The Right Sports Bra Can Be The Difference In Your Workout


The right attire can be the difference between a good workout and a GREAT workout. Studies in the UK show that one in five women are deterred from being active due to concerns about “excessive breast movement” during exercise – not good!The Uncomfortable RealityNormal bras are not fit for a sports purpose; they are made from fabrics that aren’t breathable and lack in support for impactful exercise. Initially, men designed bras with their primary focus on appearance of the breasts over functionality. Later, women pioneered the sports bra; they had a clear design that catered for the function of supporting the breasts and handling dynamic movement whilst providing maximum comfort.Aside from the immediate discomfort, not wearing a sports bra can cause long-term damage too. Ligaments inside the breast start to stretch from the repetitive bouncing and this can cause your breasts to sag. Additionally, the breasts have NO muscle in them. Not wearing a sports bra results in the neck and back having to over compensate for the increased amount of movement and this causes strain and tension. What’s even more alarming is that over time, the damage becomes irreparable!New Tech For Better SupportResearch at the University of Portsmouth in England found that breasts move just as much during speed walking as they do whilst sprinting, this means a sports bra is an essential article of gear no matter what workout you’re doing!The developments in sports bra technology means there is an endless selection for all shapes and sizes. Excuses about fit can no longer justify you not getting yours!


This month I teamed up with local South Florida brand, Zensah. Infamously known for their compression apparel, the science they have developed behind their clothing is what makes Zensah particularly unique.Having explored their selection of sports bras, there were a couple of noteworthy discoveries. First thing to note, Zensah uses seamless technology in all their clothes, and for this reason their sports bras fit like a second skin; they are SO comfortable to wear! It is absolutely imperative that you own active attire that fits you properly and that you are comfortable in. Any discomfort can be a distraction to your productivity.All of Zensah’s sports bras are made with a “moisture wicking fabric." This ensures sweat is immediately absorbed into the outer layer of the apparel where it can evaporate a lot more easily. After an intense workout I noticed a remarkable difference in the dryness of my sports bra - big bonus for working out in the Florida sun. The fabric is designed with the purpose of preventing an odor build up and it does indeed leave your bra smelling notably sweat free!Don't Forget The 'Bounce Test'The sports bra has been a game changing creation for women in sport, helping to minimize the physical gap between the men and women and allowing more mobility and comfort in every aspect of participation. Your breasts shouldn’t be a barrier to you participating in sport!To ensure you achieve that ultimately enjoyable workout, make sure you are properly fitted for your sports bra. Second, remember to renew your bra regularly and not let it fall to pieces. Lastly, don't be afraid to do the 'bounce test' in stores. People might look at you weird but at least you'll know your bras fit for purpose!Check out the Zensah Super Band Bra.

Kizzi has been a freelance sports writer for a couple of years but has been a sports enthusiast all her life. Her experiences range from working in sports and development in Lesotho, South Africa to competing as an international athlete. Kizzi is constantly exploring sporting opportunities to partake in. Having recently relocated from London to Miami, Kizzi likes to take full advantage of being able to train outdoors at the beach or athletic tracks here in South Florida. As well as being serious about sports, Kizzi is also serious about eating and once upon time came second in a Pizza eating competition!

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