Transition Pilates is the Studio New and Expecting Mothers are Talking About


Nearly two years after opening in Coconut Grove, Transition Pilates has built quite the reputation as the go-to studio for pre and postnatal Pilates classes. Rachel Scherdin, owner and founder of Transition Pilates, has watched her business grow with new and expecting mothers looking to stay active.

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“Being pregnant can be scary,” says Scherdin. “It seems like a giant list of things you cannot do. I love to help women feel safe, challenged, and educated during pre and post natal pilates.”

The boutique atmosphere of Transition Pilates certainly allows for this specialized training to take off. The intimate studio is equipped with five balanced body studio reformers, towers, and Pilates chairs, giving clients the one-on-one attention needed from the instructor, something mothers are looking for when they book a session at Transition Pilates.

“After trying different pre-natal classes, I found Pilates to be the best choice to keep me active during pregnancy,” said Maria Genge of Miami. “Rachel’s classes are amazing. They were the perfect balance of challenge, energy and safety. After classes I would feel reenergized and relaxed which can be hard to find especially in the later months of pregnancy.”

That glowing review of Scherdin’s class is pretty common, who has built an in-demand reputation with clients. Her focus on the core foundations, diaphragmatic breathing, and oblique strength to prevent diastasis recti (abdominal split), has Pilates goers flocking to her studio.

“I worked out with Rachel 2-3 times a week,” said Coral Gables resident, Casie Moore. “Not only did I feel good throughout my pregnancy, but my post C-section recovery was much easier. I also returned to my pre pregnancy weight faster.”

Teaching women about their bodies is part of experience, and why Scherdin says her clients walk away happy.

“I love to educate women about their pelvic floor,” said Scherdin. “Many women don't even know the function of their pelvic floor, where it is, how to relax it, or connect to it. Connecting, relaxing, and lengthening the pelvic floor is vital for an easier pushing phase during birth.”

Transition Pilates is located at 3183 SW 38th CT, Coconut Grove, FL. Parking is available. For more information, about pre and post-natal Pilates classes at Transition Pilates visit

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