New App Lovvett Saves You Money and Helps Miami Restaurants Reduce Food Waste


Did you know that uneaten food is the third-largest contributor to climate change? At the same time, uneaten food impacts businesses at all levels. As environmental awareness increases and consumer eating habits are changing, the new app Lovvett aims to create a win-win situation for consumers, businesses, and our planet.

Lovvett is helping local Miami restaurants to reduce food waste and turn surplus food into more revenue for businesses, while offering consumers great food for less and contributing to building more sustainable communities.

Did you know that 30-40% of all food produced in the US is wasted? Even if everyone in need was fed, still there would be surplus that ends in landfills.  Restaurants are one of the primary sources of food waste.

Lovvett was started by a local husband and wife team in Coral Gables. The goal is to contribute to more sustainable communities and ensure conscious consumption. The app enables South Floridians to order and enjoy great food at heavily discounted prices, while benefiting restaurant partners by giving them additional revenue for food items that might otherwise go to waste.

Since Miami is a cultural melting pot, almost every ethnic cuisine is represented with new restaurants continuing to be added.  There is even a filter on the app for any food allergies.

After downloading Lovvett, it is as easy as browsing meals, placing your order, and picking up your food within the designated time window. Some of the restaurants on the app include Miam Miami, DBakers, Rodilla Wynwood, and Spris Artisan and deals are upwards of 50% off, changing daily.

Now you can get $5 off your first $15+ order one week after downloading Lovvett.

Lovvett is looking to start offering the regular menus from participating restaurants alongside their surplus deals. They will start to offer delivery and hope to expand services nationwide. Click here to download the app or visit their website at

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