Maca Bustamante

Maca Bustamante

Maca Bustamante is a bilingual nutritionist, health coach and wellness influencer. Her passion and dedication in this field has encouraged her to motivate others by showing them that it is possible to have a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying those little pleasures in life. She is a strong believer that we are mind, body and spirit and these need to be aligned to achieve a balanced lifestyle. A real dessert lover herself, Maca teaches people that everything in moderation is the key, and that balance need to be achieved to become the best version of ourselves.

Energy Endurance Lab
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Energy Endurance Lab: The First Training Studio for Triathletes in the 305

Energy Endurance Lab, the first studio here in Miami dedicated to helping fellow triathletes train, is opening their doors later this month.Specializing in a total wellness approach, Energy Endurance Lab helps triathletes prepare for their upcoming swimming, running and cycling races.But who’s responsible for this awesome initiative? Meet the couple: Meghan and Ari Weinstein, triathletes and USA Triathlon Level II Endurance Coaches.Their personal experience, studies and passion for this disciple has allowed them to create a studio with an educational vibe to help other athletes be successful in their races.In other words: they have turned their passion into their work, and as Meghan quoted from Michael Phelps, “You can´t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get.”The Midtown Miami studio location is a cool and hip space that sports smart trainers, a roller for more experienced and elite riders, treadmills and a recovery area with the latest Normatech technology.The couple believes that the training approach should be as complete as possible, so a swimming analysis will be provided to improve your techniques. Swim classes, VO2 testing and lactate testing will be on the training menu for those looking to cut down their time in the water.But things don´t stop there: you will be able to bring your own bike (because we all know there is nothing like training with your own gear) which you can clip on one of the smart trainers and simulate the actual race you are training for.In addition to the services they provide, Energy Endurance Lab has partnered up with local bike shops, iRun for shoes and will provide access to wheels and other parts that you may need for your bike.The Energy Endurance Lab doors will open July 22nd with training sessions held by appointment only. Group classes (up to six) or one-on-one training sessions are welcome per your preference.Learn more at

Energy Endurance Lab, the first studio here in Miami dedicated to helping fellow triathletes train, is opening their doors later this month.

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Kick Start Your Summer: 5 Ways To Healthier Habits

Summer is here (although it’s summer pretty much all year round here in the 305!) and we find ourselves eager to lose those extra pounds gained through the Winter months. We might not have gained that much, but two, three or even four pounds can make us feel a bit uncomfortable and hesitant about throwing that bikini on.Here are 5 tips to motivate and kick start those healthier summer habits.

  1. Don’t Wait for Monday – Just Start

Mondays are probably the worst day to start a diet because it brings on that pressure to starve 10 minutes after breakfast, setting up the perfect excuse to overindulge the rest of the week. Choose any other day to make a commitment with yourself to start eating healthier.

  1. If You Don’t See It, Don’t Eat It

Get rid of all the leftovers in the fridge, all the chocolate, chips and cookies in the cabinets and all the soda that may be lying around. If you don´t have bad food around, chances are you won’t eat it.

  1. Organize Your Groceries

Everything in life needs some organization and your eating should be no exception. Plan out your weekly meals and go grocery shopping based on the menu. This is one of the easiest ways to stay on track and avoid buying those unwanted items at the store.

  1. Eat Carbs

Yes, you read it right: eat carbs! They are necessary for your health and even more if you are exercising. Be smart and choose complex carbs like sweet potatoes, brown rice, corn, quinoa and whole grain. They will keep you satisfied and avoid those unhealthy drops in blood sugar.

  1. Move

A good diet makes a huge difference, but moving is the “cherry on top.” Mix up your routine to target different muscle groups. Try to do something every day for at least 45 minutes, even if its walking. You won’t regret it.

Here are 5 tips to motivate and kick start those healthier summer habits.

WaterBiking Studio Miami||WaterBiking Studio Miami

WaterBiking Studio: The Fittest Pool Party in Miami

Located in the heart of Coral Gables, WaterBiking Studio offers a unique experience where body and mind connect in a fun and hyped environment. WaterBiking Studio has all the makings of a normal indoor cycling class, except for the added twist of the bikes being submerged underwater.Read: Where to Spin in the 305 in 2017The temperature-regulated pool is warm and inviting enough for you to jump right in, yet cool enough to keep you fresh and chilled. Next come the biking shoes which are available for rent ($2), and just as you hop on the submerged bike, the lights flick off and the music starts blasting! Before you know it you’re working your quads, calves and butt in a way that your body has never experienced before.

WaterBiking Studio Miami

Apart from the leg workout you’re definitely going to feel, this water cycling class works your arms and core, as the instructors switch between different exercises that combine Pilates and ab work. The ad-on benefit is that because you’re under water, the movements are more gentle, making it easier for your joints and giving you the feeling that you´re not tired at all. Don’t be fooled – you can burn up to 500 calories in a 45-minute class! And because you’re under water, the lack of sweat (more like the perception), makes it easier to push as hard as you want through the whole session.This class is recommended for anyone and everyone. You can book in advance, or if you’re lucky you may be able to squeeze in as a walk-in, but don't take your chances, as bikes are limited. Just make sure to bring a spare change of dry clothes, a towel and toiletries in case you want to shower. WaterBiking Studio is truly a unique experience that leaves you with a great post-workout feeling, but also with an amazing vibe!More details at

WaterBiking Studio has all the makings of a normal indoor cycling class, except for the added twist of the bikes being submerged underwater.

Manna Life Food

Manna Life Food: Tastefully Healthy, Natural and Organic

Chances are that when you hear the word “vegan” or “plant-based,” the immediate thought that comes to mind is “tasteless.” But what if I told you that I’ve tried one of the tastiest roasted veggie nori wraps? And a passion fruit cheesecake that has cheese only in its name, yet it’s completely vegan and completely amazing?Welcome to Manna Life Food, a Superfood Juice Bar and Plant Based Cafe that has mastered the art of creating tasteful dishes with real food ingredients. Their menu is all plant-based, non-processed and gluten-free.Located in the Alfred I. Dupont Building, Manna Life Food is all about life-giving through the foods they serve. Their organic and superfood ingredients are unaltered and always fresh, making them the perfect combo to create the tastiest plant-based dishes you could possibly imagine.They have concentrated all their efforts in offering options that are not only good for you and your health, but are friendly for the environment. For them, it’s all about investing in our health to create a general sense of wellbeing.From soups, salads, noritos (which are AMAZING!), and superfood arepas to sweet treats and desserts, they have it all. Wash it down with one of their cold pressed juices, smoothies or even their iced (or hot) coffees and teas.Manna Life Food wants to show people that eating plant-based doesn´t have to be tasteless or boring. Instead, it can be a joyful and nourishing experience that your body will appreciate.Manna Life Food also hosts wellness workshops, plant based cooking demos and nutrition education huddles from time to time, to further their goal of making our local community healthier.For more information, visit

Located in the Alfred I. Dupont Building, Manna Life Food is all about life-giving through the foods they serve.

Greek Yogurt

3 Secrets of Greek Yogurt

Like any health and wellness product or service, Greek Yogurt has not escaped controversy after rising to a mainstream trend even the most novice of us all noticed. But before you add it to your diet, there are a few points of consideration, like protein content, added sugar and fat that need to be examined. Let's take a look.ProteinIf protein is what you're after, then Greek yogurt is a very good and feasible solution. Usually, a single personal serving of regular yogurt contains about 6g of protein, while a single personal serving of Greek yogurt provides around 12g to 20g of protein, depending on the brand. This is deal for people that train or perform intense physical activity, as it contributes to the regeneration of muscles and keeps us satisfied for longer. And because it is an animal product, the quality of the protein is considered as “high-value protein” which means our bodies absorb it up to 95%.Added SugarBe careful with the added sugar that certain yogurts have in them. If a yogurt is skimmed to make it 0% fat, that means you must add something to replace the flavor, and that something is almost, if not always, sugar. Always read the nutritional label to make sure the added sugar does not exceed 6g to 8g of fat. Many brands have almost 40g of sugar per singe personal serving, which is about 8 teaspoons of your daily recommended sugar intake, so imagine how much sugar you are really consuming if you´re not mindful about this fact!FatWhen it comes to the fat content, Greek Yogurt tends to have about the same amount of fat as regular yogurt. Yogurt is an animal product which means that the fat content is saturated fat. As such, watch your consumption since saturated fat has been related to developing cardiovascular disease if consumed in high amounts. I generally recommend that the fat range be between 0g to 1g of fat per serving, which is totally doable since there are many fat-free variations.Having said this, there is really no reason why not to enjoy a high-protein, low-sugar, low-fat Greek Yogurt. Just remember to read the nutritional labels and choose the best possible option available. Remember, we are what we eat, so be smart.

Like any health and wellness product or service, Greek Yogurt has not escaped controversy after rising to a mainstream trend even the most novice of us all noticed.

Nutritional Label

5 Things To Look At When Reading a Nutritional Label

When you play a game you usually read the instructions first to know the rules, play and win. Well, reading nutritional labels is pretty much the same; you have to understand what they say in order to play the healthy game and win.Here are 5 things you should look at when reading a nutritional label.

  1. Serving Size: This section will tell the size of a single serving and how many servings are in a package. Usually, these are given in home measures – 1 cup, ½ cup, 1 tablespoon and so forth. Typically, the nutritional information shown is for a single serving only. Therefore, if the package says there are three servings per container, then you have to multiply all the values by three. *Note: Always check the serving size to see how many servings per package.
  1. Calories: How many calories are you eating per serving, and how many per package.
  1. Grams of Nutrients Per Serving: Here you can see how much of each macronutrient and micronutrient you are consuming in a single serving. This is especially important to prevent overeating fats, sugars and sodium, which can result in the development of heart disease, overweight and hypertension respectively.
  1. Percentage of the Recommended Daily Intake: Based on a 2,000-calorie diet, this section indicates how many calories of the 2,000 calories is being consumed via the product. Be mindful that total caloric intake should be customized to fit your training and every day life. Generally, if a food has 5% or less of the daily value then the food is low in that nutrient. If the value ranges from 5 to 20% then it’s considered a moderate source of this nutrient. And if it has 20% or more then it is a high source. *N0te: Remember, that the quality is more important than the quantity, and 20% or more of saturated fat is not the same as 20% or more of fiber.
  1. Vitamins and Minerals: All labels should include the values for vitamins A, C, calcium and sodium. Some also may include potassium, vitamin D and iron.

You are what you eat. Understand what you are looking at before you add it to your shopping cart.

5 Foods to Avoid During the Holiday Season

So the holidays are here and we are once again about to indulge with all of the amazing food that characterizes the season. But how can we still enjoy our favorite meals without putting on the weight we have managed to keep off the entire year? Read on to see the foods to avoid during the holiday season and the ones you can go for without feeling guilty.

  1. Turkey Skin – Although turkey is high in protein, the skin is mainly made up of fat… saturated fat, which is unhealthy and extremely caloric. Make sure you avoid eating the skin and only go for the white meat.
  1. Sweet Potatoe Casserole with Marshmallows – Yes, sweet potatoes are da bomb; a complex carbohydrate packed with vitamin A and lots of fiber, but the problem is when we mix it with marshmallows, buttermilk and maple syrup. These are packed with added sugar and fat, adding on more calories to your turkey day.
  1. Cranberry Sauce – Cranberries have lots of vitamin C, but when we eat them as a sauce, we must add sugar, and a lot of it, to make sure it becomes like a jam. Try and stay away from this option and go for greens and veggies!
  1. Stuffing – We all love this part of the turkey, but most stuffing is made with bread and cured meats high in saturated fat. There are other options that can be used as substitutes to reduce the calories and increase the nutritional value. Try stuffing in quinoa, dices apples, walnuts and raisins or cranberries.
  1. Pumpkin Pie – If you can and have the determination, stay away from pumpkin pie… or well, all pies! These have lots of sugar, saturated fat and little protein. If you add the fact that most of them have whipped cream, then it becomes a super high dense food with empty calories that will add on the pounds.

My recommendation is to go for the white part of the turkey, which is high in proteins and low in fats, and be wise when you choose the sides. Make sure you include some fresh salads with greens or even veggies that are high in fiber and low in fat and carbohydrates. These can be done grilled or even roasted to add some more flavor and still keep it healthy and balanced. You can also add a side such as mashed potatoes or even the sweet potato casserole but make sure you avoid the marshmallows. The idea is to enjoy the meal but make it as healthy as possible without compromising too much of the holiday spirit!

5 foods to avoid during the holiday season and the ones you can go for without feeling guilty.