Paris Dry Oil Spray for the perfect amount of slip and moisturization. You can dry brush and use the tool daily to help keep your body healthy and keep skin looking smooth.

Robin Diamond is a beauty, wellness and fitness fan always willing to try the newest treatment, trend or workout. When she’s not putting pen to paper, she’s busy running her public relations business, helping brands and personalities shine through impactful media placements. Born and raised in Miami, Robin first established herself working for some of the most well-respected New York lifestyle and beauty agencies before bringing her talents to Miami. A self-confessed beauty and fitness junkie, Robin gets her best ideas while running along Miami Beach’s boardwalk or sweating it out during a hot yoga class, after which a green juice and face mask just the ticket.

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