Celebrity Trainer Ky Evans is Sharing His Experience Through the Group Fitness Academy


Ky Evans has a long background in fitness and now he is bringing his expertise to the Miami community. While he can be found coaching at FORM50 Fitness in Midtown, Evans also has a lot going on as a group fitness strategist and Chief Educational Officer for Group Fitness Academy. 

Evans, a trained ballet dancer who minored in ballet in college, translated his love of movement to a passion for fitness. In Los Angeles, Evans grew his following and regularly had month-long waiting lists for his classes. His client roster included names like Ronda Rousey, Jonathan Van Ness, and Paris Hilton. 

“I was homeless for a few years in Los Angeles, living in and out of my car up to the age of 34, battling a few demons,” said Evans. “It was group fitness that saved me.  It gave me hope and that’s what I want to instill in everyone else – hope, that if you’re brave enough to fail in front of strangers, you really can do anything.”

Most recently pre-COVID, Evans had been traveling the country helping group fitness coaches and owners through in-studio private seminars. He is interested in giving back to the fitness community by sharing his knowledge, experience, and even missteps with other instructors and studio owners around the world. That was his goal in co-founding Group Fitness Academy (GFA), a source for on-demand online courses and strategy sessions for fitness professionals.

Through GFA, Evans and his team are transforming trainers into “enterTRAINers” by helping them design their own branded workout experience, create their own loyal following, and improve their retention and attrition rates.

“I made a lot of mistakes in my career and I’ve definitely learned from them and now I want to give back and help other coaches not make those same mistakes,” said Evans. “I had to hit rock bottom in Austin and lose everything to realize the purpose of being a true coach.”

While Evans had a phase of never wanting to share his knowledge, he is now happy to mentor coaches, clients, and owners, and empower them. He believes in always being at the service of his community and strives to create an all-inclusive fitness industry where every BODY is welcome. Evans also thinks that there is no greater time than today’s uncertain climate to come together as a fitness community. 

“I’m looking forward to people coming back to workout in studios and gyms.  Don’t get me wrong I love online workouts and education… But there is something that just can’t be replaced by being in person and together,” said Evans, who is planning upcoming rooftop workouts and coaching retreats at the Moxy Hotel in South Beach.

“And of course – I’m looking forward to exploring the fitness and food scene in Miami.  I definitely plan to get out to Muscle Beach and check out a lot of the boutique fitness studios all around. I couldn’t love this community more!  Everyone is amazing – there is so much talent among the coaches, clients, and brands.  I’ve been welcomed with open arms among the fitness community in Miami and I couldn’t be more grateful."

More information on Ky Evans and the Group Fitness Academy can be found on Instagram, KyEvans.com, and Facebook.

Kaitlyn Vadenais is a certified personal trainer and health enthusiast who likes to stay active with a calendar filled with workouts. She is always down to try the new boutique fitness studio or trendy workout, and loves connecting with similar people within the community. You can follow her fitness adventures around South Florida on Instagram @activekait.

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