Robin Diamond

Robin Diamond

Robin Diamond is a beauty, wellness and fitness fan always willing to try the newest treatment, trend or workout. When she’s not putting pen to paper, she’s busy running her public relations business, helping brands and personalities shine through impactful media placements. Born and raised in Miami, Robin first established herself working for some of the most well-respected New York lifestyle and beauty agencies before bringing her talents to Miami. A self-confessed beauty and fitness junkie, Robin gets her best ideas while running along Miami Beach’s boardwalk or sweating it out during a hot yoga class, after which a green juice and face mask just the ticket.

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Celebrate National Coffee Day With These 5 Caffeinated Creations

Wake up and raise your mug as this Wednesday, September 29th is National Coffee Day. In honor of the day dedicated to our very favorite way to start our morning, we’re sharing some of our top picks from cold brew to lattes. 

1. Brooklyn Roasting Company

We first fell in love with Brooklyn Roasting Company when we learned of their peanut butter coffee creations (which, like coffee, we just can’t quit). The company also has sustainable coffee beans in a number of varieties for the ultimate pick me up. Never be without your daily dose when you opt for Brooklyn Roasting Company’s  subscription service. It’s simple. Pick your coffee type; choose how much you want, either two 12oz tins or a 5 pound bag; select your delivery frequency be it weekly, every 2 weeks, or monthly; and choose your grind type, Whole Bean (you grind at home), French Press (Coarse), Pourover (Medium), Espresso (fine) and then eagerly await your delivery, mug in hand., @brooklynroasting

2. Bulletproof

If you’re following a Keto lifestyle (or even intermittent fasting) chances are you've heard of Bulletproof. Known as the coffee that has butter, ghee or MCT Oil added, drinking a Bulletproof coffee for breakfast, in lieu of carbs or anything else, can help you stay satisfied and energized for hours. The brand has a number of products to power your mornings from Cold Brew Black to two new flavors of their 3x sold out Original Creamer,  French Vanilla and Hazelnut. Bulletproof has been a mainstay in our AMs for a while, not only for the energy boost and mental clarity, but also because they screen their beans for mycotoxins (aka mold) to ensure your cup is as healthy as possible. Don’t miss out on your coffee savings. Until October 1st, all coffee and coffee-related products on will be 30% off. No code needed., @bulletproof

3. Daysmith

If you’re looking for a little extra boost, and here we mean vitamins, not an extra dose of caffeine, Daysmith has you covered. These canned coffees come in three flavors, Multi Straight Black Cold Brew, Focus Vanilla Oat Milk Latte, and Immunity Mocha Oat Milk Latte, are 100% plant-powered, infused with vitamins, and are also low in sugars. Depending on which flavor you choose, expect to get the added benefits for Vitamins B, C, D, Zinc, L-Theanine and Omegas with your coffee. 

4. Lucky Jack

Lucky Jack Coffee, a small batch, hand-crafted, independently owned, organic, sustainable coffee company, has four new ready-to-drink oat milk lattes, all of which are certified organic, gluten-free, nut-free, and kosher. Choose from four flavors Caramel, Mocha, Vanilla, and Golden Milk + Turmeric, which are blended with functional ingredients to enhance your day and your body. The oat milk lattes follow the same slow cold-steep brew process as Lucky Jack’s cold brew and coffee concentrates to remove acids and tannins while maximizing taste, so they never taste burned or bitter., @luckyjackcoffee  

5. Three Commas Colombian Coffee

We can’t think of a better way to start the day then with caffeine and inspirational quotes. Enter Three Commas Colombian coffee, founded by entrepreneurs Michael Chaffin and Mark Cuban (yes, the Mark Cuban). The direct trade, organic Colombian coffee, sold in 12 oz bags or 4 reusable K-Cups, each have a motivational quote from Mark Cuban on the bag. And if you need a little more inspiration, just remember the name three commas is because there are three commas in a billion. Sip hard, dream hard. , @threecommas 

Wake up and raise your mug as this Wednesday, September 29th is National Coffee Day. In honor of the day dedicated to our very favorite way to start our morning, we’re sharing some of our top picks from cold brew to lattes. 

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Custom Beauty

Add These 4 Customizable Beauty and Wellness Products to Your Cart

In the sea of skincare and wellness, finding the right fit for your own beauty and health goals can sometimes be overwhelming. Not anymore. More and more brands are offering customizable options for bespoke products that are just for you. Here are four of our favorites. 


We stumbled upon Nourished when doing research for another story, but as we read more about this brand of vitamins that you can totally customize, we had to place it here. Nourished is the first-ever, 3D-printed, sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan, gummy vitamin with 7 vitamins and nutrients included in one delicious chewable 3D-printed “stack.” Once on their site, you can choose from a plethora of vitamins and superfoods, 28 to be exact, to build your own. Not sure what to choose? Each ingredient has an explanation of its health benefits. We added antioxidant Milk Thistle extract for liver health, Silica for collagen boosting, and Ashwagandha to reduce cortisol, along with 4 other energy-boosting ingredients. They arrive in individually sealed plastic-free, compostable packs that have your name on them. As for the vitamins, they are deliciously good and we’ve been feeling great., @get_nourished


With so many skincare products on the market, it’s easy to get confused about what is best for you. That’s why we turned to Annie Graham, facialist and formulator behind XO Treatment Room to get a totally customized serum. Via her Satellite X virtual consultation, a quick Facetime call with Annie, we showed our bare skin up close and personal with her, and discussed skincare concerns, goals, likes and dislikes. In just under two weeks, our very own personalized skin serum arrived. Annie creates these customized formulas on her on-site lab and ships worldwide., @xotreatmentroom


Ever struggle to find just the right shade or makeup to match your skintone? Elina Organics offers custom shades of their tinted moisturizer, Sun Shelter at no extra charge. Sun Shelter is a 100% organic, guilt-free tinted moisturizer with lightweight and natural coverage, sun protection, and anti-aging benefits. Infused with natural coloring made from Zinc Oxide, Spirulina, Sea Buckthorn, SunFlower Phospholipid, Sea Water Pearl, Chamomile, and Black Willow Bark, it protects and nourishes. While they do offer Light, Medium and Dark shades, if you don’t see your match, email and they will customize a shade just for you., @elinaorganics.

Another option for choosing the perfect hues can be achieved with Makeup Geek’s Build Your Own Palette. This cruelty-free line of highly pigmented products, created by beauty entrepreneur, Marlena Stell, allows you to mix and match your own pans so that you’re not stuck purchasing a palette that only has a few shades that you’ll use. And the best part about Makeup Geek’s palettes is that the magnetic pans are easy to swap out. So if you use up one shade quicker than the other, you can just replace that one shade. Or if you decide to change it up, you don’t need to buy an entirely new palette, just the pan., @makeupgeekcosmetics

In the sea of skincare and wellness, finding the right fit for your own beauty and health goals can sometimes be overwhelming. Not anymore. More and more brands are offering customizable options for bespoke products that are just for you. Here are four of our favorites. 

Magic Mushrooms

5 Mushroom Must-Haves for Magic Health Benefits

Funky, funny fungi. No, we’re not talking about those kinds, though a recent study has shown that magic mushrooms in small doses might help with depression. We’re talking about the kind that you can safely ingest without psychedelic effects, but that are loaded with health benefits. 

We turned to Dr. Elizabeth Trattner, Doctor of Chinese and Integrative Medicine, and our go-to for all things health, who shared her mushroom mastery with us well as reasons why we should consider adding mushrooms to our health and beauty routine. 

“As we go into winter, cold and flu season and another possible lockdown, one of the best botanicals are the fungus among us. Mushrooms pack a punch for so many reasons. Medicinal mushrooms are a source of many beneficial phytonutrients, minerals, and vitamins in Western countries," says Trattner. 

“In recent years they have become extremely popular in the West, so much that now coffee like drinks are made from them and other food and beverage products. They have tremendous efficacy treating diseases while not conflicting with western medicine protocols. Mushrooms have been used in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years before they became popular here. Mushrooms are also prized for their longevity giving properties," Trattner continued.

There are many different types of mushrooms and to find out more about each individual type, check out Dr. Trattner’s post, which breaks them all down. Keep reading for our mushroom must-haves. 

Further Food Vanilla Collagen Peptides Plus Beauty Mushrooms - Drop a scoop in your coffee, tea or even into your recipes while cooking to give yourself a boost of beauty and health. Collagen may help strengthen hair, nails, bones, joints and improve gut health, and Tremella mushroom which is loaded with Vitamin D and antioxidants helps nourish skin, brighten complexion and deeply hydrate skin from the inside out. Use code DRELIZ for 15% your order. $29.99,, @furtherfood 

MUD\WTR, We are self-confessed espresso addicts, but we were willing to swap out of daily coffee beans to try this coffee alternative. While we will admit to being a bit skeptical at first, it was love at first sip. MUD\WTR has 1/7th the caffeine of coffee, yet provides natural energy, focus without the jitters and as for the taste it’s heavenly. The blend of Cacao with Masala Chai,  Turmeric Sea Salt Cinnamon along with four different mushrooms including Lions Mane, Chaga, Reishi, and Cordyceps, brilliantly mixes to deliver a cup of chai with hints of chocolate and cinnamon. And added bonus, the packaging is really smart, and we’re a sucker for that. The 30-day starter kit comes with a 30-serving tin, USB rechargeable frother, free guidebook, free sample of MUD\WTR dairy-free creamer, free stickers. $40.00,, @drinkmudwtr

We all (should) know by now that keeping our bodies hydrated is essential, but if you’re struggling to get in your ounces, try adding in  BareOrganics Energy Superfood Water Enhancer. This unique blend includes Organic Cordyceps Mushroom along with other adaptogens like Organic Ashwagandha, Organic Maca, Organic Siberian Ginseng, combined with a proprietary green boost bend of Organic Japanese Matcha, Organic Green Bean Coffee Extract and more. $4.99 / 5 pack,, @bareorganicssuperfoods

Mushroom scented cologne? Yup! It exists and it's shockingly delightful. Demeter, the scent makers that have a library of more than 300 different fragrances inspired by everyday objects and experiences, delivers a fragrance that is earthy yet sweet, and we’re into it. $2.40 - $24.00,, @demeterceo 

No need to worry about smelling like a funky fungus when using Each & Every Geranium & Snow Mushroom Natural Deodorant, a natural, aluminum and baking soda-free (also free of all other ingredients that can harm the body) deodorant that is infused with Snow Mushroom extract, which works to keep underarm skin nurtured. This unisex scent marries sweet and floral top notes with warm, woody base notes to create a fresh herbaceous scent. $15.00,, @eachandevery

Funky, funny fungi. No, we’re not talking about those kinds, though a recent study has shown that magic mushrooms in small doses might help with depression. We’re talking about the kind that you can safely ingest without psychedelic effects, but that are loaded with health benefits. 

Cristie Besu

'Tis The Season. 4 Tips on Healthy Holiday Eating

The holidays are upon us and even though they might look a bit different this year, the fact is, the holidays tend to be a time when people start to slack off on their healthy eating habits. We are all for everything in moderation and a ’treat yo self’ mentality, but there are ways to be mindful about indulging. That one cocktail (or two) here, the extra slice of pie here, the missed workout, all can play into holiday weight gain. 

We turned to Cristie Besu, Founder of Eat Me Guilt Free and Certified Sports Nutritionist who shares her tips on how to still take part in your favorite holiday treats yet stay the course over the next few months. 

Tip #1

Find and use “better for you” versions of your favorite foods.  Stuffing is a common holiday favorite and you can make a high protein, low carb version that is still delicious and satisfying using Eat Me Guilt Free Protein Bread (check out Eat Me Guilt Free's recommended stuffing recipe here)

Tip #2 

As we increase our calories and the pandemic continues to keep us distant for our close friends and family, it is a good time to organize #wfh workouts that are outdoors with them. It helps us stay close to those we want to see over the holidays without engaging in indoor activities that are more difficult to distance yourself socially at.  AND you burn off all the extra calories you are consuming. 

Tip #3

Indulge in holiday wine spritzers vs wine at holiday gatherings.  You use 50% wine and 50% club soda and, voila, your wine now has half of the calories. If you enjoy red wines, pinot noir works well and most whites are a perfect fit. 

Tip #4

Serve your holiday meals with measuring cups vs a large spoon.  Using the 1 cup measuring cup helps keep your portions in check and your calorie intake within what you normally consume.  

The holidays are here and even though they look a bit different this year, the fact is, the holidays tend to be a time when people start to slack off on their healthy eating habits.

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6 Products to Help You Battle Blue Light

Who remembers the childhood game, Red Light, Green Light, Go? When it comes to blue light, however, it would be a no. Most of us know that we should be protecting ourselves from UVA/UVB rays which have been proven to contribute to skin cancer, but there is a lesser-known ultraviolet light, blue light, that can have detrimental effects on your body and we are all being exposed, now more than ever.

Blue light is the light that emits from our devices - computer screens, phones, tablets, even energy-efficient light bulbs - and it can have negative effects on our vision, skin, moods, sleep, hormones, and weight.

Blue light is stimulating, which can be helpful during waking hours, however, when over exposed, especially after sundown, it throws off our circadian rhythm as it fools our brain into thinking that it’s still daylight. This messes with our melatonin production and leads to restless sleep, which affects our bodies in more ways than one. Additionally all that screen time causes our eyes to strain and even damage our skin. So even if you’re working from home, apply your sunscreen.

So how do you battle blue light? We found six products for the job.

Protect Your Eyes

When you’re in front of a screen protect your eyes with Barner Blue Light Blocking glasses that have lenses with a coating specially developed for people who spend a lot of time indoors and are exposed to the blue-violet and LED light of digital devices. These super stylish glasses, with high quality, organic CR39 lenses block 40% of the blue light on the 430-450nm spectrum and 100% of the blue light at 410nm, are one of our top picks. $72.00,, and on Instagram (@barnerbrand).

While we personally won’t sit down in front of our computer without Blue Light blocking glasses, if you don’t feel like rocking the “four-eyes” look, there are a number of vitamins to enhance your eye health. Radio Foresight is a proprietary blend of nootropics and vitamins crafted to not only protect your eyes from blue light but also boost your energy levels, concentration, alertness, cognitive function and focus. Improving mental clarity while helping to keep your eyesight and mind sharp as a tack, we’re here for that! $59.99,, and on Instagram (@turnonyourradio).

For those with children, their little eyes are seeing an abundance of blue light thanks to virtual school and increased screen time during the pandemic. Thankfully, recently released a version of their popular Blue Light Defender+ for children, Blue Light Defender Kids, which contains Lutein & Zeaxanthin to naturally filter blue light and AstaReal® astaxanthin to combat tired eyes. These berry soft chews are for ages 4 and older. $21.95,, and on Instagram (@viteyes).

Protect Your Skin

If applying daily sunscreen is not already part of your daily skincare routine, your Florida card should be revoked. What might surprise you is that even if you’re working from home and inside most of the day, you still need protection. Sun can filter through windows and now you know that blue light can damage your skin you’re going to want to apply daily.

We discovered a simple solution to add in SPF and block blue light in Coola Full Spectrum 360° Sun Silk Drops Organic Face Sunscreen SPF 30. A few drops of this organic sun silk can be added to your favorite moisturizer or foundation, or use on its own and allow the proprietary blend of antioxidants and specially harvested plant-cell cultures to help lessen your exposure. $46.00,, and on Instagram (@coola).

Another skin protector that we recommend is The Better Skin Co.'s Super Shield Anti-Pollution Serum, a liquid defense system, which is designed to fight this and other silent aggressors while nourishing the skin with ingredients like Turmeric, Eggplant, Aloe, Henna, and Pearl Powder. $38.00,, and Follow on Instagram (@betterskinco).

You can battle skin-damaging wavelengths by applying makeup with SPF, like Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Fluid Powder Foundation SPF 20. This liquid-to-powder foundation reveals a soft-matte finish. We especially love this SPF formula as it not only offers sun and blue light protection (though we still recommend wearing sunscreen), but it is also sweat resistant, transfer-resistant, and non-acnegenic aka won’t contribute to maskne. $40.00,, and on Instagram (@bobbibrown).

Blue light is the light that emits from our devices. So how do you battle blue light? We found six products for the job.


Get Sweaty with Sweaty Girl and Support Breast Cancer Awareness

Sweat is sexy and Karla Perez, Founder of Sweaty Girl Apparel agrees. Her line of activewear, based right here in South Florida, is designed to help women look their best while working out and doing something healthy for themselves.

Beyond the activewear, which we’ll delve into in a bit, Karla Perez, set out to create an activewear collection to meet the demands of her active lifestyle, that she felt wasn’t being met on the market. She was looking for stylish activewear that was functional for all fitness types and sports.

“Most of the cute clothes just didn’t provide the support needed for the high-intensity workouts I was doing. Oftentimes, I would do a CrossFit class and then cool down with Yoga. Well, I don’t have to tell you what kind of outfit is appropriate for both types of classes," said Perez. "So, out of my frustration with the quality, price, and functionality of the clothes I was buying, Sweaty Girl was born!”

However, in 2018, everything came to a halt when she was diagnosed with bi-lateral breast cancer. She underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatment and has been cancer-free since 2019. And Sweaty Girl is also thriving.

Sweaty Girl is inspired by the vibrant colors and scene of Miami and brings a dose of bright, bold, and colorful fabrics and designs. One of the most favored features of the collection is the combination of compression fabrics from Columbia and Brazil. They provide just enough to hold you in, yet are soft enough for all-day wear. The line includes tops (sports bras, tanks, tees), bottoms (leggings, capri, shorts) and accessories (hats, towels, face masks) and more.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Karla and Sweaty Girl will be donating a portion of proceeds from the month of October (so hurry up and shop!) to breast cancer awareness charities.  

We’ve included some of our favorite styles for working out and athleisure, however, you can browse or follow on Instagram (@sweatygirl_kp) to find yours.

Karla Perez, Founder of Sweaty Girl Apparel, designed her line of activewear to help women look their best while working out.

|Kate’s Real Food Bars|||

Snack Attack: What To Eat When Hunger Strikes

Sure, it’s easy to grab whatever is in sight when hunger strikes but is derailing your health and fitness goals really worth that bag of chips? We suggest reaching for something nutritious that will fuel you throughout your day. Grab an apple or banana (yeah, we get it, not so exciting) or try one of these snack options that we are stocking our pantry (and gym bag) with.

Kate’s Real Food Bars

Kate’s Real Food Bars

With six delicious options (we tried them all), these natural energy bars, which are certified organic, gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO, and sweetened with organic honey taste great and provide the perfect amount of sustainable, long-lasting energy. These thick, yet chewy granola-like bars are not too sweet, and hit the spot. Our favorite was Stash Peanut Butter Hemp & Flax Seed bar, which is no surprise given our nut addiction. Prefer something even more portable, try their new Snack Bites.

The Paleo Girls Granola

Always looking to support the 305, we are fans of this granola founded by two locals. This grain-free granola is packed with flavor and only natural ingredients including almonds, cashews, shredded coconut, pecans, Brazil nuts, coconut oil, coconut sugar, dates, lemon zest, sea salt. Sprinkle it on top of a smoothie, acai bowl, or just eat it out of the bag. 


Remember our nut addiction, well, yeah, we weren’t kidding. So much so that we can eat PB2 dry, with a spoon. However, when mixed with water as intended, this peanut butter alternative powder is much tastier. For a smoothie loaded with protein, PB2 Performance Peanut Protein delivers 20g of complete plant-based protein and the subtle Dutch Cocoa flavor option has added prebiotic fiber for digestive health. Or try PB2 Pre+Probiotic, that you can mix into a spread, add to smoothies, baked goods or even us for a healthy Honey Peanut Chicken Satay Recipe.

Biena Snacks

These roasted chickpea snacks deliver a crunch with a punch of protein. Available in a variety of flavors ranging from Sea Salt and Habanero, our go-to is the Honey Roasted, which is the perfect mix of sweet and salty. 

Try one of these nutritious snack options when hunger strikes without derailing your health and fitness goals.


Lift Off: We Tried A Lash Lift, Here’s What To Expect

Whether or not you’ve learned to smize through your mask or not, it’s time to highlight the feature that is most exposed when you’re covered up, your eyes. There are a multitude of ways to keep your lashes looking long and healthy such as mascara, false lashes, lash extensions, or a treatment known as a Lash Lift. The only service we’ve yet to explore is a Lash Lift so we sought out Miami’s premier lash experts, Lash Society Miami to help us give our lashes some love.

Nestled in The Roads (1110 SW 18th Ave), Lash Society Miami was founded by spa industry veteran, Melina Cespedes, who while living in Los Angeles went to a lashing seminar as a way to step outside the traditional spa industry services at the time. It was love at first lash and lashing became her therapy.

Cespedes moved to Miami five years ago to open Lash Society Miami, which offers the best “lash care” to those in-the-know including many of Miami’s TV news personalities, celebrities, and now you, our Stay Fit 305 readers.

Since we’ve already had our run with lash extensions, and while love them, can’t handle the maintenance, a Keratin Lash Lift and Tint, which in essence is a perm for your lashes, seemed to be the best fit. Cespedes explained the step-by-step process which includes cleaning your lashes and them gently tapping your bottom lashes down. Next, she gently adheres your top lashes to what is called a rod. Don’t be fooled, it’s a small silicone-like piece, not some kind of metal. Your lashes curl around it and then she applies a “perm” solution, followed by a keratin setting solution, which gives you the curl and the lift.

Next, she finishes with a tint in order to give you the darkest lashes. It's quick (we chatted the entire time so it really flew by) and a totally painless process with totally eye-opening, literally and figuratively, results. We were shocked to see the dramatic curl and lift.

The results last 8-12 weeks, which is the natural life cycle of the eyelash. You need to keep your lashes dry for 12-24 hours and the only other post-care is keeping lashes hydrated, with an eye area friendly oil like Castor or Coconut Oil. The treatment costs $120.

In addition to the Keratin Lash Lift and Tint, Lash Society Miami offers Lash Extensions and Eyebrow design. For more information on Lash Society Miami, visit and follow @lashsocietymiami on Instagram.

We sought out Miami’s premier lash experts, Lash Society Miami to help us give our lashes some love with a treatment known as a Lash Lift.


5 Products to Help Raise Your Vibration

From a global pandemic, lockdowns, racial unrest, political turmoil, and our environment being ravaged, 2020 has been a doozy. While we all are doing our best to get through this historical year of hardships, trying to find a glimmer of hope in all the despair will not only help you get through your day but can help raise our collective vibration. In case you need a little (or a lot) of assistance in finding your inner peace, we found these products will help give you and your aura a boost of calm and quell stress and anxiety.

1. Skinesiology Auric Mist

Skinesiology’s entire line is dedicated to raising your vibe and offers an online quiz to help you find your personalized, mindful beauty products. Taking sight, smell, hearing, touch along with organic ingredients into consideration, this collection of face and body increases your energy and decreases stress. Auric Mist Bliss (others include Female Warrior, Blossom, and Peace of Mind) instantly boosted our mood and has become a part of our daily routine. @skinesiologyskincare

2. I’m Outside

Craving the outdoors, but the heat, humidity, and fear of catching Covid-19 keeping you in? Well, now you can get outside in an instant with I’m Outside, a mist that gives you the benefits of being in nature without having to leave the house. Infused with Tree Oil Phytoncides, which are linked to lowered stress and boosted immunity; Vitamin D3, which has helped elevate mood, increase immunity, and reduce inflammation; and Fulvic Acid, which has been linked to a healthy microbiome, free radical protection, and shields from indoor pollutants; along with Microalga, it’s like forest bathing in a bottle. This self-care mist for your face and body has a subtle blend of cypress, hinoki, spruce, Japanese mint, and pine that leaves you feeling calm and grounded. 

3. Mazz Hanna Clarity Mist

Align your aura, your face, and just about your entire life with this clear quartz crystal infused mist that combines a hydrating blend of organic aloe leaf juice with the calming scent of organic lavender. 

4. Bathing Muse Auric Cleansing Soul Bars

Instantly clean your aura while you're getting clean with these newly launched Auric Cleansing Soul bars. Created by Francesca Cruz, a Miami-based, award-winning journalist, who has studied with diverse spiritual practitioners during her travels around the world, has created these soul bars with a variety of organic ingredients including, potent herbs, oils, and flowers bars to clear your energy field. Depending on your spiritual needs there is Clean As a Whistle (Hex Remover) to remove negative energy, La Reina (also el Rey)  for love, lust, and attractions, and Mo’ Money Honey, for wealth, esteem and success. Just be sure not to share your bar with anyone else, protect yo’ self! @bathingmusesoulbars

5. Annie The Alchemist Protection Pouch

Annie Vazquesz, Miami’s Queen of Good Vibes, Reiki Certified, and founder of the award-winning blog,, launched her collection of T’s, crystals, candles, and other accessories to spread her wellness and positivity through energy-enhancing goods. This evil eye protection pouch is the perfect place to store everything from your makeup, essentials, or even your crystals. 

If you need assistance finding your inner peace, we found these products will help give you and your aura a boost of calm and quell stress and anxiety.


5 Beauty Products for Your Booty & Your Body

Bubba Sparks wrote a song about it (Ms. New Booty). GluteHouse created a workout just for it. While an extra set squats won’t hurt (well, maybe just a little) paying more attention to your derriere by way of your beauty routine is a simple way to keep your bum looking and feeling it’s best. We searched out some booty (and body) enhancing creams that will help enhance, smooth, and tighten

Miami Beach Bum Signature Bum + Body Cream

If you’ve ever stayed in your bikini or sweaty workout clothes too long chances are, you may have experienced bum bumps or blemishes. Miami Beach Bum’s soothing plant-based cream with aloe and oregano is designed to eliminate unwanted skin conditions folliculitis, acne, eczema, psoriasis, keratosis pilaris, and more. You can also check out Vanessa DeSilva for a Miami Beach Bum “Booty Facial,” which is just like it sounds, a facial for your booty. @themiamibeachbum

Soap & Glory Sit Tight 4-D

Developed to help stimulate skin around the thighs, hips, and bottom, it delivers slow-release microencapsulated ingredients that optimize while you sit, which is perfect while working from home. The combination of ingredients including Sweet Orange Oil help revitalize and tone skin and the fragrance blend of aromatic essential oils including Petitgrain, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Ylang Ylang, Elemi, Lime, and Palmarosa, will help to firm and smooth the appearance of stubborn problem areas.

NakedProof End Of The Line Stretch Mark Minimizing Lotion

If you have stretch marks, like 99.9999% of women, this Shea Butter and Pomegranate extract infused cream can help reduce their appearance by helping to stimulate natural elastin production and visibly reduce stretch marks. @avoninsider

H20+ Detox White Clay Body Butter

Infused with White Clay and a proprietary Detox Blend of plant extracts, this ultra-hydrating body butter will help revitalize and illuminate the skin while providing a healthy dose of hydration. @h2oplus

June Jacobs Intensive Age Defying Body Emulsion

Formulated with a powerful patented antioxidant blend of white, red, and green tea extracts combined with goji berry, pomegranate, and grape seed extracts, this body emulsion helps to neutralize free radicals, protect skin from environmental toxins and combat the visible signs of premature aging. @junejacobsspa

We searched out some booty (and body) enhancing creams that will help enhance, smooth and tighten to keep your bum looking its best.


Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by Supporting These 6 Beauty & Fashion Brands

It’s officially Hispanic Heritage month (September 15 - October 15) and to celebrate we’re spotlighting Latin-owned beauty and fashion brands, several of them based here in South Florida. From Cuba to Brazil, take a minute to discover these 6 brands, and remember to shop small businesses, they need our support more than ever.


Bomba Curls

Created by Lulu Cordero, an Afro-Dominicana who believes that curls should be celebrated. This line of hair care products made with premium and organic super-ingredients is designed to not only enhance curls, but help hair grow. After suffering from severe traction alopecia, Lulu turned to tightly kept Dominican beauty secrets used by generations of women, to create a line inspired by the Dominica- style formulations and blends that suit the needs of natural coils and curls. @bombacurls

Beni Skin and & Body

Based in Miami, Beni Skin & Body Care is a nature-inspired skincare line created by esthetician Beni Díaz. Using natural ingredients found in her native island, Puerto Rico, such as coffee, papaya, and local herbs, the line is created for all skin types and is consciously crafted to help you shine from within. The Blueberry & Coffee Bean Exfoliating Cleanser with cocoa seed, coffee, green tea, cardamom, and papaya not only gently exfoliates, but is almost good enough to eat.


Dominican Founder Edwin Jimenez Casanova developed Cuerpa to be free from synthetic ingredients, parabens, phthalate, fillers, chemicals, animal testing, mineral oils, petroleum, and sodium laurel sulfate. Using the highest quality and responsibly sourced all-natural ingredients, Cuerpa is made in small batches and combines natural and organic, effective ingredients to create luxurious face and body products like face and body oils and polishes. Cuerpa helps you feel silky smooth from head to toe. @cuerpaofficial

Teadora Beauty

As a young girl Valeria Cole, harvested, dried and blended botanicals found in Brazil’s Rainforest to craft nourishing natural remedies from the Amazon. Today, she has created a sustainable beauty company that shares her ancestral beauty secrets in Teadora’s raw and organic skin and hair care line. Products range from Raw Açaí Pulp Scrub to Raw Coco-Mint Tonic, and what is most impressive is the brand's commitment to sustainability inclusion. Teadora is actively focused on fighting climate change through the preservation and restoration of the Amazon. @teadorabeauty



Created by Miami-based, Cuban-American, Latina entrepreneur and mom of 4, Ylette Luis, XIO by Ylette, is a carefully curated, monthly jewelry subscription box. With pieces inspired by Ylette’s love for all things fashion and astrology, XIO, which costs $60, delivers four to five distinctive pieces with the option to choose between sterling silver or gold-dipped subscriptions - both options are the same price. Plus, subscribers receive an exclusive discount of 20% off the entire XIO website to shop for individual pieces. The September box honors Hispanic Heritage Month and is titled "Encantadora- Bajo me Hechizo" which translated to "under my spell". @xio_byylette

Flor De Maria

Founded and designed by Peruvian TV host, style and beauty expert, and influencer, Flor De Maria Rivera, this line of high-end, handcrafted, and high-quality shoes is a result of Flor’s quest for shoes with quality, style, versatility, and comfort. Rather than adding her name to another brand, she studied at one of Italy’s top design schools, Arsutoria, as well as an entrepreneurship program at Stanford University before launching her own collection. If these shoes might sound familiar, Miami’s own fashion, style, and lifestyle maven, Kelly Saks, has a pair named for her. The Kelly, a hybrid design between a slingback pump and a strappy sandal. @flordemariacollection

It’s officially Hispanic Heritage month and to celebrate we’re spotlighting Latin-owned beauty and fashion brands, many of them based here in South Florida.


Seeking C - Reasons To Add Vitamin C to Your Skincare Routine

Taking in Vitamin Sea is a way of life in South Florida, but are you giving your skin what it needs to protect and repair after time spent in the sand, surf, and sun? Boca-based, Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jacob Steiger, M.D. of Steiger Facial Plastic Surgery explains that “by living in South Florida, you are subject to constant sun exposure which increases the risk of free radical formation.” Free radicals can cause damage to our DNA and ultimately cause signs of aging. Gasp! 

Thankfully we can turn to Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that when applied topically, can help reverse damage. “As an antioxidant, Vitamin C strengthens the skin from within by preventing the formation of free radicals (i.e. thymine dimers) which affect collagen structures and are a potential factor for causing cancer,” says Steiger.

If achieving a brighter skin appearance, increased hydration, and boosting your collagen production sounds like something you’d be interested in, then we suggest the following Vitamin C serums (and scrub) to help you reach your #skingoals. 

Steiger Skin Care Pure C, $120

This brightening and hydrating Vitamin C serum delivers skin-enhancing benefits of pure, stabilized L-Ascorbic Acid and TetrahexyldecylAscorbate, in combination with Vitamins A & E, Arbutin, Bearberry, Emblica, and Ubiquinone, to achieve improved skin texture and tone resulting in healthier-looking skin.

No7 Youthful Vitamin C Fresh Radiance Essence, $24.99

This 2-week treatment quenches skin with 5% pure Vitamin C, a key antioxidant for supporting skin's natural renewal and bringing back a healthy glow. According to No7, after 2 weeks of daily use, skin will be brighter, skin tone more even and skin texture will be improved.

The Better Skin Co. Epik C Serum, $38

This hydrating and tightening helps reduce the appearance of fine lines with plant-based technology. Its advanced Vitamin C formula works hard to improve skin health and brighten skin, and its natural botanicals and fruit extracts guard against pollution.

Avon Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum, $44

Clinically proven to brighten skin after the first use by up to 44%, this serum is  packed with as much Vitamin C as in 30 oranges. 

Elina Organics Vitamin C Elixir, $63

This natural ester Vitamin C (14%) and collagen-building formula helps to reduce free radical damage. Extracts of Yarrow, Sea Buckthorn, and other nourishing organic botanicals help to even out your complexion, hydrate, and rejuvenate your skin. It can be used as a serum for dry skin and as a moisturizer for oilier skin types 

Eight Saints Seeking C, $74

This concentrated treatment that targets age spots, acne scars, and skin discoloration will leave skin brighter, firmer, and with a more even skin complexion. 

Peter Thomas Roth Potent C Power Scrub $38

This new facial scrub is formulated to be the future of Vitamin C, with THD Ascorbate, an ultra-stable scientific breakthrough ingredient 50x more powerful than traditional Vitamin C. 

Taking in Vitamin Sea is a way of life in South Florida, but are you giving your skin Vitamin C to protect and repair after time spent in the surf and sun?

Labor Day Beauty Deals That Can’t Be Beat

While summer was not canceled, it certainly looked different this year, which is why it’s hard to believe that Labor Day is upon us. Whether you’re in need of some extra self-care (who isn’t these days!?), looking for something to treat mascne (ugh, we feel you!), or fight off frizz (hello, humidity), we rounded up all the best beauty sales happening for skincare, hair care, and CBD. Stock up while you can!  


23Skin, This South-Florida based collection of all-natural, DIY face masks is offering 15% sitewide. Sale runs September 4 through September 7.

Aillea, Clean beauty retailer that sells brands like Vitner’s Daughter and Kosas is offering 15% off online, some exclusions apply. Sale runs September 2 through 8. Use code "Laborday2020 at checkout.

AHAVA, The skincare line that uses minerals from the Dead Sea is offering 20% off sitewide, 25% for $75 purchase, and 30% $100+ purchases. Sale runs August 31 through September 7.

C’est Moi, This clean skincare and color cosmetics brand is offering 20% off all their product bundles for the entire month of September. No code needed.

Deborah Lippmann, Step up your at-home manicure game with this celeb-favorite nail care line and receive 25% off orders of $60 or more plus free shipping. Sale runs September 3 through September 7. Use code "labor2020" at checkout.

The Better Skin Co, This clean skincare brand that focuses on multitasking products formulated #Forallpeople is offering 20% off the entire site. Customers will receive a free full-size cleanser with $50 purchase and free shipping with $75 purchase. Sale runs September 7 through September 13. Code "TBSCLBDY" at checkout.

Bubbly Belle, Best known for their luxurious bath bombs that come with a surprise ring in each one, will be offering 30% off site-wide. This includes their newly launched line of essential oils and diffusers. Sale runs from September 3 through September 7.

Eden Beauty, This high-potency natural skincare line that is made in small batches and ensures the highest quality and effectiveness, is offering 25% off sitewide. Sale runs September 3 through September 13. Use code "LABORDAY2020" at checkout.

Foreo, the coveted skincare devices like the UFO smart mask that counts celebs like Rita Ora and Kim Kardashian as fans, can be purchased via Sephora at Macys at a savings. Deals vary by store but plan to scoop up the UFO masks starting at 30% off and the LUNA starting at 20% off. Sephora sale runs September 4 through 7 and Macy’s sale runs August 31 through September 7.

Free Agent Skincare, an indie beauty brand focused on clean science, is offering 20% off sitewide. Sale runs September 5 through September 7.

Gray Lane Beauty, Lengthen, Plump, and Curl your lashes with this line of vegan, cruelty, and paraben-free mascaras that has a formula for all your lash desires Try all three in the Discovery Set for just $10. Use code "FIRSTSET" at checkout. Sale runs September 4 through September 8.

Isola, the South Florida-based line of all-natural, vegan body oils, body and lip scrubs, lotions, and soy candles, is offering 20% off sitewide. Sale runs September 4 through September 7. Use code "LDay20" at checkout.

June Jacobs, Revive parched hands with Rapid Repair Healing Cream, which will be 50%, as well as enjoy free shipping on all orders. Sale runs September 1 through September 7. Use code "JJLabor" at checkout.

LaFlore Probiotic Skincare, This probiotic infused collection is offering $45 off their Probiotic Serum Concentrate, which features patent-pending live probiotics that fight off viruses, bacteria, and pathogens while boosting skin’s immunity, Also on sale for $20 off is Longevity Barrier Repair Oil. Sale runs through September 8th. Use code "SERUM45" at checkout for serum. No code necessary for oil.

Makeup Geek, The cult-favorite, affordable line of highly pigment products that are made in the USA, is offering a Buy One Get One offer on a selection of top products including Lashes, Sponges Brow Pencils, Eyeliners and Healing Lip Glazes. Sale runs September 4 through September 7.

Naturally Serious Skin, The brand committed to using clean, good-for-you ingredients and no “B.A.D. (Banned, Ambiguous or Debatable) ingredients'' is offering 25% sitewide plus free shipping. Sale runs September 1 - through September 7. Use code "NSLABOR" at checkout.

Nectar, A line of adorable, food-inspired bath and body products that will put a smile on your face while soothing your skin, is offering 30% off sitewide. Sale runs September 4 through September 7. Use code "LABORDAY" at checkout.

Orpheus Skin, a luxury clean, vegan, and bioengineered line of skincare products that harnesses botanical powers without doing harm to the planet is offering 20% off all products site-wide. Sale runs September 3rd through September 8.

Olay, a trusted name in the beauty industry for decades has a number of deals, but be sure to scoop up Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream and Olay Regenerist Retinol24 Night Moisturizer both $2 off. Sale runs September 4 through September 8. Use code "MOISTURIZE" at checkout.

Perfect Image, At-home peels, cleansers, moisturizers, masks, and more are 20% off during this sitewide sale. Sale runs September 4 through September 7. Use code "LABORDAY20" at checkout.

Repêchage, The pioneers in seaweed-based skincare will be offering 15% plus free shipping on all orders. Any purchase of $100 or more will also receive one free Lamina Mask Sheet Mask. Sale runs September 4 - September 7th.

RE:ERTH, This line of effective, simple, easy to use products, based on nature and science is offering 15% sitewide. Sale runs September 4 through 7.

Spongellé, These soap infused body buffers and other body products, is running a Sale on Sale offering 25% off sale items. Sale runs From September 3 through September 7, Use code "LDSALE25" at checkout.

Tammy Fender, With a spa location in Palm Beach known for heavenly facials, this line of luxury, organic skincare is offering 15% all purchases to new customers that sign up for the newsletter. You will receive the code via email. Starts on September 14, 2020.


Better Natured, Clean, vegan hair care that features a synergistic blend of naturally-derived, purely science ingredients, with a triple plant milk blend of Coconut, Orchid, and Tahitian Palm milks, is offering 25% off plus free shipping. Sale runs August 22 through September 7. Use code "SUMMER" at checkout.

CHI Haircare & Tools,Leaders in hot styling tools and haircare, Chi is offering 25% off sitewide. Sale runs August 14 through September 7. Use Code "BTS25" at checkout.

Drybar, Fight the frizz and keep your hair healthy with products from popular blow dry bar during their “Clear the Bar” sale which offers 30% to 50% off specific products. Sale runs August 19 through September 9.

Glam Seamless, Because sometimes your hair needs a little extra oomph, the popular hair extensions will be buy 2 get 15% off, buy 3 get 20% off, buy 4+ get 25% off plus free tape with tape-in purchase. Additionally, you can receive up to 30% off sale items.

Luxy Hair, Channel your inner Ariana Grande as this luxury line of extensions is offering $15 off full sets and clip-in ponytail extensions. Sale runs September 3 through September 7.

Voloom, Known for their volumizing hair irons, these smoothing yet hair-boosting hot tools will be on sale for $99 from $139.99. Sale runs September 5 through September 7 on their website and Amazon.


Veritas Farms, South Florida based Veritas Farms is offering a not-to-be-missed BOGO sale. That’s right, buy one, get one free sitewide, including full-spectrum hemp products as well as the brands CBD skincare line. Sale runs September 3 through September 8. Use code “LABORDAY” at check out. Promo codes and additional discounts are not valid on hand sanitizer gels, sale items, bundles, and kits.

Radio, This line of CBD tinctures infused with hemp extract and botanical terpenes is offering 40% off. Sale runs September 5 through September 7.

Ojai Energetics, This line that encapsulates full-spectrum CBD oil in nanobubbles of water so that it instantly absorbs upon contact with the mouth, is offering 20% off your total order. Sale runs September 6 and September 7. Use code "Peoplepower20" at checkout.

We rounded up all the best beauty sales happening this Labor Day. Stock up while you can to treat mascne, fight off frizz, or just some general self-care.


8 Father’s Day Gifts for The Active Dad

Somehow it’s mid-June and that means that Father’s Day is right around the corner, as in this Sunday, June 21. While you may have to have a socially distant day with Dad, don’t forget to get him something to show your appreciation for all that he does for you. Whether you’re looking for a gift for Dad or another important father figure, or just an all-around cool guy, we found eight options for the active and wellness-minded fella.

1. FitFighter

Designed by an Army veteran, who post-army joined a local volunteer fire department, FitFighter Steel hose Home Gym Set, is a strength and conditioning system built out of real fire hose. Available in 5 – 25 lbs, the steel hoses allow you to carry, throw, drag, and lift them without concern for their durability. Plus, they come complete with iOS workout app, safe for kids, and perfect for at-home workouts. $59-159,

2. KleenWraps

These personal, reusable, wraps made with antimicrobial treated materials that reduce odors, inhibit bacterial growth, and provide a safe barrier from bacteria and viruses left behind on surfaces are perfect for the gym, biking and beyond. Wrap them around dumbbells cardio equipment, use them on Citibike (or any shared bike) handles to ensure a slip- and germ-free workout. They even work over shopping cart handles. The Wrap Set, $14.99,

3. Slyde Handboards

Surf’s Up! After months of our beaches being closed, Dad will appreciate The Wedge, a sleek, lightweight, built-to-last, and designed-for-speed bodysurfing hand-board. It’s great for every-day surf and a whole lot of fun. Sylde Wedge, $169.99,

4. Revtown

Dad jeans? We think not! Dress dad in a stylish pair of Revtown jeans, a performance denim brand that offers the comfort of an athletic pant, but with the look and feel of designer jeans. Not sure what size? Gift him with a gift certificate and allow him to utilize the site's online proprietary digital tailor so he can size himself with 96% accuracy in just four clicks. Shopping and style made simple. Revtown jeans, $79,

5. Rheos Floating Sunglasses

No more sunglasses lost at sea. For the guy who spends time on the water, Rheos polarized sunglasses feature a lightweight frame material that is 20 - 30% lighter than standard sunglasses, so if they go overboard, they won’t sink when they hit the water. An added bonus, Rheos donates a portion of proceeds directly to nonprofit organizations that defend US coastlines and waterways. $55,

6. dpl Flex Pad

If Dad overdid it while working out, this flexible medical-grade infrared light safely stimulates blood circulation, relaxes muscles, accelerates healing, and relieves pain associated with many physical ailments. The convenient wrap design fits the contours of different body areas comfortably and will provide relief in just 20 minutes. Great for sports injuries, arthritis, neuropathy, sprains, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, neck and shoulder stiffness, sore back, ankle swelling, tissue repair, he’ll be feeling better in just 20 minutes. $199,

7. Beast Box

Make skincare simple with this grooming set that includes Peppermint Lip Balm, Sandpaper Scrub Bar Soap, Balanced Face Mask, Beast Black Candle, Beast Bottle Liter, and Everyone Wash Refill Pouch as well as a travel size. Use code BEAST2020 and receive 20% off (site-wide) as well as get a free beast bottle on all orders of $50. Beast Box Set, $149,

8. Toast™ Vodka

Vodka made with coconut water? Yes, please! Gift Dad a bottle of Toast, the world’s first ultra-premium, unflavored vodka made with coconut water. Toast Vodka is 100% corn-based, six times distilled, gluten-free and non-GMO. And it’s from Miami. $24.99,

Whether you’re looking for a gift for Dad or another important father figure, or just an all-around cool guy, we found eight options for the active fella.


Free Your Pores With These Post Quarantine Facials

Even if you took care of your skin while sheltering in place, chances are your skin is screaming for help. If you’re looking to get your post-quarantine glow on and revive your complexion, we have two new local places for you to check out.

Sana Skin Studio

This skincare escape in the heart of Wynwood, not only offers goal-driven, customized facials using clean product lines, but also has a shop carrying cult-favorites from brands like Naturopathica, Pai, Ursa Major as well as wellness products, all of which you’re going to want to snatch up. Right before quarantine began, we had the opportunity to experience The Superglow facial, one of the dreamiest we’ve had. The facial has it all - brightening peel, massage, gua sha, microcurrent. The 70-minute skin (and soul) soothing treatment left us calm, relaxed, and glowing.

Another Sana highlight is the LED Light Room where you sit for a 15-minute session under the LED light that helps calm inflammation and breakouts, reduce fine lines and promote circulation, all while listening to the most Zen guided meditation. Sana offers other facial options too, The Express and the Signature as well as affordable memberships and packages.

167 NW 25th Street. Follow @sanaskinstudio on Instagram for more information.


The last outing we made before the lockdown was a visit to Vanessa DaSilva, the esthetician known to leave clients with an incredible glow. Located in Edgewater, Vanessa offers it all - from dermaplaning, microneedling, HydraGlow, Chemical Peels, Fibroblast, body treatments, and more. She’s a wealth of skincare knowledge and she delivered the glow we were seeking. Her facials are customized to your skincare needs and her results-driven medical facials do not disappoint. We got the works during our first custom facial, including dermaplaning, detoxifying pore treatment, HydraGlow, wet dermabrasion, a micro peel, and jelly mask. We left feeling rejuvenated and fresh.

If you’re not quite ready to venture out, but want to get your skin in check for when you do, Vanessa also offers virtual skincare consultations, where she will help you identify what products are best for your skin. Virtual consults are $30, the first facial is $99, and packages are available.

1900 North Bayshore Drive, Suite 206. Follow on Instagram for more information.

If you’re looking to get your post-quarantine glow on and revive your complexion, we have two new places for you to check out.


4 Stylish Mask Brands to Wear When Social Distancing

Shelter in place restrictions are lifted, but wearing facial coverings are required in some places and might be for the foreseeable future. While there has been some controversy over covering up, if masks are now going to be a daily wardrobe item, they might as well be stylish.

We found a number from local brands as well as some fitness companies who have switched gears to create stylish face masks. 

Miami Fit Wear 

With a wide variety of solids and fun prints for both adults and kids, this leggings company (that has a collaboration with Peloton) was one of the first to start making masks. They’ve outfitted first responders with their protective gear and are continually expanding their design offerings. From camouflage to bright pink lips with polka dot print, one of our favorite features is the pocket design that allows you to place a filter into if you choose. $15 single mask, $75 for 5, 

Mahina Bikinis 

Local bikini brand is using up-cycled nylon spandex from their previous collections to create facemasks with cotton/polyester blend on the inside in accordance with CDC guidelines. Like their swimsuits, the fabric prevents odor and growth of bacteria, fungi, and mold, and wicks moisture to keep skin dry and protected in active environments. We also love that 5% of every mask sale is being donated to Buddy Systems, a Miami-based organization that is working to provide food and supplies for the elderly, sick, and immunocompromised. And if you really want to take your summer swim fashion to the next level, match your Mahina swimsuit to your mask. $14, 


Wynwood-based Pitusa has donated 200 masks to doctors on the front line in Miami and now is selling their reusable cloth masks made from cotton. These machine-washable masks have a pocket to optionally place a disposable PM2.5 activated carbon filter inside. Featuring the brand’s Inca-trim detailing and elastic ear straps, these are great for everyday outings. $3.50 without filter, $5.50 with PM2.5 activated carbon filter. 


Yogi favorite, Onzie, has also been resourceful in using upcycled fabric from their yoga clothes to create Mindful Masks, which are stretchy, comfort fitting, quick-drying, and breathable. They can be worn on their own or as a cover for N95 and filtered masks. Pack of 2, $24, 

Wearing facial coverings is required in some places and might be for the foreseeable future. Here are 4 stylish mask brands to check out.


6 Products To Keep Your Feet Fresh Post-Workout

Whether you run or dance, do CrossFit or yoga, your feet bear the brunt of your workouts. Calluses, blisters and cracked heels are often the side effect of a good sweat but don’t that get in the way. We’ve sought out the best products to keep your feet looking and feeling their best. 

LovaSkin Instant Foot Peeling Kit

We are head of heels in love with LovaSkin, a foot spray and professional foot file duo that will have your feet, especially your heels, feeling smooth as silk. It is so easy to use too. Simply spray the formula on your heels, massage it in, and use the foot file (with a little elbow grease) to scrub away dead skin. Warning there is a lot more than you think! The cruelty-free formula includes Edelweiss Flower, Swiss Glacier Water, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Hamamelis Bark, and Fruit Acids, which work together to restore softness and leave feet looking and feeling flawless. $59.99, 

ARM & HAMMER™ Invisible Foot Powder Spray

With sweat-activated fresh guard® technology, which keeps feet feeling fresh all day, this spray goes on clear and works to neutralize odors as well as absorb moisture and sweat. Not only will it keep your feet dry, but it will also refresh, rejuvenate shoes, sneakers, and sports gear. $6.99, 

Spongelle their Pedi-Buffers

Not your average buffer, Spongelle’s Pedi-Buffer works to revitalize tired feet while keeping them soft and silky smooth. The Pedi-Buffer is infused with extracts of peppermint and sea kelp to cleanse, buff and polish, feet. The convenient size makes it great for travel (or the gym — for when we resume visiting gyms). Available in seven scents, we’re fans of the Bulgarian Rose. $16,

Footlogix Foot Soak Concentrate

After a tough workout or long walk or run, nothing feels better than giving your feet a rest and a soak. We turn to Footlogix Foot Soak Concentrate, which is a gentle, cleansing foot soak that also helps soften rough, dry skin without dehydrating it. $21.43,

MasqueBar Moisturizing Foot Mask

While we’re all familiar with face masks, your feet can (and should) get in on the action from this hydrating foot mask. Slip into these "sock-type" masks and sit back while they smooth, soften and repair dry, cracked, calloused feet and heels. $9.99 for 2 pairs,

Dr. Hunter's Foot Cream

Once you’ve pumiced, buffed, and soaked away tried feet (and dry skin), Dr. Hunter's Foot Crème will moisturize them. Made from oils of Tea Tree, Spearmint and Sunflower, and extracts of Lavender, Balm Mint and Rosemary, this refreshing, conditioning, and soothing cream will hydrate while giving relief to tired feet. $16, 

Your feet bear the brunt of your workouts. We’ve sought out six of the best products to keep your feet feeling fresh and refreshed.


Nailed It: Social Media Star KathleenLights Spills The Tea on At Home Manicures

We’re 7 weeks into quarantine and chances are you’ve finally figured out a way to get that gel polish off your fingers.

If your unpolished fingers are making you sad, don’t worry, we got you! We caught up with Miami-born and raised, YouTube beauty sensation and Influencer Kathleen Fuentes, better known as KathleenLights, who has embarked on her first solo project: a vegan, cruelty & Seven-Free nail lacquer brand, Lights Lacquer.

With a new nudes collection coming out May 7th, Kathleen shared some inspo behind the line as well as tips on how to perfect an at-home manicure.

What was your inspiration behind your new Lights Lacquer collection?

My newest collection, “Y.N.B.B” (Your Nails, But better) is inspired by a collection of timeless nudes. The colors of this quality, highly pigmented formula of nail polish that glides on smoothly are inspired by my favorite classic nudes that include light, medium & dark tones, including Mila, Matilda, Lyla, Emma, Alyanna and Olivia. Each shade represents a unique personality and was created to provide users with a sleek, polished, natural look that softly, transforms & elongates the nail palette.

What tools do you need to create the perfect at-home mani/pedi?

Aside from a solid file and your favorite polish, I personally can’t do my nails without cuticle remover or moisturizer. It’s my favorite and only way to keep a manicure looking fresh.

Do you suggest cutting our cuticles or leaving that to the pros?

I personally like to push my cuticles back so I don’t have to cut them, but it’s all about preference. Some people are better with cuticle cutters and feel comfortable using the tools. 

Tips for painting your other, non-dominate hand?

I always leave my thumbs unpainted so that I can use that nail to clean up around the edges or dip in acetone if I need to. It’s my favorite trick when painting my nails because you get a perfect manicure every time. 

While we’re here to talk beauty, we can’t help but notice your other line, Lights Label, that looks like the perfect quarantine-casual wear. Tell us more!

Lights Label is an accessory and apparel merchandise line that features both unique art and lifestyle products. Lights Label is designed by a small group of creatives born and raised in Miami, FL. My inspiration behind the merch brand was inspired by my Cuban culture and Miami roots. Miami is a city that birthed a generation of rebellious and resilient people. Lights Label puts a twist on classic styles to outfit those who embrace individuality. To wear Lights Label is to celebrate those with stories of struggle and endurance, but ultimately to celebrate success. All products are designed in Miami, FL. The latest drop, “De Me Para Ti” collection features cozy crewneck sweaters, biker shorts, graphic tees, and accessories. Our next collection is an ode to Miami bodegas in little Havana, but helming inspiration from Cuba’s classic “La Bodeguita del Medio.”

Now let’s play a little game of rapid-fire answers:

Favorite way to workout?

I don’t work out as much as I should, but I’ve started to work on my flexibility. My goal is to do a full split very soon! I also enjoy swimming.

Favorite place to grab a healthy meal?

I’ve been doing lots of cooking un quarantine using Hello Fresh, but when I’m not being healthy, I love Barton G.

Coffee order?

I love all coffee. It's ALL good to me, but iced coffee is my go-to. Bones is my favorite.

Beach or pool?


305 till I die, or sights set on another city?

305 till I die!

We caught up with Miami-born and raised KathleenLights, who has embarked on her first solo project: a vegan, cruelty & Seven-Free nail lacquer brand.


Virtual Assistance – How Pros are Helping to Keep You Looking Your Best

As we enter into our first full month of quarantine, many of us are starting to feel the effects on our beauty routines. Greys and roots are peeking through, manicures are chipped, and our skin is missing your regularly scheduled facials. Cleary there are much bigger problems in the world, but there is no need to have added stress because you’re not looking or feeling your best. Thankfully, there are a handful of beauty pros offering you ways to keep your quarantine look on point. 

Right before COVID-19 drove us to stay home, we visited Vanessa DaSilva,, for an incredible facial. We will report on the treatment once she reopens her doors (FYI, it was amazing!), but for now, she is offering 30-minute virtual consults for only $30. It includes skin analysis, treatment, and product recommendations and an effective daily skincare routine guidance. Follow her on Instagram and DM her to set up an appointment. 

Roots and greys begone thanks to True Hair Miami owner Ellie Menocal. The Master Colorist is creating custom color kits and delivering them all over the city, socially distanced drop-offs, of course. New clients can text images of the current state of their hair color to 786-253-9032 and discuss hair needs with Ellie, so she can create the perfect blend. Root Touch Up Kits and Color Gloss Kits are $45 each and come with the customized color, gloves and applicator brush. Follow @truehairmiami and DM or text 786-253-9032.

Looking to lift, tighten, tone your face while easing stress? Then book a session with Dr. Elizabeth Trattner who will teach you how to properly perform the ancient art of Gua Sha via Zoom. Gua Sha, can lift and sculpt the face, improve blood circulation, help TMJ, reduce puffiness and drain the lymph, reduce fine lines, and create a healthy glow. Follow her on Instagram and click link in bio to schedule.

Many are starting to feel the quarantine effects on our beauty routines. Thankfully, there are beauty pros offering ways to keep your look on point.


Masking the Day (and Nights) Away - 4 Face Masks For Glowing Skin

If you’re wondering how to pass the time during quarantine, let us introduce you to the world of face masks. The perfect way to brighten up your day and your skin, face masks are a fun and necessary step to keep your skin glowing, especially during a time of stress. Make an evening of it and mask with your quarantine crew, whether that be in person or via video chat.  

Hear Me Raw The Brightener

There is so much to love about this mask so we’ll just start with the ingredients, which include matcha green tea (more on matcha here), spirulina, lemon peel, lactic and phytic acids, swiss cress sprout extract and Bakuchiol. The mask goes on cool and smells super refreshing. There is a slight tingle that you’ll feel, but not to worry, it’s supposed to happen. It’s the lactic and phytic acids working to exfoliate your skin. It quickly subsides and when you wash off after 10 minutes, skin is clearer and tighter. You can use it as a 10-minute mask or a daily cleanser. Another huge plus is the sustainable packaging. Packaged in a glass jar the actual formula is encased in a removable and recyclable pod, so when you finish, all you need to do is replace the pod. The Brightener, $42, The Brightener Pod Refill, $32., @hearmerawbeauty

Fré Post-Sweat Clearing Mask

With so many free streaming workouts, we hope you’re getting your sweat on. If you are, then this mask is a must. It’s designed to prevent post-sweat breakouts and acne, remove excess oils, and unclog pores. We love the fun blue color and the lightly gritty texture that helps to exfoliate while you’re applying it. $54, @freskincare

Elina Organic Sahara Soufflé

Just because we live in South Florida, doesn’t mean that we can’t have dry skin. Enter Elina Organic’s Sahara Soufflé. This super hydrating and soothing mask that contains camel milk, which is rich in natural alpha hydroxy acids, proteins, and vitamins. It can help reduce hyperpigmentation, and balance dehydrated sensitive skin.  $55, @elinaorganics

nügg Aqua Boost Spout Pouch

Another great option for drier skin types, is nügg Aqua Boost Spout Pouch. Camellia Seed Oil, Rosehip Oil, and Aloe Juice combine in this ultra-hydrating mask to send dry, dehydrated skin packing revealing a soft, dewy complexion. Just what you need for you next video chat. $9.99,, @nuggbeauty

The perfect way to brighten up your day and your skin, face masks are a fun step to keep your skin glowing. Make an evening of it with these 4 face masks.

Hair Braiding||||

4 Tools You Need In Your Beauty Tool Box

Let’s face it, most of us have a lot more time on our hands and are feeling a bit stir crazy. One great distraction is to focus on your at-home skincare routine. Make it more fun and effective with these tools that will aid in “operation quarantine skin glow.”

Gua Sha

Gua Sha is an ancient technique used to lift and tone the skin andPrimally Pure’s GuaSha will detox, depuff, drain, and glow. This sustainably sourcedSerpentine Jade stone tool features divets, smooth edges, and teeth, alldesigned to give you the ultimate facial. The tool comes with instructions onhow to properly perform the technique at home. Available at,$32. Follow on Instagram, @primallypure.

Kansa Wand

We’re confident you’ve heard of a Facial Roller, but what aboutKansa Wand? An Ayurvedic skincare secret, Kansa wands can be used on theface and body to aid in lymphatic drainage as well as toning. Repêchage® Kansa Wand is theperfect addition to any treatment and will improve the appearance of skin by toning,tightening and firming skin, while reducing the appearance of puffiness, finelines, redness and irritation. Available at, $55. Follow on Instagram, @Repechage.

Sonic Cleansing Brush

StyleCraft Scrubs Gentle Sonic Cleansing Brush silicone device removes dirt and makeup way better than your hands or a washcloth could ever do. The USB -powered brush has 6 speed settings that gently vibrate and bristles of varying thickness and lengths to help clean skin. Use it twice a day and skin will be left so soft you won’t ever want to cleanse without it. Available at (currently on sale for $33.96!) and Amazon, $39.95. Follow on Instagram, @stylecraftus.


While you’re busy focusing on toningyour body, NuFace Mini, is like a personaltrainer for your face. This non-invasive device gently stimulates the surfaceof the skin, stimulating facial muscles to improve contour, tone andreduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Available at,$199.  Follow on Instagram, @mynuface.

Focus on your at-home skincare routine. Make it more fun and effective with these tools that will aid in “operation quarantine skin glow.”


4 Local, Female-Founded Beauty Brands to Support in Miami

When we decided earlier this month to feature a handful of Miami-based, female-founded beauty brands, we had no idea that just a few weeks later the state of the world we’d be living in. While the original focus was to tie into Women’s History Month and celebrate the women in our community doing big things in the beauty world, which it still is, it has now expanded to shine a spotlight on the importance of supporting our local brands. Now more than ever, shop local! Let’s meet these amazing ladies.

Leslie Munsell, Founder, Beauty For Real

We first met Munsell many moons ago when she was Co-Owner of Van Michael Salon on South Beach, and have watched her go from Salon Owner/Celebrity Makeup Artists to beauty brand owner. Beauty For Real is the culmination of years of Munsell listening to women talk about how overwhelming choosing makeup can be. She designed BFR with the intention of being “a brand that fills the gap through expertly curated high-performance beauty essentials that get the job done.” We love the multi-tasking, high-quality formulas that make everyday beauty a cinch., @beautyforreal

Karina Moises, Founder, Beautology Lab

Former Ad Tech executive turned beauty entrepreneur, Karina Moises founded Beautology Lab as a way to bring health and wellness to skincare. Moises’ passion is to create clean skincare using ingredients found in nature that deliver skin nutrition and are free of harmful chemicals and preservatives. She’s been able to successfully merge nature with science with her line. Beautology Lab’s unisex, Refresh + Revitalize 24K Gold Collagen Eye Masks are the perfect 15 minute treatment to impart hydrated, smooth, de-puffed, and bright eyes., @beautologylab

Andrea Lisbona, Founder & CEO, touchland

Originally from Barcelona, Miami-Based, millennial entrepreneur, Andrea Lisbona, set out to disrupt hand sanitizer industry, with the goal of making hand sanitizers chic and luxurious. She succeeded with her brand, touchland, which yes, is having a very unexpected moment right now. touchland’s super sleek packaging, with 8 scents in a rainbow of colors, delivers a non-sticky, moisturizing mist of germ-killing hand sanitizer. We love that the brand’s social campaign, touchlives, which dedicates 5% of their profits to send sanitizing hygiene solutions to developing countries., @touchland

Dana Richards and Jamie Kovelman, Co-Founders, Miami Gorgeous 

Miami is synonymous with sun and sand, but for many of us, including Miami Gorgeous Co-Founders, Dana Richards and Jamie Kovelman, we’ll take the sun without the side skin damage, and at worst, skin cancer. For these reasons, Richards and Kovelman set out to create sunless tanners, after sun care and skin care products that not only shield us from harmful effects of the sun, but that are also free of harsh chemicals found in many other lines. Miami Gorgeous products are paraben-free, vegan and gluten-free and give you the ultimate bronze glow., @miamigorgeousbeauty

Shop local and celebrate the women in our community doing big things in the beauty world. It is important to support our local Miami brands.