Custom Beauty

Add These 4 Customizable Beauty and Wellness Products to Your Cart

In the sea of skincare and wellness, finding the right fit for your own beauty and health goals can sometimes be overwhelming. Not anymore. More and more brands are offering customizable options for bespoke products that are just for you. Here are four of our favorites. 


We stumbled upon Nourished when doing research for another story, but as we read more about this brand of vitamins that you can totally customize, we had to place it here. Nourished is the first-ever, 3D-printed, sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan, gummy vitamin with 7 vitamins and nutrients included in one delicious chewable 3D-printed “stack.” Once on their site, you can choose from a plethora of vitamins and superfoods, 28 to be exact, to build your own. Not sure what to choose? Each ingredient has an explanation of its health benefits. We added antioxidant Milk Thistle extract for liver health, Silica for collagen boosting, and Ashwagandha to reduce cortisol, along with 4 other energy-boosting ingredients. They arrive in individually sealed plastic-free, compostable packs that have your name on them. As for the vitamins, they are deliciously good and we’ve been feeling great., @get_nourished


With so many skincare products on the market, it’s easy to get confused about what is best for you. That’s why we turned to Annie Graham, facialist and formulator behind XO Treatment Room to get a totally customized serum. Via her Satellite X virtual consultation, a quick Facetime call with Annie, we showed our bare skin up close and personal with her, and discussed skincare concerns, goals, likes and dislikes. In just under two weeks, our very own personalized skin serum arrived. Annie creates these customized formulas on her on-site lab and ships worldwide., @xotreatmentroom


Ever struggle to find just the right shade or makeup to match your skintone? Elina Organics offers custom shades of their tinted moisturizer, Sun Shelter at no extra charge. Sun Shelter is a 100% organic, guilt-free tinted moisturizer with lightweight and natural coverage, sun protection, and anti-aging benefits. Infused with natural coloring made from Zinc Oxide, Spirulina, Sea Buckthorn, SunFlower Phospholipid, Sea Water Pearl, Chamomile, and Black Willow Bark, it protects and nourishes. While they do offer Light, Medium and Dark shades, if you don’t see your match, email and they will customize a shade just for you., @elinaorganics.

Another option for choosing the perfect hues can be achieved with Makeup Geek’s Build Your Own Palette. This cruelty-free line of highly pigmented products, created by beauty entrepreneur, Marlena Stell, allows you to mix and match your own pans so that you’re not stuck purchasing a palette that only has a few shades that you’ll use. And the best part about Makeup Geek’s palettes is that the magnetic pans are easy to swap out. So if you use up one shade quicker than the other, you can just replace that one shade. Or if you decide to change it up, you don’t need to buy an entirely new palette, just the pan., @makeupgeekcosmetics

In the sea of skincare and wellness, finding the right fit for your own beauty and health goals can sometimes be overwhelming. Not anymore. More and more brands are offering customizable options for bespoke products that are just for you. Here are four of our favorites. 

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Apple Pay in Miami

Celebrate Wynwood and the Miami Design District with Apple Pay

Whether you’re visiting Miami or are local, shop the best coffee shops, retail stores, restaurants and food trucks with Apple Pay in Wynwood and the Miami Design District.

Whether you’re visiting Miami or are local, shop the best coffee shops, retail stores, restaurants and food trucks with Apple Pay in Wynwood and the Miami Design District. It’s easy and secure.

Enjoy exclusive offers when you pay with Apple Pay from March 8–10.

  • Santo Dulce Churro @ Wynwood Yard
  • Della bowls @ Wynwood Yard
  • Twice Butter @ Wynwood Marketplace
  • Mister Block Café @ Wynwood
  • Dasher & Crank @ Wynwood
  • Panther Coffee @ Wynwood
  • Coyo Taco@ Wynwood
  • Scotch and Soda @ Wynwood
  • Salty Donut @ Wynwood
  • OFY @ Wynwood
  • Chef Chloe @ St. Roch Market
  • Sabal Coffee @ St. Roch Market
  • Ella @ Design District
  • MadLab @ Design District

If you already have Apple Pay on your iPhone,great! If not, you can easily set it up yourself:

  1. Open the Wallet app
  2. Tap the + symbol to Add aCard
  3. Follow the steps to Add aNew Card
  4. After your bank or issuerverifies your card, tap Next
Perfect Balance World|Perfect Balance World|

Perfect Balance World is Reinventing Yoga Clothes

Imagine if every yoga pose was supported by your clothing. Imagine what you could accomplish if physics, engineering, and spirituality came together to give you perfect balance.

Imagine if every yoga pose was supported by your clothing. Imagine what you could accomplish if physics, engineering, and spirituality came together to give you perfect balance.After practicing yoga for 14 years, with a stint as a studio owner, Carla Berkowitz is trying to disrupt the athleisure market with her take on what yoga clothes should be like.“It’s like having a yoga teacher in your clothing” says Berkowtiz, who noticed a problem amongst new students and experienced practitioners alike. matter how advanced or basic students were when practicing yoga, there was the same core problem – they used brute force to balance, instead of just intuition and following a simple method.Berkowtiz went straight to the drawing board and engineered the utility and balance right into the clothing. The result is Perfect Balance World, her collection of yoga clothes thoughtfully designed to teach you yoga, using the placement of rubberized landmarks on the clothing.“It lets you enjoy the pose. Its not magic. It’s not going to do the pose for you,” says Berkowtiz. “But it builds muscle memory, so if you’re not wearing the clothes one day, you’ll remember where your foot is not supposed to be, and where you arm should be. It’s called the Perfect Balance Method.”

Perfect Balance World

So how are the clothes? Stylish and sleek like they were crafted in a physics lab. The jet black collection features leggings, leg warmers, capris, a shrug, headband, slides, and top.The signature DNA Leggings sport a polyester/spandex blend, that creates a soft, silky and stretchable feel, perfect for yoga, pilates, and barre. The physics-based, rubberized landmarks, help Yogis hold their pose, and for a cool $59, are an affordable option you should consider.For more information on the Perfect Balance World collection, visit


Feel Lit, Chill, Hype and Zen with this Miami SoulCycle Instructor's Line of Holistic Products

Allison Santini, well known for leading sweat filled spin classes at SoulCycle, has found balance and relaxation through her own line of essential oils. She turned to more holistic forms of medicine to find ways to recharge and become #SantiniStrong.

Allison Santini, well known for leading sweat filled spin classes at SoulCycle, has found balance and relaxation through her own line of essential oils. Santini suffers from chronic fatigue often feeling drained emotionally and physically. She turned to more holistic forms of medicine to find ways to recharge and become #SantiniStrong.“From my job working out all day I had to learn how to protect myself from the ups and downs. I started trying different things such as essential oils, blending different ones I was using together and noticed they were much more powerful,” says Santini.Instead of using multiple oils to create the desired effect she wanted, Santini created her “Balance” essential oil blends. In collaboration with Monica Redondo, founder of Wholistic Oils, Lit, Chill, and Love oils are all you need to feel energized or relaxed.

Lit contains oils from rosemary, ginger, and lemongrass, all of which bring about an energizing and uplifting feeling. On the other hand, Chill contains oils from peppermint, geranium, rose, lavender, and roman chamomile, all of which deliver a sense of calm and mellow.“I really want to bridge living a healthy lifestyle with nightlife," says Santini. "There are more toxic ways for people to achieve feeling energized or relaxed, and I want to show people that essential oils can be just as powerful.”The last of the “Balance” kit is Love, a body oil containing rose, sandalwood, and pink grapefruit. Love is intended to refresh and recharge skin. All of the oils are extremely easy to use. Just, roll the oils on your pulse points when needed.What makes Lit, Chill, and Love so unique from other blended oils? Each oil blend comes with a tiny piece of rose quartz at the bottom of the bottle. The rose quart in each bottle has been charged under the last full moon, giving each of the oils energizing vibrations.

However, essential oils are not for everyone. For those who have sensitive skin and cannot use certain oils, Santini is making tea that will have you feeling Hype, Zen, and Healed. Using the same idea from her oils, Santini’s line of teas will bring about a sense of energy or calm.Lit, Chill, and Love can be purchased as a kit or separately. All oils can be purchased directly through Santini’s personal website. Be on the lookout for more information about Hype, Zen, and Heal. The teas will be available for purchase starting June 2018.


Bitsy Bottom: A Perfect Fit for your Booty and Active Lifestyle

Do you ever feel like you have to decide between a new pair of stylish leggings and a class pack at you favorite studio? Then you need to check out Bitsy Bottom.Workout clothes can sometimes cost more than an actual class. Amanda “Bitsy” Lippman, was looking for more affordable yoga clothing. When she started designing her own hot yoga shorts, Bitsy Bottom was born. With the help of her partners, Jaime Hidalgo and Yadira Sussman, the company has expanded, now carrying stylish high-quality leggings, capris, and headbands. The company even has a line of kid’s clothing.With bold and bright colors, Bitsy Bottom stands out among other brands. A signature booty scrunch gives your bottom the perfect fit needed for an active lifestyle. Super soft fabrics move with your body as you workout.“A smooth, second skin, spandex/nylon blend that is not constricting, and will be your favorite pair of workout bottoms once you try them," says Sussman.The bottoms are also quick drying, making them perfect for your sweatiest workouts and water activities.

Bitsy Bottom prides themselves on the quality of their products and customer service to clientele. Their products are extremely versatile and can be worn for workouts from yoga to Crossfit.“I teach every format from HIIT to Hip-Hop and Bitsy Bottom products make me feel bootyful and confident in every way," says Brand Ambassador Maria Pontillo.

Bitsy Bottom products can be purchased directly from the company’s online website. You can also find Bitsy Bottom in 21 retail stores in South Florida.If you are ready to upgrade your leggings to something booty-ful that won't break the bank, then you need to check out Bitsy Bottom.Be sure to use code “SF305” to get $25 off your online purchase of $50 or more.

OneLove Active

Local Athleisure Brand "OneLove Active Wear" is Dressing Some of Your Favorite Fitness Influencers

It's no secret that altheisure is one of the biggest benefactors of the growing Instagram marketplace, and for local brands like OneLove Active Wear, powering the brand with recognizable influencers has been key.

72% of Instagram users have made purchases based on something they saw on the platform - says a study done by Dana Rebecca Designs in August 2017. It's no secret that altheisure is one of the biggest benefactors of the growing Instagram marketplace, and for local brands like OneLove Active Wear, powering the brand with recognizable influencers has been key.Jaidy Pardo, Founder and Designer of OneLove Active Wear, started the athleisure brand during a period of self-discovery after her divorce."My son is the inspiration behind the brand, and is my 'One Love,'" said Pardo. "After my divorce, I was searching for something to give me the flexibility I needed to be a single mother."As the designer of every legging in the line, Pardo wanted to make sure her products not only fit the needs of clients, but were functional as well."All leggings are one-size-fits-all," states Pardo. "They are built for fashion and function - they will stay in place while you're training and look good when you're going about the day."OneLove Active Wear boasts an impressive 10-point benefit checklist for all their leggings:

  • Squat Proof
  • Sweat Proof
  • Butt-Lift Effect
  • Tummy Control
  • High-Waist or Mid-Rise
  • Flex Fit
  • Authentic Designs
  • Washer/Dryer Safe
  • Affordable
  • Worldwide Shipping

Born and raised in Barranquilla, Colombia, Pardo loves that her designs are brought to life in Medellín - the textile capital of the country."I have built great relationships back in Colombia that allow for me to deliver custom products to my clients," says Pardo. "They call me up with a specific design request or alteration and I can turn it around in days."Aside from dressing some of the hottest local influencers, celebrities like Águeda López and Laura Posada have have also been spotted sporting OneLove Active Wear designs.Flexibility is one of the many benefits of being a startup in the athleisure market. As bigger brands must read trends, Pardo and OneLove Active Wear can adapt on the fly and turn designs around at lightning pace. The brand has a slew of stylish designs that are outfitting some of the hottest fitness influencers in Miami, with new ones hitting the online store every week.Shop the OneLove Active Wear store at:

Helthee App

Miami Natives Working to Bring On-Demand Fitness Nationwide via Helthee App

Helthee App makes it simple for you to connect and book with certified fitness professionals in your area.

You can order just about anything these days with an app on your phone – a car service, food, groceries - you name it, it will find a way to your doorstep. So why not add ‘personal trainer’ to the mix? Enter Helthee App – the Uber for fitness.Started by a trio of Miami natives – Brett Heimann, Zachary Parris and Gabriel Penaloza, Helthee App makes it simple for you to connect and book with certified fitness professionals in your area and at your convenience. Simply download the Helthee App or log on to Choose from a variety of workout types, desired time and location, trainer gender preference, and book in seconds. A certified, vetted and insured Helthee trainer will arrive at your home, office, hotel or local park in as little as an hour, or up to a month in advance with start times as early as 5:30am and as late as 9:30pm.Helthee trainers will bring all the required equipment for your appointment. All appointments are 60 minutes and you can book single (solo), pair (you + a friend), or small-group (you + 4 of your friends). Helthee's services are available 365 days including holidays. The Helthee App is currently available across all iOS&Android devices.Earlier this year, Helthee App expanded to New York City, a market critical to their growth."It's an exciting step for us expanding into New York City," said Brett Heimann, CEO & co-founder at Helthee. "New York City is the first stop of our nationwide expansion, as we plan on bringing Helthee: On Demand Fitness to other growing, health-conscious cities that are ready to take advantage of our services."

Nike Miami||Nike Miami

Nike's New Lincoln Road Store Opens Today

The new Nike Miami store opens its doors, giving fitness fanatics a first look at the brand's limited-edition swag and state-of-the-art shopping perks.

For months, the building at the corner of Lincoln Road and Lenox Avenue has undergone a transformation into Miami Beach's newest fitness capital. Today, the new Nike Miami store opens its doors for the first time, giving fitness fanatics a first look at the brand's limited-edition swag and state-of-the-art shopping perks.What was once a 1999 Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn, is now a two-story, 31,000-square-foot athletic fashions mecca. Heidi O’Neill, president of Nike DTC, says choosing Miami for its latest innovation was a no-brainer. "As we thought about where our next steps would be in leading the future of sports retail, we thought Miami would be the perfect step in that journey."The new store's extravagant exterior was designed with Miami in mind, using waffle ironing in concrete and terrazzo panels, echoing South American and South Floridian design. In addition, the first floor showcases a multimedia installation by Miami artist Jessy Nite, combining the forces of painting, typography, and sculpture.

Nike Miami

One of the most cutting-edge features in this new location is the Nike+ Trial Zones. Not only do you get to try on products, now you get to try them out. Get a feel for your new kicks while shooting hoops in the 285-square-foot basketball court or score a goal on the synthetic turf soccer field. You can even get a personalized running experience on a camera-operating treadmill. It records your stride and knee performance while you run, downloading your information and preferences to assure your best consultation.Nike store associates are basically the Apple Geniuses of fitness apparel, serving shoppers with hours of certified training knowledge. "If you’re interested in running, or taking your first yoga class, or trying out for a basketball team…we will match you with the right expert for you. Personal shopping meets personal training," O’Neill says.Nike Miami also blends the experiences of a sports center and an intimate boutique in its first-floor women’s section known as the Lounge. Ladies can enjoy one-on-one appointments for everything from bra-fittings to pant hemming. Fitting rooms here are double the standard size, with mood lighting that simulates a yoga studio or night run to make shoppers' decisions between cuts and colors come into focus.Nike+ member perks and access to premium products (like the Kobe Fade to Black Pack, Kyrie 3 “What The,” Air Force 1 UltraForce Mid and Zonal Strength Tights) are additional incentives to arrive ASAP to today's grand opening.Nike Miami Grand OpeningThursday, January 19, starting at 10 a.m. at 1035 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach. Admission is free. Visit*This article was originally posted on the Miami New Times by Sofia Harris and can be found here.

Restless Soul

Restless Soul: The Athleisure Boutique That Will Change Your Life

The Restless Soul offers everything from fitness basics to lounge wear, and top of the line athleisure wear.

Miami has been so good to me over the years (even though I cried almost every day for a year when I first moved here). Fitness finally gave me an outlet, and a community that unfolded all around me. I have my “Healthy Miami” (post coming soon). You know, my favorite places to eat, my favorite places to shop (Restless Soul) and my fav hot spots to sweat!Today, we are all about the clothes! New York may have Bandier and Sweaty Betty, but Miami has the Restless Soul in Aventura and coming soon to South Miami. Check out today’s video for some fit-fashion inspiration from the Restless Soul. RESTLESS SOUL Carries: PRISMSPORT, ALALA, KORAL, SPLITS 59, CHRLDR, VARLEY, BLANC NOIR, PHEEL STYLE, SOL & SELENE, ONZIE, ALO AND SO MUCH MORE!I would give anything to have every item of theirs in my closet to wear from class, to castings and beyond. The Restless Soul offers everything from fitness basics to lounge wear, and top of the line athleisure wear.If you find yourself in Aventura, make sure to stop by or check out their Facebook and Instagram today.


The Right Sports Bra Can Be The Difference In Your Workout

Studies in the UK show that one in five women are deterred from being active due to concerns about “excessive breast movement” during exercise.

The right attire can be the difference between a good workout and a GREAT workout. Studies in the UK show that one in five women are deterred from being active due to concerns about “excessive breast movement” during exercise – not good!The Uncomfortable RealityNormal bras are not fit for a sports purpose; they are made from fabrics that aren’t breathable and lack in support for impactful exercise. Initially, men designed bras with their primary focus on appearance of the breasts over functionality. Later, women pioneered the sports bra; they had a clear design that catered for the function of supporting the breasts and handling dynamic movement whilst providing maximum comfort.Aside from the immediate discomfort, not wearing a sports bra can cause long-term damage too. Ligaments inside the breast start to stretch from the repetitive bouncing and this can cause your breasts to sag. Additionally, the breasts have NO muscle in them. Not wearing a sports bra results in the neck and back having to over compensate for the increased amount of movement and this causes strain and tension. What’s even more alarming is that over time, the damage becomes irreparable!New Tech For Better SupportResearch at the University of Portsmouth in England found that breasts move just as much during speed walking as they do whilst sprinting, this means a sports bra is an essential article of gear no matter what workout you’re doing!The developments in sports bra technology means there is an endless selection for all shapes and sizes. Excuses about fit can no longer justify you not getting yours!


This month I teamed up with local South Florida brand, Zensah. Infamously known for their compression apparel, the science they have developed behind their clothing is what makes Zensah particularly unique.Having explored their selection of sports bras, there were a couple of noteworthy discoveries. First thing to note, Zensah uses seamless technology in all their clothes, and for this reason their sports bras fit like a second skin; they are SO comfortable to wear! It is absolutely imperative that you own active attire that fits you properly and that you are comfortable in. Any discomfort can be a distraction to your productivity.All of Zensah’s sports bras are made with a “moisture wicking fabric." This ensures sweat is immediately absorbed into the outer layer of the apparel where it can evaporate a lot more easily. After an intense workout I noticed a remarkable difference in the dryness of my sports bra - big bonus for working out in the Florida sun. The fabric is designed with the purpose of preventing an odor build up and it does indeed leave your bra smelling notably sweat free!Don't Forget The 'Bounce Test'The sports bra has been a game changing creation for women in sport, helping to minimize the physical gap between the men and women and allowing more mobility and comfort in every aspect of participation. Your breasts shouldn’t be a barrier to you participating in sport!To ensure you achieve that ultimately enjoyable workout, make sure you are properly fitted for your sports bra. Second, remember to renew your bra regularly and not let it fall to pieces. Lastly, don't be afraid to do the 'bounce test' in stores. People might look at you weird but at least you'll know your bras fit for purpose!Check out the Zensah Super Band Bra.

lululemon Brickell City Centre

Lululemon Brickell City Centre to Open on Black Friday

The popular fitness apparel brand, lululemon athletica, has announced their Brickell City Centre location will open it's doors on November 25th.

The popular fitness apparel brand, lululemon athletica, has announced their Brickell City Centre location will officially open it's doors on November 25th, Black Friday. The store will certainly be full of fitness enthusiasts excited to step inside the new location during one the season's busiest day. to be outdone, the Fort Lauderdale location at Galleria Mall on Sunset has already opened it's doors to patrons, just in time for the holiday season, officially making the brand's presence in the South Florida market well known. Click here to meet the lululemon Brickell City Centre ambassadors.


Liquido Launches Limited Edition Print That Gives Back

Liquido to Donate 10% of Sales from Esthesia Print Legging to Susan G. Komen® Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Affiliate Throughout October 2016

Liquido, the global yoga and activewear line known for their irresistibly soft fabrics and head-turning patterns announced, that beginning October 1 through October 31, 2016 they will donate 10% from the sales from their new, limited-edition Esthesia Print to Susan G. Komen® Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Affiliate. This includes proceeds from the Esthesia legging (capri, regular and XL lengths) sold online at as well as those sold from the brand’s only US retail storefront located at 1937 Harrison Street, Hollywood, FL 33020.“Liquido is a brand that values human beings first and foremost and we want to do our part to help raise awareness for a disease that unfortunately touches so many, directly or indirectly, says Renata Facchini, CEO of Liquido. By donating a portion of the sales of our beautiful Esthesia legging to a charity that does so much for women and cancer research, we hope we can make a small difference. For the women that purchase this limited-edition legging, we hope that they will feel good on the inside because we know they’ll be looking great on the outside.”The Esthesia legging ($83.90) features a bright magenta and purple pattern that will send your senses soaring thanks to the eye-catching pattern and the buttery-soft feel of the fabric. The bold, vibrant print expresses Liquido’s core philosophy of standing out, in taking the road less traveled and pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone.While renowned for their leggings, Liquido also carries sports bras, tanks, shorts and also has a Performance Wear collection as well as an entire Swim Collection for both women and men. All of Liquido’s products and manufacturing processes are sweatshop-free and the brand is committed to using the best raw materials, labor practices, and production procedures. All of Liquido’s clothing is manufactured in Brazil where the company abides by the high standards set by the Ministry of Labor in South America.Liquido Esthesia legging along with all other Liquido products can be purchased online at, which offers worldwide shipping. Additionally, Liquido can be found at boutique retailers across the country as well as Liquido’s first ever U.S. retail location that opened August 2016 in Hollywood, Florida at 1937 Harrison Street, Hollywood, FL 33020.

Lululemon Brand Ambassadors for Brickell City Centre|Society Barbell & Fitness|Lululemon Brand Ambassadors for Brickell City Centre|Lululemon Brand Ambassadors for Brickell City Centre|Lululemon Brand Ambassadors for Brickell City Centre

Lululemon Announces Brand Ambassadors for Brickell City Centre Store

Let’s meet the Lululemon Brand Ambassadors for Brickell City Centre.

Brickell City Centre is finally starting to open piece by piece, and with that comes exciting announcements. Athletic apparel retailer, lululemon athletica, is set to be one of the marquee brands opening their doors inside the $1.05 Billion mega-structure, and today have announced their brand ambassadors for the store. Let’s meet the lululemon athletica Brand Ambassadors for Brickell City Centre.Carley Siedlecki

Lululemon Brand Ambassadors for Brickell City Centre

Carley is all over town, but you can find her teaching yoga, barre and bootcamps at Exhale Spa, pacing for the Brickell and South Beach Run Clubs. “Yoga helps me connect with life and nature, and it helps me grow in every aspect of my life,” says Carley.Rene Martin

Lululemon Brand Ambassadors for Brickell City Centre

After a year long trip to India/Bali, Rene Martin discovered his true calling in life, yoga. Rene’s favorite part about teaching is hearing stories after class of the “aw” moments one or more students may have shared in a specific practice. You can find Rene at 1Hotel South Beach, Soho House Miami Beach, Trio Mind Body Spirit Studio, Mood Lifeclub and Sobekick Gym.Michelle Moore

Lululemon Brand Ambassadors for Brickell City Centre

Michelle is an ACE Certified Trainer and instructor at Barry's Bootcamp Midtown and Miami Beach. She'll tone your body using weights, medicine balls and resistance bands on the floor and then shred you on the treadmill. Michelle strives to incorporate intense precision running in her workouts, so you're not only getting the amazing benefits of cardio, but you're also improving your pace and mile times: great for athletes training for races.Johnna Matthews

Lululemon Brand Ambassadors for Brickell City Centre

Johnna became a CrossFit coach because she wanted to help others live a better life. "It gives me goosebumps when one of my athletes does what they once thought impossible,” says Johnna. “Helping them find their own power is why I do what I do." Johnna is a CF-L2 Trainer, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach and Spartan SGX Certified Coach. You can find her at CrossFit Wynwood, CrossFit Downtown Miami and Focused Movement Academy.Tony Carvajal

Society Barbell & Fitness

"I love coaching because I get to positively impact the lives of people, teaching them how to be healthy and fit," says Tony Carvajal, Head Coach and Director of Programming at Society Barbell & Fitness in Brickell. "Nothing makes me happier than seeing a person achieve their goals, then finding a new goal to take down!" Tony is CrossFit-L2, gymnastics and rowing certified.

Liquido Launches First Retail Location in U.S.||Liquido Launches First Retail Location in U.S.|Liquido Launches First Retail Location in U.S.

Liquido Launches First Retail Location in U.S.

Global Yoga and Active Wear Brand Announces First Store in Hollywood, FL.

Liquido, the global active wear brand, known for their buttery-soft fabrics, limited-edition prints and popular following of renowned yogis and style mavens, will open their first retail location in the United States. The storefront will open July 28th at 1937 Harrison Street in Hollywood, FL.Located just one block south of Hollywood Boulevard and one block west of the city’s ArtsPark at Young Circle, Liquido will be based in a hub of a high-density area of entertainment specialty shops, restaurants, and open-air cafes.

Liquido Launches First Retail Location in U.S.

“We are extremely excited about joining such a diverse community in the most vibrant part of the Hollywood downtown area,” says Liquido Global Distributor Renata Facchini. “We carefully scouted many locations throughout South Florida and determined this was the best place for our brand to debut as a retail center in the United States.”The retail location will carry the brand’s sought-after, supremely soft leggings that feature bold, vibrant prints that express Liquido’s core philosophy of standing out, in taking the road less traveled and pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone. The limited-edition patterns are released every month and loyal fans keep a watchful eye on the new releases in order to scoop up the newest collections before they sell out.

Liquido Launches First Retail Location in U.S.

The store will also carry Liquido Performance Wear, Swim Collection and selection of mala bead necklaces. All of Liquido’s products and manufacturing processes are sweatshop-free, and all leggings and swimwear pieces offer 50+ UVA/UVB protection, are quick-drying and durable.Additionally, the retail space will showcase So Sensorial, a collection of custom-designed-for-Liquido fine art photography prints by artist Soraya Pastor. The artwork will range in price from $60 for 12” x 12” to $250 for 20”x 20” print. The nature-inspired photography includes six prints - Sun, Birds, Mountains, Island, Coral and Water - and custom sizes and frames will be available upon request.Liquido is located at 1937 Harrison Street in Hollywood, FL, 33020. For more information, please call 754-263-2546 or visit

Liquido Launches First Retail Location in U.S.
Miami Fit Wear

Miami FitWear Launches Fashionable and Functional Athleisure

Athleisure brand, Miami FitWear celebrated its much anticipated launch this week. After struggling to find a pair of yoga pants that were fashionable yet functional, Miami FitWear founder Raquel Pounce decided to take matters into her own hands."The idea started when I was attending a yoga class. I remember seeing all of these really fit and skinny girls wearing the cutest pants and feeling like I was the biggest girl in the class. I wanted to buy some leggings but the yoga studio I was going to only carried small sizes. I couldn’t help but feel left out," said PoncePonce was determined to fit into a new pair of pants, and after a little weight loss, was excited to slip into a size medium. "I loved my new pants so much until I started practicing in them. Every time I did child pose or downward-facing dog they would slip down. Every instance I wore them I had to pull them up and I was never able to be fully present in my yoga class. They didn’t feel good, they weren’t practical," said Ponce.Not only wanting to feel good in what she was wearing, but wanting to feel empowered, Ponce set out to create a line of fashionable and functional athleisure. "My mission is quite simple: to create comfortable yet trendy athleisure, so people of all shapes and sizes could enjoy freedom and peace of mind while doing their workout and can truly focus on their routine and forget about the rest of the world," Ponce adds.The Miami FitWear lineup includes leggings, pants and capris, featuring one-of-a-kind hand-drawn designs, inspired by visions, travels and dreams. The clothing is manufactured in their in-house facility in the US with the highest quality imported fabric ( 82% Polyester / 18% Lycra), allowing for flexibility, freshness and comfort."It’s exciting how something that started as a blurry vision and a few dreams has grown and flourished into the thriving project that it is today," said Ponce. "I want people to feel confident in their own skin. I want to make women throughout the world feel entitled to their imminent success."


Tempo Launches New Line of CBD Wellness Beverages

Tempo, a producer of vibrantly natural, functional beverages, has announced its recent launch of a line of cannabis-infused wellness shots.

Tempo, a producer of vibrantly natural, functional beverages, has announced its recent launch of a line of cannabis-infused wellness shots. The new 2.5-ounce wellness shots are infused with 25 milligrams of high-quality hemp-derived CBD. The shots also feature natural ingredients such as teas and fruits, crafted to support and enhance the body’s natural functions.

“We’ve been really excited about the innovations happening in the better-for-you beverage category over the last few years,” said Ryan Crane, Founder, and CEO of Tempo. “While interest in cannabis-infused beverages has been surging, we saw an opportunity to take a more purposefully clean and functional approach. We wanted to create a beverage packed with superfoods that were simultaneously convenient for the active, on-the-go professional. We all look for better solutions to improve our daily performance, manage stress, and to relax - and we should be able to use these products, conveniently, amidst the ups and downs of our busy lives,” he added.

This new launch builds on the company’sexperience in functional beverages, including an established line ofunsweetened sparkling teas currently sold in all Whole Foods locationsthroughout Illinois. The new cannabis-infused varieties were created to fit thedaily routines and use cases of modern-day, active consumers.

“Our FOCUS shot is designed to enhanceproductivity and can be taken around demanding tasks such as work or travel,whereas our RECOVER shot is built for those that prefer CBD and other functionalingredients after an intense workout or at the end of a long, stressfulworkday,” explained Crane.

Vibrancy, credibility, and authenticity are three pillars upon which Tempo has established its move into the cannabis space. The new wellness shots feature high-quality CBD, as well as a variety of other premium superfoods blended in a clean way, without junk or additives.

The company has positioned the shots forretail distribution across specialty food service locations, conveniencestores, as well as online. “Lifestyle channels also give us a chance to buildour brand and increase customer trial around targeted experiences such asco-working spaces, or fitness classes,” added Crane. “That’s where our productis resonating most closely with consumers.”

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5 CBD Myths You Should Know

CBD can be a pretty blurry and confusing product category. We dove into the world of CBD in an attempt to debunk the top myths surrounding wellness product.

For consumers, CBD can be a pretty blurry and confusing product category. We dove into the world of CBD in an attempt to debunk the top myths surrounding this newly emerging wellness product.

Myth #1 - Hemp, Marijuana and Cannabis are One and the Same.

Wrong - This myth definitely contributes to the stigmasurrounding CBD. Hemp and marijuana are actually two totally separate plantsthat fall under the same genus, Cannabis.

Marijuana is low in CBD and high in THC. It is used formedicinal and recreational purposes. Hemp, on the other hand, is bred to bevery high in CBD, and very low in THC. Hemp is used for medicine, textiles,nutrition / body care, cooking, and more. 

If you’d like to learn more, here’s a great blog that breaks down thedifferences between the three. 

Myth #2 - George Washington Grew Hemp

Yep - Hemp is actually known to be the first agriculturalcrop planted by humans.

Washington thought hemp had the potential to be more lucrative than tobacco at one time. It was used for hemp oil, textiles, and fabrics, but Washington specifically harvested it for rope and canvas for his shipping fleet.

Myth #3 - Hemp Oil is the Same Thing as CBD Oil

Nope! Although they are both derived from the hemp plant,hemp oil and CBD oil are two totally different things. 

Hemp oil: Hemp oil is great for you.Similar to vegetable oil, coconut oil, or sunflower seed oil, it’s a carrieroil, cold-pressed extracted from its seeds. It has its own set of benefits - it’srich in omega-3 and omega-6, and antioxidants - but does not contain anycannabinoids. This means there is no CBD in hemp oil. Think cooking, soaps, andlotions, not post-workout recovery, anxiety-relieving, and body-balancing.

CBD Oil: CBD is extracted from the leaves, flowers, and stalks ofthe hemp plant. It is a cannabinoid that works with your body’s EndocannabinoidSystem to supplement your natural occurring endocannabinoids to help regulatemany of your internal systems.

Words of Caution: “500mg of hemp oil” is very differentthan “500mg of CBD oil.” While hemp oil may contain CBD and other cannabinoids,it also may contain little to no CBD at all. The bottom line, if a productdoesn’t explicitly say how much CBD is in the product, BE SKEPTICAL. Also, makesure that 3rd party lab results are available to confirm CBD potency.

Myth #4 - “I Took CBD Oil and it Didn’t Work for Me”

This is a tricky one. CBD is not like a beer or sleepingpill. It’s not something you ingest and feel instantaneously - and couldpotentially take several days of consistent use before you start to realize thebenefits you’re looking for. 

Think of exercising. In order to see results, consistency is key. You stick to a fitness regime, and after a couple of weeks, you start to see change. CBD works the same way, especially with ingestible products like oils. By taking them consistently, you will actually increase your natural levels of endocannabinoids, which are neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin that serve as messengers of your nervous system.

“The first time you take CBD oil, you’re probably going to feel very little,” says Michael Tatz, co-founder of Resilience CBD. “So many people crave instant gratification and get frustrated when they don’t get an immediate response, but that’s not how CBD oil works.”

What’s most important is to monitor your energy levels, mood, focus, stamina, and pain closely, and over time you could be blown away by the results you feel.

Myth #5 - There’s No Scientific Proof to Back Up CBD’s Health Benefits

This one is false-ish! We are a society that loves tocompile “big data,” and scientists can use large sample sets to drawconclusions. After looking through the endless amounts of anecdotalevidence that support the miraculous benefits of CBD, we have countless case studiesthat validate the results from CBD usage. 

The FDA approved Epidiolex, a CBD-based medication to treat certain seizure disorders. This was the first pharmaceutical grade CBD product that received medial level approval after significant research-based testing. In conclusion, and from a scientific perspective, we have lots of data to draw from.

Let’s take this one step further and talk about our furry friends. Pet CBD has become extremely prevalent over the past couple of years. We will go to any length to keep our pets healthy and out of pain.

With pets, there’s no placebo effect. These animals have no idea they’re taking a hot new health and wellness supplement. Someone simply drops some oil on their food and they scarf it down.

Yet, tons of anecdotal evidence points to the leaps and bounds pets have made in terms of their arthritis, anxiety, or digestive issues when given CBD oil.

So in the end, we hope this clears up some of the grey areas that surround this supplement. The truth is, humans have been using CBD as a health aid for centuries, and it’s here to stay.


Matador Meggings are Leggings for Men

Valentine Aseyo is the founder of Matador Meggings, leggings re-engineered with the male anatomy in mind that will take you from IronMan to Burning Man.

Why doesn't anyonemake yoga pants for men? This was the question that Matador Meggings founderValentine Aseyo needed an answer to while he was in yoga teacher training fiveyears ago.

Aseyo didn't like wearing shorts over his leggings but he also wanted to leave some things to the imagination. He also wanted options like women had, with so many different colors and patterns.

Recently, Aseyo left the corporate world for fashion and to answer this question. Meggings officially launched as a company last January, and since then, there have been 10 months of research and development, perfecting the style and fit. After all the iterations, Meggings had a soft launch and did beta testing for more feedback.

Matador Meggings are leggings re-engineered with the male anatomy in mind. Using the same foam padding that is found in women's sports bras for the crotch area, these leggings have a built-in cup to help leave some things to the imagination.

Meggings also have places to hold keys and a wallet. The right pocket fits a cell phone, while the left pocket can carry other valuables. The back of the leggings have a loop that can hold a t-shirt or towel.

The name Matador Meggings comes from Aseyo's Spanish heritage. A matador is a bullfighter and can be seen as both hypermasculine and sophisticated, qualities that Aseyo channeled in his leggings. The matador inspiration can be seen in the stripes on the sides of the Meggings, which form bull horns.

The colors and prints are very bold, such as Ocean and Gray Camo. Future collections will include more classic colors as well as a Festival collection with even brighter and bolder styles. Aseyo says that his Meggings are "festival clothing meets high-performance workout clothing" and they are meant to take someone from "IronMan to Burning Man."

There are still many things coming for Matador Meggings. Thanks to the feedback they have already received, they will be launching a full-length style of leggings soon. They are also expanding their general fitness apparel, including shirts, joggers, and other accessories.

With his yoga experience, Aseyo also gives back to the community as the founder of CAYA (Come As You Are), a volunteer program designed to empower underserved communities by transforming their lives and well-being through yoga, meditation, and other mindfulness techniques. His target communities include homeless youth, victims of abuse, foster children, refugees, underprivileged LGBT, formerly incarcerated individuals, people with special abilities, and senior citizens.

Matador Meggings can be purchased online at where you will get free shipping and free returns. Use the promo code StayFit305 at checkout to get a 15% discount.


5 Tips For Early Morning Workout Success

If you’re looking to make a change in your routine, here are a few tips that will make getting out of bed to hit the gym a little bit easier.

Mornings are hard. Night owl or not, hitting the gym before the sun comes up takes some serious self-discipline.

Whileit can take some getting used to, there are some serious benefits of knockingout your workout in the AM.

Aside from kickstarting your energy and focus for the day, hitting the weights before breakfast has been found to burn more fat while preventing glucose intolerance and insulin resistance.

Ifyou’re looking to make a change in your routine, here are a few tips that willmake things easier.

Sleep in Your WorkoutClothes 

Try to eliminate any potential excuses you will try to come up with, in the morning.

Sure,your PJ’s are probably super cozy, but they will make you want to stay in bedlonger.

Youcan even go a step further and put your headphones, keys, and anything else youneed on the counter for a grab-and-go exit. 

Take CBD for Before Bed 

Qualitysleep is essential if you’re planning to get up early. Taking CBD before bedcan regulate your sleeping patterns, making it easier to fall asleep, stayasleep, and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.

Resilience CBD Oils or gummies are both great options. Their products are designed specifically for athletes, so not only will your sleep improve, but you’ll also reduce physical tension and soreness post-workout. 

*Use code STAYFIT15 and get 15% off Resilience CBD Gummies*

Put Pre-Workout Powder and a WaterBottle on Your Nightstand 

Ifyou struggle to get up for the gym and you’re not a pre-workout person, youprobably should be. Drop a scoop of pre-workout in a water bottle withsome water next to it. As soon as you wake up, mix the two, and drink it. Thiswill boost your energy and have you ready to crush your workout. 

Find a Fitness Buddy

Accountabilityis everything. Ask a friend, neighbor, or co-worker to sign up for a fitnessclass with you or meet you at the gym in the morning. Having a partner willkeep you motivated and eager to get to the gym. 

Leave Yourself a Note on YourNightstand 

Trywriting a motivational note to your sleepy, future self before bed that willtrigger enthusiasm and self-discipline.

Younever know, a simple “you got this” slapped on the front of your alarm clockmay go a long way. You could also try using your favorite pump-up song as youralarm sound.