The Barre Code Miami: Promoting a Healthy Body Image That Strives for Strength


Founded in 2010 by Ariana Cherin and Jillian Lorenz in Chicago, The Barre Code’s mission is dedicated to helping women become their strongest, fittest selves – not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Using principles of cardio, strength and restoration, The Barre Code Miami offers a wide variety of classes, from their “cornerstone” Barre class to HIIT and kickboxing classes to classes that focus on stretching and vinyasa flows. The Barre Code Miami strives to offer a class that meets the needs of everyone that walks through their studio’s doors.Since their first opening in Chicago’s River North neighborhood, The Barre Code has expanded to nearly 40 locations across the U.S. Miami’s studio opened in January of this year in Edgewater. The location features amenities like private changing rooms, automatic lockers, and primping stations for a post-work out spruce up. A wall of “props”, as they are called at The Barre Code, is located just outside the studio and the props needed for each class are written on a white board.

Barre Code Miami

I visited the studio and took The Barre Code Miami class for a total body workout. The staff at the front desk were very friendly and when they saw that I was new, they happily gave me a tour of the studio and showed me to the props wall. My class required free weights and a resistance band, so I grabbed my props and headed into the studio for my class with Alison.The studio is spacious and since the barre runs along all four walls of the studio, there is plenty of space for everyone to workout comfortably. A padded floor eliminates the need for mats and cool lighting sets the mood for a fun workout. And while you know you’re going to work hard, the lighting combined with great beats makes the 50 minutes of the class fly by. The aim of the class is to lengthen and strengthen and the class was broken down into segments for arms, core, and legs/glutes. Alison was very friendly and helpful and when things started to get tough, she was positively encouraging. Those shaking legs are a good thing!The Barre Code Miami offers both class packages and monthly memberships, with promotional pricing for new members. First timers can take a class for $10 and the studio is also part of ClassPass.Pro Tip: The Barre Code Miami is located on the third floor at 2063 Biscayne Blvd, with the entrance located on NE 20thTerrace. Use the call box to get buzzed in and take the elevator to the third floor. Also, make sure to remember to bring your non-slip socks to class.For more information, visit

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