Take Your Fitness To New Heights With AURA Strap 2


While I have relied on my trusty yet late-edition Apple Watch to track my fitness progress for years, I had the opportunity to take my somewhat outdated device to new heights with the AURA Strap 2. The Strap 2 is a tracker band that allows you to measure body composition and hydration virtually on the go. It is like a smart scale for your wrist and let’s just say, my watch just upgraded.

To get started, you simply swap out your current Apple Watch band with the AURA Strap 2, which features a stretchable sport loop band, available in a number of different colors including new deep navy blue, gray, crimson red, and black. It comes with multiple wrist sizes which is nice for you to customize the fit. Next, you need to download the AURA Plus app. An added perk, AURA Strap 2 users receive a free, six-month trial of AURA Plus, which enhances the app’s functionality, making it a one-stop solution to track and achieve your fitness goals. They even have workout content on the app. 

It took me a few tries to get the first reading, call it user error, but once I did, it quickly revealed my body fat, muscle, and water balance measurement on my watch and the app.  AURA Strap 2 is the only wearable device for Apple Watch that does this thanks to its bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), which also measures how a person’s body changes as a result of exercise. 

If you’re into tracking your fitness progress and goals and like a deeper analysis of your stats, the AURA Strap 2 could be your new right-hand man (or left – whichever wrist you wear your watch). 

The AURA Strap 2 ($149) in coal black, NEW navy blue, NEW summer gray, and NEW crimson red are available on auradevices.io. The coal black is also available on Amazon.

Robin Diamond is a beauty, wellness and fitness fan always willing to try the newest treatment, trend or workout. When she’s not putting pen to paper, she’s busy running her public relations business, helping brands and personalities shine through impactful media placements. Born and raised in Miami, Robin first established herself working for some of the most well-respected New York lifestyle and beauty agencies before bringing her talents to Miami. A self-confessed beauty and fitness junkie, Robin gets her best ideas while running along Miami Beach’s boardwalk or sweating it out during a hot yoga class, after which a green juice and face mask just the ticket.

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