Miami Boxing Studios

Try One of These 10 Miami Boxing Studios in 2021

Step into one of these ten Miami studios and punch and kick your way into a better mood!

5th Street 

This boxing landmark on Miami Beach dates back to 1950 and with its history of famous boxers (Muhammad Ali used to frequent), 5th Street Gym is as real as it gets. Now offering daily traditional boxing classes, you can also take advantage of Thai boxing, Kong boxing, Krav Maga, Jeet Kune Do classes. 

  • Location: Miami Beach


Voted by our readers as the Best Gym in South Florida, be sure to check out Off The Hook (boxing) and Roundhouse (kickboxing) at the Midtown location. You’ll learn the basics about proper technique in both classes and walk out feeling like a champion. 

  • Locations: Miami Beach and Midtown

CKO Brickell

Get ready to punch, kick and sweat at this Brickell studio. First-timers to the studio will be given a rundown on punching and kicking combinations before the high-intensity workout begins. Expect bag work, body weight, and core exercise all in the hour-long class. 

  • Location: Brickell


With 5 locations across South Florida, the newest addition at Brickell Heights offers Boxing that you don’t want to miss. In this technique-based class, you’ll punch heavy bags, and utilize speed bags, focus pads, and jump ropes for calorie-torching cardio and upper body workout that will leave you in fighting shape. 

  • Locations: Coral Gables, South Beach, Brickell, Brickell Heights 

Fight Club

This 20,000 square feet, state-of-the-art facility features several central stage-like main Boxing Rings as well as other gym and resistance training equipment for your entire body. From group classes running from Boxing Explosion to Bootcamp and Circuit classes and supervised sparring, Fight Club has been a mainstay in the Miami-boxing scene for professional, weekend warriors, and first-timers too.

  • Location: Downtown

Fit Box Method

Whether you choose a 45-or 60-minute class, prepare to get in a full-body workout that includes improving your technique while shaping, toning, and sculpting your upper and lower body. Through a mix of cardio boxing and resistance training, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and circuit training, boxing moves are fundamental to each class. 

  • Location: Edgewater

Knockout Miami

Knockout offers a wide range of cardio boxing classes designed to work your full body. Certain classes focus on specific areas ie upper body, lower body, legs, booty, and core, but no matter what class you sign up for, be prepared to work.  

  • Location: Doral

Mickey Demos

This traditional boxing club, run by Mickey Demo, son of Mickey Demos Sr, is University of Miami’s Sports Hall of Fame member representing the boxing program, the real deal ring will turn you into a skilled and fit fighter. Bring a friend on Saturdays to the community class at 10 AM.

  • Location: Miami

Punch Elite Fitness

Step in front of the bag or get into the ring with these elite boxing professional-led classes that focus on the fundamentals of boxing.  From bag work and drills to free weights and core work, you’ll get a full-body workout and fighter's mentality. 

  • Location: Edgewater

Tapout Fitness

Tapout fuses the discipline of boxing with the energy of cardio, weight training, and HIIT, all classes are designed to deliver an experience that is challenging and rewarding, no matter your age, fitness level, or background.

  • Locations: Coral Gables, Downtown, Pembroke Pines

Step into one of these Miami studios and punch and kick your way into a better mood!

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It's that time of year again! It's your chance to show love to your favorite gym or studio in Miami. Voting ends for this year's Fan Favorite Award: Best Gym/Studio in Miami-Dade on Thursday, December 31, 2020 at 11:59PM EST. The winner will be announced in 2021.

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F45 Upper Eastside Miami

The 45 Minute Sweat Everyone is Talking About

F45 Upper Eastside is a boutique fitness franchise that is sweeping South Florida. With nearly 20 locations in the market, it's a must-try experience.

All good things start with the name. For F45, the F stands for functional training, and 45 is the total workout time. But 45 minutes is all you're going to need at F45 Upper East Side.

The massively popular franchise, which to our estimate is approaching 20 locations in the South Florida market, is a mix of circuit and HIIT style training focused on everyday movement. The franchise seems to have struck a cord with group fitness goers, with Instagram users sharing their latest sweat.

Designed to unify the muscle groups of the body to improve performance, the F45 programming mix boasts 37 different workouts, using a combination of over 2,700 exercises so members are always experiencing a different workout. Some days feature more cardio, while others are centered around resistance training.

"F45 has taken functional training to the next level. We are a HIIT training program that is not pigeon-holed into a repetitive and predictable class," said Alex Fernandez, Director at F45 Upper Eastside. "Our sessions get the most out of only 45 minutes, keeping our members guessing every day. There's no wasted time here. From the novice to the seasoned athlete, everyone sees results."

F45 Upper Eastside has free and easy parking, a big perk in Miami, a full service shower facilities., and a positive environment with coaches keeping you moving and motivated.

The studio is also following all current CDC guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic for cleanliness and safety.

"The well-being of our members is always on our minds since and even before our reopening," said Fernandez. "We take meticulous care to keep the studio clean and disinfected. Now we have doubled down our efforts by taking member and staff temperature before coming into the studio, requiring masks while working out, giving a towel and disinfectant when attending class to wipe down equipment, and creating individual pods for our members where they do not have to share equipment."

F45 Upper Eastside, is located at 7549 Biscayne Blvd in Miami. Sign up for your first class free at or check them out on Instagram at @f45_training_uppereastside.

Swim Lesson at L.A. Lee YMCA/ Mizell Community Center in Fort Lauderdale

Swim Lessons Part of New YMCA Fort Lauderdale

The YMCA of South Florida will offer swim lessons and water safety education to the children and families in the Sistrunk community, at the new L.A. Lee YMCA/Mizell Community Center.

Did you know that three children die every day as a result of drowning? If that wasn't horrifying enough, Florida leads the country in drowning deaths of children ages 1-4 years. In a state with over 8,000 lakes, miles of ocean front, and what seems like a pool in every backyard, something needs to be done.

Thankfully, Drowning Prevention is of the highest concern for the South Florida YMCA, and the new L.A. Lee YMCA/Mizell Community Center opening in Fort Lauderdale next year, will offer water safety and swim lessons to the community.

“Drowning deaths are the leading cause of death among small children, but we know drowning is preventable with swim lessons,” said Sheryl A. Woods, President & CEO of the YMCA of South Florida. “The Y is dedicated to making sure that all children have the opportunity to learn how to swim and that all families are educated about how to keep their loved ones safe in and around water – regardless of their race or ethnicity, or where they live.”

With the new pool at the L.A. Lee YMCA/Mizell Community Center in the Sistrunk community more people will be able to learn to swim, be safe and have the opportunity to enjoy water activities, with the goal of reducing the number of drownings in South Florida.

Here’s why it matters:

  • 88% of youth drowning incidents occur under adult supervision - National SAFE KIDS Campaign
  • Formal swimming lessons reduce the likelihood of childhood drowning by 88% - USA Swimming Foundation
  • For every child who dies from drowning, another five receive emergency department care for nonfatal submersion injuries - The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

In addition to offering life-saving swim lessons and drowning prevention programs, the L.A. Lee YMCA/Mizell Community Center will also provide fitness and lap swim programming for all ages, including active older adults. For additional information, contact the YMCA at 954-334-9622, or visit

Mind.Body.1 Deerfield Beach FL

Mind Over Muscle is the Key to Cognitive Conditioning

Athletes, trainers, and avid fitness enthusiasts are aware of the importance of maintaining a consistent exercise routine and healthy diet to achieve optimum levels of performance, nutrition, and physical aesthetics. Yet many leave out a key part of the body that ultimately controls how well we can sustain our fitness goals and overall wellbeing in the long term, our brain. 

Athletes, trainers, and avid fitness enthusiasts are aware of the importance of maintaining a consistent exercise routine and healthy diet to achieve optimum levels of performance, nutrition, and physical aesthetics.  Yet many leave out a key part of the body that ultimately controls how well we can sustain our fitness goals and overall well being in the long term, our brain. 

Although anatomically speaking, the brain isn’t really a muscle, as it’s mostly made up of gray and white matter, one should treat and train it as if it was one.  Science has proven that much like the muscles of the body, lack of brain exercise leads to loss of strength, size, and endurance. 

Former athlete Nicholas Davenport, also known on social media as “Mr. Mental Muscle”, of Mind.Body.1, was a track and field star throughout middle school, high school, and college. However, something that set him apart from other student-athletes growing up was his thirst for knowledge. His curiosity in the ways science could affect his performance in athletics was something that only expanded over time.  Science fair projects consisted of utilizing his friends as test subjects for experiments involving cognitive and physical exercises.  

Davenport attended Bethune-Cookman where after several changes in majors, he realized his interest continued to mainly focus on behavioral science as he knew this was the key to building the mind and body connection and he eventually earned a degree in Psychology.  Davenport later earned a Master’s degree in Sports Psychology from the California University of PA.

In 2015, Davenport took a job at an addiction center where he had the opportunity to put forth some of his methodologies of cognitive conditioning by working with patient groups on drills that included combining physical exertion with mental stimulation and that’s how Mind.Body.1 was born. Today he works with top professional athletes, military and police forces, corporations, and schools by sharing his integrative and innovative methods for achieving optimum brain health and overall high performance. 

Davenport stresses his approach reveals that it’s not a matter of speed, agility, or strength that determines one’s level of peak performance but rather consistency and focus especially under pressure and the brain is the key to achieving these main components. For example, in certain sports, some athletes have to make split-second decisions that could affect the outcome of their performance or even safety.  This requires utilizing the part of the brain that requires problem-solving, also used for mathematics, cryptograms, and chess to name a few, to consider various solutions. Therefore, the methods used at Mind.Body.1 include simultaneous drills that involve vision and memory skills mixed with physical agility and endurance. 

Mind.Body.1 methods can be widely used not only for high-level athletic performance, but through education within the school and corporate settings, addiction and recovery groups, the active aging population, and those suffering from neurocognitive impairments. The psychological benefits have also proven to reduce anxiety and increase overall focus. This is the perfect program for anyone looking to improve their overall state of mental and physical health for years to come.

To learn more about Mind.Body.1 visit

Tremble Pilates South Miami

Tremble Pilates Announces Fifth Location in South Miami Opening 2021

Tremble Pilates has announced its fifth location in South Miami, set to open in 2021.

After splitting with JetSet Miami Pilates earlier this year, Tremble Pilates have announced their fifth location in South Miami, set to open the first quarter of 2021. The news of this expansion comes on the heels of their recent collaboration with Anatomy announced in September.

“South Miami is where I started in 2013,” said Tremble Pilates founder Aryan Rashed. “For me, it’s such an amazing opportunity to grow the fitness community in that area more.”

The Tremble Pilates South Miami studio is a 2,000 square foot location that will come with all of the brand’s typical offerings – exciting instructors, high-end reformers, and a class lineup that gets everyone excited to sweat.

“Miami has changed a lot over the last seven years, especially in South Miami,” said Rashed. “With new residents in the South corridor, we are able to engage new clients in addition to our loyal clientele. I am excited to be able to bring that in a more convenient way.”

The Tremble Pilates South Miami location will be located at 6448 South Dixie Highway, South Miami, FL 33143. For more information, visit

Pura Vida

Pura Vida Opens Largest Location to Date in Miami Beach

Pura Vida’s newest location recently opened at 959 West Ave. in Miami Beach. It’s the chain’s fifth and largest location to date.

Pura Vida, a Miami-based wellness restaurant, is expanding its reach across South Florida.

Since its inception in 2012, Pura Vida has become a fixture on the local wellness-focused dining scene. Founded by husband-and-wife team, Omer and Jennifer Horev, the concept is best known for its all-day breakfast menu, which includes a range of raw vegan dishes, organic açaí bowls, fresh-squeezed juices, superfood smoothies, salads, wraps, and açai bowls. The restaurant's recipes use local and organic ingredients whenever possible.

Pura Vida's newest location recently opened at 959 West Ave. in Miami Beach. It's the chain's fifth and largest location to date, its indoor and outdoor spaces occupying a combined 4,000 square feet. In addition to the chain's standbys, the new restaurant will showcase several new dishes, including a "Blue Majik" smoothie bowl, which contains organic fruit blended with blue algae and topped with homemade gluten-free granola and coconut; a pumpkin-spice latte; and gluten-free chocolate or lemon polenta cake ($3.50 to $8).

Other new items include wellness shots, a new catering menu that features "mini" bowls, and bakery items for your dog. As of November 4, those items will be available at all Pura Vida locations.

The West Avenue location also marks the launch of a delivery and takeout service, available through the Pura Vida Miami app, which Omer calls "one of the biggest changes that I didn’t foresee. The app has proved to be beneficial, especially during quarantine when we were only open for takeout."

The brand now has locations in South Beach, the Design District, Edgewater, and Coral Gables. The Horevs are focusing their efforts on their first Palm Beach County location, slated to open in West Palm Beach at the end of the year. Plans are in the works for three additional locations to open in 2021 — in Aventura, Bay Harbor Islands, and Fort Lauderdale's Las Olas neighborhood.

This story was originally published on Miami New Times by Nicole Danna and can be found here.

studio image miami

Experience The Best 50 Minutes of Your Day at FORM50 Miami

FORM50 Miami was founded by Monica Marder and uses a science-based functional approach by Ky Evans called The L.I.F.T. Method.

Get LIIT under the purple lights of FORM50 in Midtown Miami. FORM50 was founded by Monica Marder and uses a science-based functional approach by Ky Evans called The L.I.F.T. Method. The LIIT I'm referring to stands for low-impact interval training and the goal is to transform your body.

"FORM50 is a vibe -  the class moves to the beat of a party playlist with an ultra-sleek, boutique vibe that feels nothing like a gym, so you actually want to be there," said Marder, Founder & CEO of FORM50 as well as Coach.

The studio's custom-designed equipment, the FORMformer, may look like one that you've seen around town in Pilates studios, but FORM50 wants you to know they are NOT a Pilates class. Inspired by weight lifting and functional training, LIIT at FORM50 is a full-body workout designed to make you stronger for everyday life while still being low impact on your joints. This makes it perfect for strengthening and challenging your body or coming back from an injury.

Some of the benefits of LIIT on the FORMformer versus your typical Pilates class include a wider range of motion, a wider variety of moves, and more resistance. FORM50 aims to increase your caloric burn - and you'll have fun doing it.

"At FORM50 we do not lay down, pulse, or train in blocks," said Marder. "We use this science-based approach of super slow in combination with fast explosive movements, all done without running, jumping, and injuring your body. This is the workout Miami has been waiting for!"

In what is arguably the best feature for a Miami studio, there is free parking in the lot behind the building. FORM50 is following all COVID-19 protocols for cleanliness and social distancing and masks are required per Miami-Dade regulations. The studio sells grippy socks, activewear, and various other workout accessories.

Your first class is free at FORM50 with promo code 305GETLIIT.  There is also a two-class special or a first week discount for new clients. Class packages and memberships are also available on their app or at

FORM50 is located at 3130 North Miami Ave. Follow them on Instagram at @form50fitness.

lobby, SPIN, WERK

Work Smarter Not Harder at SPENGA's Fort Lauderdale Studio

SPENGA opened a new studio where you can ride, rep, and revive in Fort Lauderdale. They have another South Florida location in Boca Raton.

SPENGA opened a new studio where you can ride, rep, and revive in Fort Lauderdale. They have another South Florida location in Boca Raton.

SPENGA's goal is to maximize your results without breaking down your body. You work out in the three modalities that create the studio's name: spin, strength training, and yoga.  During the class you get 20 minutes with each workout, giving you cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility training in every 60-minute session.

Start with cardio on the bike, and follow it with a strength-based workout, before finishing with yoga stretching. This concept is designed to improve endurance, strength, and flexibility training in every session. You are truly getting an all-in-one studio with SPENGA.

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SPENGA Fort Lauderdale is located at 1201 N. Federal Hwy. For more information on memberships and pricing, check out


Hack Your Health Using Biomeridian Testing at Biosoul Balancing in Miami

Lily Lipton of Biosoul Balancing can help you hack your health holistically using biomeridian testing and help your body feel as good as it should.

We try to be healthy in our day to day lives and want to believe that we are in tune with what our body needs, but it can be hard to understand exactly what is going on internally. Whether your digestion feels off, or you just know you should be feeling better than you are, Lily Lipton of Biosoul Balancing can help you hack your health holistically using biomeridian testing.

"Every single person's body is different and biomeridian testing is a great hack to finding better balance in your life. Especially those who struggle with feeling their best, have gut issues, feel off or whatever their symptom may be, we can help. Biosoul Balancing was built on the understanding that everyone's body is different," said Lipton. "Through this assessment, we can further help people find their optimum wellness and balance within their body, mind, and soul."

Biomeridian testing is a non-invasive whole-body wellness scan that can detect possible imbalances in your organs and organ systems. Using an imperceptible electric current on specific meridian points on your hands and feet, it tells you where your body needs help and what can bring you back to balance.

Lipton started Biosoul Balancing after years of her own chronic health struggles that included Lyme disease and a lower back spinal fusion. Biomeridian testing was the only thing that helped her get to the root of her problems after years of being misdiagnosed by doctors and actually heal from Lyme. After she graduated from Law School, she realized she was much more interested in helping people understand what is going on in their bodies. Armed with knowledge from her own struggle and certifications in Holistic Nutrition and Biomeridian Testing, she started her own business right here in Miami.

Biomeridian testing can tell you an endless amount of things about your body, such as your hormone levels, mineral and vitamin deficiencies, and food sensitivities. It can even review your emotions and help determine the best protocol for dealing with anxiety or stress. If you are curious about your body's overall energy, biomeridian testing can also find chakra imbalances and help to balance them.

After finding out the areas in your body that need work, biomeridian testing will help determine what you should avoid and what you might need more of. Lipton tests how specific supplements would affect your body, down to the exact dosage, for a completely customized solution. Conversely, it can let you know if any of your current supplements are not working for your body. You are encouraged to bring any of the supplements you are currently taking to your session to help test their effectiveness on your body.

“My goal for Biosoul was to help people feel good and find their best way to feel well all the time. To help my clients gain the knowledge about their bodies and wellness to give them the power to make decisions on what's best for their own personal health journey and take wellness into their hands," said Lipton. "I'm just the guiding tool on their wellness journey helping them to walk the path. It can be frustrating when blood tests come back and it says everything's normal but you know something's off in your body. The goal is to give my clients the knowledge of what may be going on in their bodies and help them feel their best.”

With all of the data that can be revealed through testing, sessions are very thorough and can take up to two hours. Lipton spends a lot of time examining the outputs and explaining what she finds, and is as interested in what is going on in your body as you are. After your session, you will get a report that lists all your meridians and shows the energetic weakened, stressed, and balanced areas of your body. You will also leave with recommendations on changes to improve your weakened areas and help your body run efficiently.

I found the test to be very insightful - confirming what I knew about my seasonal allergies, providing some additional understanding into my hormone levels, and warning me about things like how my favorite pre-workout beverage is draining my adrenals (darn!). I left with specific solutions that I am looking forward to trying out.

Right now Biosoul Balancing is offering two specials on biomeridian testing until the end of the year. New clients can take $20 off a session and 3 session packages are available for $340. For more information, check out or on Instagram at biosoulbalancing.

JETSET Miami Pilates|JETSET Miami Pilates|JETSET Miami Pilates|JETSET Miami Pilates|JETSET Miami Pilates

JETSET Miami Pilates Opens Fourth South Florida Location and Announces New Investors

JETSET MIAMI Pilates Sunset Harbour is officially open, thanks to new investors Leila and David Centner.

JETSET MIAMI Pilates Sunset Harbour is officially open, thanks to Leila and David Centner, founders of the David and Leila Centner Family Foundation Inc. and Centner Academy, the company’s newest investors. Founded in 2010 by Tamara Galinsky, this marks the brand's fourth South Florida location, including Brickell, South Miami, and Miami Beach.

JETSET MIAMI employs a modern pilates method where custom reformers are used to merge strength training, pilates and cardio in a group class setting. The studio creates its own training program and holds training for new instructors every three months. Unlike the other locations, the new studio in Sunset Harbour will feature a large group reformer room and three private/duet rooms.

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“We look forward to what is to come from this partnership,” said Leila Centner, co-founder of the David and Leila Centner Family Foundation Inc. and Centner Academy. “My philosophy has always been centered around the wellbeing of others, and this opportunity is a step into investing in the wellness of people and allows me to play an active role in helping my community.”

“I have learned from my own mistakes that creating good operating agreements with strategic or operating partners from the start is the only way to grow,” stated Tamara Galinsky, founder of JETSET MIAMI. “JETSET is now a business in a box: after ten years in operation, we have learned best practices we can now pass on, which means it is worthy of franchising.”

JETSET Miami Pilates

In addition to their popular streaming service, “JETSET Miami 18,” designed to workout from anywhere in only 18 minutes, JETSET MIAMI has reopened their three studios and reformers have been spaced apart to respect clients’ personal space, health and safety. Dedicated reformers for JETSET clients means their clients feel safer coming into a group fitness class.

“With the cost of healthcare growing, prevention is key,” said Galinsky. “Staying active and healthy has become mainstream. People also want fast results and convenience – if they want their Starbucks – they can get it on almost every other corner. That is our vision for JETSET. Make it affordable and make it easily available.”

JETSET MIAMI studios are located in Brickell at 40 SW 13th St. #504, South Miami at 6448 S. Dixie Highway, and Miami Beach at 110 Washington Ave. The new location will be located at 1860 West Ave, Miami Beach. For more information, visit


Blue Space Announces New Location and Membership for Miami Trainers

Blue Space is now floating in Vice City Marina at 801 Brickell Bay Drive. This new location in Miami offers beautiful panoramic views of Biscayne Bay.

Previously located in the Grove, Blue Space is now floating in Vice City Marina at 801 Brickell Bay Drive. This new location in Miami offers beautiful panoramic views of Biscayne Bay.

Blue Space still has the same goal of helping you tap into a more relaxed and happier state of mind that comes with being on or near the water, also known as your blue mind. Blue Space is designed for a variety of activities that boost your well-being such as yoga and meditation.

Now, Blue Space has an exclusive membership program specifically for wellness entrepreneurs and fitness instructors that will allow them to have their own dedicated, private space to host clients and training sessions. Especially this year, Blue Space is a great option for trainers as the space can be opened on three sides, making it a well-ventilated and safe outdoor area for clients.

"We understand how difficult business has become this year because of the virus and with indoor locations closed or limited, Blue Space is a unique and safe alternative to host wellness sessions," said Alex Ciklik, co-founder of Blue Space.

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The first ten people to sign up for the new membership will be part of the Founding Member program for $300 per month, which includes 4 hours. Additional bookings are also available at $50 per hour. There are only a few spots remaining for this membership option.

After the Founding Member program closes, the regular membership program will be available for $400 per month, which includes 4 hours. Both memberships require a minimum three-month commitment and 4 hours booked per month, or one hour a week.

For the Stay Fit 305 community, sign up by the end of October and Blue Space will waive the $100 fee for the first month!

For more information, head to or email You can also sign up for a free hour trial on their website and experience Blue Space for yourself!


Tremble Pilates and Anatomy Announce New Collaborative Partnership

Tremble and Anatomy have announced a partnership that will bring the newly launched Pilates brand to Anatomy's South Florida locations.

Tremble, the new Miami-based Pilates brand, and Anatomy, have announced a partnership that will bring the Tremble brand to Anatomy studios across the city, allowing exclusive access for Anatomy members.

"As we continue to grow and expand our offerings, we want to partner with like-minded brands that will bring value to our members. It’s a homerun," said David Geller, Chief Operating Officer at Anatomy.

Anatomy has been on a tear in the past 24 months, opening its Midtown Miami location, announcing plans for a Coconut Grove location, and expanding their group fitness programming across the board.

"Grow or die," said Geller. "We are constantly pushing ourselves to provide the best for the community, in a safe and thoughtful manner."

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For Tremble, this is a huge win for the newly launched brand, but success and growth aren't new for founder Aryan Rashed, the former Co-Owner of JetSet Pilates. Tremble launched earlier this year after Rashed broke away from the JetSet Pilates brand, and now has Tremble locations in Miami Beach, North Miami, Coral Gables, and now inside Anatomy Midtown Miami.

"We are equally excited to work with Anatomy - not just the fitness aspect - culturally and value wise," said Rashed. "This is a challenging time across all businesses, so to have two brands come together to enhance the fitness experience is great."


Tremble is a high-intensity, low impact workout combining the best parts of Pilates, strength training, and cardio all into one sweaty session. Guests have the option to try one of six classes offered by Tremble when they step inside their studio, which will now also be featured exclusively at Anatomy facilities as well.

"Clients were already bouncing between Tremble and Anatomy before COVID-19, so it's a natural fit," said Rashed. "We have the proper safety standards in our studio and at Anatomy, so clients can sweat together safely."

Anatomy and Tremble coming together is another sign of a clear trend that has swept the fitness industry in the past several years - collaboration is critical to survival.

"We are a both Miami born brands - and the ability to bring Miami brands together is important to both companies to provide more offerings to the Miami fitness community," said Geller.


South Florida Studio Turns Up the Heat on Your Favorite Workouts

HOTWORX is the latest innovation within the fitness industry that infuses the benefits of infrared energy and heat with exercise and it's in South Florida.

We’ve all experienced those great workouts that leave you covered in sweat and there is something to be said about the energized and revitalized feeling following those sessions. Now there’s a studio that helps you feel the burn both inside and out. 

Launched in 2017 by Planet Beach Spray & Spa tanning salon entrepreneur and former bodybuilder Stephen Smith, HOTWORX is the latest innovation within the fitness industry that infuses both the benefits of infrared energy and heat with exercise. The patent-created infrared sauna fitness rooms offer three-dimensional training that results in users achieving an intense workout while reaping the health benefits of infrared energy such as increased calorie burn; detoxification; improved circulation; pain relief; and anti-aging and skin rejuvenation.

Janine Halprin, owner of the Fort Lauderdale location since 2019 and a lifelong fitness enthusiast, wanted to find something to invest her time in once she and her husband became empty-nesters. They came across HOTWORX and loved the concept and now with 300 members, they are excited to see interest quickly spreading among the community.

The studio includes personal infrared sauna fitness rooms equipped with a TV monitor for your virtual instruction. The 30-minute, pre-recorded, virtual-based isometric workouts include Hot ISO, Hot Yoga, Hot Pilates, Hot Barre None, Hot Warrior, Hot Core, Hot Buns, and Hot Bands. For those seeking a real burn, they also offer 15-minute, high-intensity workouts that include Hot Cycle and Hot Blast (total body, HITT-based workout).

HOTWORX also has a designated area called the FX Zone equipped with weights, ropes, and other equipment that members can use in between their infrared workout sessions. This area is also equipped with a silent trainer video displayed on a monitor demonstrating various routines recommended for the FX Zone area.

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The concept behind HOTWORX has proved to be the perfect solution for those seeking to get back in the gym while maintaining social distancing.  The studio is also open 24- hours allowing members to visit the studio any time with a personal pin code giving them access to utilize the infrared sauna fitness rooms, take any of the classes since they run in 15-30 minute intervals, or enjoy the FX Zone long after staffed hours to accommodate their schedules.

There are three South Florida locations, Miami (Dadeland), Pembroke Pines, and Fort Lauderdale.  Pop in now for a free session and Earn the Burn.


GluteHouse Officially Opens for Glute Gains on August 31

GluteHouse membership registration is now live for the 4-week session that begins August 31. Sign up now for the best glute gains in Miami

After a two month soft opening, GluteHouse officially opens August 31, and membership registration is now live for the first 4-week session.

GluteHouse is designed to be the only lower-body workout you'll need. The program, which heavily focuses on your glutes (in case the name didn't give it away), blends group fitness and personal training. It is app-guided where one person starts their workout every ten minutes and moves through five stations, while overseen by a floor coach who can answer questions on form or weights.

The training app not only provides GluteHouse members with all the workout and instructional movement videos, but it also lets you record your reps and weights each class. The app will track your progress and let you know when you get new personal records.

"We have members following a well-thought-out program and not just winging the number of sets and reps," said GluteHouse founder Adam Becker. "We've removed the intimidation factor, created a fun environment, and our floor coaches make sure your form is right."

Memberships include two training sessions per week, Workout A and Workout B, and members are encouraged to take at least two days off between workouts. GluteHouse is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday with start times available from 6:30 AM to 10:30 AM and 3 PM to 7 PM.

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For anyone looking to get a little more comfortable on the machines, GluteHouse will also be offering personal training. There is a two-session package to cover education on all the machines. For the more advanced looking to take their glute training to the next level, you can also buy sessions with a trainer for a customized program.

"A lot of people have been intimidated with using machines and what they should be doing for a workout, and for some, doing this type of training in a large gym can draw unwanted looks," said Becker. "We've now made this style of training accessible to the masses."

I got to be part of the soft-opening group and as one of the first to experience this new concept, I can ASSure you that the results will speak for themselves when you follow the workouts and put in the work! In addition to getting to use some amazing equipment, GluteHouse gives you all the tools you need to show up and crush your workout.

Whether you want to go month to month or make a longer commitment, GluteHouse has various packages available. However, all members must start at the beginning of a four-week cycle. That means your next opportunity to join in would be September 28.

To purchase your membership or for more information, head to You can also download the GluteHouse Membership app to reserve your spot. Space is limited and capacity is already half full so make sure you join the GluteGang soon!


Flow on the Water with Turquoise Floating Yoga in Miami

Turquoise Floating Yoga in Miami invites you to try stand up paddleboard yoga and take your practice from the land to the sea.

Turquoise Floating Yoga invites you to try paddle yoga and take your practice from the land to the sea. In case you are not familiar, paddle yoga is yoga on a stand-up paddleboard (SUP).

Meghan Swanson is the owner and teacher behind Turquoise Floating Yoga (TFY). Swanson has a number of certifications, including being a World Paddle Association (WPA) Certified SUP Instructor, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and an RYT-500 yoga instructor. For her, TFY combines so many things that she loves.

"As a former math teacher, I have a love for teaching. I grew up spending summers at the beach so I always had a deep appreciation for the water. As my yoga practice developed and deepened over the years it helped not only my physical fitness but it also made me an all-around calmer and happier person," said Swanson. "When I had the opportunity to move to Miami, I was inspired to start TFY so I could share SUP yoga with others that I hoped would benefit from the practice as much as I did."

Swanson offers paddle yoga, paddle fitness, and SUP lessons at Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park and Blue Lagoon Farm Miami. All sessions include the use of a BOGA YOGA paddleboard and all required gear, including a paddle, leash, & personal flotation device.

Whether you are looking for a lesson to learn the technique, the chance to relax and flow in nature, or a challenging HIIT workout on the water, Swanson has you covered. TFY offers sessions, lessons, small group classes, and events.

In addition to activities on the water, TFY is also a mobile yoga studio on land. Swanson will provide group classes or private sessions in your home, office, or community space throughout Miami. TFY provides everything you might need for the full yoga studio experience, including mats, blocks, and straps.

This year, Swanson also started offering virtual yoga classes as well so that you can practice anywhere.

"Give it a try and experience the bliss of flowing on water," says Swanson.

Her upcoming schedule is available on her website You can also follow on Instagram at turquoisefloatingyoga.

Tapout Fitness Miami|Tapout Fitness Miami

4 Things to Know About Tapout Fitness Miami

Tapout Fitness Miami is bringing a whole new fitness experience to the Magic City. Here are four things you should know about Tapout before you book a class.

1. Tapout is for all fitness levels - Tapout Fitness Miami mixes old school and new school training. As you would expect from a boxing class, there's no love lost when you're grinding through a workout, with some of Miami's hottest trainers will be taking you to places you've never been before. Tapout features branded boxing, kickboxing, and HIIT classes for all ages and fitness levels, and also allows for families to join together in their fitness journeys.

2. Tapout is More Than a Boxing Studio - Tapout Miami features all the bells and whistles you'd come to expect from your typical boxing gym. The 2,000 square-foot Black and Blue fitness room sports heavy bags, weights, and assault bikes. Tapout Fitness Miami also features The Focusmaster, which combines the resistance training of a heavy bag with the accuracy, speed, and combination training of focus mitts. While Tapout honors the martial arts philosophy of discipline, it brings along the energy of cardio, resistance, and HIIT, creating an experience that fully integrates the mind and body.

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3. Get Technical with Tapout's Martial Art Program - For those who crave a more traditional path, Tapout Fitness Miami offers a variety of inspired martial arts classes. The Tapout Fitness Miami Martial Arts Program incorporates a belt ranking program for both adults and children. You can also jump in the ring to get personal training with any of their trainers or work on your punches with specialized mitt training sessions.

4. Tapout Has all the High-End Amenities You Could Want - Tapout Fitness Miami offers an elevated fitness experience in this flagship location. From a complete organic juice and coffee bar, Ringside Organics, to a boxing ring and a fitness room where you'll be transported by the beats, Tapout has thought of every detail possible to deliver a complete experience once you walk in the door. Let's not forget the changing room, lockers, and showers for the full sweat-and-go experience.


Roll Your Way Healthier at Body Roll Studio in Miami Beach

Body Roll Studio is like a foam roller and sauna in one, combining the healing effects of slimming and lymphatic massage, and it is in Miami Beach.

After opening successfully in New York City, Body Roll Studio decided to come to Miami Beach. Body Roll Studio is like a foam roller and sauna in one, combining the healing effects of slimming and lymphatic massage. 

A lymphatic massage helps to relieve muscle tension and lose inches from the body, eliminating unnecessary toxins and reducing cellulite. At Body Roll Studio, the rollers do all the work, rotating at a certain number of revolutions per minute, while the infrared lamps help improve the elasticity of the skin.

Owner Piret Aava discovered these rollers in her home country of Estonia. After a session, Aava noticed she was sore the next day even though she works out a lot. She acknowledges that she was always lazy with the foam roller and that this helped with her mobility and also to ease muscle tension.

When you arrive, you will get your own room, with its own wooden roller and TV screen to guide you through the session. You stay fully clothed during the roll and, right now, you also need to wear a mask for the duration of your session. One session at Body Roll Studio is 45 minutes, during which the machines are set up with 15 special 3-minute positions focusing on different areas and muscle groups according to the principles of lymphatic massage. While the typical session is 45 minutes long, there are also shorter sessions for people with less time.

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While the video walks you through all of the different body parts for a full-body massage, you can also do what you want and focus more on certain areas. The session is even more customizable with the ability to change roller speeds. You can roll faster to get deeper into the muscles or slower for a more superficial massage. The infrared lights can also be adjusted.

Truly everyone can benefit from a session at Body Roll Studio. It gets your blood moving similar to a workout and you will leave detoxed, relaxed, and happy.

It is recommended to eat before rolling, as it is a powerful machine and not eating can cause you to get lightheaded during the session. It is also very important for participants to drink enough water during the procedure as muscles work at their maximum just when the body is sufficiently hydrated. Liquid intake before and after the massage is also very important as it helps the body to eliminate toxins more easily. 

Your first roll is $40. Beyond that, there are class packages available at different rates, as well as an unlimited monthly membership for $399.

Book your session with Body Roll Studio on their app or their website Visit them on Instagram @bodyrollstudio.


Bodytek Fitness Wynwood Studio Closes After 7 Years

After seven years in Miami, Bodytek Fitness is closing their Wynwood studio. The owners cited COVID-19 as the reason for the closure.

After seven years in Miami, Bodytek Fitness is closing their Wynwood studio.

In an email to studio patrons, owners Mikey Verdugo and Trey Opp confirmed that "COVID-19 has claimed yet another innocent victim."

Verdugo and Opp cited the initial government-mandated closure, followed by a reopening under restrictive guidelines as the reasons that operations were no longer sustainable.

"More than 757,120 workouts were logged by more than 12,010 unique visitors during our time between two Wynwood locations," said Verdugo and Opp. "When we look back at this we can only stand in amazement and awe with full appreciation for all that you gave to us through your commitment to your personal fitness and overall wellness and for including Bodytek Fitness as an integral component."

Bodytek Fitness maintains several other Broward County locations, including in Davie, Parkland, Pembroke Pines, Pompano Beach, Wilton Manors, and Weston.

"We do not anticipate that this is a forever goodbye but rather a "catch ya later" kind of parting," they said.