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11 of the Hottest Studios Turning Up the Temp With Heated Classes

These days, the hottest trend in exercise classes are hot classes. Lauded for their benefits, it's theorized that hot classes burn more calories, reduce risk of injury, and rid the body of more toxins.Here are just a few studios that are turning up their thermostats and offering hot classes on their schedules:


The Yoga Joint - Multiple Locations With locations in Davie, Deerfield, Fort Lauderdale and Boca, The Yoga Joint offers hot yoga classes like Hot Fusion Flow™, Yoga Lab, and Follow the Yogi. Yoga classes are heated to 96°-99° F. They also offer their Core45™ class - a mat Pilates and yoga fusion class created to tone muscles, build strength and burn off those pesky pounds. This class is heated to 90°-95° F.The Original Hot Yoga - Fort LauderdaleThis studio offers yoga classes that follow the Bikram Yoga system, Yin Yoga, and Hot Pilates. Class temps range from a warm 80° to a hot 105°. Also offered are massages, Reflexology, and chiropractic services.Evolution Yoga - Coconut Creek Along with offering traditional Hot Yoga and Hot Pilates classes, Evolution Yoga also offers heated Barefoot Boot Camp for those of you looking to turn up the intensity. Warm KriYin is also offered if you're just starting out and want to work your way up to a heated yoga class.Weston Yoga & Wellness CenterIf fast paced vinyasa flow are more your speed, try Weston Yoga's 90 minute Heated Power Hour. It'll get your heart pumping, while building lean muscle and testing your endurance. Other heated classes include Vinyasa Hot Flow and Warm Yin/Yang Deep Stretch.Casa D Hot Yoga - Cooper CityFor a full-body workout, check out Casa D Hot Yoga's Hot HIIT. This low impact, high intensity class uses the principals of Pilates to strengthen muscles and burn fat in a room heated at 95°. The studio also offers Hot Bikram and Hot Vinyasa.


TruFusion - Coral GablesTruFusion Coral Gables offers a wide variety of warm and hot classes, with class temps ranging from 80°- 95°. Hot classes include yoga, yin, Barre, Pilates and Tru Barefoot Bootcamp. Warm classes include circuit classes, indoor cycling, Tru KettleBooty and aerial yoga, to name a few.Vanilla Sky - BrickellOne of the newest studios in Brickell, Vanilla Sky offers three floors dedicated to fitness and health. Their Hot Power Vinyasa and Hot Pilates classes are heated to 95° and are geared towards making you the best version of yourself.SOL Yoga - WynwoodSOL Yoga's classes are heated with infrared heat technology that boasts benefits such as increased weight loss, reduction in stress and anxiety, stimulation of collagen and elastin, improved organ function, and better muscle and joint motion.MAHAM Studio - Miami Beach MAHAM's high intensity classes are set to upbeat music like hip-hop and pop. These full body workouts are heated by infrared heat and 3D mapping and visual effects will transport you to beautiful locations around the world. Try their Burn Flow class and follow it up with a visit to their co-ed steam room.Sweat Studio - North Miami BeachHeating each class to 100°, Sweat Studio offers a variety of hot classes. From TRX to Barre and Pilates to classes specifically design to sculpt and tone muscle groups, there's a class for everyone. Try their Heated Hip Hop Sculpt class for a unique Barre experience.Equinox - Brickell HeightsA leading name in the fitness industry, Equinox offers both Heated Vinyasa and Hot Athletic Yoga classes at their newest location, Brickell Heights, where you can enjoy stunning views of the city as you flow through your poses. Now through May 28th, take advantage of their $0 initiation fee offer.

These days, the hottest trend in exercise classes are hot classes. Lauded for their benefits, it's theorized that hot classes burn more calories, reduce risk of injury, and rid the body of more toxins. Here are just a few studios that are turning up their thermostats and offering hot classes on their schedules.

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The Buddha Farm

The Buddha Farm: South Florida’s First Yoga Co-op

When I hear the word co-op, I think about the pre-war real estate rat race up in NYC or farmer co-ops. So, when I found out that South Florida was getting its very first Yoga co-op, I had absolutely no idea what that even meant. But I love yoga and the communities that yogis build when they get together, so I was excited to learn more from co-founder Danielle Lepore - a passionate yogi of over 10 years.

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Having visited yoga co-ops in other parts of the country, Lepore dreamed of bringing such a place to her home town of Fort Lauderdale. She partnered with Rachel Raab, founder of Buddha Pants, to create a space designed to not only create such a community, but to also promote the success of both yoga instructors and their students alike."What's unique about the co-op is that all instructors of the co-op have a vote in the running and decision making for The Buddha Farm," says Lepore.Instructors work like independent contractors - they set their class schedules themselves and have the freedom to teach their classes in their preferred style of yoga. The teachers also keep proceeds from the class, minus a flat fee of $50 that goes towards the operating costs of The Buddha Farm.

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Students benefit from the co-op's style of operation as well, as class prices are able to be competitively priced. A single class costs $15 and a class pack of 10 is $120 with classes offered daily. Ranging from beginner's classes to the more challenging, The Buddha Farm's instructors have backgrounds in various yoga practices, including pre-natal and acro yogas.The Buddha Farm's facilities also feature an outdoor courtyard - a space available to its members want to hang out, relax, and to connect with other members. It's also available to be reserved for special wellness & holistic events, which are frequently hosted.

What's unique about the co-op is that all instructors of the co-op have a vote in the running and decision making for The Buddha Farm.

|Pilates ProWorks|Pilates in the Grove|Pilates on the Beach|Pilates One|House of Movement|Climb Cardio Core

12 Must-Try Miami Pilates Studios in 2017

It's no secret Miami is packed with tons of Pilates studios. Each neighborhood boasts a variety of choices, allowing you to pick and choose based off time, class and instructor. With a menu of options, we've rounded up some of our must-try Miami Pilates Studios in 2017.Club Pilates

Club Pilates Brickell

Breathe Pilates

Breathe Pilates Miami

Climb Cardio Core

Climb Cardio Core

House of Movement

  • Location: Brickell
  • Classes to Check Out: Pilates Machine, Pilates Mat, Pre-Natal Pilates (Privates)
House of Movement

Polestar Pilates

Polestar Pilates Biscayne

JetSet Pilates

JetSet Pilates

Pilates on the Beach

Pilates on the Beach

Pilates in the Grove

Pilates in the Grove


  • Location: Wynwood
  • Classes to Check Out: Pilates Circuit, Da Vinci BodyBoard, PilaRyder, AbsOhGlutely, and Pilates Fitness

Pilates Body

Pilates One

Pilates One

Pilates ProWorks

Pilates Pro Works

It's no secret Miami is packed with tons of Pilates studios. Each neighborhood boasts a variety of choices, allowing you to pick and choose based off time, class and instructor.

Breathe Pilates Miami

From Dreams to Reality for MIMO District's Breathe Pilates Miami

Gretchen Wagoner has loved and practiced Pilates for over 15 years. After seven years of practice, Wagoner became certified to teach Pilates through Dance New Amsterdam in New York City in 2008. Two years later, she continued her Pilates education though Polestar Pilates where she focused her training in a variety of areas from Scoliosis to Women’s Pre & Post-Natal Health to Pilates for Multiple Sclerosis.What started as private in home sessions has since grown into a boutique studio in the MIMO district and Wagoner has also welcomed three more instructors to her team. Offering both group and private sessions, Breathe Pilates Miami offers a combination of mat and equipment classes designed to give each student, whether in a small group class of up to four or in a private session, focused attention in order to perfect form and promote growth.Group classes are offered Monday – Thursday mornings and evenings and in the mornings on Fridays and Saturdays. Because of its grand opening, Breathe Pilates Miami is currently offering new clients a special introductory rate on springboard classes. They are also available on ClassPass and the studio offers plenty of free parking.For more information, visit Pilates Miami is located at 715 NE 79th Street, Miami FL 33138.

What started as private in home sessions, Breathe Pilates Miami has since grown into a boutique studio in the MIMO District.

|VirtuRide|WaterBiking Studio Miami

Where to Spin in the 305 in 2017

You've made your New Year's resolution, now it's time to put it in action. Check out these spinning studios in the 305 that will help you meet your goal.RedBike StudiosRedBike is the perfect studio if you like a spin class that feels like a dance party, with fun lighting that changes to set the mood for each song. Here, you ride to the beat of the music and classes include choreography and work with hand weights for a total body workout. Thursday nights are themed nights, so be sure to check their schedule for extra fun classes.

FlywheelOne of the most famous names in indoor cycling, Flywheel has opened 3 locations in South Florida. This is the perfect studio if you’re feeling competative. Whether you’re competing with yourself or with others in class, the TechPacks on every bike help you track your resistance, RPMs, and the work your putting out in every class. Opt in to the TorqBoard, to see where you rank in class and live stats. Your stats are stored after each class, so you can work towards tangible goals and new personal bests.

  • Amenities: Complimentary shoes, showers, digital lockers, towels, changing rooms, Bliss toiletries, hair dryers
  • Locations: Miami Beach, North Miami, Boca Raton

SoulCycleSoulCycle is another big name in the indoor cycling world and one of the OGs of spin classes as we know them today. High cardio and focused on fat-burning, these classes are like a cross between a dance party with pumping music and a spa with candles burning as you ride. Riders pedal to the beat of the music and choreography and hand weights are used to target your core and arms.

  • Amentias: Shoe rentals, showers, towels, digital lockers, toiletries, hair dryers
  • Locations: Miami Beach, Coral Gables



This is place you go for a full immersion experience. Want to ride the streets of Miami without having to worry about sharing the road with cars? This is the place for you. VirtuRide is a unique concept in that bikes are placed in front of giant screen, where custom ride videos are projected as you ride. Bikes are on a platform that moves with topography of the “road” as you ride. Fans make it feel like the wind is blowing in your face and the resistance changes (you can also manually adjust it) as you ride up and down bridges and hills in the ride videos. Videos combine not just the video of the street, but are also combined with fun music videos that keep your energy up and a smile on your face. Heart rate monitors link up with the leader board in front of class and to an app on your phone so you can see the calories you’ve burned and your heart rate.

WynWheelsLocated within the same studio space as Crossfit Wynwood, WynWheels is a boutique indoor cycling studio with a tight-knit family feel. The studio has just 15 bikes, and because of this, instructors are able to give students more one-on-one attention. High-energy music and motivational instructors get you in the zone and sweating in no time. This studio prides itself on being a “no-frills” type of studio and on being one of the most affordable studios in town.

  • Location: Midtown/Wynwood
  • Read:

Speed HouseSpeedhouse is a brand new, state-of-the-art smart indoor cycling studio located in the heart of Downtown Miami. This is another studio that is great for people who get motivated by a little competition. Live leader boards show real time stats and riders can track their results and improvement overtime.

  • Amenities: Showers, towels, free parking
  • Location: Downtown Miami

WaterBiking Studio

WaterBiking Studio Miami

WaterBiking Studio is a must-try experience for indoor cycling enthusiasts. Located in Coral Gables, dip into this temperature-regulated pool for a spin class that can burn up to 800 calories in an hour! WaterBiking Studio offers a variety of classes that includes WaterBiking, Water Circuit, WaterBoxing and WaterZumba, making it one of the most unique places in Miami.

  • Amenities: Showers, towels, shoe rental
  • Location: Coral Gables

You've made your New Year's resolution, now it's time to put it in action. Check out these spinning studios in the 305 that will help you meet your goal.

Club Pilates Brickell

Club Pilates Opens Newest Studio in Brickell

With over 74 locations nationwide and 220 more in the works, Club Pilates has opened its latest location this month in Miami’s Brickell neighborhood. It’s easy to see why Club Pilates has experienced such explosive growth. The club’s philosophy to make sure that every member receives the best training so that they maximize their results is the key to their success. Classes combine Pilates, barre and TRX techniques using state of the art equipment, so that you get a full strength training work out every time.Classes are available 7 days a week and class packages, unlimited monthly memberships and single classes are available at the studio for purchase.To learn more about Club Pilates Brickell, visit Pilates Brickell is conveniently located right next to the metrorail/mover Brickell stations at 17 SW 10th Street Suite 103.

Classes combine Pilates, barre and TRX techniques using state of the art equipment, so that you get a full strength training work out every time.

Pilates One

Burn: Pilates One’s Newest Cardio Class Featuring the VersaClimber

If you follow Lebron James on Instagram, then you’ve probably seen him call the VersaClimber his “girlfriend.” And after trying Pilates One’s newest class “Burn”, I totally get the love that LBJ has for this machine. “Burn” is designed to be a high intensity, high calorie burning 30 minute cardio class. The great thing about the VersaClimber is that it isn’t just your traditional cardio. The machine simulates the movements of climbing and works out your entire body, building strength in your upper body, lower body, back and core for a fully rounded work out. took class with Dani Ohayon. We started class with a few minutes of mat Pilates to warm up and then hopped on to the VersaClimbers for our choreographed cardio. Strides alternated from short, quick sprints to long, reaching strides - working I different areas of our bodies, all while keeping our cores engaged. We also alternated our grips, with underhanded grips working out our biceps and overhanded grips working out our triceps, shoulders and backs. We then lowered into squats to make sure that we rounded off our workouts by targeting our lower bodies. The VersaClimber also allows you to adjust the resistance so that you can change the intensity of your workout.Once our workout on the VersaClimber was complete, Dani led us in a cool down on the Pilates Reformers, focusing on stretching the muscles we'd just put to work. The class is short, but definitely sweet. And by sweet I mean effective. This is a class that you come to burn off the pounds.Pilates One is located at 2640 SW 28 Lane in Coconut Grove. Special pricing is available for new students and class packages and unlimited monthly memberships are available.For more information, visit

“Burn” at Pilates One is designed to be a high intensity, high calorie burning 30 minute cardio class.

Barre Code Miami

The Barre Code Miami: Promoting a Healthy Body Image That Strives for Strength

Founded in 2010 by Ariana Cherin and Jillian Lorenz in Chicago, The Barre Code’s mission is dedicated to helping women become their strongest, fittest selves – not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Using principles of cardio, strength and restoration, The Barre Code Miami offers a wide variety of classes, from their “cornerstone” Barre class to HIIT and kickboxing classes to classes that focus on stretching and vinyasa flows. The Barre Code Miami strives to offer a class that meets the needs of everyone that walks through their studio’s doors.Since their first opening in Chicago’s River North neighborhood, The Barre Code has expanded to nearly 40 locations across the U.S. Miami’s studio opened in January of this year in Edgewater. The location features amenities like private changing rooms, automatic lockers, and primping stations for a post-work out spruce up. A wall of “props”, as they are called at The Barre Code, is located just outside the studio and the props needed for each class are written on a white board.

Barre Code Miami

I visited the studio and took The Barre Code Miami class for a total body workout. The staff at the front desk were very friendly and when they saw that I was new, they happily gave me a tour of the studio and showed me to the props wall. My class required free weights and a resistance band, so I grabbed my props and headed into the studio for my class with Alison.The studio is spacious and since the barre runs along all four walls of the studio, there is plenty of space for everyone to workout comfortably. A padded floor eliminates the need for mats and cool lighting sets the mood for a fun workout. And while you know you’re going to work hard, the lighting combined with great beats makes the 50 minutes of the class fly by. The aim of the class is to lengthen and strengthen and the class was broken down into segments for arms, core, and legs/glutes. Alison was very friendly and helpful and when things started to get tough, she was positively encouraging. Those shaking legs are a good thing!The Barre Code Miami offers both class packages and monthly memberships, with promotional pricing for new members. First timers can take a class for $10 and the studio is also part of ClassPass.Pro Tip: The Barre Code Miami is located on the third floor at 2063 Biscayne Blvd, with the entrance located on NE 20thTerrace. Use the call box to get buzzed in and take the elevator to the third floor. Also, make sure to remember to bring your non-slip socks to class.For more information, visit

Barre Code Miami offers a wide variety of classes, including their “cornerstone” Barre class, HIIT and kickboxing classes and vinyasa flows.

The Cage Boxing & BootCamp in Brickell

The Cage Boxing & BootCamp in Brickell is the Neighborhood's Latest Hit

Sometimes we cheat...on our diets. It happens. If you’re like me, maybe you had a sub with the works on white bread (not scooped) for lunch instead of that grilled chicken and broccoli you brought with you to work. Now you feel guilty and you’re looking for a high intensity work out to “even things out” and pretend like that cheat meal never happened. That was me last Wednesday, so I decided to take a boxing class at The Cage Boxing & BootCamp in Brickell.Located on the mezzanine level at 1060 Brickell Avenue, The Cage Boxing & BootCamp offers high intensity boxing, kickboxing, and boot camp classes that use a variety of techniques including Muay Thai, Karate, Krav Maga and plyometrics. Every class provides a full body work out and personal training sessions are also available. Classes are led by instructors with backgrounds ranging from boxing professionals to professional MMA fighters.My class was taught by Gail Gensler, who's been teaching boxing classes for 30 years. The class was welcoming to all levels. Gail was there to make sure every student, new and experienced, had the proper technique while executing each boxing combination. The workout started with a warm-up that consisted of running laps around the room, lateral shuffles and sprints up and down the stairs. Following the warm-up, we went straight into our boxing combinations. Each combination targeted several muscles groups, including upper body, core and lower body, so that by the end of class we’d gotten a full body work out. It was intense and empowering and by the end of that class, not only did I feel like a total bad-ass – I knew that sub had been worked off!The Cage offers complimentary valet, wraps and gloves. Showers are also available. When visiting The Cage, make sure to enter through the lobby of 1060 Brickell and then either take the stairs or the elevators to the mezzanine floor, where you’ll find the studio.Classes are available Monday – Saturday and your first class is free. The Cage offers competitive memberships and individual class rates. You can also find them on Class Pass. From now until October 15th, Stay Fit 305 readers will receive 15% off new memberships. Just mention this article and promo code THECAGE305. Purchase memberships in person at The Cage Boxing & BootCamp in Brickell.For more information on memberships and class schedules, visit or call (305) 395-8676.

The Cage Boxing & BootCamp in Brickell offers high intensity boxing, kickboxing, and boot camp classes that use a variety of techniques.


Dance and Fight Your Way to Fit With Capoeira

The Olympics in Rio may be over, but your new love for all things Brazilian doesn’t have to be. If you’re looking to add a little Brazilian warrior energy to your fitness routine, check out Capoeira; a blend of Brazilian martial arts and dance. The physical and mental benefits of Capoeira are endless and include full body muscle tone and strengthening, flexibility, endurance, agility, coordination, improved focus and faster reflexes. Just one hour of Capoeira can burn up to 500 calories.Capoeira’s history is extensive and was developed by West African slaves brought to Brazil as a means to escape, survive in the jungle and avoid recapture. For most of history, the marital art was suppressed or banned in Brazil and was forced to be practiced in secret. In the 20th century, attitudes towards Capoeira became less stringent, and in the 1930s, Manoel dos Reis Machado, best known as Mestre Bimba, having convinced government authorities of the cultural value of Capoeira, opened his school and taught his style of Capoeira called, "Capoeira Regional." The martial art gained in popularity, and as a result, Capoeira was legalized in 1940 and has become a cultural symbol of Brazil.


Capoeira is referred to as a "game," and this game is played within a roda, a circle formed by Capoeiristas who sing traditional songs and play musical instruments. Within the roda, two Capoeiristas simulate combat and display their attack, defense and acrobatic skills. The winner is then determined by the musicians observing from the roda. In some Capoeira groups, students may be ranked with cordas or cords, similar to the belt ranking system in other martial art practices. Each instructor, called a mestre, may determine his own system of ranking, but the cords usually adopt the colors of the Brazilian flag.In recent decades, mestres have begun teaching capoeira in other countries. Ruben Lopez is one such mestre. Better know by his Capoeira name, Mestre Vagalume, Lopez became interested in the practice after observing Capoeiristas in a park as a young teen. For the next fourteen years he would train and become a capoeira mestre himself. Three years ago he opened his Capoeira school, Nago Academy Miami. Capoeira classes are offered for students of all levels, including kids' classes.If you're interested in taking a Capoeira class at Nago Academy, the first class is free and there is no experience necessary. Just make sure to come dressed in comfortable athletic clothing as you will be moving a lot! If you find that Capoeira is for you, you'll want to make sure to get a Capoeira uniform that consists of a white t-shirt and white pants. With practice and patience, you can soon be on your way to becoming a Capoeirista.Nago Academy Miami also offers dance classes, after school kid care and camps.For more information visit Academy Miami is located at 2656 NE 189th Terrace, Miami FL 33180

If you’re looking to add a little Brazilian warrior energy to your fitness routine, check out Capoeira; a blend of Brazilian martial arts and dance.

Pilates on the Beach|Pilates on the Beach

Pilates on the Beach: The Neighborhood Pilates Studio That Will Keep You Coming Back

I took my first Pilates class during my senior year of college. I needed to add a few credits to my schedule in order to graduate, so I decided to pick-up a fun elective and chose Pilates. I enjoyed the class, especially the part where the final consisted of demonstrating two to three Pilates exercises in front of the class, but I didn’t pick up anymore classes after graduation. Fast forward three years later and I found myself with a severely sprained ankle after what probably wasn’t the best combination of wine, heels that were way too high, and goofing around with friends on a slippery dance floor. I wound up in an aircast, crutches, and physical therapy three times a week.

The physical therapy helped strengthen my ankle and get my range of motion back, but after the sessions allotted to me by my insurance company were finished, I still found my ankle to be weaker than the one that hadn’t been injured. I was given some exercises I could do at home, but then I remembered that Pilates was a low impact fitness method designed to improve strength and flexibility. I started to take some classes as a way to build on what I worked on in physical therapy, so that I could continue to work on getting my strength back and get back into the workout groove after not having been very active for two months.

It was a similar experience that led Aliza Bixon to add Pilates to her rehabilitation program after a back injury and surgery. Transformed by the benefits of Pilates, the dancer and choreographer found a new career path and, along with her friend Shana Kruger, decided to open Pilates on the Beach in 2008.

Pilates on the Beach

A neighborhood boutique studio, Pilates on the Beach has attracted a wide range of clientele including high profile athletes, Miami Heat dancers and Dolphins cheerleaders, and clients of all fitness levels and ages. Both private rehabilitation and group classes are offered and with only eight reformers in the studio, group students still get hands on training from instructors. “It’s a great compliment to any sport and physical therapy” says Bixon who sees athletes from golfers to swimmers to dancers, coming to take class.

Every instructor at Pilates on the Beach is certified in Pilates and instructors frequently take continuing education and specialization courses through the Pilates Method Alliance. Specializations include Pilates for Rehab, Pre & Postnatal Pilates, Pilates for Athletes, and the Pink Ribbon Program – a specialization designed not only to help to breast cancer patients regain their range of motion following surgery, but to improve strength, self-esteem, and quality of life.

With over 500 exercises in the Pilates system, classes are offered to cater to all levels and preferences. Bixon recommends the Jumpboard class to those looking for a more cardio intense workout, while the All Levels class can be great for both beginners and experienced students. The studio’s goal is for students to bring the elements they learn in class, like body awareness and posture, into their everyday lives.

Classes are offered mornings, lunchtime, and evenings. Both group and private sessions are available for purchase online and the studio is also part of Class Pass.

Pilates on the Beach is located at 712 W 51st Street in Miami Beach. There is free parking available.

For information on class packages and schedules, please visit

Pilates on the Beach is located at 712 W 51st Street in Miami Beach. There is free parking available.


The Boutique Spinning Studio in Wynwood You Need to Try

If you’re an indoor cycling enthusiast like me, chances are you’ve tried studios all over the 305 like I have. What keeps me going back is the energy – the enthusiastic teachers who encourage you with their positivity, the amazing music and darkness of the room that makes you feel like you're in your own zone, and the sense of accomplishment you feel from yourself and everyone else in the room when the class has come to an end. While there are common elements in every indoor cycling and class, each one has its own unique stamp. And with so many indoor cycling options in Miami, you can try new studios until you find your perfect fit.This week I went to WynWheels. Founded by Nina Zevallos and Lisa Gaylord, it’s a no frills boutique studio designed to give each student that one-on-one feel. Most indoor cycling classes are usually big. It’s not uncommon for studios to have 30 or 40 plus bikes, so it’s easy to let yourself slack a bit if you’re in the back (It’s OK…we’ve all done it!). But with just 15 bikes at WynWheels, the intimacy of the room pushes you to give the workout your all. Instructors keep the energy high and they make sure that each student is able to maximize their workout and keep proper form for optimal results. The studio works with Polar H7 heart rate monitors linked to an app on students’ phones (this is optional and not required in order to take the class). Through the app, instructors will ask students to hit specific zones for a set amount of time. There are no leader boards in the room and the goal of this is for students to focus on themselves and their own results.First timers to WynWheels must take a free, 30 minute METHOD class. In METHOD you’ll be introduced to proper cycling form, the proper way to sit on the saddle, and the four levels of resistance used in every class. The levels are: One – recovery, One Plus – sprinting, Base – where most of the work in class is done, and Max effort – highest resistance for maximum effort. The class is really an intro to that personal touch that this studio is all about.Once students have been to METHOD, they are free to sign up for classes or purchase memberships. One of the many benefits of WynWheels is how affordable it is. Single rides are $18 and packages start at $55 for 5 rides. To me, the best value is the month to month unlimited rides for $89 per month and student specials start at $70 per month. If you’re a CrossFitter, you can purchase the WynWheels + CrossFit Wynwood combo pack for $175. They’re also on ClassPass and are currently running a special on GroupOn.One of Zevallos’s favorite things about her studio is the fact that it’s small and personal. It was an element that she and her partner Lisa found to be missing at other studios and something they knew they wanted to be an integral part of WynWheels. “It’s become like a family and we always go to brunch after Sunday’s class” says Zevallos. The studio’s chalk board walls are covered with the personal goals of students and encouraging messages. It’s a place to go and get your workout in, but it’s also a place to forge friendships and that’s a hard thing to find in the Magic City.Conclusion: If you are looking for an indoor cycling studio that is affordable, gives you one-on-one coaching, forms bonds with peers and instructors, and are unconcerned with the amenities found in pricier studios, WynWheels is definitely the place for you!What to bring: Water and shoes (can either be regular sneakers or clip-in cycling shoes). Towels are provided, but you can also bring your own.WynWheels is located at 56 NE 29th Street in Wynwood, in the same building as CrossFit Wynwood and Triple Threat Fitness.For more information and class schedules, visit

WynWheels is an affordable spinning studio in the heart of WynWood everyone can enjoy.

Bass Bodies Electronic Fitness

The Latest Workout Trend Millennials Are Raving Over

Ever spend a weekend dancing at a music festival, only to wake up the next day with your body feeling as if you’d actually been to bootcamp instead? The best part was that you didn’t even notice that all that fun dancing was actually a workout because you were too busy enjoying the great music and vibes.This exact realization was what sparked Gabriella and Giuliana Leone to create the newest dance fitness craze after they attended their first music festival in 2009. With backgrounds in professional dance and a love for electronic music, the sisters decided to combine their passions and redefine the way millennials workout by creating Bass Bodies Electronic Fitness. Their mission? To unite people through electronic dance music and to create a workout program where “no one should have to sacrifice fun to achieve a healthy lifestyle.” their main motto being “Burn to the Beat™”, the program is all about taking the best parts of electronic music festivals – the fashion, vibes, and beats - and bringing them into “rave-like” workouts that are a combination of aerobics, cardio and dance. Every class features high energy and fun choreography that will have you growing strong and powerful, while learning new moves to show off, along with your new bass body, at the next EDM festival you go to.In person classes are currently offered at All Around Fitness Training in Kendall, with new gym locations coming soon. Online workouts are also available on their YouTube channel and the sisters frequently post workouts and exercises on their social media channels. More personalized training is also in the works with fit guides, nutritional plans, live-streamed classes, specially recorded workouts, and personal chats with Gabriella and Giuliana. You can also catch a free class at the Women’s Empowerment Expo at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale on October 15th.For more information on how you can get your bass body, visit

Ever spend a weekend dancing at a music festival, only to wake up the next day with your body feeling as if you’d actually been to bootcamp instead?

VirtuRide|Miami's VirtuRide is the Future of Indoor Cycling

Miami's VirtuRide is the Future of Indoor Cycling

Whenever I take an indoor cycling class, the instructor always tells the class to increase the resistance so that we can “feel the road” beneath our stationary bikes. Now, that takes a bit of imagination, because I don’t really feel the road, I just pretend that I do. Just like I imagine that I’m cycling uphill as I add resistance and that I’m sprinting downhill as I turn my resistance to the left. All while I’m staring straight ahead at myself in the mirror. But at VirtuRide, that imagination is no longer necessary.“I didn’t want to imagine climbing the mountain, I wanted to see the mountain” says Omer Cohen, founder and CEO of VirtuRide. Frustrated with the typical and static indoor cycling studio, the former Israeli Special Ops and IRONMAN triathlete wanted to create a studio where cyclists could enjoy the feeling of riding on the road, without having to worry about the weather or safety on roads where there is often little to no separation between cyclists and cars. He’d spend the next three years perfecting his vision and VirtuRide, a first-of-its-kind full immersion indoor cycling studio, was born.Bikes are fixed to patented motion platforms with wind simulating fans and airbags under each platform to absorb shock and protect the knees and ankles. A mega screen features ride videos with roads from around the country, spliced with music videos and a playlist specially curated by a DJ for a fun packed ride. The motion platforms’ movements match the road topography in each video and incline and tilt for a realistic resistance and ride that also helps create a great core workout. Riders are given a heart rate monitor at the start of every class and screens display each rider’s heart rate and calories burned. Clip in shoes are also available.

Miami's VirtuRide is the Future of Indoor Cycling

My ride was South Florida themed and had us riding through Indian Creek, Coral Gables, Aventura, the MacArthur and Rickenbacker causeways, and the Overseas Highway to music from artists like Bruno Mars, Calvin Harris and LMFAO, with the very apropos song “Welcome to Miami” opening the ride. It felt like a party where I worked up a great sweat and had a blast while being challenged.Cohen believes that VirtuRide’s model is the future of indoor cycling. New ride videos are constantly being created in partnership with Burbank, CA based production company EMZ Productions. With plans to bring VirtuRide studios to South Beach, Las Olas, New York and Los Angeles, the future of indoor cycling is looking pretty great!VirtuRide is located at 2293 NE 164 Street in North Miami Beach. Classes are offered in the mornings and evenings and your first class is free.For more information and class schedules visit

VirtuRide is a first-of-its-kind, full immersion, indoor cycling studio.

South Florida VegFest

Celebrate Plant-Based Living at the South Florida VegFest

The South Florida VegFest is heading to Fort Lauderdale's War Memorial Auditorium on Saturday, December 3 from 12 - 6pm. The festival will be celebrating plant-based living and will feature free samples from over 125 vendors. There will be fun for the whole family with chef demonstrations, yoga and fitness classes, kids' activities and live music.

Tickets are only $15 and can be purchased here.

For more information, visit

The South Florida VegFest is heading to Fort Lauderdale's War Memorial Auditorium on Saturday, December 3 from 12 - 6pm.