Kizzi Barazetti

Kizzi Barazetti

Kizzi has been a freelance sports writer for a couple of years but has been a sports enthusiast all her life. Her experiences range from working in sports and development in Lesotho, South Africa to competing as an international athlete. Kizzi is constantly exploring sporting opportunities to partake in. Having recently relocated from London to Miami, Kizzi likes to take full advantage of being able to train outdoors at the beach or athletic tracks here in South Florida. As well as being serious about sports, Kizzi is also serious about eating and once upon time came second in a Pizza eating competition!

Core Fitness Training
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Hard Work Pays Off at Core Fitness Training in Hollywood

Core FitnessTraining (CFT) is the latest gym to open up in Hollywood. Opposite the Diplomatbeach resort, CFT is a boutique gym with stellar personal trainers and avariety of hard-core classes to choose from every day.

Owner DeanStatler has worked hard to create a gym where the group training is personal.Statler has purposely limited the class size, allowing for participants toreceive more individualized attention during every session.

“I wanted to create a gym that incorporates a variety of HIIT but not with 50 people in a class," says Statler. "I wanted something more personal where people get the attention they need without having to pay for a personal trainer."

The mantra at CFT is: “Hard work, works.” This slogan isn’t just for the members; every trainer is as committed as you to maximizing every minute of your workout to help you fulfil your fitness potential.

Core FitnessTraining is packed with modern training equipment like sleds, battle ropes, TRXstraps, rowing machines, bikes, aqua bags and so much more. This allows gueststo work through diverse and dynamic workouts programmed by the training staff.

Classes at CoreFitness Training are different every time but follow a weekly schedule thatblends strength, weight and endurance training.

  • Monday: Boot camp style circuits designed to build lean muscle tissue and burn fat.
  • Tuesday: Tabata training is one of the most popular forms of high intensity interval training that combines 20 seconds of work, with 10 seconds of rest over a period of time, keeping your metabolism engaged for hours after your workout is complete.
  • Wednesday: ‘Wild Wednesday’ is all about volume, as guests work through a high number of reps and sets this class is definitely mentally challenging.
  • Thursday: Butts and Guts - this class focuses on building firm glutes, legs and blasting your core.
  • Friday: Sum it up – this takes a little bit of everything you’ve done in the week for a full functionally loaded movement class.
  • Saturday: ‘Super Set Saturday’ focuses on building lean muscle by keeping your muscles under tension with SUPER SETS to get stronger.
  • Sunday – ‘Ripped’ is a functional ab class that will focus on working your core whilst keeping your heart rate up!

Thrown into themix of the weekly schedule is Sunrise Beach Yoga, Boxing, Cycle Shock, Zumbaand my personal favorite “Body Shock.” This class is highly recommended; it’san intense full body, high energy workout with loud hype music and an evenlouder and more hype instructor; Annick.

Core FitnessTraining also offers “open gym,” a window where can do the workout of the dayat their own pace, there will always be a trainer on hand to push you throughif needed.

CFT host aspecial monthly activity. Last month, taking full advantage of their location,they hosted “Burn & Brunch,” a fully equipped workout on the beach,followed by use of the spa facilities and an unlimited brunch at the Diplomat,all for just $50.

Parking is free and if you sign up to Core Fitness Training in February as a STAY FIT 305 reader you can have access to the gym and unlimited classes for $99 a month. Your first class is complimentary, so give it a try. Stay tuned on their Instagram @Core2Fit for updates.

Core Fitness Training (CFT) is the latest gym to open up in Hollywood. Opposite the Diplomat beach resort, CFT is a boutique gym with stellar personal trainers and a variety of hard-core classes to choose from every day.

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Fitbox Method|Fitbox Method

Burn 400 Calories in 25 Minutes With This Fitbox Method Workout

Boxing is renowned for giving you the ultimate total body workout and with Fitbox Method being one of the hottest boxing studios in Miami, I had to check out the hype first-hand.I’m all about intense workouts, and boxing helps you burn fat and build muscle simultaneously. I trained at Fitbox Method everyday for two weeks and definitely noticed a change in my body, both externally and internally.Halliday Anderson is one of my favorite instructors at Fitbox Method because he brings so much energy to each and every class. He’s your own personal hype man that will challenge and push you to get the best out of yourself in every session. I highly recommend trying his class – you wont regret it.Here is a sample of some of Halli’s favorite exercises that are guaranteed to burn 400 calories in 25 minutes. Disclaimer: The workout below is NOT for the faint-hearted.Instructions:

  • Each exercise is to be done for 45 seconds with a 15 second rest period.
  • Depending on your level of fitness you can modify your rest period to be longer (e.g. each exercise for 30s and rest for 30s).
  • On each minute, change your exercise.
  • Once you have gone through all 5 exercises, repeat for 25 minutes.

Battle RopesHow: Split squat and 3 double rope slamsWhat are you working: Exerting power, this is a full body and cardio moveBosu Push UpsHow: Keep your elbows tight to your body, extend down, push up with biceps and triceps. Bring your chest down an inch away from the bosu ball and repeat.What are you working: Core and upper bodyMed Ball SlamHow: Bend your knees, sit back, do not use your back, and bring the med ball overhead and SLAM down!What are you working: Lower body and coreRussian Twist How: Sit on the floor and elevate your body to create an imaginary V-shape with your thighs. Hold the med ball and twist your torso to each side with your arms parallel with the floor.What are you working: Abs! This exercise is great because it can be modified by having your feet on the ground to make it easier, or having your feet up to make it more challenging.Jump RopeWhat are you working: This full body exercise gets your heart rate up and is particularly good at improving footwork and coordination.

Boxing is renowned for giving you the ultimate total body workout and with Fitbox Method being one of the hottest boxing studios in Miami, I had to check out the hype first-hand.

Michelle Bertran|Fierce Fit Miami

Sweat It Out at Fierce Fit Miami, Doral's Newest High-Energy Workout Class

My favorite types of gyms are those with vast empty spaces. It’s the infinite possibility of dynamic, intense and creative workouts that can be made and changed in these very spaces, on a daily basis that I find most thrilling.Fierce Fit Miami is my kind of gym. Despite its minimalistic appearance, the workouts will have you training at maximum capacity!Owner, Michelle Bertran, has created high energy training programs that combine elements of high intensity interval training (HIIT), metabolic conditioning, boot camp and plyometric training. These one-hour, full body workouts, change everyday so you continue to challenge yourself!To break it down, Fierce Fit Miami focuses on helping you do effective workouts using your own bodyweight. I really encourage anyone looking at incorporating a new workout regime into their lives to start with being able to manage their own bodyweight first.The session I tackled was a 30-minute circuit, broken down into 5-minute intervals. Every 5 minutes I had 3 exercises to do repeatedly, for example; 15 overhead lunges, 10 burpees and a 30 second plank. 10 burpees may sound very manageable but it’s a different story when you’re doing them for 5 minutes!

Fierce Fit Miami

Bodyweight workouts help you build and gain functional strength, flexibility and endurance. It’s a very good way of getting fit and is excellent for all levels as exercises can be easily modified for anyone.Michelle has a varied cliental that don’t have age, preference or experience in common, but they do all share the same workout space and are ALL seeing the results!During your 1-hour session, in addition to a dynamic warm up, cool down and a killer workout (which I absolutely loved and hated simultaneously), you can count on encouragement and support from Michelle who does NOT stop cheering for you!According to a study published in Psychology of Sport and Exercise, an important factor that was found to create long-term health and fitness success is having a good support system. A lot of people overlook this factor when seeking out new gyms but it can really elevate your workout.If that isn’t enough, devoted owner Michelle gives her number out to clients just incase they need any guidance outside of the gym. As an example, clients will message her in the grocery store when they are looking for healthy food options.I’m sure we can all relate to occasions where we’ve planned to go to a gym class but something crops up and we don’t end up prioritizing a workout.Well, Fierce Fit Miami has a clever app that you can download free of charge. The app allows you to pay, check-in and create a schedule for the sessions you want to attend each week. This is an effective tool for holding members accountable to their schedules. This strategy will definitely make you think twice before cancelling a session at Fierce Fit Miami because Michelle will follow up with your absence!As your first class at Fierce Fit Miami is completely FREE you have nothing to lose by giving it a try - you won’t be disappointed. Once you consider signing up I would suggest the “Boot Camp” package for $100 a month which includes unlimited monthly classes. If you could manage 12 sessions a month, the equivalent of 3 sessions a week you would be paying $8.30 a session and that’s fantastic value for money!For more information, visit

As your first class at Fierce Fit Miami is completely FREE you have nothing to lose by giving it a try - you won’t be disappointed.


The Right Sports Bra Can Be The Difference In Your Workout

The right attire can be the difference between a good workout and a GREAT workout. Studies in the UK show that one in five women are deterred from being active due to concerns about “excessive breast movement” during exercise – not good!The Uncomfortable RealityNormal bras are not fit for a sports purpose; they are made from fabrics that aren’t breathable and lack in support for impactful exercise. Initially, men designed bras with their primary focus on appearance of the breasts over functionality. Later, women pioneered the sports bra; they had a clear design that catered for the function of supporting the breasts and handling dynamic movement whilst providing maximum comfort.Aside from the immediate discomfort, not wearing a sports bra can cause long-term damage too. Ligaments inside the breast start to stretch from the repetitive bouncing and this can cause your breasts to sag. Additionally, the breasts have NO muscle in them. Not wearing a sports bra results in the neck and back having to over compensate for the increased amount of movement and this causes strain and tension. What’s even more alarming is that over time, the damage becomes irreparable!New Tech For Better SupportResearch at the University of Portsmouth in England found that breasts move just as much during speed walking as they do whilst sprinting, this means a sports bra is an essential article of gear no matter what workout you’re doing!The developments in sports bra technology means there is an endless selection for all shapes and sizes. Excuses about fit can no longer justify you not getting yours!


This month I teamed up with local South Florida brand, Zensah. Infamously known for their compression apparel, the science they have developed behind their clothing is what makes Zensah particularly unique.Having explored their selection of sports bras, there were a couple of noteworthy discoveries. First thing to note, Zensah uses seamless technology in all their clothes, and for this reason their sports bras fit like a second skin; they are SO comfortable to wear! It is absolutely imperative that you own active attire that fits you properly and that you are comfortable in. Any discomfort can be a distraction to your productivity.All of Zensah’s sports bras are made with a “moisture wicking fabric." This ensures sweat is immediately absorbed into the outer layer of the apparel where it can evaporate a lot more easily. After an intense workout I noticed a remarkable difference in the dryness of my sports bra - big bonus for working out in the Florida sun. The fabric is designed with the purpose of preventing an odor build up and it does indeed leave your bra smelling notably sweat free!Don't Forget The 'Bounce Test'The sports bra has been a game changing creation for women in sport, helping to minimize the physical gap between the men and women and allowing more mobility and comfort in every aspect of participation. Your breasts shouldn’t be a barrier to you participating in sport!To ensure you achieve that ultimately enjoyable workout, make sure you are properly fitted for your sports bra. Second, remember to renew your bra regularly and not let it fall to pieces. Lastly, don't be afraid to do the 'bounce test' in stores. People might look at you weird but at least you'll know your bras fit for purpose!Check out the Zensah Super Band Bra.

Studies in the UK show that one in five women are deterred from being active due to concerns about “excessive breast movement” during exercise.