Naked Nutrition

Based in Miami Beach, Naked Nutrition Has Nothing to Hide

Reach your nutrition and fitness goals with Naked Nutrition. A full line of proteins and supplements, Naked Nutrition aims to give you the best ingredients without any of the junk and is transparent about what it puts in its products. The company, which is based out of Miami Beach does not use any additives artificial sweeteners, or artificial colors.

Stephen Zieminski is the founder and entrepreneur behind the brand. The idea for Naked Nutrition was born while Zieminski was working in finance in New York City in 2014. 

The goal was to bring simple, pure, and high-quality products to a market that was crowded with over-engineered products. Zieminski found that the over-engineering of other products was done mainly to benefit supplement companies instead of the end consumer.

As a former cross country and track athlete from the University of Florida, he was aware of how everything we eat and drink affects our overall health and performance.

“By the time Naked Nutrition was launching consumers were starting to pay attention to ingredients and where food comes from,” said Zieminski. “I thought if people wanted to know where their fruits and vegetables were coming from they’d want the same from their supplements.”

Naked Nutrition launched with five, single-ingredient protein powders which included two of its best-selling products - Naked Whey and Naked Pea. The company was very fast-growing and by January 2015, they were seeing six-figure sales in a month. Zieminski moved back to Florida and chose Miami Beach as the headquarters for Naked Nutrition.

Today, the site has over 30 products ranging from powdered peanut butter and brown rice protein powder, to green superfood powder and collagen peptides. There are products specifically for weight gaining, and products that can be used as meal replacements.

Since the pandemic began Zieminski worked hard to maintain the same rigorous quality standards while still keeping pace with increasing orders. It is during that time that he also led the launch of international shipping for Naked Nutrition and this year will be launching 4 new products.

“Naked's goal is to have a product for everyone, at every time of the day. We are launching a supplement line including multi-vitamins, a hydration product, and a protein powder product that more broadly appeals to consumers. We aim to be a leader in setting trends with new products often, many of which are informed by feedback from customers,” said Zieminski. 

In Miami, Naked Nutrition supplements can be found in the smoothies and shakes of a few local restaurants, including Pura Vida and Pure Green. As a direct-to-consumer brand, the best way to purchase Naked Nutrition products is through their website or Amazon.

Check them out at for more information, products, and partnerships. You can also find them on Instagram at @nakednutrition.

Founder Stephen Zieminski

Reach your nutrition and fitness goals with Naked Nutrition. A full line of proteins and supplements, Naked Nutrition aims to give you the best ingredients without any of the junk and is transparent about what it puts in its products. The company, which is based out of Miami Beach does not use any additives artificial sweeteners, or artificial colors.

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miami gym owners|Brickell

Behind the Scenes: The Miami Gym Owners Pushing the County to Reopen

These Miami gym owners are working with Miami-Dade County to advise the county on how best to reopen Miami gyms.

It started in early March, when a group of CrossFit box owners that dubbed themselves the “Stronger Together” group, created an alliance to share best practices and ideas during the crisis.

“At first it was just about a dozen or so CrossFit gyms that decided to put differences and competition aside, and figure out how to navigate this situation,” said Guido Trinidad, founder of the popular, Peak360 CrossFit in South Miami, and a leader in the South Florida CrossFit community.

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Organized by Mike Osuna, founder of Train8Nine, and another individual responsible for ushering in the popularity of CrossFit in South Florida via the I Am CrossFit chain, the group quickly evolved into something more as the days and weeks passed.

“We started to meet every week and discuss how to manage reopening,” said Jessica Bergman, owner of Downtown Strength and Conditioning. “But we realized the fitness industry wasn’t being addressed in the reopening plans, it was being left behind.”

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The group at this point had expanded beyond the CrossFit community to include gym owners of all modalities. Through contacts, the group was able to land two separate Zoom calls with Miami Mayor, Francis Suarez.

“Mayor Suarez was really open and transparent with us,” said Trinidad. “He hopped on two different Zoom calls with us really late at night to give us advice and insight into what was happening. He’s a big fitness enthusiast, and his advice was key to helping us move forward.”

Next came Governor Desantis’s announcement on May 15th, announcing gyms in Florida were allowed to reopen at the discretion of local municipalities. But the Stronger Together group, along with Miami-Dade gyms owners, were left wondering when it was their turn.

Realizing gyms could be left behind without action, the group, through another series of contacts, was able to get in contact with the office of Miami-Dade County Mayor, Carlos Gimenez. They learned a “working wellness” group was being formed to advise on the reopening of local gyms. On May 22nd, the group had its first call with Mayor Gimenez and addressed their concerns.

“We developed some guidelines and proposals for the county to consider to help expedite the discussion and decision making for when gyms can reopen,” said Omar Luna, City of Miami Springs Recreational Director and owner of Springs Athletics in Miami Springs. “We didn’t want to waste anytime.”

On their second call with the County, the group was told that June 8th should be the target reopening date, with Mayor Gimenez mentioning that during his May 29th Virtual Townhall.

“It’s time for gyms to open,” said Bergman. “They need to be given the chance to resume operations safely and responsibly with guidelines just like every other business in the area.”

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As gyms owners across the county expect to hear good news this week, one lesson can be learned – collaboration not competition is the key to long term survival and success in the new age of fitness.


Learn to Belly Dance, Get Fit, and Have Fun with Helen Blondel

Helen Blondel aims to unveil the mystique of belly dancing while empowering women and girls to feel great about their body with her new online dance course.

Helen Blondel aims to unveil the mystique of belly dancing while empowering women and girls to feel great about their body with her new online dance course.

Blondel recently launched BellyPOP, an online course designed to teach the fundamentals of the ancient art of belly dancing in the safety and comfort of your own home.

Blondel has over 15 years of experience as a dancer and teacher and has won multiple awards.

“I’m really excited about the launch of BellyPOP," explains Blondel. “The focus of this course is to introduce people to the essentials of this incredible art form, while at the same time liberating them from hangups about their body. BellyPOP is designed for women and girls of all ages, no matter what their shape or ability."

The course is focused on teaching newcomers the foundations of belly dancing, and the classes are divided up into easy segments, with each module focusing on an essential pillar of belly dancing skills. Blondel is available to answer any questions from her students with an easy to understand approach and a friendly one-on-one style.

With most people confined to their homes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, now is the perfect time to try something new, while remaining socially distant.

“People can’t really go out and attend a dance studio these days," says Blondel. “That’s what makes BellyPOP so great. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through Instagram or binging on Netflix, you can learn something new that’s going to help you stay in shape, release endorphins and give you more confidence about your body, all in the safety of your living room."

For more information on classes, check out BellyPOP at


3 South Florida Gym Owners Share Life During the Quarantine

I got to catch up with three South Florida gym owners to find out how quarantine has affected them and what is keeping them sane.

The gym industry was one of the hardest hit when South Florida cities began to announce business closures in efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19. One thing we’re learning as this situation unravels is that gyms are not just a place to lift weights, they are a source of connection, community and escape from daily stressors. Gym owners all across the state are working to move their offerings online and continue to cultivate the kind of community that their clients crave.

I got to catch up with three South Florida gym owners to find out how quarantine has affected them and what is keeping them sane. My conversations with these owners were overwhelmingly positive, with underlying themes to the effect of, we’ll get through this, we’ve got to keep moving, we’ve got to keep connecting.

Troy Valls of Move. Lift. Live (

Move. Lift. Live is currently offering several free classes per day.

How are things going for you in quarantine?

Oddly, pretty good. We’re in ‘take it day by day’ mode and at the moment we’re good. Time will tell. We took a decision early on to start sunsetting the gym business. We felt like ‘this is going to happen anyway, so let’s just rip the bandaid off now’ and we jumped on it. We started asking questions like: How can we be proactive? How do we adapt? How do we exist? What does this virtual world look like?

What are you up to now?

Before we closed, we opened up the doors for our members to sign out equipment. We are offering a full schedule of workouts 3 times a day, including yoga, mobility, and a discussion group. The discussions include about 10 people, we pick a topic and dig into it. We recognized that people are still feeling really anxious and we feel that for the most part, the antidote is people being able to connect with each other.

How is your community?

Our community has been amazing. Everyone is asking ‘what can we do? ‘They’ve also been expressing worry that their connection will go away. We’re really pushing to maintain a sense of community. When you boil it down fitness is really about healing. People look to fitness and health as remedies, to help them feel better. Fitness increases longevity, mental clarity, strength, courage, and mental resilience. Now we’re just trying to create that in a virtual space.

How was the shift into digital for you?

The shift into digital was pretty seamless for us because we were ahead of it. We recognize that physical connection is irreplaceable, so we’re going above and beyond with our digital offerings making sure people still feel that they have human connection in a meaningful way.

How are you feeling?

Everybody knows that when you step out of your comfort zone that is where you truly find growth and magic. Right now we’re being forced into things we’re not comfortable with. As the community pulls together, the more we support each other, the more we can help people find their true gifts so that they can prevail and come through this.

And what about the business?

As long as we’re still standing, we’re asking ‘what is the most we can do to help?'

Jamie Maitland of The Office (@theoffice954)

The Office is offering free classes at @theoffice954

What are you up to these days?

We have been streaming live mini-workouts outs along with some spin classes. I want our community to feel like they are still able to connect with us on a personal level, so all of the workouts have been real, not perfect, just the way it is.

How is your community doing?

My community is super inspiring, everyone is coming together, even the studios are coming together. People do miss their outing to the gym, though. The workout community is an escape and I love being that for people, but things always change and we just have to move forward.

How are you personally handling the situation?

I’m ready to take on anything that you throw at me on a deeper level. I’m still waking up every day and able to do what I love to do every day, so I’m grateful for that. Perspective and mindset will get us through this. I’m trying not to overthink and am doing my best, it’s one of the four agreements. You have to learn to surf and flow. Things ebb and flow, that’s life, it’s a jungle.

What’s your favorite home workout rn?

Butchering my accessory muscles. Short workouts, but killer. Like doing 1,000 donkey kicks.

Kamps - Ari and Sam Karl (@kampsfit)

Kamps is offering free daily classes through Kamps Live

What are you up to these days?

We’re live-streaming classes on Zoom for free. We’re also raising money for Feeding America, which helps fund food banks across the country. These organizations are feeding the children who are usually fed in public school, it’s so important right now.

How was the shift to digital?

We have been extra cautious watching this materialize, so we closed early on. We didn’t want to be part of the problem. Because we closed early, we had some time to prepare and took an organized approach.

We’ve never done digital, so we face challenges every day. We’re still working on sound and image quality, and interaction. It’s been constantly evolving since we’ve been online, but our digital community is growing - we now have people tuning in to our workouts from all over the globe, it’s inspiring to see.

How is your community doing?

We have a good base of clientele that we see every day and we’re still feeling a sense of community through our free classes. Everyone seems to be doing okay, and we are doing our best to keep everyone in good physical and mental shape throughout this crisis.

What is your favorite workout rn?

All of our trainers bring an exciting and unique aspect to the workout. Elena’s boxing classes are incredible!

If you’re looking for ways to support your favorite gym or trainer right now, check out these 9 Ways to Support your Local Gym and Trainer.

Marc Megna

5 People Who Forever Changed the Miami Fitness Scene in the Last Decade

Check out our list of fitness professionals who have made a lasting imprint on the Miami fitness community.

During the last tenyears, South Florida has seen unprecedented growth in the health, wellness, and fitness industries.

Hundreds of new businesses have opened their doors to the thousands of fitness fanatics that live across the tri-county area.

But South Florida, and Miami in particular, hasn’t always been the fitness mecca that it is today. Sure, rollerblading along Ocean Drive and pick-up beach volleyball games have existed. But the premier fitness facilities, precise business models, and top-tier talent, all found their way to the Magic City shores this past decade.

So, who are the trendsetters responsible for changing the Miami fitness community this past decade? Check out our list below of fitness professionals who have made a lasting imprint on the 305.

Frankie Ruiz

Frankie Ruiz –Founder, Miami Marathon

You can’t mention the Miami running community without mentioning Frankie Ruiz. The OG. Ruiz founded the Miami Marathon back in 2003, that jump started the South Florida running community. But it wasn't until 2009, when Ruiz founded the first of several organized Run Clubs, did the run culture blossom into what it is today.

“I realized that Miami was lacking this sort of running 2.0 community,” said Ruiz. “I wanted to bring it out of the ’70s and ’80s into today, with the Miami Marathon being the catalyst. Our first Run Club at Mr. R Sports on Lincoln Road disrupted everything.”

Ten years later, Ruiz and co. lead Run Clubs in South Beach, Brickell, Doral, Weston, Coral Gables, West Kendall, Homestead, and Kendall.

Myk Likhov, Founder of Modern ŌM and The 7

Myk Likhov – Founder, Green Monkey Yoga and Modern ŌM

It’s impossible to tell the history of the Miami yoga community without Myk Likhov, and his GreenMonkey studios.

In 2008, Likhov opened the first Green Monkey studio in South Miami, using a few guiding principles: community, culture, and accessibility.

“No yoga studio or brand was talking to the mainstream at the time,” said Likhov. “Our treehouses (studios) were fun, playful, and inclusive. It was fun, it wasn’t just yoga.”

Over the next decade,Green Monkey opened several new locations across town. Before Likhov’s exit from the company, Green Monkey reached unheralded heights that studios in SouthFlorida are still chasing and trying to replicate.

"At one point, Green Monkey had more new students in a month, than other studios combined had total,” said Likhov.

Manning Sumner

Manning Sumner – Founder, Legacy Fit

Known for their heart-pumping workouts, Legacy Fit is one of the most popular gyms in South Florida.Their open-air Wynwood location is an experience unto itself, and one of our must-try South Florida HIIT and bootcamp workouts in2020.

The Legacy Fit “No Days Off” mantra is a globally recognized motivational phrase that started right here by Manning Sumner in the 305 during 2008.

“Fitness isn’t a trend - it’s a lifestyle,” says Sumner. “It’s not six weeks to a six-pack. From the moment I opened the gym, I wanted it to be more than a space. It's a movement. ‘No Days Off’ is about not taking a day off on yourself. It’s part of your routine instead of punishment.”

That lightning in a bottle has spread like wildfire with Legacy Fit locations in Summerville, SC, Coral Gables, Doral, and Kendall, with Pembroke Pines and Fort Lauderdale coming in 2020.

Sumner’s legacy (no pun intended) on the South Florida fitness community is unquestioned. Gym operators attempt to emulate not only the community and culture that Legacy Fit has created but their delivery method – less frills, more sweat.

Janet Jones

Janet Jones – Founder, Vixen Workout

In 2012, at the age of 30, Janet Jones found herself moving back into her mother’s house with a child after being laid off from her previous job.

“I was at rock bottom,” explained Jones, who is not one to stay down for long.

From this personal struggle, the Vixen Workout was born, along with the greatest lesson of her life, “I’m not afraid to lose it all because I know I’ll start over and kill it again,” said Jones.

As a former dancer, Jones wanted to create a place for women - mother, daughter, sister, CEO – to just dance. Vixen Workout changed the dance fitness category here in Miami and proved that women empowerment concepts can survive as a business model.

Now with communities across the country, and featured on the Today Show, in the New York Times, and dozens of other media outlets, Vixen Workouts are changing the lives of women everywhere.

Marc Megna

Marc Megna – Co-Founder, Anatomy

In 2014, former NFL player Marc Megna noticed a void in the South Florida fitness community.

“Lots of people had a nice gym or nice spa/sanctuary, but not both,” said Megna. “So having a nice gym and nice recovery was important - at the time, nobody was doing it at that level with great group fitness classes.”

Along with his partner Chris Paciello, Anatomy in Sunset Harbour was born. Now with locations in Midtown Miami, 1 Hotel South Beach, and Coconut Grove coming in 2020, Anatomy is arguably the pinnacle of fitness training in South Florida. Anatomy made our list of must-trySouth Florida gyms in 2020.

From top tier trainer talent to a massive membership base, Anatomy is constantly pushing the envelope on what it means to deliver great service and results, in an upscale, elevated environment.

“The most important person isn't us, it’s the other person - service is important when guests walk in the door,” says Megna.


What It Takes to Win the Miami Marathon. The Winners Tell All

STAY FIT 305 connected with a few of the elite winners from the full and half Miami marathons to find out what it took to come in first place.

This year’s Life Time Miami Marathon was a sold-out event with 18,493 registered runners. Something of a local rite of passage, over 8,000 of these runners were South Florida residents. While people of many abilities, ages, genders, and nationalities ran the races, it takes something special to be the first man or woman over the finish line. 

We connected with a few of the elite winners from the full and half marathons to find out what it took to come in first and what, in their mind, makes the Miami Marathon a special international race. 

Full Marathon 1st Place Female  - Aydee Loayza Huaman, age 25, of Lima, Peru

Time: 2:46:54

Aydee Loayza Huaman is an established world-class trail runner and the first female athlete from South America to complete the 44K Trail Running World Championship race (she finished 9th in 2019). She also finished 4th in the 2019 Lima Half Marathon.

Q: What was the number one thing that helped you cross the finish line?

A: The strength, courage and faith in myself. I was also focused in [sic] my family and what this will mean for them too. I also thought about all of the Peruvians who trusted me and supported me to get to Miami: the Peru Runner's team and their ONG Chaki Wayra. I thought about my training and all of the effort I put into each of those training days…  and the passion I feel for running.

Q: What makes the Miami Marathon special?

A: The amount of people who participate, run for love, passion and for fun. I loved that I could run next to so many beautiful locations, next to the sea; with a bright sun on top of my head and happiness everywhere I went. I also think it is very important to highlight the races [sic] hydration system, everything they did was very good and organized, since [sic] the time I arrived in the morning to the time I got back to my recovery massages and had a nice meal.  

Half Marathon 1st Place Male Dominic Korir, age 26, of Kericho Kenya

Time: 1:03:52

Dominic Korir entered the 2020 Miami Half Marathon as the defending runner-up. After his 2nd place finish in Miami last year, Dominic went on to place 3rd in the Cooper River Bridge Run 10K and 4th in the B.A.A. Boston Half Marathon – among other races he ran in 2019.

Q: What was the number one thing that helped you cross the finish line?

A: Knowing the course. I ran it last year and this year was going to be mine. I owned it and came out as the winner.

Q: What makes the Miami Marathon special?

A: The organizers, the local community, the runners  and the energy that Miami brings out from everyone. I will be back again next year. 

Half Marathon 1st Place Female Beatie Deutsch, age 30, of Jerusalem, Israel

Time: 1:16:4 

Beatie is well known as the ‘Marathon Mother.‘ Less than three years after she started competitively running, Beatie Deutsch won the 2019 Tiberias Marathon, the 2019 Riga Half Marathon, the 2019 Tel Aviv Half Marathon and the Israeli Half Marathon Championships.

Q: What was the number one thing that helped you cross the finish line?

I was really motivated to win for my country, Israel and the Jewish community. Miami is a race that attracts a lot of Jews from all over and there are several big Jewish charities that have teams that run there. It was really important for me to be able to proudly represent Israel and what it means to be an Orthodox Jewish woman on the podium. It was my first time racing in the States and I felt a certain sense of responsibility to my community. 

Q: What makes the Miami Marathon special?

Miami was special for me because of the beautiful scenery, the large percentage of Jewish runners (I loved hearing Jewish music on the course), and the incredible atmosphere and organization!

We congratulate all of the winners of the 2020 Miami Marathon and Half Marathon as well as all of the participants who crushed their own personal goals. 

Nathalia Ferr||||||Brandon Brennan|Kellie Sikorski||||||||||||Michael Schaeffer||Kira Alvarado|||Jamie Maitland||Vanessa Villegas|Lindsay Gurry|Mike Verdugo

25 Miami Fitness Trainers You Need to Follow in 2020

We are so excited to announce our “25 Miami Fitness Trainers You Need to Follow in 2020” list. Scroll down to see if your favorite trainer made the list.

2020 is your year! And if you're ready to take on new challenges or work towards a familiar goal, one of these Miami fitness trainers can help you get there. We are so excited to announce our “25 Miami Fitness Trainers You Need to Follow in 2020” list. Scroll down to see if your favorite trainer made the list below, and check out our lists from the past.

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Regine Santa Maria - @bodygoals_dbcfit

Regine Santa Maria

Ramses Principe - @mia_fitness

Christa DiPaolo - @christadipaolo

Derek Degrazio - @derekdegrazio

Nathalia Ferr - @nathalia.ferr

Nathalia Ferr

Myk Likhov - @myklikes

Myk Likhov

Sam Reynolds - @journeyforthesoul

Sam Reynolds

Joe Stempien - @joenodaysoff

Joe Stempien

Tiffany Levy - @tifftopia

Tiffany Levy

Sammi Stonish - @sammi_jay

Sammi Stonish

Brandon Brennan - @mr_getfit

Brandon Brennan

Kellie Sikorski - @kelliewfit

Kellie Sikorski

Valerie Senior - @valeriesenior

Valerie Senior

Michael Schaeffer - @michaelschaefferyoga

Michael Schaeffer

Kira Alvarado - @kirakulture

Kira Alvarado

Jamie Maitland - @jamiemaitland

Jamie Maitland

Astrid Roman - @astridromang

Troy Jason Valls - @troyjasonvalls

Jasmyn Russell - @atmashanti108

Sam Jackson - @samjackson12

Mike Verdugo - @bodytekmikey

Mike Verdugo

Vanessa Villegas - @vanessavvillegas

Vanessa Villegas

Lindsay Gurry - @fablinds

Renato Silva - @renatomarkus1977

Renato Silva
Derek Waddy|Derek Waddy

Get to Know lululemon South Florida Ambassador Derek Waddy

We caught up with Derek Waddy, lululemon South Florida ambassador, to hear about the Sweat Life, and what to expect during lululemon’s Superbowl workout.

The countdown to Superbowl weekend is on! Hear what Derek Waddy – lululemon South Florida ambassador – had to say about living the Sweat Life, and what we can expect during lululemon’s Training Camp workout on February 1st.

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Tell us about yourself - where are you from and how did you find your way to the 305?

I’m from Ft. Washington, Maryland. I came to Miami in 2015. I had the opportunity in Miami to continue my growth in the yoga and fitness industry through being developed as an instructor and leading teacher trainings both locally and nationally. 

Where do you teach? How long have you been an instructor? What is your specialty?

I teach at Greenmonkey Yoga studio, Anatomy, and I also have private clients that I work with weekly. 

Tell us about your experience as a lululemon ambassador. What is your favorite part?

Being a lululemon ambassador has been a great experience. It has encouraged me to take part in different activities that I wouldn’t have otherwise, most notably, running a half marathon. They have supported my studio classes and they have also worked with me in support of my nonprofit organization, AIM Miami. My favorite part about being an ambassador has been the people I’ve met and the relationships I've formed.

Derek Waddy

Tell us about AIM Miami? What is it? What is your role?

I’m the Co-Founder of AIM. AIM Miami is a nonprofit after school program. Currently, we are working with youth in the Miami Dade Public School system. We offer yoga, character development curriculum, and professional and vocational sessions. Our motivation is to help students make healthy lifestyle choices, manage daily stressors, and cultivate practical skills that help them accomplish their personal, academic, and professional goals. We’re excited about what 2020 will bring as we continue to grow and expand.

So tell us, what we can expect at the upcoming lululemon Training Camp workout?

You can expect a high energy event that will be lots of fun. Some of the top trainers in South Florida will be there leading the charge! The proceeds from the event will help AIM provide food, educational programming, and events that allow the youth we work with exposure to a variety of career opportunities.

Dani Dellarco

Get to Know lululemon South Florida Ambassador Dani Dellarco

Super Bowl weekend is almost here in Miami, and we can’t wait! We caught up with Dani Dellarco – lululemon South Florida ambassador – for a quick chat to hear more about living the Sweat Life.

Super Bowl weekend is almost here in Miami, and we can’t wait! We caught up with Dani Dellarco – lululemon South Florida ambassador – for a quick chat to hear more about living the Sweat Life, and what we can expect during lululemon’s Training Camp workout on February 1st.

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Tell us about yourself - where areyou from and how did you find your way to the 305?

I am originally from Silver Spring, Maryland and spent timein NYC before moving to Miami. I was in grad school for psychology prior tostarting my career in fitness. I really found a home and community in thefitness scene in Miami.

Where do you teach? How long haveyou been an instructor? What is your specialty?

I have been an instructor for 1.5 years, and you can catch me weekly at Equinox, Antidote, Trufusion Coral Gables and now Echelon. I focus primarily on bootcamps, cycling, and boxing. That said. I have a love for running and am active with the run community here in Miami - *get ready Stay Fit fam*

Tell us about your experience as alululemon ambassador. What is your favorite part?

My favorite part about being a lululemon ambassador is the community– it’s so much more than selling apparel. Lululemon does a lot to connect thecommunity, and the Merrick Park store has done a lot to support me ineverything I’ve wanted to do – like my community runs. The support they providefor ambassadors is incredible.

So tell us, what we can expect at theupcoming lululemon Training Camp workout?

The Training Camp workout will be at Margaret Pace Park, Saturday, February 1st. It’s a huge event with the workout consisting of four stations – mobility – strength, cardio, and agility – everything you need to be an athlete. I am leading the agility section alongside other Miami instructors, and I am really looking forward to bringing our networks together and teach and collaborate with other trainers I normally don’t’ get to. It’s going to be a unique and fun event!

Capricorn Workouts

Power Through Capricorn Season with These Energizing Workouts

Ruled by the driven and persistent Mountain Goat, Capricorn energy is willful and determined, and fully focused on their goals.

Ruledby the driven and persistent Mountain Goat, Capricorn energy is willfuland determined, and fully focused on their goals. Capricorn helpsus set our minds on an outcome and reach the finish line.

Takingthe road less traveled isn’t how these traditional signs roll. Instead,Capricorn maps out the straightest and simplest route to the top, then sticksto its plan. Even if it takes a little more time to get there withoutshortcuts, ambitious Capricorn will make the trek.

Theessence of Capricorn energy is loyal, structured, family-minded, hardworking,devoted, and honest. One of the negative aspects of the Capricorn is beingoverly serious — if not careful, Capricorn energy can be overly harsh orcalculating. This stoic sign may repress a lot to be the “rock” forothers, which can lead to heavy or burdened energy. To counter this energyCapricorns should engage in fun, yet grounded workouts with clear results atthe end. 


Aworkout like Kamps will keep a Capricorn engaged and focused. With every classbeing a full-body workout with measurable results on the tread and floor, youcan see results quickly. This workout requires consistency and commitment, thetraits in which a Capricorn can truly be happiest. 


Marathon Training is where a Capricorn would thrive. With planned runs, the ability to calculate mileage and pace and spend a ton of time outdoors. An actual dream for the persistent focused and determined Capricorn energy.

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JetSet Pilates

Thischallenging workout requires some serious focus, precision and determination.This is not a one-time workout, and it may take a few classes to get the hangof it. Every class is harder than the last, and the willful Capricorn will takethe challenge and keep coming back for more. 

The measured master planner of the horoscope family, Capricorn energy teaches us the power of structure, delayed gratification and setting goals for the long haul. The perfect energy to move into the new decade with our plans and goals mapped out and ready to launch.

Victoria Posner

Quick 10 Interview With Ft. Lauderdale Fitness Instructor Victoria Posner

We caught up with Ft. Lauderdale fitness instructor Victoria Posner for a Quick 10 interview, but you can follow her on Instagram – @victoriaposner.

It's no secret that Miami is a popular destination for those born and raised in the Northeast. Ft. Lauderdale fitness instructor Victoria Posner hails from the small state of Rhode Island, but can now be found at G21 leading group fitness. We caught up with Posner for a Quick 10 interview, but you can also follow her on Instagram – @victoriaposner.

Tell us about yourself - where are you from and how did you findyour way to the 305?

I'mfrom the small state of Rhode Island and found my way to the sunshine state tobe fully immersed in a community that lives, breathes and squats.

How did you get your start in fitness and as an instructor?

Ooootaking me back to trampoline fitness. DAMN. Yup, my first fitness instructorposition was bouncing around on a trampoline. Don't get it twisted though - theJump Sport trampoline classes were no joke!

What is your favorite part of being a fitness instructor?

Havinga positive impact on someone’s day and beyond. If someone leaves feeling betterthen how they came in both physically and mentally, there's nothing better thanthat.

How do you stay full of energy throughout the day?

COFFEEand laughter. My team is a bunch of jokesters. We take our job seriously butour joy as a team is just as important. It's what makes us a solid unit. Wework hard and play hard.

How would you describe your classes?

AMPEDUP! My classes are called “hustle hard” for a reason. Members show up ready towork and know that I'm going to make them go beyond what might feelcomfortable. I know what their capable of and I want to see them feel greatnot just good. We all need a push sometimes, and I love seeing the change inmindset occur mid-class. It's inspiring. I freakin love our members and theenergy they bring on the other end.

Tell us a little bit more about your specialty.

I'm a personal trainer and co-group fitness director at G21 with Mike Cohen. I've been named HIIT Bunny by my team and I'd say it's pretty accurate. I think people love that I challenge them to do things they haven't done before. They look at me like I'm nuts lol. Then they go do it and feel POWERFUL!

Other than where you teach, where is your favorite place in Miamito train?

Iwon't pick one. lol. Barry’s Bootcamp, Anatomy, and TruFusion.

Besides fitness, what’s one thing you’re passionate about?

Dancing.It will always hold a special play in my heart. It's my outlet.

How do you practice mental health in your everyday life?

I'vebeen focusing on what I'm grateful for and journaling.

What do you love about the South Florida fitness/health &wellness community? 

The support we have for one another as coaches. People often think this job is always easy and glamorous. It's early mornings and late nights and being lit AF as a coach even when you're going through tough life stuff. It's not all fun and games. It's a lot of preparation and focus and COFFEE. I love seeing coaches shout out people from different gyms and the level of respect we have for one another. We are so much stronger together!

Valerie Senior

Quick 10 Interview With Miami Fitness Trainer Valerie Senior

We caught up with Miami Fitness trainer Valerie Senior for a Quick 10 interview, but you can also follow her on Instagram – @valeriesenior.

For Miami fitness trainer Valerie Senior, the 305 is in her blood - literally. According to Senior, coladas are the only answer to a midday pick-me-up. This former ballerina can be found teaching barre, strength training, and HIIT all around town. We caught up with Senior for a Quick 10 interview, but you can also follow her on Instagram – @valeriesenior.

Tell us about yourself - where areyou from and how did you find your way to the 305?

I am a MEE-A-ME native. I am half Puerto Ricanand half Colombian.

How did you get your start infitness and as an instructor?

I was a ballerina for 17 years - after aninjury, I found barre. I instantly fell in love. My mother is also a groupfitness instructor.

How do you stay full of energythroughout the day?

An early energizing workout is my favorite wayto kick-start my day ... but a delicious cup of coffee is my midday pick-me-up(I seriously love coladas).

How would you describe yourclasses?

My class is designed to strengthen and balanceyour entire body from the inside out. Barre class integrates the use of balletbarre, light weights and props to create a sculpting workout that focuses onform and isometric movements. My goal is for you to leave class feelingenergized, empowered and accomplished.

Tell us a little bit more aboutyour specialty.

I put a lot of effort into my playlists andmusicality. Music is the backbone of barre. I also think that my clients lovethat I am unapologetically myself when I teach.

Other than where you teach, whereis your favorite place in Miami to train?

I love society fitness - my body has neverlooked better. I also love love love SOL Yoga for a yummy yoga class.

Besides fitness, what’s one thingyou’re passionate about?

I have a passion for learning. Always beingopen to learn opens so many doors and broadens your horizons. When I learn, Ifeel like I am nurturing and growing my knowledge.

What is a long-term goal you areworking towards or would love to achieve?

My long-term goal is to continue to do what Iam passionate about and in some way integrate my studies with it. I have adegree in public relations, e-marketing, social media marketing.

What is the one thing you do everyday to stay fit?

I make sure to follow healthy habits (I.e.workout, eat healthy balanced meals) and stick around people that motivate meto be better.

How do you practice mental healthin your everyday life?

  1. Workout (workouts keep the cray at bay).
  2. Stay positive no matter what.
  3. Take a day off.

Get Outdoors and Sweat During Sagittarius Season

Cheerful Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system. Try these workouts during Sagittarius season.

Cheerful Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system. Jupiter is the “happy” planet, full of energy and confidence. Sagittarians often reflect Jupiter’s larger-than-life persona.

As the zodiac’s traveler, Sagittarius is the ultimate free spirit: optimistic, open-minded and ambitious. You’re happiest in wide-open spaces with plenty of adventure and excitement. So, of course, outdoor workouts and run clubs would be at the tip-top of your list.

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Oceanfront Fitness

The Outdoor Fitness Series offered by Oceanfront Fitness offers a series of exercise classes facing awesome views of the ocean at several locations in the area.

The fitness series is seasonally designed so the summer series offers the benefit of attending classes later in the day.

The locations used for the fitness classes offer more than just ocean views. The unique terrain of each location provides a different type of fitness challenge, thereby enhancing your workout experience.

Yoga In The Park at Bayfront Park

Here’s the first benefit of this class – it’s free! These yoga classes are brought to locals and sponsored by TeamFootWorks and Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run.

Held at Bayfront Park on Monday and Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings, these yoga classes offer a fulfilling and invigorating exercise experience facing one of the best water views you’ll find in Miami.

You can look out at the expansive Atlantic Ocean, sailboats at the marina next door, as well as the spectacular cruise ships at the Port of Miami. The ocean breezes will help keep you cool while you bend, stretch and get your body into tip-top shape.

Nike Run Club Run Club Network

Weekly Run Clubs meet in different parts of Miami each week. The best part isn't running ... tt's the people! This group is free for everyone. The group offers various distances and paces set by professional pace setters. Each session ends with refreshments and a running clinic. Think of this group as a place to meet people, improve your running and do this on incredible scenic routes.

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The more, the merrier is the mantra of the Sagittarius and we will all be embracing that this season as we celebrate the holidays. Just make sure you don’t pack your schedule too tight so you can make sure you’re keeping your promises and commitments.

Nathalia Ferr

Quick 10 Interview With Miami Fitness Trainer Nathalia Ferr

We caught up with Miami fitness trainer Nathalia Ferr for a Quick 10 interview, but you can also follow her on Instagram – @nathalia.ferr.

Miami fitness trainer Nathalia Ferr's fitness journey started post-pregnancy when she was on a mission to lose the 65 pounds she had gained. Now, Ferr can be found around South Florida teaching HIIT classes and helping clients find the balance in their life with wellness coaching. We caught up with Ferr for a Quick 10 interview, but you can also follow her on Instagram – @nathalia.ferr.

Tell us about yourself - where are you from and how did you findyour way to the 305?

I was born in Brazil but moved to Connecticut when I was five. I bounced between Brazil and CT for a while and then settled there for 20 years. I moved to the 305 four and a half years ago, and like every northerner, the weather was a big motivation as well as the quality of life.

How did you get your start in fitness and as an instructor?

While I have been dancing since I was a little girl, it wasn't until I got pregnant and gained 65lbs that I actually turned to fitness. Through my personal weight loss journey, I fell in love with fitness and it's been an amazing relationship since. Throughout the years I've done certifications and expanded my teaching into an overall wellness company.

What is your favorite part of being a fitness instructor?

Nothingcompares to the human connection element of teaching, but more than that, it'sknowing that you are helping people in a health journey that encompasses notjust the body, but the mind and their inner self as well. Connecting with themallows you to celebrate the milestones, help them fight through the strugglesand be part of their overall growth once they commit to a healthier lifestyle.

How would you describe your classes?

Myclasses are a mix of "Dayum" and "Hell Yeah.” I like tochallenge people to break out of their comfort zones and I don't stop untilthey embrace what their body is capable of doing. So where they start off withwide eyes mumbling "Dayum,” they'll finish off with a high five screaming"Hell Yeah.”

What is one fitness myth you would like to bust?

That "100 squats to a bigger booty" BS. Because of a personal goal of mine, I have spent a lot of time educating myself and consequently my clients/participants about the reality of building and toning a booty and I can tell you this … squatting 100x a day will NOT grow that booty! It takes way more than one repetitive movement and more like a series of many moves and added weights.

Tell us a little bit more about your specialty.

I specialize in booty and lower body focused boot camps and group classes. I am a master trainer for a HIIT program called, Strong by Zumba™ and have been a trainer for the past eight years. I am a trainer who loves to get sweaty, so I do the workout with my participants with them and next to them. I feel like that gives an extra push and it also allows me to be hands-on even in a group setting. Form and alignment are huge for me, so if I need to fix it, I fix it! Ohhh … I occasionally break out into dancing too, it seems to entertain as they are mid sweat.

Other than where you teach, where is your favorite place in Miamito train?

Iabsolutely love to train anywhere outside. South Pointe is a favorite, but Iactually love just going to the beach and whether I'm stretching, meditating,running or doing my bodyweight workouts, I feel like the salt in the air andthe sound of the waves give me such an exhilarating feeling. I tend to not havemusic on when I go there!

Besides fitness, what’s one thing you’re passionate about?

Icannot describe the passion I feel in helping people come out of their shell,find their inner strength and see them falling head over heels for exactly whothey are. I do this through my wellness coaching where my focus is breakingunhealthy patterns, restructuring inner conversations with self, andprioritizing needs vs wants. This has become a fire within me that is onlyfully described by the crazy facial expression I make and how my eyes trulytear up when I get to talk about it.

What is the one thing you do every day to stay fit?

WhileI can sit here and talk about my workouts and my nutrition, I truly believethat I stay fit by investing in my mind first. For me "fit" starts asa mindset before it actually takes physical form. You can workout all you want,but if you don't have purpose and intent, it won't last and it will become achore and not a lifestyle. Same with nutrition and any other aspect of abalanced life. So yeah, I meditate, I set intentions, I write my goals and Iread and focus on them, every damn day! It's my version of that fit picture onthe fridge I guess! HA!

How do you practice mental health in your everyday life?

Thisis a BIGGIE for me! My life changed once I started to invest in my mentalhealth. I had been a prisoner of anxiety ever since I was a teen and it wasn'tuntil my 30s that I took control. I began to meditate, do breathing exercisesand even be more present and alert to what brings more peace. I have a playlistdedicated to my mental health; I call it "Mood lifter.” I read, I write,and I love podcasts. Mental health is not a right or wrong, it's a"whatever works for you," and that is something I wish people wouldunderstand. You don't need to be in complete silence for 20 minutes tomeditate, you just need to find what it is that works for you in bringing forththat serenity you should feel within yourself.

Mantas Zvinas|Mantas Zvinas

Meet Mantas Zvinas, the Founder of Travel Adventure Company, Surf Yoga Beer

We caught up with SurfYogaBeer founder Mantas Zvinas to hear more about Surf Yoga Beer, and how his company is completely changing the way we travel.

Surf Yoga Beer is changing the way we travel. Fusing health and wellness into an action-packed adventure trip, SYB is all about building bonds with like-minded people in incredible destinations. We caught up with Surf Yoga Beer founder Mantas Zvinas to hear more about SYB, and get some insight on the Miami Weekend Adventure.

Hey Mantas - nice to connect.Tell us a little bit more about yourself.

Good morning, good morning, good morning! I’m from Los Angeles, worked in NYC for six years, and now live in London. My fitness background started with swimming, surfing, and yoga, and transitioned to mainly spin, where I teach at SoulCycle.

Sounds like that was the inspiration behind Surf Yoga Beer.

Definitely. When I came to NYC, I foundout that not that many people shared an experience like mine growing up -surfing, snowboarding, hiking, adventures down in Baja, Mexico on surf trips,etc. So, I started to bring a little of that lifestyle into the lives of someclients that could use a little, ‘Don’t Think Just Do’ spirit.

That is how Surf Yoga Beer all started, just sharing the three things I loved most in this world – adventure with Surfing, Yoga for perspective in life, and Beer for good times. 

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So what can guestsexpect during a typical SYB travel experience?

Whenyou show up to any SYB experience, and we have them every month all over theworld, you can expect a few things consistently. You will meet someonethat will become your new best friend. Our community is similar in that weshare our love for making ourselves into our best selves with daily workouts,time for reflection with introspective activities from our yoga leaders (manyof whom graduated from our yoga teacher training academy), and you can bet weindulge in the best way to bond with someone - a good party!

This isn’t a yoga retreat - we’ve had to make that clear a few times over our five years and 70+ trips. We are not eating granola, chanting, and forcing people to sleep at 9 PM. We are here to take in an experience that will remind you how to stay up late and stargaze in the middle of the Sahara Desert, or on a dock in Belize. We want you to dance the night away with the most embarrassing dance moves ever attempted, or to open up about true feelings on life with someone that feels the same exact way as you! These are now your new best friends.

Mantas Zvinas

Is the experienceentirely pre-planned, or can guests venture out on their own if they want?

It’sa blend and a balance, so while we’re loaded with activities, we always factorin some “free time” as well. Every day, from early morning to late nightparties, we’ve got it all planned out - boat days, hikes, beach runs to secretbars, and even designated time for bonding - but the majority of the time we’realso nearby a beach or pool, so it’s nice to chill a bit too. 

Health and wellness seemto be a major focus of the SYB experience. Tell us why that's soimportant, and how that differs from the usual travel itinerary.

Everytrip, the same thing happens - we pick everyone up from the airport, and itdoesn’t matter if we’re driving through historical Cuba or extraterrestrialIceland, everyone’s eyes and attention are within the bus and the guests.Travel is a funny business, most people travel to say they’ve been to amazingdestinations, but we truly believe it’s more about meeting amazing people.Because it doesn’t matter where you are, it’s ultimately about who you’re withtoo. That’s what the endorphins from workouts are for, that’s what the yoga isfor, that’s what the beer is for - it’s to bring us all together no matterwhere we might be around the globe.

What can everyone expectfrom the upcoming Miami Weekend Adventure?

Miami is a gem because while it will be familiar since it’s in the states, we purposely curated it to be not too familiar for everyone too, because it’s such a wonderful, culturally rich city with so many things to do away from South Beach. Our Surf Yoga Beer team based in Miami are incredible too, so it’s the perfect way to experience meeting new people while also getting a taste of the SYB international lifestyle – we’re stoked!

Get $100 off the Surf Yoga Beer Miami Weekend Adventure with code STAYFIT100.

Ryan Vergara

Quick 10 Interview With Boca Raton Fitness Trainer Ryan Vergara

We caught up with Boca Raton fitness trainer Ryan Vergara for a Quick 10 interview, but you can also follow him on Instagram – @trust_ryan.

It wasn't until Ryan Vergara moved to South Florida, was he able to discover his true place in the fitness industry. Now, Vergara helps clients reach their goals at the popular Get Fit Academy in Boca Raton. We caught up with Vergara for a Quick 10 interview, but you can also follow him on Instagram – @trust_ryan.

Tell usabout yourself - where are you from and how did you find your way to the 305?

I’m from Burbank, CA. I came here about two years ago. I was doing training back in California but was stuck in that hometown bubble. I moved to Florida on a whim because I had family out here, so it was a little bit of a jump start. Three months into moving here I found myself with a tremendous opportunity with Get Fit Academy. Now, I’m just filled with so much happiness with everyone I’ve surrounded myself with. A true team and family now.

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How didyou get your start in fitness and as an instructor?

Back in California, I went to a tech school for training. Learned hands-on in a gym as well as getting that book knowledge in the classroom. As soon as I finished, I went right to work. Just like all of us, I was finding what kind of trainer I was. But where I am now, I know I made the right decisions.

What isyour favorite part of being a fitness instructor?

Honestly, just hearing the stories. We all have our own story on how we got into this fitness life and journey. Not one story is the same. Hearing the ups and downs, things people have overcome to get to where they are, it’s some of the most inspiring things to hear. Especially with the fact that my members and clients trust me to take them to that next level, they’re trying to reach.

How wouldyou describe your classes?

Energy out the WAZOOOO! Our gym is based on the energy that’s around us. You hear the hype club music, the lights, and fog machine, and then you see the guy with the headset smiling and yelling at the same time. You’re surrounded by other members that are there for a similar reason, because we all know our worth and what we want.

Tell us alittle bit more about your specialty.

HIIT style training. I like to keep classes at a fast pace along with weight training. The thing people love about how I coach is that I’m real through and through. I’m not going to sugar coat things, but I’m also not going to break you down. I’ll let you know the truth from the minute we meet and keep it that way. I’m not going to be a different trainer or coach just because of my surroundings change or if I’m around other people. I’m me.

Besidesfitness, what’s one thing you’re passionate about?

Helping the younger generation. I do a lot of speaking at schools and with kids. It may sound cliché, but the kids are the future. So, if I can give them insight on how I grew up, or tricks and tips here and there, I want that. I want to give them that extra push or help if they need it.

What is along-term goal you are working towards or would love to achieve?

I want to speak. Ifeel that I can inspire so many with my words. Training and coaching are amazingbut speaking and motivating is where I thrive. Because in all honesty, trainerscan be replaced by an app. I don’t think many want to say that and accept thatidea, but my workouts can be replaced by an app. But what that app can’t andwill never do is bring my heart and soul to the session.

What isthe one thing you do every day to stay fit?

Two-a-days, six daysa week. I’m non-stop on the move. Always making sure I hold myself to thestandards I hold my members and clients to. I don’t want them to think I justtalk about it – I am about it.

How doyou practice mental health in your everyday life?

My day starts mad early. So, I’ll do the usual, get ready, brush the grill, eat a pre-breakfast, put my hat on backward and get into my car. On the way to my first client, I listen to motivational speeches or podcasts, and I’ll repeat what resonates with me.

What doyou love about the South Florida fitness/health & wellness community?

It’s huge! Everywhere I look I meet someone in the community. We all help each other, push each other, and at the end of the day, I want to see us all succeed. I understand there’s always going to be that competitive fight amongst trainers. But let’s be real, there’s so much opportunity in this field that we all can support and see the other win.

Scorpio workouts

Get Intense With These Workouts During Scorpio Season

The most intense and focused of the horoscope signs, Scorpio energy helps us dive deep, merge our superpowers, and form bonds that are built to last.

The most intense and focused ofthe horoscope signs, Scorpio energy helps us dive deep, merge oursuperpowers, and form bonds that are built to last. 

Scorpio is the eighth of the 12 zodiac signs, which begins its cycle from October 23 - November 21. Whether or not you have Scorpio planetary placements in your chart it’s important to understand the energy of this sign, as various planets travel (or “transit”) through Scorpio all year long, activating this sign’s watery energy for everyone, regardless of your Sun sign.

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Scorpios are all aboutpartnering up and making the workout a collective effort. Scorpios areenergized by others and motivated by groups. They love to bond, get intense andmake lasting friendships. Below are recommended workouts to vibe with theenergy of the scorpion. 

Legacy Fit: Partner Interval Training can help increase speed, power, endurance, and metabolic rate, helping you burn fat faster. The combination of HIIT and resistance training produces more of an “afterburn” than steady-state cardio, burning fat for up to 21 hours post-workout.

Anatomy: Get JacQ’d get toanother level by releasing your inner athlete from within. A total bodyconditioning workout that's comprised of weightlifting, resistance training,and bodyweight movements. Get JacQ'd 2.0 is all about teamwork, experience, andleaving everything on the turf.

Friday Night Sparring at Body & Soul: Sparring is fighting for learning purposes. You will get to SPAR with a trainer / pro-fighter and/or other members as well in a supervised setting with lots of instruction.

This Scorpio season will pushyou towards one-on-one bonding time, intense workouts, conversation, andreaching to goals you’ve set into motion for the end of the year. Take sometime to really feel what you're passionate about and use your closets friends assounding boards.  Enjoy exploring the depths of yourself and others.

Evelyn Curry|Evelyn Curry

Quick 10 Interview With Miami Fitness Trainer Evelyn Curry

We caught up with Miami fitness trainer Evelyn Curry for a Quick 10 interview, but you can also follow her on Instagram – @ecurry.

3:45 AM wake up calls were getting old for Miami Fitness Trainer, Evelyn Curry. She quickly realized her passions were not as the radio station, but inside the gym. Curry signed up for her NASM-CPT and never looked back. We caught up with Curry for a Quick 10 interview, but you can also follow her on Instagram – @ecurry.

Tell us about yourself - where are you from and how did you findyour way to the 305?

I was born and raised in Miami with a stint in Columbus, OH for college.

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How did you get your start in fitness and as an instructor?

Doyou have time for the whole answer?! I was the Morning Show Co-Host on 101.5for four years. 3:45 AM wake up calls were getting old and I didn't feel like Iwas doing "enough" or helping people in the way that I feel I am inthe gym. Going to the gym was the highlight of my day and I was always therebefore and after class times. I also loved going to new gyms to just checkthings out and meeting people. Finally, I signed up for my NASM-CPT and neverlooked back.

How do you stay full of energy throughout the day?

Iwish I had an answer, but I really am like this all the time. I don'tdrink pre-workout, coffee, or any of that stuff. Even for 5:00 AM classes.

How would you describe your classes?

Energetic,fun and challenging. Don't grab a 12 lb dumbbell when I say grab a heavyweight.I will make you put it back. You can't mail it in my class, do better and bebetter.

What is one fitness myth you would like to bust?

Wherecan I start? Lifting weights won't make you bulky. Two workouts a day won'toutwork a bad diet. You can't hit the "smaller" part of a muscle ortone a certain area. Let’s make it stop!

Tell us a little bit more about your specialty.

Being a female bootcamp instructor, I think it's my duty to inspire, push and make the gym a more welcoming space for all athletes but especially other women. If you want to get stronger, sore, and sweat, come see me.

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Besides fitness, what’s one thing you’re passionate about?

Dogs, food, and travel! I will make google spreadsheets of restaurants based on meals before we have even left.

What is a long-term goal you are working towards or would love toachieve?

I'vedone over 12 Crossfit competitions but I would love to try an OlympicWeightlifting meet.

How do you practice mental health in your everyday life?

Honestly,I just stop and smell the roses. I acknowledge how grateful, lucky and blessedI am right now. I don't take anything for granted.

What do you love about the South Florida fitness/health &wellness community?

Since South Florida is a big city, we get access to a lot of cool gyms not everyone else has access too! Hello, Barry's, Soul Cycle, Rise Nation, etc.

Kelsey Wells

Hear From Fitness Star Kelsey Wells Ahead of FIBO Miami

We caught up with fitness star and Creator of the PWR Workout - Kelsey Wells - ahead of her appearance at the FIBO Fitness Festival in Miami.

We caught up with international fitness star, SWEAT Trainer, and Creator of the PWR Workouts - Kelsey Wells - ahead of the FIBO Fitness Festival here in Miami. We talke a little bit about her partnership with FIBO and what fans can expect from PWR in the coming months.

Welcome back to Miami! Last time we spoke, you were getting ready to host a PWR workout here in Miami. How was the event, and what have you been up to since?

The event last year was absolutely amazing, I had an incredible time meeting so many amazing women from Miami and surrounding areas, and I cannot wait to have the opportunity to come back and meet with them again.

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In termsof what I’ve been up to since - back in April I launched my PWR at Home workoutprogram. It’s something that’s been in the works for a very long time, and I’mvery excited to now offer a program to women so they can train with meregardless of if it’s in a gym or at home!

So talkto us about your partnership with FIBO - why did you decide to partner withthem and what are you most excited about?

I’m really excited to work with the FIBO Miami crew this year. It’s such a well-respected fitness brand across the globe, and I really value the opportunity it’s given me to bring my PWR workout program to the women of Miami ​and help them to unlock their inner strength!

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What canfans and guests expect from your Q&A talk on Friday?

I’m really looking forward to the Q&A session because it’s such a wonderful way to connect directly with the amazing women of the PWR community. During my session, I plan to share the story behind my own personal health and fitness journey.

For me,fitness is about so much more than just ascetics - it’s about mental andemotional wellbeing just as much as physical health. I hope the women of Miamigo away feeling inspired and supported to continue on their health and wellnessjourney.

And you'rehosting a PWR workout on Saturday of the festival. Tell us about that andwhat's new on that front?

I’m so excited to be back with another live PWR session in Miami. I’ve written a whole new workout that is, of course, based on my PWR program, but will be done without equipment just using body weight. It’s going to be tough and sweaty, but also accommodating for all fitness levels - so come and lets SWEAT!

What can fans expect from you for the rest of 2019 and into 2020?

I have something exciting to come for the PWR community next month - I can’t say much more right now, but stay tuned! Looking ahead, more and more travel is on the cards, which I'm so grateful for. I'll be traveling to Dubai for the first time in December, which I'm really excited about. Travelling the world and meeting the incredible PWR community in real life is one of my favorite, if not the favorite, part of my job!