MTE is a New Way to Think About Energy and Wellbeing


It's hard to be your best when you don't feel your best. Powered by adaptogens, nootropics, and superfoods, MTE is bridging the gap between energy drinks and supplements to be your daily superpower and help you achieve your potential.

Conceived here in Miami, MTE stands for More Than Energy and was created as a next-generation wellness shot to support body balance and overall wellbeing in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle. The 2 oz liquid shot contains ingredients like ashwagandha, spirulina, holy basil, theacrine, and saffron to promote better energy and support stress resilience, calm focus, immunity, mood, and even better sleep at night.

“Two years ago, I embarked on a journey to make something I felt the world was missing - a healthy boost to energy without decreasing any of the other aspects of wellbeing and feeling good like a calm mood or quality sleep at night,” said Jeff Boyd, Founder of MTE.

“That meant no caffeine bombs, no sugar bombs, and no crappy ingredients. I wanted something wholesome. I wanted something I could share with my friends. And I wanted it to work with my existing healthy lifestyle, not against it.”

Not only does the MTE shot provide a rapid energy kick and boost to focus but there are subsequent benefits to mood and recovery that really set it apart. This holistic approach is a departure from alternatives acting as a bandage for tiredness by supplementing B vitamins, excessive caffeine, or other stimulants, while leaving a wake of jitters and insomnia.

“We are not an energy drink with a healthy ingredient or two added for mitigating effect,” said Boyd.“That’s been done and it doesn’t work. We are a wellness drink that happens to support energy, because it is an important component of overall wellness, but so is stress response, so is a calm mood, so is quality of sleep at night.”

It’s also why MTE works best with those who value overall health, wellbeing, and performance more than just a quick fix. The longer you use MTE, the more the adaptogens and nootropics will be able to reach their full effect. In helping your body naturally align itself, it will help make the habits stick, the sleep go smoother, and the days improve while you put in the work in the gym and at the office.

Interested in trying it for yourself? Use discount code STAYFIT305 to get 30.5% off your first order of MTE.

Learn more and order MTE online at or check them out on Instagram at @get_mte.

Kaitlyn Vadenais is a certified personal trainer and health enthusiast who likes to stay active with a calendar filled with workouts. She is always down to try the new boutique fitness studio or trendy workout, and loves connecting with similar people within the community. You can follow her fitness adventures around South Florida on Instagram @activekait.

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