Take Your Recovery to the Next Level with Vitruvia in Miami Beach


Vitruvia is taking wellness and recovery to the next level in Miami Beach with their science-backed and physician-approved methods. Their goal? Transform lives by restoring your quality of life.

Vitruvia has helped hundreds of the world’s top performers, athletes, musicians, CEOs and leading medical experts take back control of their bodies and live life to the fullest through its natural approach to restore and repair tissue. High profile clients include home-run king Miguel Cabrera and Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz, among others, as you’ll learn below!

We got a chance to speak with Julia Sutton, Chief Growth Officer at Vitruvia. Prior to Vitruvia, Sutton established herself as a powerhouse in the industry as the co-founder of Exhale Spa. Now she is telling us all about Vitruvia, her experiences there, and more!

Do you have a personal background in sports or fitness? If so, how did that impact your work and choice to be with Vitruvia?

"Growing up with four older brothers, sports and fitness was the very foundation of my life.  From high school basketball to college softball, I learned discipline and competitiveness at a young age. Playing sports really helped shape my career.  I began my career in the space as a certified personal trainer and witnessed the effects of training without proper instruction or recovery.  

When I got the opportunity to join the Vitruvia team, I took on the role because I appreciated Vitruvia’s holistic approach that combines cutting edge medicine with state-of-the-art recovery methods to restore the body and dramatically improve an individual’s active lifestyle."

Does the name Vitruvia have a meaning?

"The Vitruvian Man is a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci made around 1490.  The drawing is based on the ideal proportions of a human body, and how it relates to geometry.  We settled on this name because we found that it perfectly encapsulates what we are doing at Vitruvia, helping people get back into their optimal selves. With tension, pain, and lack of mobility a part of everyday life, we at Vitruvia strive to bring the human body back into perfect alignment to relieve these common burdens."

Who is a candidate for Vitruvia? What are some of the wellness and recovery offerings?

"An ideal candidate for Vitruvia is anyone suffering from an injury, recovering from surgery, having issues related to poor posture, or simply experiencing aging and struggling physically.  

The Vitruvia offering is a three-step process:  Evaluate, Renew, and Restore! Our expert clinicians perform a comprehensive assessment of your movement patterns and ask you to perform the motions that cause you the most discomfort while we observe with our ultrasound to evaluate the health and pliability of your tissue.  We utilize proprietary imaging software ScarMap® and treatment RELIEF® when restoring your damaged and scarred tissues to their normal (pre-injury) state.

We work with high-performance athletes, but that doesn't mean that the average person should feel discouraged. We are all owners of a fine-tuned machine, and we are there for when your machine needs a bit of maintenance to function optimally."

Can you explain more about the RELIEF procedure?

"RELIEF begins with ScarMap. ScarMap is our proprietary imaging software that our physicians use to see a patient’s tissue in real time. This is really unique in that it guides our physician’s evaluation when creating a treatment plan for a specific patient’s injury. This changes the playing field because the physician will know exactly what is going with the tissue and can then perform RELIEF. This treatment rehydrates, repairs and rehydrates damaged or scarred tissue with natural proteins. Making long term tissue regeneration and future scar prevention a reality for our patients, they can now go back to living their best pre-injury lives."

Are you able to share the specific success stories of some of your high-profile clients?

"We feel really blessed to have a variety of success stories at Vitruvia. We were lucky enough to treat the home run king, David Ortiz. We treated him after he retired from professional baseball. Due to severe scar tissue buildup in his ankles, he was experiencing an immense amount of inflammation and pain. He felt immense frustration after meeting with several doctors and finding that the answer to this pain always seemed to be medication. David after trying the different options available, nothing gave him long lasting results.

After he met our team, who he affectionately calls, “his boys” and received his first session of RELIEF, he felt the degree of pain subside and couldn’t believe it. He was also incredibly surprised by how quickly he was able to get back to his normal life. David is now back to his normal life working out, walking and proudly salsa dancing."

What are your tips for things that people can do to improve their mobility and performance as a preventative measure before needing to go to a place like Vitruvia?

"Tune in everyday and truly listen to your body and make educated decisions on how you will move every day. Meditation, stretching and yoga can be extremely beneficial in helping improve your self-awareness and your mobility and performance. Beyond moving your body in a way that works best for you, we tell all of our clients to make taking care of themselves (mentally, spiritually and sexually) their first priority. If individuals can operate from a place of fullness, everything else in life will fall into place and our bodies will thank us for it."

Anything else you want our readers to know?

"It’s an exciting time to be living in the world today. We have so many options to keep our body and minds healthy. Vitruvia is a fantastic example of how medicine is evolving and changing for the better. Don’t be a spectator in your life. Participate in your wellbeing and when possible, assist others on their journey."

For more information or to book a consultation, visit vitruvia.co or call (305) 414-0610. Vitruvia is located at 1900 Purdy Ave, Suite #1A, Miami Beach.

Julia Sutton, Chief Growth Officer at Vitruvia

Kaitlyn Vadenais is a certified personal trainer and health enthusiast who likes to stay active with a calendar filled with workouts. She is always down to try the new boutique fitness studio or trendy workout, and loves connecting with similar people within the community. You can follow her fitness adventures around South Florida on Instagram @activekait.

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