The Yoga Joint: Making Shift Happen in Fort Lauderdale


Yoga Joint's motto is "where shift happens" and founder Paige Held's vision was, "a studio where people could come to practice yoga, connect with other like-minded people, and reconnect with themselves."After opening their first studio in 2010 in Fort Lauderdale, Yoga Joint has expanded with five locations across South Florida - Deerfield Beach, Davie, Boca Raton, and two studios in Fort Lauderdale.Yoga Joint empowers students to be the best version of themselves, offering classes for all levels of fitness and yoga experience. Their classes are heated flows and vary in time from 45 minutes to 75 minutes. Yogis can expect deep stretches and the opportunity to slow down, breath deep, and relax.Yoga Joint also offers a unique mat class, Core 45, that is high intensity interval training (HIIT) focused on various Pilates and Yoga positions. The goal of the class is to improve your metabolism, burn fat, increase endurance and flexibility, and build strength. Not to be confused with a traditional yoga class, this class will work your entire core, glutes, and upper body.Every class ends with a cool towel scented with essential oils for a fully relaxing experience.Yoga Joint wants to make practicing yoga simple to incorporate into your lifestyle. The studios offer many class times thanks to having multiple rooms within each studio. They also have lockers and showers to make attending class as convenient as possible. The Yoga Joint premium membership allows you access to all studios and includes free mat and towel rentals.First time students can take advantage of 50% off the first month with Yoga Joint's New Member Offer. For more information on all locations, check out

Kaitlyn Vadenais is a certified personal trainer and health enthusiast who likes to stay active with a calendar filled with workouts. She is always down to try the new boutique fitness studio or trendy workout, and loves connecting with similar people within the community. You can follow her fitness adventures around South Florida on Instagram @activekait.

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