The Top 10 STAY FIT 305 Stories of 2020


Let’s take a look at the Top 10 stories of the year on STAY FIT 305.

10). Op-Ed: Pride Month Feels Different During the Black Lives Matter Movement

This powerful op-ed penned by Troy Jason Valls, owner of Move Lift Live in Brickell, discusses how Pride Month was and felt a little different in 2020 in the wake of the shooting of George Floyd and the #blacklivesmatter movement. Read the full story here

9). 10 Must-Try HIIT and Bootcamp Workouts in South Florida 2020

Discover STAY FIT 305’s list of recommended HIIT and bootcamp focused gyms and studios across South Florida that we suggest you drop in for a sweat. See the full list here

8). New Pilates Brand Tremble Launches, Uses COVID as an Opportunity

In 2020, we saw a subset of JetSet Pilates studios break off and rebrand as Tremble. Under owner Aryan Rashed, Tremble has catapulted to a must-try Pilates experience in Miami, and partnered with Anatomy to bring their Pilates experience to guests. Read the full story here

7). 10 South Florida Gyms You Need to Try in 2020

Discover STAY FIT 305’s list of recommended gyms and studios across South Florida that we suggest you drop in for a sweat. See the full list here

6). The #1 Voted Best Gym in Miami 2020

See what Miami gym was voted “Best Gym in Miami 2020” by our STAY FIT 305 community. See the winner here

5). Heavy and Heartbroken, Yet Hopeful: My Journey as a Biracial Woman

Read this incredible op-ed by Miami fitness trainer Taylor Walker, as she reflects on growing up biracial in America. Read the full story here

4). Workout Like a Firefighter with the FitFighter Steelhose

Fresh off her appearance on Shark Tank, FitFighter founder, Sarah Apgar showcases her versatile fitness tool does the work of a dumbbell, sandbag, medicine ball, and sledgehammer in one, giving you all the benefits of your favorite gym equipment in one easy-to-store tool that comes in a variety of weights. Read the full story here

3). 5 People Who Forever Changed the Miami Fitness Scene in the Last Decade

During the last ten years, South Florida has seen unprecedented growth in the health, wellness, and fitness industries. So, who are the trendsetters responsible for changing the Miami fitness community this past decade? Check out our list below of fitness professionals who have made a lasting imprint on the 305. See the full list here

2). Miami Fitness Brand 54D Has International Success During COVID-19

Miami-based fitness brand 54D has seen exponential growth during this year's quarantine as people from all over the world have joined their wellness movement and helped them reach a new streaming record. Learn more about this growing fitness brand here

1). 25 Miami Fitness Trainers You Need to Follow in 2020

See our list of Miami fitness trainers we recommend you follow in 2020. See the full list here

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