Tapout Fitness in Coral Gables Will Leave You Sweaty and Smiling


In the heart of Coral Gables, Claudia Pavie, owner of Tapout Fitness, has sorted every detail of this posh boutique gym to assure the client can, in her words, have a “moment." With punching pads that get changed out regularly and Italian marble bathrooms reminiscent of a spa, this is Pavie's sweet way of saying, your workout can also be luxurious.

“Tapout is not a regular gym,” explains Pavie. “We give the client the attention they deserve.”

If you have ever attended a gym and went in and out without any staff interaction, or even a shift in your mood, you are not alone and this is precisely what Tapout Coral Gables is out to change.

“The client is not just a number,” says Pavie. 

With an intensive fitness background and a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Pavie says this gym is one way of paying it forward and sharing the benefits of fitness. “I wanted to show the world why you punch out the day’s stresses. My clients leave smiling having produced happy hormones!”

After striking their Focusmaster and 100-pound bags, working on your muscular endurance with TRX, Airdyne Bikes, dumbbells, and medicine balls, you’ll feel it.

What’s more, classes at Tapout Coral Gables change monthly rather than day-to-day. After one class, you’ll realize what an advantage this is. This shifts stress away from wondering what movements the instructor will be incorporating in class. Instead, you’ll focus one month at a time on the same movements to progressively punch harder, move faster, and get stronger. In the spirit of keeping injury far from us all in 2020, instructors rotate to watch your form, tweaking as necessary.

Tapout Coral Gables is built around facilitating skill corrections, all of which are always welcome, no matter your skill level. The focus is to make you feel safe and cared for with your goals always in mind.

Don’t feel like punching today? Tapout Coral Gables offers HIIT and Pilates, as well as strength and conditioning classes for variety.

Check out Tapout on Instagram @tapoutfitnesscoralgables or visit their website coralgables.tapoutfitness.com.

Anelize Salmon is a Miami native with a passion for fitness and the sciences. She’s a pre-PA student currently working as a Medical Assistant. Anelize has over four years of experience as a Recovery Coach, working towards the recovery of women struggling with trauma, eating disorders and addiction. This experience has made her passionate about intuitive eating and mindfulness in a day to day setting. An avid runner and yogi, Anelize is an advocate for holistic wellness and preventative healthcare. You’ll find her pacing at a Run Club near you!

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