Your Guide to Miami's Most Popular Run Clubs


Miami is home toone of the greatest running communities there is. While going out for a solojog will always get the job done, you’ll find running in a pack can beenergizing and motivating. Various organizations sponsor Run Clubs most days ofthe week at locations across Miami, all of which are completely free.

If you’re looking to start running or just keep up with your training schedule, all you have to do is pick a time and place.


  • Baptist Health Doral Run Club meets at Skyros Sports in Downtown Doral at 7pm
  • iRUN meets at 5050 Biscayne Blvd Suite 103 at 6:45pm
  • South Beach Track Club meets at the Flamingo Park Track, 11th St and Jefferson Ave Miami Beach at 7pm


  • Baptist Health Brickell Run Club meets at 1300 Brickell Ave at 7pm
  • Baptist Health Homestead meets at Homestead Baptist Hospital, 975 Baptist Way at 7pm
  • Team Footworks Fun Runs meets at Team FootWorks, 5724 Sunset Dr. at 6:30pm


  • Baptist Health Kendall Run Club meets at Go Run, 11650 North Kendall Dr at 7pm
  • Baptist Health Weston Run Club meets at Weston Town Center Bell Tower, 1675 Market St at 7pm
  • Fired Up Run Club meets at the North Miami Athletic Arena at 7pm
  • Coconut Grove Run Community meets at David T Kennedy Park, 2600 S Bayshore Drive at 7pm


  • Baptist Health West Kendall Run Club meets at West Kendall Baptist’s main entrance, 9555 SW 162 Ave at 7pm
  • Baptist Health Coral Gables Run Club meets at Equinox Merrick Park, 370 San Lorenzo Ave at 7pm
  • Baptist Health South Beach Run Club Powered by Nike+ Run Club meets at Nike Miami, 1305 Lincoln Road at 7pm
  • Team Footworks Fun Run meets at Team Footworks, 5724 Sunset Drive at 6:30pm


  • iRun meets at 5050 Biscayne Blvd Suite 103 for longs runs at 6am
  • Coconut Grove Run Community meets at David T Kennedy Park, 2600 S Bayshore Drive for long runs at 7 am
  • Lululemon sponsors Project: Run Miami which meets once a month at one of their four locations on a rotating basis. Check out Lululemon Miami on Facebook for details.

What to Expect:

Run clubs are aspace designed for you to simply get out and moving. All are encouraged to comeout and join. All the while, you’ll find yourself mingling with other peoplewho had the same intention for their weekday evening (or Saturday morning): aquick jog to make any good day a great day.

Should you haveany questions, just reach out! Every Run Club has its corresponding Facebookpage and most have Instagram pages as well. All these are run by Pacers andorganizers eager to answer your questions, share their running savvy, and seeyou make it out.

Anelize Salmon is a Miami native with a passion for fitness and the sciences. She’s a pre-PA student currently working as a Medical Assistant. Anelize has over four years of experience as a Recovery Coach, working towards the recovery of women struggling with trauma, eating disorders and addiction. This experience has made her passionate about intuitive eating and mindfulness in a day to day setting. An avid runner and yogi, Anelize is an advocate for holistic wellness and preventative healthcare. You’ll find her pacing at a Run Club near you!

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