Modern ŌM Announces Miami's First 100-Hour Meditation Teacher Training


Ready to make your mindfulness resolutions your new way of life? Modern ŌM has all the resources you might need and then some.

Modern ŌM is on a mission to make mindfulness and it's meaning accessible to everyone. While more and more of us are coming to know the profound benefits of meditation and yoga, applying practice to our [modern] lives is no easy feat.

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Enter Modern ŌM - a growing community of conscious seekers, meditating, growing and learning at in-person events throughout Miami.

For regular STAY FIT 305 readers, Modern ŌM should be familiar. We've partnered the last two years on World Mental Health Day to bring a mindfulness experience to everyone.

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For those looking to expand their health and wellness careers, or start a new journey, Modern ŌM founder, Myk Likhov, has announced Miami's first-ever 100-hour meditation teacher training program.

“This will be a very in-depth training to hold space for others," said Likhov. "Not only sharing the practice but teaching the business of group wellness.”

As the founder of Green Monkey Yoga, Likhov has extensive experience bringing wellness to the masses. It's impossible to tell the history of the South Florida yoga community without mentioning Likhov. Green Monkey Yoga, at its height, is still the model most studios try to replicate, with an engaged member base and knowledgeable instructor lineup.

In addition to the announcement of the new meditation teacher training program, the Modern ŌM Mindfulness Club meets weekly in beautiful spaces across town, to meditate. For a set monthly price, you can attend your local mindfulness club an unlimited amount of times, join in on workshops, as well as enjoy three yoga sessions a week.

What’s more, Modern ŌM and STAY FIT 305 are coming together for Mindful Mondays in the new year. Our communities will join for a guided meditation and vinyasa yoga flow at the Modern ŌM Bungalow inside Upper Buena Vista.

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All this in tow, 2020 has tranquility, connection and even business savvy in store for us all.

Anelize Salmon is a Miami native with a passion for fitness and the sciences. She’s a pre-PA student currently working as a Medical Assistant. Anelize has over four years of experience as a Recovery Coach, working towards the recovery of women struggling with trauma, eating disorders and addiction. This experience has made her passionate about intuitive eating and mindfulness in a day to day setting. An avid runner and yogi, Anelize is an advocate for holistic wellness and preventative healthcare. You’ll find her pacing at a Run Club near you!

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