WaterBiking Studio: The Fittest Pool Party in Miami


Located in the heart of Coral Gables, WaterBiking Studio offers a unique experience where body and mind connect in a fun and hyped environment. WaterBiking Studio has all the makings of a normal indoor cycling class, except for the added twist of the bikes being submerged underwater.Read: Where to Spin in the 305 in 2017The temperature-regulated pool is warm and inviting enough for you to jump right in, yet cool enough to keep you fresh and chilled. Next come the biking shoes which are available for rent ($2), and just as you hop on the submerged bike, the lights flick off and the music starts blasting! Before you know it you’re working your quads, calves and butt in a way that your body has never experienced before.

WaterBiking Studio Miami

Apart from the leg workout you’re definitely going to feel, this water cycling class works your arms and core, as the instructors switch between different exercises that combine Pilates and ab work. The ad-on benefit is that because you’re under water, the movements are more gentle, making it easier for your joints and giving you the feeling that you´re not tired at all. Don’t be fooled – you can burn up to 500 calories in a 45-minute class! And because you’re under water, the lack of sweat (more like the perception), makes it easier to push as hard as you want through the whole session.This class is recommended for anyone and everyone. You can book in advance, or if you’re lucky you may be able to squeeze in as a walk-in, but don't take your chances, as bikes are limited. Just make sure to bring a spare change of dry clothes, a towel and toiletries in case you want to shower. WaterBiking Studio is truly a unique experience that leaves you with a great post-workout feeling, but also with an amazing vibe!More details at http://www.waterbikingstudio.com/.

Maca Bustamante is a bilingual nutritionist, health coach and wellness influencer. Her passion and dedication in this field has encouraged her to motivate others by showing them that it is possible to have a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying those little pleasures in life. She is a strong believer that we are mind, body and spirit and these need to be aligned to achieve a balanced lifestyle. A real dessert lover herself, Maca teaches people that everything in moderation is the key, and that balance need to be achieved to become the best version of ourselves.

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